forced to leave   (強制退去)

After beating Fugai, Helü was forced to leave Chu.

He was forced to leave his job by the Taliban.

Kirito wins and Kuradeel is forced to leave.

forced to resign   (辞任を余儀なくされた)

Nxc6 but was forced to resign on his 53rd move.

On Jun 16, 1957, Gardner was forced to resign.

He was forced to resign after the 2004 season.

forced to flee   (強制的に逃げる)

He was forced to flee to British-controlled New York.

Because of this, Dostum was forced to flee to Turkey.

forced to withdraw   (撤回を余儀なくされた)

However, Mir was forced to withdraw due to injury.

Svyatoslavich and his allies were forced to withdraw.

The British were forced to withdraw to Tilly-sur-Seulles.

forced to retire

Clarke was forced to retire due to injury in 2001.

He was forced to retire as a result of knee injuries.

He was forced to retire from Connacht due to concussion.

forced labor   (強制労働)

Another term was Zwangsarbeitslager ("forced labor camp").

The death toll of Black African slaves from forced labor was high.

Upon some of them they have imposed forced labor even to this very day.

forced to retreat   (退却を余儀なくされた)

The Texans were forced to retreat to Santa Fe.

Starhunter was forced to retreat and create new medals.

After fierce fighting, Huger's division was forced to retreat.

forced fumbles

He also had five forced fumbles, recovering three.

He totaled 33 tackles and two forced fumbles.

He finished 2007 with eight sacks and two forced fumbles.

forced to take

Street was forced to take him as punishment for earlier actions.

Shea's superiors were finally forced to take a more direct approach.

If they violate the law, their videos will be forced to take down on YouTube.

forced fumble   (強制ファンブル)

He finished with 39 tackles, 1 sack and 1 forced fumble.

In the 2008 season, he recorded 13 total tackles and a forced fumble.

In 2015, Te'o had 63 tackles, one interception, and one forced fumble.

forced to move   (移動を余儀なくされた)

Draper was forced to move to Europe to earn a living.

Left with virtually nothing, Douglas was forced to move.

Farmers would often forced to move away.

forced to sell   (販売を余儀なくされた)

Ruined by events, he was forced to sell it once more.

Bill Veeck was forced to sell the team.

He was forced to sell his collection of violins to pay his debts.

forced labour   (強制労働)

There she was subjected to torture and forced labour.

Luvualu was sentenced to forced labour.

These concessions used forced labour of the Africans to make a profit.

forced to return   (強制的に帰る)

Stockton was forced to return in October via San Diego.

Monks were forced to return to secular life.

Thus Báncsa was forced to return to Rome.

forced to work   (働かせる)

Peasants were forced to work for the king.

Jews and other prisoners were forced to work on the project.

Detainees were also forced to work on the Trans-Saharan Railway.

forced to abandon   (放棄することを余儀なくされた)

Dog owners in Venezuela have been forced to abandon their pets.

The British colonel was forced to abandon two of his four cannons.

Faced with these plagues, residents were forced to abandon the village.

forced to close

Some individual businesses were forced to close.

The seminary was forced to close in 1927.

Several monasteries were forced to close for lack of monks.

eventually forced

The company was eventually forced into bankruptcy.

In the end, Hormuzan was eventually forced to surrender.

Adalbert was no longer welcome and eventually forced into exile.

then forced

Smith was then forced to defend his own scheme.

Rainstorms then forced a pause in operations.

He is then forced to go sober for some time.

forced to surrender   (降伏を余儀なくされた)

Alice Truman, but is ultimately forced to surrender.

On 28 August, they were forced to surrender.

In the end, Hormuzan was eventually forced to surrender.

forced to make   (作らざるを得ない)

The case was proven and Hall forced to make a retraction.

Despite this, Franco was forced to make some concessions.

On his return to base Dorehill was forced to make a crash-landing.

forced to give

Dallaire was forced to give up control over the aircraft.

In 1814, France's ally Denmark was forced to give Norway up to Sweden.

The Cold Lake Nations had been forced to give up their nomadic lifestyle.

forced back   (押し戻された)

was captured, IR 165 to the left being forced back along .

However, Hampton was severely outnumbered and soon he was forced back.

Caught in the open by Turkish machine-guns to their front and rear, they were forced back.

forced to pay

The city was forced to pay 3000 guilders for supporting the insurgents.

The Rohillas were defeated and were forced to pay a heavy war indemnity.

Tiberius was forced to intervene, and Urgulania was forced to pay a fine.

forced to go

The ship was forced to go back to port to be repaired.

He is then forced to go sober for some time.

Due to Knox's influence, Section 20 is forced to go dark to stop him.

forced to live

Felix is forced to live by his wits on the Continent.

Even though they were forced to live in ghettos, many Jews prospered.

Subjects are thus forced to live by their internal circadian "clocks".

forced into exile   (追放された)

He was soon forced into exile by Naaba Wobgo.

Morcar was confirmed as earl and Tostig forced into exile.

However, Lubomirski was forced into exile.

forced to use

So instead, they were forced to use the farm.

Currently, she is forced to use a wheelchair.

John is incapacitated and forced to use magic to escape.

injury forced

A serious knee injury forced him to retire in 1975.

However, an injury forced him to switch sports.

Severe repetitive stress injury forced her to stop writing in 2000.

forced to play   (プレイを余儀なくされた)

Nathan is shocked by this, but is forced to play along.

In the wake of the 2006 Italian football scandal Juve were forced to play in Serie B.

During this period the Eagles were forced to play in Wakefield at their Belle Vue ground.

forced to accept

When it does not, she is forced to accept that Ashley has died.

It was forced to accept that all of its traffic must pass through the "Aachener Reich".

When his roommate gained super-powers and became the Griffin, Bart is forced to accept his destiny.

forced to fight   (戦わなければならない)

Miles - He was forced to fight an alien caused by his curse.

Unfortunately, Azura returns in alien form; Tom is forced to fight her.

Aided by the Olympian, Cassandra goes into battle, being forced to fight her own brother.

forced to change

They were forced to change jobs and to move."

Lee was forced to change his plans.

Prior to this, beach-goers were forced to change their clothes in their cars.

forced to punt   (パントを余儀なくされた)

Calgary was forced to punt with less than a minute to play.

TCU made it 18-yards to the 28-yard line, but were forced to punt.

Tech was forced to punt, but only after they bled 5 minutes off the clock.

forced a fumble   (ファンブルを強制)

He played in the Bears' season opener against the San Diego Chargers and forced a fumble.

He also had four sacks and forced a fumble and recovered one and had five quarterback pressures.

Jason Taylor forced a fumble and returned an interception 20 yards for a touchdown, helping Miami in its 31–13 victory.

forced off

However, Condit would be forced off the card after suffering a severe cut to his hand.

The train stopped occasionally and a few hundred people were forced off at rural towns.

In February 1956, it was forced off the air when a storm damaged its transmitter tower.

forced to pull   (強制的に引っ張る)

They were forced to pull back.

However, Coleman injured his knee while training, and was forced to pull out of the event.

In April 2015, Morishima was forced to pull out of the 2015 Global Tag League due to an injury.

forced to turn

As a result, it was forced to turn away some students.

Cardiff were forced to turn to younger talent for their team.

Instead, deists were forced to turn to arguments based on experience and nature.

forced to stop   (強制停止)

However, he could not go on and was forced to stop.

However, he was forced to stop peddling when his horse died.

He was again forced to stop by fatigue.

forced marriage

Nammi also played a central role in changing law in the UK to ban forced marriage.

Early marriage, child marriage or forced marriage is prevalent in parts of Asia and Africa.

In at least two known instances, Massoud personally intervened against cases of forced marriage.

later forced

Allen was later forced into the Suicide Squad.

He was later forced to amputate his leg inorder to survive.

Christian missionaries were later forced into exile, along with their assistants.

forced to sign

After this, he was forced to sign a cease fire agreement.

On 10 August 1919, the Armenians were forced to sign a peace treaty.

Facing internal crisis and civil war, the Commonwealth was forced to sign a truce.

forced many

The political climate has since forced many others to seek refuge in Norway.

Strong currents forced many landing craft east of their intended position or delayed them.

Conflicts with the Maspat tribe forced many settlers to move to what is now Elmhurst in 1643.

before being forced

In a food extruder, the mahangu is milled into a paste before being forced through metal die.

He was loaned out to Wrexham and Tranmere Rovers before being forced to retire due to an eye injury.

On 9 January 1909, with three companions, he reached 88°23' S – from the Pole – before being forced to turn back.

forced to kill

The Wilsons arrive and are forced to kill the Tylers' doubles.

Rapayet is forced to kill Moisés.

Defeated, Jeff is forced to kill himself with the knife Terry hands him.

forced upon

This is a process of assimilation which may be voluntary or may be forced upon a population.

Mary remembers the revolver her suitor, 54-year-old Sir Edgar Swift, has forced upon her as a means of protection.

However, the Pope annulled the "shameful and demeaning agreement, forced upon the king by violence and fear" one month after it was signed.

forced to marry

But Chen Xi was then forced to marry Zhenzhu after Yuzhu had been raped by Robert.

Under pressure from his family, Chen Xi is forced to marry Yueniang's cousin, Yuzhu, instead.

Under certain circumstances, she is forced to marry Gowtham (Vicky Krish), a man from a rich family.

finally forced   (最終的に強制)

Shea's superiors were finally forced to take a more direct approach.

Only numerical superiority and hunger had finally forced it to its knees.

"Hancock" was thus finally forced to strike her colors after a chase of some 39 hours.

health forced   (健康強制)

Ill health forced him to resign six years later.

Seven months later ill health forced Hart to step down.

Poor health forced him to resign in the following January.

forced prostitution   (強制売春)

Most prostitutes in ancient Rome were slaves, though some slaves were protected from forced prostitution by a clause in their sales contract.

Chekhov witnessed much on Sakhalin that shocked and angered him, including floggings, embezzlement of supplies, and forced prostitution of women.

The ICPR adopted the World Charter for Prostitutes' Rights in 1985 in response to feminist arguments that all prostitution is forced prostitution.

forced to relocate   (強制移住)

The greatly weakened state of Chu was forced to relocate its capital to Chen (陳).

Following the Chinese Civil War, the Nationalist Government was forced to relocate to Taiwan.

The Choctaw were the first Native American tribe forced to relocate under the Indian Removal Act.

forced to miss   (見逃す)

He was forced to miss the rest of the game with a concussion.

He was unfortunately forced to miss several races due to injury.

Meanwhile, Koppisch was forced to miss a second game at New York's Polo Grounds.

forced landing

Li radioed in that he was going to attempt a forced landing.

On 16 March, he made a forced landing at Almorox following combat damage sustained by his He 70.

The plane made a forced landing at the nearby cricket ground, which caused damage to the aircraft.

forced to seek   (捜し求める)

Tiberius held on until Bato was forced to seek terms.

Due to illness he was forced to seek leave in 1892 before speaking in the senate.

Confederate batteries were brought forward onto the plain but were outgunned and forced to seek safer positions.

often forced   (しばしば強制される)

The rhyme scheme is AABB, and the rhymes are often forced.

Farmers would often forced to move away.

The physical layout is often forced by what land is available and its geology.

forced to choose

Abha is forced to choose between Lata and Vimal.

These sisters were forced to choose between Pi Kap and their NPC.

The season closes with Ross being forced to choose between Rachel and Bonnie.

forced to cancel   (キャンセルせざるを得なかった)

In the hospital, Jaime sends Steve away, and he is forced to cancel the wedding.

Due to drug problems within the band, they were forced to cancel an Australian tour.

Because of these actions, Kentucky was forced to cancel the entire 1952–53 basketball season.

forced to wear   (着用を余儀なくされた)

Afterwards, Colvin is forced to wear an eyepatch.

Hair is just an extra sweater I'm forced to wear," González recalled.

He was beaten by police and forced to wear a sign saying that he was a corrupter of youth.

forced to drop   (落とされた)

Elizabeth was later forced to drop out of elementary school to work in a shoe factory.

Monus and Antonucci were forced to drop out in 1992 after Monus' reputation was ruined by an accounting scandal.

Kiri was also forced to drop out of the 1998 World's Strongest Man final due to an ankle injury, finishing in 6th place.

forced to stay   (滞在を余儀なくされた)

Santos and his captured friends are forced to stay in prison.

Wei Zhong is not trilled as he feels that he is forced to stay with three total strangers.

However, Del's planned film does not work out well, and Joan is forced to stay in Peckham.

soon forced

He was soon forced into exile by Naaba Wobgo.

Rommel soon forced them to withdraw.

He was soon forced to leave Peć because the Turks tried to assassinate him.

forced to become   (になることを余儀なくされた)

GJ Club Shinomiya Kyōya is forced to become a new member of the GJ-bu (lit.

She was forced to become a nun when she was widowed, by her brother-in-law the czar.

From there Elsa Iwanowa and others were forced to become slave laborers for "Ford-Werke".

forced to land   (着陸を余儀なくされた)

Janet is forced to land on a farm.

two–seater was forced to land.

Lucilla is forced to land on Gammu where she seeks refuge with an underground group of Jews.

forced to join   (参加を余儀なくされた)

Other children, some as young as 8, were forced to join.

The teams are forced to join together to survive and descent to safety.

However, in late 189, he was forced to join the civil service and became an official.

forced to cede

Jatta was forced to cede a portion of his territory to the British in 1840.

After the war, the Creeks were forced to cede half their remaining lands to the US.

After the battle, Han and Wei were forced to cede their lands to ensure further peace.

again forced

He was again forced to stop by fatigue.

She was able to return to Berlin in 1758, but was again forced to evacuate in 1760.

The two engage in a gun battle and Jeb is once again forced to kill in self-defence.

forced to evacuate   (強制的に避難させた)

The civilian population was forced to evacuate before Soviet forces arrived.

She was able to return to Berlin in 1758, but was again forced to evacuate in 1760.

Seventy-five people were forced to evacuate to shelters as their homes were flooded.

forced to sit   (座ることを余儀なくされた)

Due to NCAA rules, Boateng was forced to sit out a year before playing his final 3 seasons.

In January 2001, his right knee joint was injured and he was forced to sit out two straight tournaments.

Due to Virginia Tech's desire not to release him, Metcalf was forced to sit out the entire 2006–2007 season.

forced to abdicate   (退位を余儀なくされた)

Yuan Shikai was forced to abdicate and died on June 6, 1916.

King Constantine I was forced to abdicate in favor of his son, George II.

Maximian was forced to abdicate again and Constantine was again demoted to caesar.

defense forced

Michigan's defense forced 18 turnovers, including eight steals and six blocks.

Michigan's defense forced 21 turnovers, including five steals by Zavier Simpson.

Vandys' defense forced Alabama into a fourth down situation on its own 21-yard line.

ultimately forced

Alice Truman, but is ultimately forced to surrender.

The company never recovered, and was ultimately forced to merge with Motorola in 2007.

This injury ultimately forced him to retire from the Open during a Round of 16 match vs Dick Stockton.

forced upward   (上向きに強制)

Most weather fronts originate in the Pacific Ocean, and travel east toward the Coast Mountains where they are forced upward by the range (Orographic lift), causing them to drop their moisture in the form of rain or snowfall.

problems forced

However, scheduling problems forced the development team to abandon many of these ideas.

He performed on recording sessions until 2005 when health problems forced him to retire.

Health problems forced the horse to be withdrawn from France's most prestigious race, the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe.

forced through

No more than 3 feet wide, the entire river is forced through it, so it is fairly powerful.

In a food extruder, the mahangu is milled into a paste before being forced through metal die.

If a polymer solution is used, then the solvent is removed after being forced through the spinneret.

forced to rely

In this case, the colony may be forced to rely on its extensive food stores.

The crew are attacked by Simulants, and in desperation are forced to rely on Rimmer to save them.

Unable to make celestial observations, the ship's crew was forced to rely on dead reckoning to determine their position.

not forced

However, they are not forced to answer these sensitive questions".

Above all, courtesans were not forced to abide by the laws that street walkers did.

In practice recruits are not forced to serve, instead only those who are motivated are selected.

forced to spend

He was forced to spend much of his honeymoon in Philadelphia retyping the manuscript.

Some feel forced to spend much of the time - far too much - in rebuttals, demurrers, rejoinders.

Aemon falls ill during the voyage and they are forced to spend their money on a healer and lodging in Braavos.

forced to find   (見つけざるを得ない)

His wife Xinbei (Ann Kok) is forced to find a job to support the family.

With their homes destroyed, many were forced to find a new place to live.

Therefore, the British were forced to find a way to overcome the main Boer positions.

forced to remain   (残ることを余儀なくされた)

They were forced to remain in position until first light.

Maeve refuses him but Phoebe falls in a chasm and is forced to remain with him.

Kíli is forced to remain behind, tended to by Fíli, Óin, and Bofur, as the remaining company receive a grand farewell.

forced into retirement   (引退を余儀なくされた)

Both he and Senna were forced into retirement.

Rupp was forced into retirement in March 1972, at the age of 70.

He was recalled back to Japan in late-1939 and forced into retirement.

forced to admit   (認めざるを得ない)

Under pressure, Ter-Vaganyan was forced to admit his "guilt."

Shere Khan is forced to admit defeat, but vows that he will still eat Maugli one day.

At first, she denies everything, but is forced to admit her wrongdoing under threat of certain scandal.

forced down   (押し下げられた)

In some cases, the convict could be forced down on his knees.

The TARDIS is forced down into occupied Paris and Lucie becomes part of the macabre 'Theatre des Baroque'.

On October 14, 1916, he was forced down in enemy territory but made it back to the safety of his own lines.

forced to watch

Upon arriving, Soma is forced to watch Celia kill Mina.

Jenkins-Pietrzak was then sexually assaulted as her husband was forced to watch.

The precinct is then forced to watch the video in order to evaluate the operation.

forced to step   (足を踏み入れる)

She eventually was forced to step down from the cockpit by the all-male pilots union.

Early in the fourth quarter, Mallett was forced to step up in the pocket and sling a pass to Greg Childs on 3rd and 17.

President Pervez Musharraf was forced to step down by a collective leadership led by Yousaf Raza Gillani and Asfandiar Vali.

government was forced   (政府は強制された)

Anyone working as part of the Confederate government was forced out after the war.

Due to overwhelming international pressure, the Romanian government was forced to accept the ultimatum.

By the end of 2004 the reservoir was just 27% full and the government was forced to impose harsh restrictions on water use.

forced their way

Women forced their way into the political sphere.

Several assailants nevertheless forced their way into the apartment.

Having thus decided on Sergius, they brought him to the Lateran and forced their way in.

not be forced

The choice is God's and cannot be forced.

People should not be forced to vomit.

Because of that the issue of circumcision should not be forced.

forced laborers

Volunteers to Ukraine work with former forced laborers.

The following year, housing for Russian forced laborers was built at Böttinger-Platz.

Rang does get the "Moira" afloat, but at the terrible price of the Papuan forced laborers drowning in a storm.

forced to commit   (コミットすることを余儀なくされた)

He was forced to commit suicide.

Meanwhile, Zhangsun, once he reached his place of exile, was forced to commit suicide.

Following the failed Pisonian conspiracy against Nero in 65, he had been forced to commit suicide.

forced march

Gen. Robert C. Schenck arrived after a forced march from Franklin, West Virginia.

It concludes with a final forced march carrying full load to the KCT headquarters.

More prisoners were killed if they could not keep up on the forced march to Fort Malden.

people were forced

Without bison, the people were forced to move onto reservations or starve.

And many merchants and trades people were forced to leave their home state.

Seventy-five people were forced to evacuate to shelters as their homes were flooded.

forced labourers   (強制労働者)

Nazi Germany kept French POWs as forced labourers throughout the war.

The camp now administered hundreds of "Arbeitskommandos" each made up of around 30 forced labourers.

During the Japanese Occupation, the Bataks were conscripted as foot soldiers or forced labourers by the Japanese.

family was forced   (家族は強制された)

After World War II his family was forced to flee to Poland.

The family was forced from the lands with the arrival of the Normans and moved into Monaghan.

His father was assassinated by Islamic radicals in Algeria, and his family was forced into exile.

forced to quit

He was forced to quit acting due to his deteriorating health.

However, by the fall of 1935, she was forced to quit the university.

He enrolled in Naval air training in Pensacola, but was forced to quit after a knee injury.

forced to run

At first, Farmer was forced to run in a dress for religious reasons.

She was pursued by and was forced to run up onto the beach at New Inlet.

The detainees are then driven out to the desert, treated brutally, and forced to run across a live minefield.

forced the closure   (強制閉鎖)

The incident also forced the closure of Charing Cross railway station.

Standing water also forced the closure of a few on-ramps to the Sawgrass Expressway.

The storm forced the closure of the Burlington-Bristol Bridge over the Delaware River.

forced to vacate   (強制退去)

In 1844, Parrant lost his claim at Fountain Cave and was forced to vacate the land.

In 1979 he was forced to vacate his position after a Supreme Court of Canada ruling.

Cal was forced to vacate all four wins of the 1999 season for altering the grades of two players.

forced removal

After Robert Mugabe's forced removal from the presidency in November 2017, Emmerson Mnangagwa was declared President of Zimbabwe.

The forced removal of Japanese Americans from the "affected areas" of California, Oregon, Washington, and Arizona started between April and May of 1942.

The members of Otciapofa tribal town formed part of the Muscogee Creek Confederacy in Alabama, prior to their forced removal to Indian Territory during the 1830s.

forced into prostitution   (売春を余儀なくされた)

During the nineteenth century, many women were forced into prostitution.

And in this country they were forced into prostitution or sold to another pimp.

Authorities and NGOs report foreign women have been forced into prostitution in Barbados.

forced to shut   (閉ざされた)

With the war in Europe, many European jewelry firms were forced to shut down.

Excentris ran into financial difficulty in 2009 and was forced to shut down two of its three cinemas.

Monica survived, but she and Tracy were forced to shut down General Hospital to prevent anyone else from getting killed.