Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

forest fires   (incendios forestales)

Lightning in particular caused many forest fires.

", a UAV looking for forest fires.

The CFS's emergency telephone number for reporting forest fires was 1515.

rain forest   (selva)

Like Grande Comore, it retains stands of rain forest.

An ATV tour is a great way to experience the rain forest.

It inhabits creeks in the rain forest.

lowland forest   (bosque de tierras bajas)

This is a bird of lowland forest and other woodlands.

It is found in wet lowland forest in Panama, Guyana, Peru and Brazil.

It may be at risk from clearance of lowland forest throughout its range.

montane forest   (bosque montano)

It prefers lowland habitats and montane forest up to .

It occurs in lowland and lower montane forest in southern Brazil.

Here, it grows in a tropical montane forest among bamboo and pandans.

forest area   (área forestal)

The forest area was originally established in 1956.

About 7% of the state is protected forest area.

82% of the forest area is in private ownership.

forest floor

They fly just a few meters above the forest floor.

It is a long drop to the forest floor below...

It is commonly found in forest floor, rocky hillslopes.

through the forest

There is also a 1.3 km hiking trail through the forest.

However, the cannibals awaken and chase them through the forest.

A king is travelling to through the forest, but quickly gets lost.

dense forest   (bosque espeso)

It is set amidst a dense forest cover on a cliff.

It is a dense forest shelter for a variety of fauna.

Historically, this area was covered by dense forest.

forest cover

It is set amidst a dense forest cover on a cliff.

About (1%) of forest cover is planted forest.

Iceland currently has about 2% forest cover.

pine forest   (bosque de pinos)

Vegetation includes grasslands and pine forest.

— Pablo, Pilon and Jesus Maria sleep in the pine forest.

It features a number of historic sites and a native pine forest.

forest fire   (incendio forestal)

The news spread to everywhere like a forest fire.

Drained peat is also at very high risk of forest fire.

7000 l folding containers, forest fire fighting equipment).

state forest   (bosque estatal)

a state forest or national forest).

The 92 mile (148 km) Midstate Trail passes through the state forest.

The 6.6 mile Longleaf Nature Trail is located within the state forest.

former forest

In addition, each former president has been allotted a state-owned dacha in the former forest preserve in Koncha-Zaspa.

The narrow-gauge railway, a former forest railway, was opened in 1949 and has a total length of , of which is currently operational.

Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist montane forests, moist savanna, subtropical or tropical high-altitude grassland, swamps, and heavily degraded former forest.

degraded former forest   (bosque antiguo degradado)

Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist montane forests, moist savanna, subtropical or tropical high-altitude grassland, swamps, and heavily degraded former forest.

Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests, subtropical or tropical swamps, subtropical or tropical moist montane forests, swamps, and heavily degraded former forest.

Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests, subtropical or tropical moist montane forests, subtropical or tropical high-altitude grassland, swamps, and heavily degraded former forest.

forest land   (tierras forestales)

Canada has about of forest land.

The proportion of forest land varied considerably from region to region.

Most forest land in Ireland is maintained by state forestation programmes.

forest areas

The forest areas are hilly with plateau at the top.

In the forest areas there were rarely wealthy farmers.

Most forest areas are in the centre, east and west parts of Bosnia.

forest products

Exports of forest products in 2003 totalled $25.7 million.

The place was famous for rice, hill produce, and forest products.

Natural resources include bauxite, forest products and paddy crops.

moist lowland forest

It is found in the Amazon basin in Brazil where it lives in moist lowland forest.

forest management

As of 2016 there was no effective forest management.

The Provincial court, rail and forest management offices are in Radom.

The fee for staying overnight goes to community development and forest management.

deciduous forest

The dry deciduous forest consists of teak, tendu and bamboo.

It is classified as an Eastern Highlands moist deciduous forest.

The Asiatic lion's habitat is dry scrub land and open deciduous forest.

tropical forest

In the north, the cerrado blends into tropical forest.

They are found in tropical forest regions of Indo-China and Malesia.

"Pereskia" species superficially resemble other tropical forest trees.

dry forest

The habitat consists of gallery forests and dry forest.

It includes of southern tropical dry forest and a lake.

The habitat consists of Guinea savanna and dry forest mosaic.

national forest   (bosque Nacional)

In Fevzi Pasha there is a park in the national forest.

a state forest or national forest).

Along the way are national forest campgrounds located near Steuben.

boreal forest   (bosque boreal)

The north-flowing part flows through thinly populated boreal forest.

The wind carries scents of the Saint Lawrence River and the boreal forest.

Northern Alberta is mostly covered by boreal forest and has a subarctic climate.

forest habitat

The forest habitat is noted as an endangered ecological community.

At the same time, humans destroyed the forest habitat of the dodos.

It can also penetrate into the forest habitat, but has low density there.

open forest   (bosque abierto)

It is believed to have been an open forest browser.

It grows in moist, grassy places and in open forest.

In occurs naturally in woodland, open forest and heathland.

forest near   (bosque cerca)

Fewer than 200 plants survive in grassy forest near Wingham.

This orchid occurs in grassy woodland and forest near Gosford.

Only about fifty plants survive in grassy forest near Kempsey.

secondary forest

mangrove, secondary forest, plantations and scrub.

A secondary forest road will loosen the western part of the Bignell Creek valley.

It is found in several types of forest, including secondary forest and coffee plantations.

cloud forest   (bosque nuboso)

It is also Puerto Rico's highest cloud forest.

It is considered an indicator species of the cloud forest.

"The cloud forest is stunning," said Hill.

forest edges

The habitat consists of forests and forest edges.

The habitat consists of forest edges and shaded lawns.

Typical habitat for it is on river banks and forest edges.

moist montane forest

It is found in moist montane forest in the Atlantic Forest region of southeastern Brazil, including the states of Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Paraná.

coniferous forest   (bosque de coníferas)

This paved trail includes signs that interpret the coniferous forest.

It is a plant of many habitats, including temperate coniferous forest.

It is mainly a coniferous forest with Sitka Spruce being the main species.

evergreen forest

In Laos, they have been observed in extensive evergreen forest.

This bat lives in evergreen forest.

The evergreen forest is situated by the river "Goain" and linked with the channel "Chengir Khal".

mangrove forest   (bosque de mangle)

It also has extensive mangrove forest and seagrass fields.

The mangrove forest has an area of about 10.1 hectares or % of the island.

The project goes through of mangrove forest and through of beach, both within area.

forest canopy   (dosel del bosque)

Adults are found in the forest canopy.

This forest canopy like the shade coffee has been found to provide a diverse ecosystem.

First identified in 1923, it inhabits moss that grows on rocks underneath the forest canopy.

forest reserve

The forest reserve consists of two mountains that are surrounded by villages.

A forest reserve with an area of is situated at the extreme northwest of the plateau.

Maquipucuna Maquipucuna is a 6,000 hectare (14,820 acre) cloud forest reserve in Ecuador.

mixed forest

The main natural vegetation cover in Europe is mixed forest.

In temperate Europe, mixed forest with both broadleaf and coniferous trees dominate.

In Thailand, it was recorded in a hill evergreen bamboo mixed forest in Phu Khieu Wildlife Sanctuary.

native forest

The native forest were replanted with plantations of fast growing species such as "Pinus radiata".

These sections of the Ōpārara River, while still in dense native forest, can be reached by a forestry road.

The species grows particularly in areas that native forest once occupied but was removed and invades pasture lands.

nearby forest

He managed to escape on his horse to a nearby forest.

Angel escapes the house and runs into a nearby forest.

Some reached the nearby forest, but most of them were caught and killed.

forest resources

Human activities, including harvesting forest resources, can negatively affect forest ecosystems.

Likewise, the strong shipbuilding heritage of the province directly relates to its forest resources.

The green color symbolizes the forest resources, and blue represents the abundance of rivers and lakes.

hardwood forest   (bosque de madera dura)

Found in mixed hardwood forest habitat, is attracted at night with a light.

The canopy of the mesic upland hardwood forest at Belt Woods is dominated by tulip poplar and white oak.

Mount Grace supports a predominantly northern hardwood forest as well as stands of red spruce near its summit.

forest road   (camino forestal)

A forest road branch serves the west side of the latter bay.

A forest road branch serves the upper part of this watercourse.

A forest road running west of Pascagama River serves Hanotaux Bay.

primary forest   (bosque primario)

There are also areas of dipterocarp primary forest.

All "Rhinopithecus" species inhabit primary forest and grid cells with tree cover ≥ 75% might constitute important potential habitat.

Preferred habitat appears to be lowland primary forest, but they have also been recorded in secondary forest, bamboo and logged forest.

forest lands

In between, the highway runs for in rural UP forest lands.

The surrounding forest lands near the highway provide trees for the mill.

The highway passes through forest lands outside of the communities along the highway.

oak forest

A dwarfed oak forest covers the mountain's summit.

The White Oaks Trail winds through an oak forest.

The Foloi oak forest is located in the municipal unit.

forest habitats

Marmosets can be found in a number of forest habitats.

It grows on slopes in chaparral, woodland, and forest habitats.

Species are present over much of the world's temperate and boreal forest habitats.

forest roads

Some forest roads serve the upper part of this valley.

Cottage roads comprise about as much and forest roads about .

The valley of this river is served by a few branches of forest roads.

sclerophyll forest

The species is found in wet sclerophyll forest and rainforest margins on sandy soils.

The fruit bodies of "Cortinarius basorapulus" grow underground in dry sclerophyll forest.

The environments range from alpine area on the higher mountains, to sclerophyll forest and to woodland.

natural forest

The amount of natural forest in Western Europe is just 2–3% or less, in European Russia 5–10%.

It is located in Lwivala natural forest which local communities perform rituals and traditional ceremonies.

His stairway at Villa Mairea, he evokes feelings of a natural forest by binding beech wood with withes into columns.

large forest

I grew up by a large forest of fir trees.

Ivory Coast has a large timber industry due to its large forest coverage.

Native Americans cleared large forest and grassland areas for the new crop.

surrounding forest

Slowly the surrounding forest became clean.

Presence of Leopard has been reported from the surrounding forest area.

Shot and injured himself, Graham then heads into the surrounding forest.

growth forest

The biggest threat to the murrelet is the loss of the old growth forest to logging.

There is also a trail that leads into an old growth forest along the river above the lake.

The area has as much as 534 acres of old growth forest; eight percent of the area has trees over 100 years old.

forest reserves

It covers of which is in forest reserves.

In addition, Tanzanian forest reserves lack effective protection.

In 1905, his department gained control of the national forest reserves.

forest trees

It was later planted with forest trees.

"Pereskia" species superficially resemble other tropical forest trees.

The major forest trees are pine, spruce, birch, willows, rowan, aspen, common and gray alder.

forest types

The Sierra de Palmas covers the largest area of all forest types in Toro Negro.

The main layers of all forest types are the forest floor, the understory and the canopy.

This neutral effect of fertilization was not found to be true in all mangrove forest types.

within the forest

There are several open areas and meadows within the forest.

Other gates were between subdivisions within the forest such as Colgate.

There have also been sightings of the Southern silvery kingfisher and the Philippine eagle within the forest.

forest zone

The plateau also marks the northernmost limit of the forest zone.

This barrier is what induces high rainfalls in the coastal Atlantic forest zone.

The habitat consists of forests, open country in the forest zone and Guinea savanna.

thick forest

There was a thick forest all around.

Inner parts of the island are uninhabited and covered with thick forest.

This land mainly consists of mixed gardening(34%), thick forest and scrub(19%).

forest and woodland

UNESCO's forest and woodland 'subformations').

It is a plant of mountain forest and woodland.

The small ant orchid grows in forest and woodland between Kingaroy and Toowoomba.

tropical dry forest

It includes of southern tropical dry forest and a lake.

Cerro Blanco Forest Cerro Blanco Forest (Spanish: "Bosque Protector Cerro Blanco") is a tropical dry forest reserve in the Guayas Province of Ecuador.

The forest fragments that still survive are primarily found along the coastal mountain ranges of Mache-Chindul, Jama-Coaque, and Chongon-Colonche, and include tropical dry forest, tropical wet forest, tropical moist evergreen forest, premontane cloud forest, and mangrove forest.

swamp forest   (bosque de pantano)

Two layer of plants can be seen in the swamp forest.

In Borneo, it has also been recorded in peat swamp forest.

This only swamp forest in Bangladesh is located far from Sylhet.

wet forest

It occurs in lowland wet forest in Amazonian Peru.

It occurs in lowland wet forest from eastern Ecuador to western Brazil (Rondônia).

The wet forest in which it grows has a biodiverse fauna of reptiles and amphibians.

moist forest

Most of the loss occurred in the moist forest biome, with .

These habitats include moist forest and high rock plateaus known as tepuis.

"Corybas fimbriatus" is widespread and common, growing in heath and moist forest.

small forest

Most private forest owner held small forest (under 200 hectare).

Hart's Woods Hart's Woods is a small forest located in Perinton, New York.

They later stopped at a small forest called Ikpabiraba Daba and stayed there for some days.

forest industry

The main occupation of the locals was the forest industry and sawmills.

Finland possessed large ore reserves and a well-developed forest industry.

This forest industry provided year-long employment for the pioneer settlers of Metis.

virgin forest   (bosque virgen)

The Boulder River Wilderness contains some of the last substantials tracts of lowland virgin forest in Washington state.

These farmers, including Ramírez's family, were moved to so-called "colonies" on the Caribbean coast, at the time virgin forest.

As a result the area has not been used for forestry for over 200 years and thus gives the impression of almost being a virgin forest.