İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

police force   (Polis kuvveti)

He subsequently joined the police force in Detroit.

He resigned from the city police force in June 1869.

In 1933 Blobel joined the police force in Düsseldorf.

task force   (görev gücü)

The task force is known to operate very autonomously.

The task force is divided into six specialized teams.

The task force was chaired by Allen Frances.

air force   (hava Kuvvetleri)

In late 1949 they entered Soviet air force service.

The air force played a key role in their defeat.

The Biafrans set up a small, yet effective air force.

driving force   (itici güç)

Let formula_7 denote the period of driving force.

Jenvey was a driving force behind the society.

Jeremy was the driving force behind the act Cloud2Ground.

came into force   (güce geldi)

It came into force in those nations ratifying it.

The Convention came into force in December 1969.

30, item 151), that came into force on that day.

military force

The Queens Army was the sovereign crown's military force.

France also increased its military force along the frontier.

On December 1, 1948, Costa Rica abolished its military force.

force behind   (arkasındaki kuvvet)

Mark Miller was the creative force behind the project.

Jenvey was a driving force behind the society.

He is the creative force behind Horse Apples.

labor force   (işgücü)

Agriculture employs 80% of the nation's labor force.

There were 6,381 residents in the labor force.

Of the city's labor force, 48% are females.

driving force behind   (arkasındaki itici güç)

Jenvey was a driving force behind the society.

Jeremy was the driving force behind the act Cloud2Ground.

Monet has been described as "the driving force behind Impressionism".

use of force

The UN's first problem was that it permits use of force.

Bokor opposed all involvement in the military and use of force.

Wherever possible Rommel avoided the use of force in these confrontations.

main force   (ana kuvvet)

Hasdrubal supervised the main force's crossing.

This tied up the main force of Roman infantry.

Radwan had placed two squadrons ahead of his main force.

work force   (iş gücü)

In 1996, agriculture employed 66% of the work force.

About 35 percent of the original work force returned.

small force

They maintained a small force of Sipahi horsemen (Gr.

The small force was represented by only a few regiments.

The Abd al-Masih wing remained a relatively small force.

expeditionary force

The Qin expeditionary force lost most of its men in the retreat.

The Angolan expeditionary force was reduced to about 500 in early 1985.

Others, like much of the expeditionary force, died from tropical diseases.

invasion force   (işgal gücü)

In the spring of 55 BC, Gabinius' invasion force arrived.

He decided to join the invasion force and became the second-in-command.

Meanwhile, the Soviet invasion force in Iranian Azerbaijan had moved south.

force against   (karşı kuvvet)

Fish swim by exerting force against the surrounding water.

He led Mallugi's elephant force against the Kalachuri ruler Vijjana.

On October 7, a British reconnaissance in force against the American lines was .

entered into force   (yürürlüğe girdi)

The treaty entered into force on 8 September 1947.

The Treaty of Liège entered into force in 2017.

The 1974 Convention entered into force on 3 May 1980.

large force

He plans a large force in order to do so but it will take some time.

They encountered a large force of Confederate soldiers and opened fire.

However, by mid-1436 a large force under Turahan Bey had been assembled.

labour force   (işgücü)

About 20.1% of labour force is involved in industry.

In 2015, the total labour force in Berlin was 1.85 million.

The labour force only includes workers actively looking for jobs.

naval force

This force was the only Axis naval force deployed during the siege.

Overhall this naval force had little success with their intended purpose.

Prior to federation each self-governing colony had operated its own naval force.

political force

The Glorious Revolution of 1688 made an end of it as a great political force.

The unions were an important political force in the fall of the Zhivkov regime.

By the end of the election in 1898, they proved to be a potent political force.

full force

The New Deal relief programs operated full force.

The dreamlike intensity of previous Kubrick visions is in full force here."

Over the days that followed, the disease and its symptoms returned full force.

major force   (büyük güç)

Galvanauskas was a major force behind the Klaipėda Revolt.

In that century, France remained a major force in continental affairs.

The Award recognizes leaders who have been a major force on the international stage.

life force   (yaşam gücü)

Every time Morbius's life force weakens, they take more of Straxus's.

He added that one will be "awed by Madonna's palpable life force and intelligence.

That mate, Eve (Marie Wallace), had the life force of Peter's evil lover from the 18th century.

armed force   (silahlı güç)

These threats are dealt with by the armed force known as Psycho Squad.

After serving in the armed force in World War II, he was stage manager at the Royal Opera House.

Military diving instructors are generally members of the armed force for which they train personnel.

force led

A company force led by General Pritzler pursued Peshwa, who tried to escape to Mysore.

On 23 April, Singh had a victory near Jagdispur over the force led by Captain le Grand (le gard in Hindi).

Pune was placed under Colonel Charles Barton Burr, while a British force led by General Smith pursued Peshwa.

dominant force   (baskın güç)

Still, he remained the dominant force in the company.

At the time of his retirement, Vitali was the dominant force in his division.

The team was now beginning to assert itself as the dominant force in club hurling.

fighting force

This fighting force included Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs.

Military ambitions also grow in that period which is reflected by a large fighting force.

Two developments in the mid-1980s greatly diminished KPNLAF capabilities as a fighting force.

enemy force

"From the right, a large enemy force appeared and headed across the Australians' front.

The German ships withdrew, reporting another contact with an enemy force to the admiral.

The Indian patrol occupying Tse Jong was wiped out when an 800 strong enemy force raided the post subsequently.

de force

"tour de force of audience-friendly post-hardcore".

The ordinary classical economist has no part in this "tour de force".

Seiderman's tour de force was the breakfast montage, shot all in one day.

security force

It is currently an unarmed security force.

In practice, this unit did not publicly review security force abuses.

Since then the PA has deployed a special security force to protect it.

relief force   (yardım kuvveti)

A British relief force was defeated in the naval Battle of Grenada on 6 July 1779.

By the time a relief force reached Athens the rebels had already begun a general retreat.

They had defeated a relief force under the command of Duqaq of Damascus on 31 December 1097.

force field

She races faster and slams into an invisible force field.

Spock devises a plan to place a force field around the Guardian.

Unfortunately, a force field generated by both aliens makes that impossible.

tour de force

"tour de force of audience-friendly post-hardcore".

The ordinary classical economist has no part in this "tour de force".

Seiderman's tour de force was the breakfast montage, shot all in one day.

combined force

The combined force besieged the fort at Terrenate.

Wadsworth reached Black Rock on July 3 with a combined force of 1600 men.

The combined force secured Port Royal Sound on 7 November 1861 after a furious four-hour battle.

brute force   (kaba kuvvet)

He muscled the Tide to another win, with pure brute force.

It has been a victory for brute force.

He was one of the first running backs to combine brute force with speed.

use force

Police did not use force in attempting to calm the crowd.

NATO is ready to use force on us if we continue with the operation".

The Maliks even professed themselves ready to use force to bring the Zakka Khel to terms.

force during

These remained in force during the election.

Early's force during the afternoon of May 3 before halting at Salem Church.

It not only lasted, but gained new force during the Edo period under the Tokugawa.

excessive force   (aşırı güç)

... During ... [2013,] there were reports of excessive force, police corruption, and impunity.

In 2007, New York City paid out $50,000 to settle two excessive force lawsuits filed against Richard Kern.

He is fired from his job as a security guard for using excessive force on an employee's ex-boyfriend and his bodyguards.

peacekeeping force   (Barış gücü)

Two members of the peacekeeping force were wounded.

The peacekeeping force opened fire on the protesters.

NATO and the United States, plus Australia deploys a peacekeeping force to the region.

centrifugal force   (merkezkaç kuvveti)

Pepper trains for centrifugal force and parachute emergency.

Such forces include the centrifugal force and the Coriolis force.

Fan disks must withstand the centrifugal force of the attached fan blades.

strike force   (saldırı gücü)

Once again, the strike force must enter the fray.

strike force with assistance from Mexican Special Forces to raid the hacienda.

1 and 6 Squadrons began operating leased F-4E Phantoms as an interim strike force in 1970.

force consisted

The force consisted of two frigates, the "Sv.

Palombini's force consisted of two brigades.

Portuguese attack force consisted of 370 Portuguese soldiers and 7000 Lascarins.

strong force

The strong force only acts "directly" upon elementary particles.

With an alliance of opposition created, a strong force was rendered.

At distances greater than 10 femtometers, the strong force is practically unobservable.

larger force

This was a larger force than had been sent to Algiers the previous year.

The larger force suggested that major German ships would be following behind.

The Americans had scored a defensive victory in the face of a much larger force.

attempt to force   (zorlama girişimi)

When Doris refused to have an abortion, he beat her in an attempt to force a miscarriage.

However, there is commotion outside, as the thugs attempt to force PreCrime out of the slums.

The barn was set on fire in an attempt to force him out into the open, but Booth remained inside.

physical force   (fiziksel güç)

It acts like physical force does in rape."

In the aftermath of the 1916 Rising, he was opposed to physical force.

The most prominent example of the monopoly is law and the legitimate use of physical force.

tried to force

Jardine twice tried to force the issue.

Their actions tried to force administration to deal with the issue.

General Concha followed and tried to force them to face him in Azcapotzalco.

remained in force

The "Regulament" itself remained in force until 1858.

These remained in force during the election.

This situation remained in force until the "Rampjaar" (1672).

powerful force

We have to unite them to make a powerful force."

They attempt to collect the body but the vessel is knocked by a powerful force.

Edward Leighton was a powerful force politically in Shropshire during the 1580s.

landing force

The landing force boarded their ships and moved towards their next targets.

These forces carried on board four CAMS 37 flying boats and an Army landing force.

Courbet nevertheless did what he could to give Lespès a respectable landing force.

show of force   (kuvvet gösterisi)

On 17 October 1952, Nasution and Simatupang mobilised their troops in a show of force.

This show of force impressed Vologases III, who provisionally renounced his designs on Armenia.

Despite this show of force, far more free-soilers than pro-slavery settlers migrated to Kansas.

not force

Two wazirs cannot force checkmate.

You can force people to be baptised, but you cannot force them to believe."

Two ferzes cannot force checkmate, whether they are on the same color or not.

order to force   (zorlamak emri)

Liebowitz in order to force him to sign a false confession.

In order to force matters, Démêloir disguises himself as the Spanish rival.

In other words, it causes material loss in order to force a more spiritual outlook in the person.

reserve force

Hill is a volunteer on the city's police reserve force.

Bedouin tribes served as a reserve force in the Mamluk military.

Some are former cadets, many have former regular or reserve force service.

attacking force   (saldırı gücü)

She's an attacking force that can wreak havoc with defenses."

Zero hour was postponed after the attacking force lost its way.

In short, the VC enjoyed a great advantage over any attacking force.

come into force   (yürürlüğe girmek)

This project will come into force in a few months time.

The Optional Protocol required ten ratifications to come into force.

still in force   (hala yürürlükte)

This regulation is still in force today.

This constitution, revised in 1985, 2001, 2008 and 2019, is still in force today.

However, due to the wording of the 1949 act, the 1912 law is arguably still in force in Alderney.

gravitational force   (yer çekimi gücü)

This curvature gives rise to the gravitational force.

The gravitational force is unchanged at where "g" is the acceleration due to gravity.

The time derivative of the changing momentum of the object is what we label as "gravitational force".

force protection   (kuvvet koruması)

Sturdevant, the USMC said, "did not adequately assess the force protection situation".

This included civil engineering, communications, force protection, and base morale and welfare services.

More advanced FOBs include an assembly of berms, concrete barriers, gates, watchtowers, bunkers and other force protection infrastructure.

deadly force   (öldürücü güç)

It is deadly force which is not justifiable when an opportunity to retreat is at hand."

First, "[t]he issue of retreat arises only if the defendant resorted to a deadly force.

Signage around the base perimeter advises that deadly force is authorized against trespassers.

occupation force

The 106th remained in Austria as an occupation force until October 1945.

After the war the command became part of the occupation force for Japan.

Brigadier-General Bonner Fellers is sent to Japan as a part of the occupation force.

force between

Charles deployed his main force between Spilimbergo and San Vito al Tagliamento.

Functionality modified probe tips has been to measure the binding force between single protein-ligand pairs.

On a submicron scale, this force becomes so strong that it becomes the dominant force between uncharged conductors.

defence force   (savunma gücü)

That year, Steele joined the Aris defence force.

Some 8,000 men serve in the air force and air defence force.

The British yeomanry was formed as a home defence force in 1790s.

new force

This new force became known as the 9th Half-Brigade of Light Infantry.

He argued that cell division occurs due to a new force he termed "mitokinetism".

It not only lasted, but gained new force during the Edo period under the Tokugawa.

entry into force   (yürürlüğe girme)

India's declaration came after the entry into force of the CWC that created the OPCW.

After the entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon in 2009 the pillar structure ceased to exist.

Since the HCOC's entry into force, sixteen Conferences of Subscribing States of the HCOC have been held.

led a force

A student, Bernardo Zagalo led a force to Figueira da Foz where it captured a small French garrison.

In 1665, Aqualtune led a force of ten thousand Kongo men and women in the Battle of Mbwila, where she was captured in defeat.

On his own initiative, he led a force into the Persian rear, where he caught many Persians and their Arab allies out foraging.

force winds   (kuvvetli rüzgarlar)

Nonetheless, the storm produced tropical storm force winds on a few islands.

The system strengthened while moving northward, attaining gale force winds on November 25.

The Maypole was snapped off at ground level by storm force winds on Monday 9 November 2015.

superior force

They find themselves facing a superior force of natives, led by King Mdlaka.

The mutiny was suppressed the next day by a superior force of Danish troops.

Lopez acknowledged the superior force and surrendered the port and the town.

defense force

NATO acquired 18 E-3As and support equipment for a NATO air defense force.

Salman bin Sultan began his career as a lieutenant in the Saudi royal air defense force.

In 2017, the base is home to about 15,000 U.S. military and Japanese defense force employees.

force of gravity

Riders also experience up to 4 times the force of gravity.

First, water under the force of gravity will tend to flow in the most direct course downslope.

For objects not in free-fall, the force of gravity is opposed by the reaction forces applied by their supports.

paramilitary force   (paramiliter kuvvet)

The Azerbaijan National Guard is a further paramilitary force.

The Gendarmerie is a paramilitary force composed of about 9,000 soldiers as of 2016.

Finally there is a government paramilitary force, created in 1997 under President Laurent Kabila.

force when   (ne zaman zorla)

Peewee, a black inmate being used to distribute brute force when needed, was called by the guards.

The hook is engaged into an eye in the workbench and allows the workman to exert great force when required.

Furthermore, some jurisdictions, such as Ohio, allow residents in their homes to use force when ejecting an intruder.

assault force

Most of these were under the command of LIV Corps, the main assault force.

Kang discovers the assault force and activates advanced Hydra 6 anti-aircraft system.

About 1 am, the first Chinook helicopter arrived at Khak Khuday Dan and landed its assault force.

force of law

Kings strengthened this idea and gave it the force of law.

CAMR gained force of law in 2004.

The Rules have the force of law, and are made under the National Electricity Law.

force within

Suddenly, I felt a great impact of a rising force within me.

The mission was founded in 1877 and Garnett was the force within it.

Himmler became the driving force within the SS and in time eclipsed Heiden.

force base

During the World War I, an air force base was established.

Filming for the movie began in January 2012 at a disused air force base in London.

During World War II, the town had a Luftwaffe air force base and military barracks.

tries to force

His father tries to force Clara Day to marry Craven.

Lilly tries to force her to come but Miley doesn't agree.

He tries to force Vaishali to have an unsafe and uncivil abortion.

attempted to force

Two Gardai knocked on the door and, receiving no answer, attempted to force an entry.

The crowd attempted to force the building's doors and set it on fire, and Zamora was burned in effigy.

The National Energy Policy of the early 1980s attempted to force Alberta to sell low-priced oil to eastern Canada.

force sent

However, once he defeated the Roman force sent against him, more rebels joined him.

The force sent to Javakheti was commanded by him, jointly with the brothers Mkhargrdzeli.

Operation Alba was an Italian-led multinational peacekeeping force sent to Albania in 1997.

reaction force

This discussion ignores the radiation reaction force.

To do this, fenders have high energy absorption and low reaction force.

The goal is to have a permanent 60,000 person rapid reaction force by 2008.

sales force

Lester Levy assumed control of the small NCH sales force.

Rykoff & Co. expanded the sales force from 250 to 300 salesmen.

Ford's sales force recognized the threat and advised Henry to respond to it.

able to force   (zorlamak)

The British were therefore able to force its surrender.

After scoring to take a 14-7 lead, Tech was able to force a Miami punt.

In Game 2 he placed 6 three-pointers in which the Tigers were able to force Game 3.

creative force

Mark Miller was the creative force behind the project.

He is the creative force behind Horse Apples.

The creative force behind "Kamera" was Harrison Marks' partner Pamela Green.

force consisting

The authorities founded a police force consisting of Carolinians and Chamorros for Camp Susupe and Chalan Kanoa.

On 6 January 1809, he took command of a small force consisting of "Confiance", two Portuguese brigs, and 550 Portuguese soldiers.

The main missions of the National Guard are: The Army Reserve is a professional reserve force consisting of former regular army personnel only.

trying to force

I look back and I think that was Shooter trying to force me off the book".

The Russians pressed back the Swiss vanguard, trying to force them back into the river.

That night, Cheonnyeon Jangja appeared again, trying to force Wongang Ami into sexual union again, as the child was born.

force arrived

This force arrived before Chattanooga on June 7.

The force arrived off the islands at 2300 on 14 August.

The force arrived at Casablanca on 23 June.

force fields

Some of the simplest physical fields are vector force fields.

These forces arise from the presence of the body in force fields, "e.g."

It is an attribute of matter, radiation, and non-gravitational force fields.

air force base

During the World War I, an air force base was established.

Filming for the movie began in January 2012 at a disused air force base in London.

During World War II, the town had a Luftwaffe air force base and military barracks.

storm force   (fırtına gücü)

Nonetheless, the storm produced tropical storm force winds on a few islands.

The Maypole was snapped off at ground level by storm force winds on Monday 9 November 2015.

This was further raised to TCCR 1-C (caution) as tropical storm force winds began impacting the island.

force of arms

Hakam raided Ghur and Farawanda, bringing them to submission through force of arms and conquered them.

The first plan was to storm Fremantle Prison and rescue the Fenians by force of arms; O'Reilly rejected that.

Dejazmach Sabagadis of Agame succeeded Wolde Selassie in 1817, through force of arms, to become warlord of Tigre.

volunteer force

The all volunteer force supplied their own firearms.

Barry was mustered out of the volunteer force on January 15, 1866.

The British Army has been a volunteer force since national service ended during the 1960s.

cavalry force

The Mughal armies ("lashkar") were primarily a cavalry force.

Peter sent a cavalry force to subdue them, but the Chechens routed them.

Colonel Nathan Bedford Forrest escaped with his cavalry force of about 700 men before the surrender.

lethal force   (ölümcül kuvvet)

As in America, so too in Ireland the King no longer had a monopoly of lethal force.

Since 2016, there is a general consensus that it is in fact a legimitate UCAV capable of lethal force.

Mulroy called OOC, a “model” for how to address child soldiers using influence operations instead of lethal force.

sent a force

He even sent a force to attack Luni on the Italian coast.

He arrived in Kirman in 651 and sent a force under Rabi ibn Ziyad al-Harithi to Sistan.

The following year, 478 BC, the Allies sent a force to capture the city of Byzantion (modern day Istanbul).

leading force   (lider güç)

The leading force in producing the shawl is considered a dyer.

She was a founder and leading force of the Navvy Mission Society.

Mr Surendra Hiranandani, the founder of HUS, is the leading force behind the brand " House of Hiranandani".

bomber force

In 1957 the site became a nuclear weapons store for the RAF's V bomber force.

Ramrod raids involved a small bomber force accompanied by a large fighter escort.

The bomber force was drawn from the two squadrons which had been issued the Lancaster: No.

force applied

Stress-gated channels require a mechanical force applied to the channel for opening.

Torque is a force applied to a lever at a right angle multiplied by the lever length.

In normal bone, fractures occur when there is significant force applied, or repetitive trauma over a long time.

coming into force   (güce doğru gelmek)

The Association sought a judicial review of the fixed fees regime to try and stop it coming into force.

In 1649 he made good use of the five weeks' grace before the coming into force of restrictions upon the import of foreign goods.

the role of the EU in securing the ratification and coming into force of the Kyoto Protocol despite opposition from the United States.

entire force   (tüm kuvvet)

Chen Yucheng and his entire force were destroyed in May 1862.

The entire force was under the immediate overall command of Brig.

By August 8 the entire force was assembled there, and set out the next day for Oswego.