Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

form part   (phần hình thức bên ngoài)

Both motorways form part of the European route E70.

These buildings now form part of Sheldon School.

These buildings now form part of Hardenhuish School.

form a new   (tạo thành một cái mới)

It was merged with another unit to form a new regiment in 1927.

It was merged with Lasino to form a new municipality, Madruzzo.

It was merged with Calavino to form a new municipality, Madruzzo.

sixth form   (dạng thứ sáu)

Only the sixth form centre of the school allows males.

It has 1,267 students, including a sixth form.

In 1981 the school opened a sixth form centre.

form of government   (hình thức chính phủ)

Milton supported a republican form of government.

Columbus uses the Mayor-Council form of government.

Ann Arbor has a council-manager form of government.

merged to form   (sáp nhập để hình thành)

In 1925 all film organizations merged to form "Sovkino".

In 1985, and SunBanks merged to form SunTrust Banks, Inc.

and Scouting Ireland (CSI) merged to form Scouting Ireland.

art form

The CCP is dedicated to photography as an art form.

A major art form in the Cook Islands is tivaevae.

The art form would go on to be copied across Europe.

takes the form   (có hình thức)

The Welrod takes the form of a cylinder, about long.

It takes the form of a tank mounted on a plinth.

The top of the island takes the form of a flat plateau.

original form

Many survive, though not in their original form.

The zeroth rectification is the original form.

Its present appearance approximates its original form.

together to form

All sides are pinched together to form a neat ball.

Papyrus sheets were glued together to form a scroll.

Ultimately, the five keys join together to form a master key.

new form

In this new form, she opposed Hawkeye and Dr. Pym.

By 1981, a new form of dance music was developing.

I 2016 a new form of division of Sweden was introduced.

book form

It was renamed "Adan" for publication in book form.

Handler has described it as an "opera in book form".

in a book form and published the book in 1937.

human form

His human form resembles Haruto, but has red eyes.

He appears both in a human form and as a butterfly.

After he dies, Andrew returns to his human form.

not form

The adults are solitary and do not form colonies.

Adults are solitary and do not form nests or colonies.

They do not form such tight winter clusters.

take the form

Zhuang folk stories often take the form of songs.

Doublespeak may take the form of euphemisms (e.g.

They usually take the form of Iceman's glasses.

common form

The novel is the most common form of fiction book.

Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes.

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis.

current form

In 1998 the party changed the name to its current form.

Its current form belongs to Safavid era.

The current form of the square was designed by Turgut Cansever.

form the new

Bundesliga to form the new 20-team league.

There, he dabbled with the free form the new genre offered.

In 2007 the two clubs joined together to form the new Ballyroan Abbey GAA club.

form the basis   (hình thành cơ sở)

This organisation would go on to form the basis of Fr.

The events form the basis of the documentary "Welcome to Leith".

It would form the basis for Rover's other engines for the 1930s.

present form   (hiện tại đơn)

Monagas was created in its present form in 1909.

The second present form is used for habitual functions.

In its present form, the district has existed since 1959.

good form

However, he continued his good form in ODIs.

He began in good form, but was never as effective as in 1927.

He continued its good form and scored another 5 goals in only 9 matches.

took the form

Volcanism at first took the form of lava emissions.

The censorship never took the form of purging.

He was later killed by Rama when he took the form deer.

decided to form

From that experience they decided to form Mark-Almond.

Both interested in music, they decided to form a band.

Once he got home, he decided to form a band of his own.

most common form   (hình thức phổ biến nhất)

The novel is the most common form of fiction book.

Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes.

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis.

used to form

Multiple boards can be used to form other Riemann surfaces.

There are three affixes used to form the comparative: , and .

In the meantime, the assets were used to form Onroak Automotive.

early form

Sarpir-maṇḍa was most probably the early form of ghee.

Person promoted an early form of sales process engineering.

The name is generally thought to be an early form of Street.

short form

"Bouwe" is a short form of the given name Boudewijn.

Everyone receives the short form questions.

In short form, it is known as "the Ike" or the Eisenhower.

form their own

RMIT Music allows musicians to form their own small ensembles.

Today, however, many young couples form their own independent households.

Barry Turnbull and Mandy Pearson went on to form their own band, Love Me.

form a government   (thành lập chính phủ)

The Queen reluctantly asked Palmerston to form a government.

Barisan Nasional won 10 out of 15 seats and was entitled to form a government in Perlis.

Tupper then chose to resign immediately and Aberdeen invited Laurier to form a government.

helped form

Later, he helped form and lead the Union Army's Iron Brigade.

In 1992 Care helped form Satellite, a division of Propaganda Films.

Rich helped form a Latter-day Saint settlement in San Bernardino, California.

form a single

West Asia and Northeast Africa form a single land mass at the Suez.

Greater Hartford and Greater New Haven form a single television market.

The two stars will eventually merge to form a single fast-spinning star.

modern form

Malim is the modern form of the Batak Toba religion.

In modern form, the archer stands erect, forming a "T".

It is considered a modern form of slavery.

form factor   (yếu tố hình thức)

Another reported form factor is CNT fiber (a.k.a.

The small form factor Ion-based computers were released in mid-2009.

Whatever the form factor, effects units are part of a studio or musician's outboard gear.

final form

There is never ever a final form of the text.

"The Gates of Hell" comprised 186 figures in its final form.

3352 "Camel" appeared with the final form of the parallel No.

another form   (một hình thức khác)

Opal-A, another form of silica, was also found on Mars.

Retinal implants are another form of cyborgization in medicine.

The equation is another form of the Richardson/Richards' equation.

plural form   (dạng số nhiều)

In Latin, the plural form of the word is "indices".

The "plural form feet is an instance of i-mutation."

The plural form in other varieties of Yolmo is "=ya".

began to form

A housing movement began to form during this time.

While in Hollywood, the idea of a magazine began to form.

Unified Theory began to form in early 1998.

combined to form

Three separate sources were combined to form fr.

The three businesses were combined to form Mueller Water Products.

Two or more materials may be combined to form composite structures.

normal form   (dạng bình thường)

One involves the use of the normal form method.

The equivalence was established by Penttonen normal form.

This puts it into "normal form".

form his own

He left to form his own company Lars Tharp Ltd in 1993.

Basha later left to form his own school.

While in John Mayall, Mayall had pushed Hartley to form his own group.

form a coalition   (thành lập một liên minh)

As a result, the two parties agree to form a coalition.

In the first election, SPD and DDP agreed to form a coalition.

He was appointed by King Farouk to form a coalition cabinet in June 1940.

written form

In 1959, the written form of "若羌" was adopted.

The earliest written form of "teng" is a (ca.

Abu Bakr was instrumental in preserving the Quran in written form.

other form   (hình thức khác)

In any other form of decorative pin stripes, the goal is the same.

Yulblog is now hibernating, and it might come back in some other form."

It is more common than the other form is in the southern part of the range.

modified form   (hình thức sửa đổi)

Trenbolone acetate is a modified form of nandrolone.

It is a modified form of Marzullo's algorithm.

In a modified form the Sigma is still flying.

able to form   (có thể hình thành)

In addition, the same atoms may be able to form noncrystalline phases.

The UPFA was able to form an administration with the support of the SLMC.

However, if the early oceans were acidic, carbonates would not have been able to form.

popular form

A very popular form of such art was "Pardeh Khani".

A popular form of BASE jumping is wingsuit BASE jumping.

The Jatra is the most popular form of Bengali folk theatre.

same form

They can be modeled using equations of the same form.

Information always moves through time and space in the same form.

In the past tense, all weak verbs had the same form in singular and plural.

together form

These three colored quarks together form a color-neutral baryon.

These two together form a regular compound, the stella octangula.

These elements articulated together form the conodont feeding apparatus.

form during

A housing movement began to form during this time.

Binary SMBHs form during the merger of two galaxies.

Dar returned to form during the 2009 ICC World Cricket League Division Three.

feminine form   (hình thức nữ tính)

The feminine form is Vasilopoulou (Βασιλοπούλου).

In both countries, the feminine form is Nováková.

The feminine form of the Deimantas is Deimantė.

left to form

Wim Bieler left to form a band called Dambuster.

He later left to form Zoram Nationalist Party.

He left to form his own company Lars Tharp Ltd in 1993.

form when   (hình thành khi)

These form when a dislocation is stopped in two places.

Primary plastics are in their original form when collected.

These form when carbon group hydrides react or when heavier versions of carbenes react.

basic form

The basic form of Goldin's box sawings was as follows.

The software model defines the basic form of Internetware.

The basic form of the verb is called the "ground stem", or "G-stem".

different form

She spoke of a "different form of anti-Semitism" coming from people of Arab descent.

Dieter Burdorf, another German scholar, sees a different form of humor in "ottos mops".

The neck has a different form and angle, which matches the baroque bass-bar and stringing.

return to form   (trở lại hình thức)

Most reviewers believed it was a return to form for the band.

It's a breathtaking blockbuster, and a welcome return to form."

A return to form then saw United seal the league title with two games still to play.

physical form

The disk could even be regarded as Ra's physical form.

The data structure implements the physical form of the data type.

The book was published in physical form by Harper Collins in late 2018.

general form   (hình thức chung)

The general form of these algorithms are the same.

PDAEs of this general form are challenging to solve.

For the tertiary alcohols the general form is RR'R"COH.

poor form

This was also Nathan Astle's last match, retiring due to poor form.

It is a challenging exercise, as poor form or execution can cause serious injury.

England, now led once again by David Gower, suffered from injuries and poor form.

sonata form   (hình thức sonata)

The first and the last movement are in sonata form.

In them, he used two alternatives to sonata form.

The second movement is in sonata form, in E-flat minor.

standard form

This is the "standard form" of scientific notation.

A standard form was agreed upon by 1962 and is still in use today.

Permanent anchors come in a wide range of types and have no standard form.

order to form   (để hình thành)

Many operations require one or more operands in order to form a complete instruction.

Compound symbols consist of two symbols being combined in order to form a new symbol.

The invisible section or "covert" is the syntax that is removed in order to form a one word sentence.

best form

Pugin, as the best form for an Anglican or Episcopal church.

"Slavery," he wrote, "is a form, and the very best form, of socialism."

The system of the Swiss militia was proposed as the best form of protection.

true form

His true form is the foot of a Tyrannosaurus.

Her true form is , the first executive Worm.

As it turns out, the island's true form is that of a giant turtle.

run of form

He was sacked on 6 September 2012, after a poor run of form.

After that result, however, Norwich entered a poor run of form.

However, a bad run of form followed and City finished the season in 11th place.

simplest form   (hình thức đơn giản nhất)

In its simplest form, this is a three-column list.

In its simplest form the Petersson trace formula is as follows.

The simplest form of all ancestral Austronesian boats had five parts.

now form

They now form the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church.

These buildings now form part of Sheldon School.

These buildings now form part of Hardenhuish School.

form new

This phosphorylation can form new blood vessels.

Inside their bodies, the stories combine to form new stories.

Thermosetting matrix cannot be remolded to form new composites.

traditional form

Fen skating is a traditional form of skating in the Fenland.

Like communion, the baptism service maintained a traditional form.

In its traditional form it is served in a long dish called a boat.

form or another   (hình thức này hay hình thức khác)

Many of these businesses are still present in one form or another.

In one form or another, 9 lists have contested in the 2005 election.

The store had existed in some form or another on this site since 1900.

off to form

Each daughter protoplast rounds off to form a non-motile spore.

The topsoil is scraped off to form dykes around the bed perimeter.

In 1975 volunteer millers in Friesland split off to form the Gild Fryske Mounders.

form a band

Wim Bieler left to form a band called Dambuster.

Both interested in music, they decided to form a band.

Once he got home, he decided to form a band of his own.

form continued

His good form continued with the club, which made HSV fans to nickname him "Frost".

After a resurgence in form in the last few seasons, Town's form continued its upturn in form.

League form continued badly but Hibs reached the Scottish Cup semi-final drawing 0-0 with Rangers.

form an alliance

For this task, two gangs had to form an alliance.

Two gangs had to form an alliance.

Two gangs had to form an alliance, but which has never been formed before.

dance form

He wanted to revive the music and dance form of ghoomar.

It is traditionally a solo dance form.

As with any dance form, many different styles of flamenco have developed.

form the core

National roads form the core of Estonian road network.

The four would later form the core of the Serpent Society.

A large number of portraits of children form the core of her surviving legacy.

only form   (chỉ hình thức)

Micro Mouse's only form of defense was a can of data kill.

In Serbian poetry, the decasyllable is the only form employed.

Containing the spread to new areas is the only form of management.

form a group

I didn't form a group to perform Cilla Black songs.

The young form a group within the main group.

Together, these form a group called Paraves.

shortened form

"Christmas" is a shortened form of "Christ's mass".

67, but in a shortened form.

A shortened form is Varlam.

form what

These hypotheses form what is known as Waring's problem.

As the updraft rotates, it may form what is known as a wall cloud.

These were purchased around 1832 to form what is now Glasnevin Cemetery.

diminutive form

A diminutive form of "Anastasios" is "Tasos" ().

It is also a diminutive form of Harold, Harrison or Harvey.

The variant "Kevan" is anglicized from , an Irish diminutive form.

does not form

It is anaerobic and does not form spores.

It thus does not form the closed garden usual for cloisters.

Beryllium does not form oxides until it reaches very high temperatures.

female form   (mẫu nữ)

Jiráček Jiráček (), female form Jiráčková, is a Czech surname.

Its female form is "Anastasia" ().

Pervukhin Pervukhin (), female form Pervukhina () is a Russian surname.

later form

The four would later form the core of the Serpent Society.

These unions would later form the base of the EZLN organization.

Smith came into contact with literary figures who would later form part of H.P.

rare form   (dạng hiếm)

He died from a rare form of liver cancer in 1999 at the age of 45.

Long Low is a Neolithic and Bronze Age burial site of a rare form, unique to Britain.

Intradural disc herniation is a rare form of disc herniation with an incidence of 0.2–2.2%.

quadratic form

according to its associated quadratic form.

An indefinite quadratic form is one that takes on both positive and negative values.

According to that sign, the quadratic form is called positive-definite or negative-definite.

particular form   (hình thức cụ thể)

The Modane territory extends in a particular form.

Beyond the particular form there is nothing to suggest a shared literary tradition.

Some countries do not require that a work be produced in a particular form to obtain copyright protection.

dominant form

Oneida either is verb-initial or has no dominant form.

Buses are the dominant form of transportation.

Buses and jeeps are the dominant form of transportation.

musical form

Liszt's approach to musical form in his symphonic poems was also unorthodox.

The creative work may be in a literary, artistic, educational, or musical form.

In each case the prayers are sung or chanted following a prescribed musical form.

combine to form   (kết hợp để tạo thành)

Inside their bodies, the stories combine to form new stories.

The alkyl and aryl radicals then combine to form a substituted aromatic compound.

In a synthesis reaction, two or more simple substances combine to form a more complex substance.

first form

The intake to the first form is held from the age of 9.

It was completed in its first form in 1901.

The first form of CSAT appeared in the beginnings of 1960.

form of social   (hình thức xã hội)

East Coast Swing East Coast Swing (ECS) is a form of social partner dance.

The deviant roles and the labels attached to them function as a form of social stigma.

Preying on a victim's trust, phishing can be classified as a form of social engineering.

fine form   (hình thức tốt)

Mitrović began the season in fine form, scoring five goals in six matches.

His fine form earned him the Championship Player of the Month award for February.

"Entertainment Weekly" Sandra Gonzalez wrote that "this final season of kicked off in fine form".

agreed to form

It was then McIlrath agreed to form the band.

In the first election, SPD and DDP agreed to form a coalition.

Negotiations were unsuccessful and Ostravak agreed to form coalition with ČSSD and KSČM.

form the band

It was then McIlrath agreed to form the band.

In 2005 she helped to form the band Von Iva.

In 2007, they left the school and decided to form the band.

form between

Disulfide bonds form between neighboring subunits and C481.

It originally appeared in serialized form between 1928 and 1940.

This album dabbles in form between soul, funk, jazz, and even folk.

considered a form

– "The Hobbit" This can be considered a form of magic.

Starting a business can also be considered a form of investment.

When used in such fashion, beacons can be considered a form of optical telegraphy.

form the first

Alexander and Horney appointed three more to form the first staff.

Eight other women joined Rizer to form the first class of nursing students.

TDs, Senators and MEPs will form the first group which represent 40% of the votes.

form a large

It can form a large clump of up to 100 stems.

Along with the protected area Poda, they form a large wetland area called the Burgas Lakes.

Today, St. Paul's Bay, Qawra, Buġibba, Xemxija and Burmarrad form a large cluster of buildings.

form a separate

It was not expected that the LM would split to form a separate party.

In 1986, he left to help form a separate practice, Wallman Clewes Bergman.

"Linear" circuits and systems form a separate category within electronic manufacturing.

taking the form

when his teachings were taking the form of a canonical corpus...

I had been attracted to the idea of pure creativity, taking the form of abstract art.

"Enter the Gungeon" features a weapon called "Casey," taking the form of a baseball bat.

main form   (hình thức chính)

Its main form of reproduction is parthenogenesis.

Their main form of protest was fire raising.

Their main form of subsistence is slash-and-burn farming.