Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

foreign policy   (la política exterior)

She is known for her hawkish foreign policy views.

The President sets the tone for all foreign policy.

Elizabeth's foreign policy was largely defensive.

foreign minister   (ministro extranjero)

He served earlier as the deputy foreign minister.

He succeeded Fawzi Salloukh as foreign minister.

He served as foreign minister and ambassador to Cuba.

foreign affairs   (Relaciones Exteriores)

She is in charge of foreign affairs for the Devils.

He was a member of the foreign affairs committee.

He worked as a foreign affairs commentator at BBC Persian.

foreign language   (idioma extranjero)

Many secondary schools offer French as a foreign language.

This program is complemented with foreign language courses.

French is the second most taught foreign language in the EU.

foreign countries   (países extranjeros)

71.5% of the tourists came from foreign countries.

58,6% of the tourists came from foreign countries.

In 1850 Christy began to visit foreign countries.

foreign nationals

Nigerians make up the largest group of foreign nationals.

18.8% of the population was made up of foreign nationals.

, 42.3% of the population are resident foreign nationals.

foreign exchange   (Divisas)

Reserves of foreign exchange & gold: $11.78 billion (2006 est.)

As a result, foreign exchange and customers' markets flourished.

It also manages the country's foreign exchange and gold reserves.

foreign languages

He spoke two foreign languages: German and English.

He devoted much time to the study of foreign languages.

Many of those were in foreign languages.

foreign trade

Right now, 75% of our foreign trade goes through this city.

At the same time, China's economy opened up to foreign trade.

Guyana's foreign trade is handled by foreign shipping companies.

foreign relations

Mariquita Sánchez de Thompson's forte was foreign relations.

He is known for his expertise on American foreign relations.

FSM has foreign relations with 56 countries, including the Holy See.

foreign investment   (inversión extranjera)

The economy grew and foreign investment increased with it.

600 which deals with foreign investment and investment contracts.

The Brunei Government actively encourages more foreign investment.

foreign players

Each team can sign up to three foreign players.

Since then, Real Sociedad have had many foreign players.

Each team can sign maximum 3 foreign players in the squad.

first foreign   (primer extranjero)

Chile became the first foreign market to sell the T60.

It was the first foreign football tryouts to happen in Egypt.

In 1952, the band undertook its first foreign tour in Denmark.

foreign aid   (ayuda externa)

At times he has been critical of Afghanistan's reliance on foreign aid.

The policy on foreign aid is an important area of German foreign policy.

Burma had refused foreign aid, insisting it was capable to cope by itself.

domestic and foreign   (doméstico y extranjero)

There is a flourishing domestic and foreign film production industry.

The proposal was designed to appeal to both domestic and foreign opinion.

Low domestic and foreign demand had depressed the economy's overall output.

other foreign   (otro extranjero)

Cuoci has received several awards from Italy, and other foreign nations.

Some Afghans are also fluent in Urdu, English, and other foreign languages.

On other foreign policy matters, the party "supports a nuclear-free Israel and Middle East".

foreign country   (país extranjero)

He tries to act as if he is from a foreign country.

We'd moved to a foreign country where we didn't know anybody.

Different claims of a foreign country are taken into account.

foreign students

In 2001, AHUT started to accept foreign students.

About 20 foreign students are admitted according to merit.

OIC is open to both Chinese and foreign students aged 2–18.

resident foreign   (extranjero residente)

, 42.3% of the population are resident foreign nationals.

, 35.5% of the population are resident foreign nationals.

, 35.3% of the population are resident foreign nationals.

resident foreign nationals   (ciudadanos extranjeros residentes)

, 42.3% of the population are resident foreign nationals.

, 35.5% of the population are resident foreign nationals.

, 35.3% of the population are resident foreign nationals.

foreign currency   (moneda extranjera)

All sums may not be convertible into foreign currency.

On February 1, the sale of cash foreign currency was abolished .

foreign correspondent   (corresponsal en el extranjero)

He then joined the BBC as a foreign correspondent.

In 2001, she became a foreign correspondent in Beijing.

Prior to embarking on his long journey, Levitt was a foreign correspondent.

foreign powers

Piracy and attacks from hostile foreign powers were a constant threat.

Struggles in the region lead to Persian antagonism to both foreign powers.

The Nemuro Peninsula has become occupied by foreign powers during the various wars.

foreign governments   (gobiernos extranjeros)

Bilateral debt is the money India owes to foreign governments.

Three foreign governments have also recognized Yohannes’ service and leadership.

In addition OP-20-G also copied diplomatic messages of many foreign governments.

number of foreign   (número de extranjeros)

Only a small number of foreign films have been made in Cyprus.

Slovenes) in the overall number of foreign visitors of Croatia.

<br> <br> The number of foreign players is limited to 7 per team.

foreign companies

Corporate services for foreign companies employ some 3% of the workforce.

As of December 2005, over 270 foreign companies had been admitted to the AIM.

The Park is home to several thousand foreign companies and research institutes.

foreign service

In 1933, MacMurray returned to the foreign service.

In 1930, Colban went back to the Norwegian foreign service.

He resigned the position in 1929 and briefly left the foreign service.

many foreign

Many people died including many foreign tourists.

Since then, Real Sociedad have had many foreign players.

The F1 was used by many foreign armies from 1915 to 1940.

foreign investors   (inversores extranjeros)

The foreign investors only owned a combined 20% stake.

The ISX opened to foreign investors on August 2, 2007.

Previous legislation (1997) made no specific inclusion of foreign investors.

foreign ministry   (ministerio de exteriores)

From 1920 to 1923 he was active in the foreign ministry.

Mansour began his career at the foreign ministry in 1974.

The Romanian foreign ministry suspended Ionescu from his post.

foreign workers

Most of the boys go abroad as foreign workers by the age 20 or less.

A sizeable number of foreign workers from other African countries live in the town.

They are primarily foreign workers from India and Pakistan and some from other countries.

foreign tourists   (turistas extranjeros)

For foreign tourists, the cost goes up to INR 200.

Many people died including many foreign tourists.

No deaths were reported among foreign tourists.

foreign intelligence   (inteligencia extranjera)

He soon begins to realise that both British and foreign intelligence agents are at work.

Exiled Russians gave "the Trust" large sums of money and supplies, as did foreign intelligence agencies.

According to the MI5 website, "foreign intelligence officers acting in the UK under diplomatic cover may enjoy immunity from prosecution.

all foreign

The President sets the tone for all foreign policy.

The government of Djibouti welcomes all foreign direct investment.

He argued that all foreign investment would be subject to Guatemalan laws.

foreign direct

Globally, foreign direct investment has slowed.

The government of Djibouti welcomes all foreign direct investment.

A second area of Görg's research is foreign direct investment (FDI).

foreign population

In total the foreign population makes up around 5% of the population.

Most of the foreign population lives in Prague (37.3%) and Central Bohemia Region (13.2%).

Ignoring immigration and emigration, the population of Swiss citizens increased by 9 while the foreign population decreased by 2.

foreign markets

Chinese films grossed () in foreign markets in 2016.

Renault also tried to open foreign markets.

Gradually, the chervonetz began to penetrate foreign markets.

against foreign   (contra extranjeros)

Legislation against foreign traders was implemented in the 1890s.

Kimanzi has publicly spoken out against foreign coaches in Africa.

Some of them (e.g., ) fought against foreign armies when they invade.

foreign ministers

In this capacity, he attended most meetings of EU foreign ministers.

The meeting on 26 September, unnamed Arab foreign ministers met Brahimi.

List of foreign ministers in 2005 This is a list of foreign ministers in 2005.

foreign direct investment

Globally, foreign direct investment has slowed.

The government of Djibouti welcomes all foreign direct investment.

A second area of Görg's research is foreign direct investment (FDI).

several foreign

Unruh made several foreign study trips with August Borsig.

He spoke several foreign languages.

The two men began fighting in the crowd, where both men hit each other with several foreign objects.

local and foreign

The area is used by local and foreign athletes for high-altitude training.

Parallel to this, Francisca Barrios wrote in the local and foreign anarchist press.

Many other local and foreign anthropologists decried Elizalde's claims, calling it an elaborate hoax.

foreign military

In November 1569, de Vere petitioned Cecil for a foreign military posting.

The government of Mali asked for foreign military help to re-take the north.

The withdrawal of the Cubans ended 13 years of foreign military presence in Angola.

foreign visitors

The increase of foreign visitors has been dramatic.

This number includes 68.83 million nights by foreign visitors.

This number includes 68.83 million nights by foreign visitors.

foreign member

He became a foreign member of the Société des Amis des Noirs.

In 1997 he was made foreign member of the Linnean Society of London.

In 2006 he became a foreign member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

foreign relations between

Cuba–Greece relations Cuban-Greek relations are foreign relations between Cuba and Greece.

Iraq–Serbia relations Iraqi–Serbian relations are foreign relations between Iraq and Serbia.

Serbia–Syria relations Serbia–Syria relations are foreign relations between Serbia and Syria.

foreign films

In our time, is engaged in dubbing foreign films.

Non-English foreign films make use of English subtitles.

Prior to 1914, however, many foreign films were imported.

foreign and domestic   (extranjero y nacional)

Increasingly it depended on the Army in foreign and domestic affairs, as well as finance.

Ancillary would be the growth of reciprocity between different family firms, foreign and domestic.

Majumdar investigated the shaping of trade by foreign and domestic currencies on the Malabar coast.

foreign power

Bond is sent to recover it before the Union can sell the microfilm to a foreign power.

Enron International consisted of all of Enron's foreign power projects, including ones in Europe.

Luka tried to provoke Teja, implying he had been working for a foreign power, and Teja bit off his ear.

foreign nations

Sixteen foreign nations participated in the event.

Congress also has power to regulate commerce with foreign nations.

The right to recognize foreign nations rests solely with the president.

foreign dignitaries

RAID also provides close protection for foreign dignitaries traveling in France.

Juddha Shumsher, not Chandra Shumsher built Gallery Baithak to meet foreign dignitaries.

During Wickremesinghe's tenure as opposition leader, he met many foreign dignitaries at Fifth Lane.

minister of foreign   (ministro de exteriores)

He was deputy minister of foreign affairs from 1965 to 1975.

He served as deputy minister of foreign affairs in the 1980s.

He was appointed as minister of foreign affairs on 3 March 1975.

foreign media

Access to foreign media remains heavily restricted.

Primakov Readings were covered in more than 70 major Russian and 10 foreign media.

The press conference was moderated by Goebbels and was attended by both domestic and foreign media.

foreign player   (jugador extranjero)

Sam Curran was the most expensive foreign player at Rs 7.2 crore.

He also won the league's best foreign player award in 2009 and 2011.

He received the official title of Best foreign player of that season.

up of foreign

18.8% of the population was made up of foreign nationals.

, 15% of the population was made up of foreign nationals.

, 9.8% of the population was made up of foreign nationals.

foreign government   (Gobierno extranjero)

None were ever officially recognized by a foreign government.

On June 2018 Allaham disclosed the payments in a filing to register as an agent of a foreign government.

He met with foreign government and military officials, political leaders and civil society representatives.

foreign policies

The foreign policies of the countries have been closely aligned since the Cold War.

The CPC criticizes the CPSU of pursuing Soviet imperialism in its foreign policies.

On average, American conservatives desire tougher foreign policies than liberals do.

foreign residents

A significant portion of foreign residents are students at the RWTH Aachen University.

Hietzing was next to the inner city as the district with the highest German foreign residents.

ISTAT data recorded on January 1, 2011, show that there were 107 foreign residents, as follows:

foreign troops   (tropas extranjeras)

A total of 43,000 foreign troops would ultimately be brought in.

It was the last close engagement of British and foreign troops on mainland British soil.

During the Napoleonic Wars, he added the position of Commissioner-General for supply of foreign troops.

foreign fighters

8–12 militants, including some foreign fighters were killed.

Ahrar al-Sham generally welcomes foreign fighters without demanding too much of them.

There have been a number of foreign fighters that had joined the Syrian Civil War in opposition to Assad.

foreign debt

He is also sometimes held responsible for Bulgaria's foreign debt.

The current account and fiscal deficits widened, and foreign debt grew.

However, as a result of economic self-sufficiency, Albania had a minimal foreign debt.

foreign citizens

7.3% of the population is born abroad and 4.7% are foreign citizens.

It may be awarded to Romanians, foreign citizens, and military units.

Killings, unrest, and kidnappings of foreign citizens across Lebanon resulted.

foreign born

Of these foreign born, most are women of color.

16.9% (56,354) of Baltimore was foreign born, 563 of them Polish.

16.9% (56,354) of Baltimore was foreign born, 1,127 of them Bohemian.

foreign artists

The annual exhibitions are now held in the Charlottenborg Exhibition Hall and feature key foreign artists.

John's action will also make the relevant agencies further hesitate in the future when they invite foreign artists.

In recent years, the difficulties for foreign artists to enter Canada have caused some problems for the organization.

foreign origin

The school has 10% students of foreign origin.

There are around 4,500 Roman Catholics in the country of foreign origin.

Ghent is home to a large number of people of foreign origin and immigrants.

foreign banks

GIRO code for unlisted foreign banks is 051.

Several foreign banks maintain Article XII investment companies.

In 1993, cooperation with foreign banks was actively developing.

foreign universities

ENS Paris-Saclay cooperates with many foreign universities, for example in student exchange programs.

Since 1995, the university has successfully jointly trained doctors with renowned foreign universities.

A significant percentage of Maldivians living abroad are students pursuing an education at various foreign universities.

foreign capital   (capital extranjero)

One of banks was founded with participation of state capital, 23 of foreign capital.

High coffee prices bolstered the national economy and offset the flight of foreign capital.

It united ships which belonged different "narkomats" and companies, including the ones with foreign capital.

foreign journalists

There are 59 injuries, 5 casualties, 2 of them foreign journalists.

The Ministry of Information claimed the rising costs were necessary to prevent foreign journalists for "distorting stories".

ABS-CBN's "Newsbreak" reported that Abu Sayyaf abducted at least 20 journalists from 2000 to 2008 (mostly foreign journalists).

well as foreign   (bien como extranjero)

Foreign, mostly U.S. investment, as well as foreign aid, flowed into the country.

Graduated from the University of Belgrade's Law School and has worked in the legal profession as well as foreign trade.

From there "Hudson" conducted several patrols along the South American coast, stopping and boarding for inspection American as well as foreign ships.

foreign influence

Bulgarian communists also deemed Catholicism a foreign influence.

This would eventually turn Korea into a hermit kingdom to limit foreign influence.

Chad's greatest foreign influence is France, which maintains 1,000 soldiers in the country.

relations are foreign

Cuba–Greece relations Cuban-Greek relations are foreign relations between Cuba and Greece.

Iraq–Serbia relations Iraqi–Serbian relations are foreign relations between Iraq and Serbia.

Serbia–Syria relations Serbia–Syria relations are foreign relations between Serbia and Syria.

foreign diplomats   (diplomáticos extranjeros)

It received foreign diplomats and determined the course of diplomatic relations.

Barchmann Mansion was built in 1741 and originally rented out to foreign diplomats.

The casino was founded in 1917 as a site to gather information from foreign diplomats during the First World War.

foreign investments   (inversiones extranjeras)

Morocco is also a source of foreign investments.

It also promotes foreign investments in Germany.

Flanders also attracted a large majority of foreign investments in Belgium.

foreign film   (película extranjera)

There is a flourishing domestic and foreign film production industry.

Domestically produced films played to large audiences, and tickets for foreign film festivals sold quickly.

In late 2006, "Curiosity Kills the Cat" made a bid to become China's nomination for best foreign film in the Academy Awards.

various foreign

Centres were also opened in various foreign locations.

Additionally, there are various foreign diplomatic missions in Somalia.

Soon, SPW started to showcase various foreign wrestlers in their matches.

foreign secretary

Since September 2015 he has held the post of foreign secretary of the British Academy.

To rebuild Habsburg prestige and gain revenge against Prussia, Count Friedrich Ferdinand von Beust became foreign secretary.

Hume was one of the three surgeons recommended to perform the biliary tract surgery on foreign secretary Anthony Eden on 12 April 1953.

foreign missions

MSHCA has over 50 years of history in the area of foreign missions.

Botswana has a small but far-reaching network of foreign missions abroad.

Whenever you ask people to support them [foreign missions] Joe, do bar China.

foreign lands

Together the two couples leave on a tour of foreign lands.

He often went away to foreign lands to trade and amass wealth.

Textile probably was one of the major exports to foreign lands, along with gems.

best foreign

He also won the league's best foreign player award in 2009 and 2011.

At the age of 19, he was named the best foreign player in the Ekstraklasa.

He was the best foreign top scorer in that season in the Serbian second tier.

foreign intervention   (intervención extranjera)

Early reports noted extensive casualties and Iraq warned against foreign intervention.

The defeat at Saratoga caused considerable anxiety in Britain over foreign intervention.

The leasing country will therefore have to accept the capability for remote foreign intervention in the facility.

foreign embassies

Brasília also hosts 124 foreign embassies.

In the 1990s, exhibitions of Sergey Bermeniev were held in foreign embassies.

Government offices and foreign embassies are also located in the new section.

foreign words   (palabras extranjeras)

The characters "q", "w" and "x" appear only in foreign words.

These, and "w", are used in Turkish Braille as well for foreign words.

However, direct phonetic borrowing of foreign words has gone on since ancient times.

foreign assistance

It was built after the Sino-Soviet Split and did not receive foreign assistance.

Once Bolivia's government depended heavily on foreign assistance to finance development projects and to pay the public staff.

All of these factors contribute to its heavy dependence on foreign assistance to help support its balance of payments and to finance development projects.

foreign competition   (competencia extranjera)

Tampered wines appeared on the market to cope with foreign competition.

And, as with historical guilds, such a structure will resist foreign competition.

The Italian film industry struggled against rising foreign competition in the years following World War I.

foreign national   (Extranjero)

in what is believed to be the first use of the act relating to a foreign national.

In March 2012, 2 foreign national champion paragliders have surveyed Mount Panten.

A foreign national who holds a visa issued by any of these countries can travel freely within the area.

foreign influences

It also focused on foreign influences.

Al-Qaeda ideologues envision the removal of all foreign influences in Muslim countries.

Another use is for so-called "Voodoo dolls", even though such dolls are the result of foreign influences and not based in historic fact.

both foreign

Struggles in the region lead to Persian antagonism to both foreign powers.

Hotels along the south coast were full of both foreign tourists and Sri Lankans making use of the long Christmas weekend.

The struggle for power at the court had unfortunate consequences for both foreign affairs and for internal administration.

largest foreign

The UK is the largest foreign investor in Azerbaijan.

It is Pakistan's oldest and largest foreign commercial bank.

The two largest foreign groups come from two francophone countries: France and Morocco.

foreign exchange student   (estudiante de intercambio)

There is the opportunity for foreign travel, including a German foreign exchange student program.

In 1984, he was a foreign exchange student and a prep basketball player at Taylorville High School in Taylorville, Illinois.

A student living in a neighboring public school district or a foreign exchange student may seek admission to Area School District.

foreign population increased

Ignoring immigration and emigration, the population of Swiss citizens increased by 7 while the foreign population increased by 1.

Ignoring immigration and emigration, the population of Swiss citizens increased by 3 while the foreign population increased by 1.

foreign oil

Al-Sane opposes Project Kuwait and allowing foreign oil companies into Kuwait.

Egypt also paid more than $6 billion it owed to foreign oil companies within two months.

In this capacity, he recommended that a tax be placed on foreign oil processed within the state.

foreign press

The Zimbabwean press at times has strained relations with foreign press and governments.

Diplomats, United Nations employees and foreign press reporters are exempt from this requirement.

These units both terrified the Rif and captured the imagination of the foreign press with their conspicuous courage and brutality.

only foreign   (solo extranjero)

During this season, Msida's only foreign player, Daniel Nwoke won the top scorer award.

There were only foreign doctors, and they mostly served the members of the royal families.

She is credited for being the only foreign diplomat to get access to deposed president Mohamed Morsi.

foreign news

He became concerned that this dominant perspective was shaping the way the dominant media reported foreign news and events.

"Time" co-founder Henry Luce hired Martyn as a foreign news editor at "Time" based solely on the recommendation of journalist John Franklin Carter.

In 1999, Brazier married Joanna Roughton, at the time Reuters Asia editor and then Sky's head of foreign news until 2002, with whom he had 6 children.

foreign body

In certain cases, the filler results in a granulomatous foreign body reaction.

Corneal foreign body is one of the most common preventable occupational hazard.

If the foreign body causes problems like pain, vomiting or bleeding it must be removed.

foreign ships

"Amatsukaze" was one of the earliest foreign ships equipped with the American Tartar system.

Other Chinese vessels came onto the run and by 1915, foreign ships expressed their interest too.

However, the shallow water level in the port delayed the actual opening to foreign ships until 1869.

foreign ownership

At the end of 2013, there stood 35 commercial banks of which most have majority foreign ownership.

Restrictions on foreign direct investment were removed, permitting 100% foreign ownership in many cases.

This would be intended to discourage foreign ownership of dwellings and free up housing stock for residents.

elected a foreign

In 2018, he was elected a foreign associate of the National Academy of Sciences.

In 2000, he was elected a foreign member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

In 1870, he was elected a foreign member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

foreign land   (tierra extranjera)

Mrazović and her husband were deported to Austria, which she considered a "foreign land".

The Serer tradition is silent on whether this foreign family were royals from a foreign land or not.

While the government does not restrict foreign land ownership, it does strongly enforce its immigration laws.