İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

newly formed   (yeni oluşturulmuş)

In June 2018, Rebelo moved to the newly formed S.L.

Classes in the newly formed school began in 1971.

Alex later became president of the newly formed VFL.

formed part   (oluşturulmuş kısım)

It formed part of a 2.2 km (1.4 mi) long viaduct.

Historically it formed part of Coleridge Hundred.

It has formed part of Greater London since 1965.

band formed   (bant oluştu)

band formed in Long Island, New York in April 1991.

The ska-punk band formed in Siegen, Germany, in 2006.

Hohodza Hohodza is a Zimbabwean band formed in 1992.

formed the basis   (temeli oluşturdu)

It formed the basis of Trouton's graduate thesis.

Holt's version also formed the basis of L.E.G.A.C.Y.

They later formed the basis of the Garda Special Branch.

formed a new

Davies and Janion formed a new partnership in 1871.

In 1999, she formed a new soul band called Soul Explosion.

In 2008, he formed a new group and resumed the N'Harmony name.

formed during

They had been formed during a TV talent quest, "Popstars".

Base is present to neutralize the acid formed during the reaction.

Tomichi Dome is a prominent igneous mountain formed during the Tertiary.

group formed

The group formed to counter the influence of the Coin Coalition.

This proposal was accepted in 1974 and a neutral joint group formed.

Balkanika Balkanika () is a Serbian group formed by Sanja Ilić in 1998.

originally formed

The band was originally formed in January 1991.

They originally formed in Los Angeles in 1989.

They originally formed part of the Preamble to Order No.

formed when   (ne zaman oluştu)

It is formed when basketane is hydrogenated.

Antimony trioxide is formed when antimony is burnt in air.

Mo-Do was formed when Frittelli met producer Claudio Zennaro.

band was formed

The band was formed in 1998 and disbanded in 2002.

The band was formed in 1989 and disbanded in 1992.

The band was formed by Arturo Huizar in 1998.

formed his own

There, as a teenager, he formed his own rap group.

He formed his own production company at 22 years old.

Cox formed his own record label, Intec Records in 1998.

formed a partnership   (bir ortaklık kurdu)

There, he formed a partnership with J. M. Henderson.

In 1859, he formed a partnership with Solomon G. Haven.

In 1896, he formed a partnership with William S. Hebbard.

club was formed

The French breed club was formed in 1939 (FALAPA).

The club was formed in 1919 as SK Građanski.

The club was formed in 1908 as Tecún Umán.

rock band formed

() is a Taiwanese pop rock band formed in 2004.

Jackyl Jackyl is an American rock band formed in 1991.

Libído (band) Libído is a Peruvian rock band formed in 1996.

formed the band

Richfield and North later formed the band Sear.

Members of Tulus later went and formed the band Khold.

Two years later, Hues & Feldman formed the band, '57 Men'.

later formed

The three later formed a stable named Dangan Yankees.

Richfield and North later formed the band Sear.

The Pashtuns later formed the Durrani Empire.

then formed

The Marines then formed a night defensive perimeter.

These two battalions then formed up on the second line.

New bone is then formed by the osteoblasts.

formed around   (etrafında oluştu)

The village that formed around the trading post was called Hoffman's.

Flesh formed around the bones.

They formed around 1995.

formed an alliance   (ittifak kurdu)

Jeremy also formed an alliance with David and Jessie minutes later.

In 1277, they formed an alliance, led by Bishop Simon I of Paderborn.

The MP instead formed an alliance with the Cameroon Democratic Union (CDU).

first formed   (ilk kurulan)

The group was first formed on 1 April 1918 in No.

The Minimay Tennis Club was first formed in 1919.

15 Group was first formed on 1 April 1918 as No.

formed between

There appears to be no other competition formed between 1943 and 1949.

Along with a secondary cloud that formed between , it drifted eastward.

On March 9, a tropical disturbance formed between Madagascar and Réunion.

group was formed

The fifth and largest group was formed by the public.

The group was formed in 1973 by Suresh Dutta.

The group was formed in Huntington in 1985.

company was formed   (şirket kuruldu)

The company was formed in 2009 by Victor J. Coleman.

The company was formed by Ramjee Chandran.

A new holding company was formed and work resumed in July 1928.

company formed   (şirket kuruldu)

Lincoln was a new company formed in 1917 and made engines.

It was the first opera company formed by a woman in the United States.

To develop the game, the company formed a video-game development studio (CD Projekt Red Sp.

formed a band

In 1965, aged 22, Hite formed a band with Wilson.

Mann formed a band with Tommy Mars in mid 1973.

He formed a band called "The Wynners" with his friends.

formed their own

The Arabs formed their own association in 1946 which still exists today.

Many Mennonites immigrated from Pennsylvania and formed their own colonies.

Writer Ted Sherdeman and director Clark later formed their own company, Gemtaur.

formed through

The nebula may have formed through hierarchical collapse.

New words are formed through extensive prefixing and suffixing.

Magmas in the Parinacota region formed through distinct processes.

formed a coalition   (koalisyon kurdu)

The 5 left-wing parties formed a coalition called the "Plural Left".

Both formed a coalition cabinet.

After the election, the two parties formed a coalition at the regional level.

officially formed

Motortrain officially formed in the fall of 2010.

Middlesbrough RUFC was then officially formed.

The group officially formed in late 1992.

formed a group

When enough songs were ready to be aired live, she formed a group.

The GWR formed a group of its own (combining with a large number of smaller lines).

recently formed

The club also fields teams in squash and recently formed a hockey club.

"Worlds Apart" was released under King's recently formed label MFO Records.

Two European Centres of Excellence were recently formed within the Institute.

committee was formed   (komite kuruldu)

A charter committee was formed to draw up a charter.

In response, an ad hoc committee was formed.

A management committee was formed to look after the school.

initially formed

The Legion was initially formed of the following battalions.

The AERMIC was initially formed in 1991.

Steig initially formed the group to back folksinger Tim Hardin in 1966.

formed within   (içinde oluşmuş)

Several alliances were formed within the family.

Blisters are usually formed within 2 to 3 hours.

In April 1969, a Space Shuttle Task Group was formed within NASA.

formed the first

"The Gunslinger" formed the first chapter of the book, and was slightly revised for the inclusion.

This suggested that haplogroup IJ colonists formed the first wave and haplogroup R1 arrived much later.

Shortly after introductions, Howard, Jeremy, and Spencer quickly formed the first alliance of the season.

team was formed   (takım kuruldu)

In 1997 The U23 women's national team was formed.

The football team was formed by railway workers.

The team was formed in 1975 by Australian Alan Docking.

formed the core

They formed the core of the Stalingrad Front on 12 July.

These properties formed the core what became this park in 1966.

They soon formed the core of his army, and were known as Mamluks.

formed the group

They made music together with and formed the group Ghost~Pop.

On March 23, 1848 in Cremona he formed the group of “Lombard Legion”.

Steig initially formed the group to back folksinger Tim Hardin in 1966.

formed a joint

Mammoth and Atlantic Records formed a joint venture in 1992.

TVA and Canwest formed a joint venture that assumed ownership of CKMI.

The two companies had formed a joint venture in Japan the previous year.

organization formed

Texas Folklore Society The Texas Folklore Society is a non-profit organization formed in 1909.

She was also a co-founder of Faros Association, a non-profit organization formed to support AIDS and H.I.V.

In 1996, she founded the Texas Freedom Network, a Texas organization formed to counter the Christian right.

fully formed

It emerges from the nest with fully formed wings.

"D. devisi" gives birth to fully formed young (viviparous).

Each writer seems to have sprung fully formed from the void."

government was formed   (hükümet kuruldu)

A new government was formed by Themistoklis Sofoulis.

Ireland's first coalition government was formed in 1948.

The government was formed by the Liberal Party of Canada.

eventually formed   (sonunda oluştu)

Soon after it was eventually formed.

He also pursued musical training and eventually formed his own orchestra.

They eventually formed a vaudeville act, calling themselves the Mills Sisters.

party formed

Prior to the election, a new party formed.

The Progressive Conservative party formed government in that election.

The party formed a minority government with the support of the right-wing parties.

party was formed

The party was formed after a split with the Young Patriots Organization.

The party was formed to save the democratic rights of the people of Telangana.

The party was formed on 31 March 2018 as a political alternative in Telangana.

formed in late

They were formed in late 1992 and disbanded in 1999.

The group officially formed in late 1992.

They formed in late 2007.

subsequently formed

Many of the musicians subsequently formed a band called Froon.

The 95th subsequently formed the advance guard on the way to Bremen.

Katie White and De Martino subsequently formed the Ting Tings in 2007.

formed another   (başka bir tane oluşturdu)

In 1893, he formed another literary society, the .

White formed another band, The VW Boys.

The three countries formed another agreement on joint air patrols.

government formed   (hükümet kuruldu)

It was succeeded by a government formed by William Pitt the Younger.

Extremist members of the Hutu government formed an interim wartime government.

The government formed a "National Mobile Force" for the purpose of evicting illegal militias.

formed a tag

While in WSX, he formed a tag team with Luke Hawx.

In 1983 she formed a tag team, called the Crush Gals, with Chigusa Nagayo.

Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre formed a tag team and feuded with Seth Rollins.

formed the nucleus   (çekirdeği oluşturdu)

These quickly formed the nucleus of the collection.

Julien Yonge later donated the collection, which formed the nucleus of the P.K.

The settlement established by Stone formed the nucleus of the present town of Gananoque.

district was formed

Thrissur district was formed on 1 July 1949.

The district was formed in 1961 by the consolidation of Hamshire-New Holland I.S.D.

The district was formed by the merger of the Lakeview and Elm Mott school districts.

division was formed

The division was formed in September 1914 as part of the K2 Army Group.

In 2012, the new division was formed from the restructuring of the Welsh Premier Division.

On May 1, 2013 a new division was formed as part of the Viterra transaction - Richardson Milling.

formed a part

It later formed a part of Italian Somaliland, when the area was known as "Dante".

The project formed a part of , a history campaign led by several UK heritage organisations.

He formed a part of musical groups until the formation of his very own group, La Banda Gorda.

metal band formed

Death was an American death metal band formed in 1983.

Faith (band) Faith is a Swedish doom metal band formed in 1984.

Highlord Highlord is an Italian power metal band formed in 1996.

groups formed

From that point two rival groups formed.

Winners of all qualification groups formed two semifinal groups.

Together, these two groups formed the backbone of South African bebop.

formed following

It was formed following the liquidation of SeaFrance.

The league was formed following the success of the AWL.

It was formed following a meeting in 1940.

formed up

These two battalions then formed up on the second line.

Davis formed up his company and ordered them to march at about 7 a.m.

which had suffered casualties in the mopping up, now formed up in the second line.

formed the government   (hükümeti kurdu)

The Liberal Party led by Arthur Peters formed the government.

The Liberal Party led by Francis Haszard formed the government.

The New Democratic Party (NDP) led by Allan Blakeney formed the government.

not formed   (oluşmamış)

In eukaryotic and some bacterial cells the replisomes are not formed.

Some surnames are not formed in this way, including names of non-Slavic origin.

Civil parishes were created by the Local Government Act 1894 and were not formed within urban areas.

regiment was formed

The 3rd Line regiment was formed at Exeter in 1915.

The 2nd Line regiment was formed in September 1914.

With an antecedence reaching back to 1688, the regiment was formed in 1992.

formed his first

He formed his first group while in University.

Childs formed his first band at the age of 12.

Philip formed his first company with Frank Walker, a family friend.

depression formed

A tropical depression formed on July 19, 1970.

A tropical depression formed southwest of Jamaica on October 12.

A tropical depression formed in the south Pacific on February 11.

formed a close

Edward and Mountbatten formed a close friendship during the trip.

Hardy formed a close friendship with Kent, Krista, and Nicole early on.

Around 1813 he formed a close friendship with John Taylor the publisher.

formed in early

Division artillery began to be formed in early November.

The band was formed in early 1990 in the city of Nova Gorica.

The company was formed in early 2000 by Dave Simpson and Roger Hopkins.

formed the new

In 1993 it was one of the districts that formed the new Sa Kaeo Province.

Along with Jill Bryson, in 1981 she formed the new wave band Strawberry Switchblade.

Seegel formed the new group Lamebrains in Berlin, while Genaro also continued his solo career.

formed a government   (hükümet kurdu)

The NDP formed a government after this election.

Ernst Heinrich opposed the Nazis after they formed a government on 30 January 1933.

The following year, Talat formed a government and became prime minister on 13 January 2004.

team formed   (takım kuruldu)

The Brisbane Bears were the first south-east Queensland based team formed in the region.

The first national team formed in 2011 of four teams from Ashgabat: Oguzkhan, Alp Arslan, Shir and Burgut.

In January 2005, the Xanalys Lisp team formed LispWorks Ltd. to market, develop, and support the software.

formed a company   (bir şirket kurdu)

Agassi and Graf formed a company called Agassi Graf Holdings.

In November 1774, Acton formed a company of Minutemen, and Davis was elected captain.

He formed a company to sell products related to his teachings called Eckhart Teachings.

formed a committee   (bir komite kurdu)

In 1990, the Popular Front held its first National Congress, which formed a committee to draft a national constitution.

In 1995 Sandra formed a committee of associates, with herself as President, with the goal of establishing a musical theatre company.

In 1924, citizens in Cape Girardeau, Missouri formed a committee to build a non-denominational, non-profit community hospital in the city.

formed along

The rim is more sharply formed along the east-southeast side.

Two lakes, South and North Wabasca, are formed along the river.

A tropical depression formed along the Gulf of Thailand on October 4.

formed by adding

It is formed by adding -vši to the infinitive stem.

It is formed by adding -l to the infinitive stem.

Negative numbers are formed by adding fù () before the number.

band that formed

HorrorPops HorrorPops are a Danish punk band that formed in 1996.

Drax Project Drax Project is a New Zealand band that formed in 2014.

is an American punk rock band that formed in 1998 in Baltimore, Maryland.

members formed

The remaining members formed the Rump Parliament.

It was from Ebenezer that, in 1850, pastor Rev T Batey and 64 members formed Aenon.

Peavy Wagner reformed Rage once again and the former members formed the Pop band Sub7even.

duo formed

After "Ram", the duo formed Wings and recorded music until 1981.

Sugardaddy Sugardaddy is an English electronic music duo formed in 2006.

The duo formed the group Once Blue, which won a recording contract with EMI.

committee formed   (komite kuruldu)

began meeting with the ad hoc committee formed by Chancellor Byyny.

WMAs are managed by an elected committee formed of customary landowners.

This committee formed the backbone for the official inception of the LCWE in 1976.

club formed

Also in 1977, the club formed its original charter.

Alexandroupoli, a club formed by G.S.

Mumias Sugar was a Kenyan football club formed in 1977 and based in Mumias.

once formed

We look fwd to working w/ the gov't once formed.

The closed west front once formed part of the city wall of Rodez.

Tongoa and Epi islands once formed part of a larger island called Kuwae.

unit was formed

The unit was formed on March 22, 1942, the birthday of the present KCT.

The unit was formed on 15 July 1943 as an all-female unit of the Soviet Polish Army.

The unit was formed in August 1914 on the initiative of the Supreme Ukrainian Council.

league was formed

The league was formed following the success of the AWL.

The league was formed in August 2008, by about thirty women.

The league was formed by the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) in 2018.

formed as part

The unit was originally formed as part of the National Guard in 1993.

102 Squadron RAF, no air units were formed as part of the Ceylon Defence Force.

The RMIT Concert Band was the first non-choral band formed as part of RMIT Union Arts.

soon formed

He soon formed his Royal Comic Opera Company.

The two soon formed a gang called the Bugs and Meyer mob.

They soon formed the core of his army, and were known as Mamluks.

formed using

In many Germanic languages, yes-no questions are formed using subject inversion.

The numbers 6-9 are formed using a combination of basic math and the prefix baa–.

Instead, it is formed using "biti" in the future tense, plus the l-participle of the verb.

area formed

A low pressure area formed over the Bay of Bengal on July 29.

In early November, a low pressure area formed over the Arabian Sea.

A low pressure area formed over the South China Sea on November 18.

county was formed   (ilçe kuruldu)

He was appointed sheriff for Maricopa County when the county was formed.

It became the county seat of Norfolk County when the county was formed from parts of Suffolk County on March 26, 1793.

It has been the governmental center since the county was formed in 1742 and the present courthouse is one of the most architecturally distinguished in the state.

municipality was formed

The municipality was formed in April 1919 as a Grade–III municipality.

The municipality was formed in March 2017 merging some former VDCs: e.g.

This municipality was formed on 18 May 2014 by merging nine villages around it i.e.

probably formed   (muhtemelen oluştu)

These instrumental cultures probably formed vocal traditions.

The similar nomen "Scandilius" was probably formed in the same manner.

These diamonds probably formed in kimberlite magma and sampled the volatiles.

organization was formed

A football organization was formed with Brallier once again serving as a player-coach.

The organization was formed in 1970 and was initially located at the Linha home on US 83.

The organization was formed on March 22, 1924, and officially incorporated on July 8, 1925.

formed due

Tunnels or qanats were formed due to the hard rockface.

There are seven lakes in the park which were formed due to landslides.

Saline solutions are formed due to the presence of road salt in the winter.

formed by former

The coalition was formed by former members of the National Democratic Party.

A group named Jerry's Orphans, formed by former Jerry's Kid Mike Ervin, protested the telethon in 1991 and 1992.

The latest incarnation of the group was formed by former members/employees of Buck Page's "Riders of the Purple Sage".

tropical depression formed

A tropical depression formed on July 19, 1970.

A tropical depression formed southwest of Jamaica on October 12.

A tropical depression formed in the south Pacific on February 11.

formed her own

She also formed her own band, the Anni-Frid Four.

In 1981 she formed her own designer house, "Adeline André".

Then in 1998 she formed her own internet company, Ellenet Pty.

formed before

Two gangs had to form an alliance, but which has never been formed before.

Records are poor but, an old minute book suggests that the club was formed before 1896.

RCAF Station Chatham was the site where the Golden Hawks Aerobatic Team was formed before it was moved.

formed the backbone   (omurga oluşturdu)

The temples formed the backbone of the economy.

The king's tenants-in-chief formed the backbone of the royal army.

An orchestra of soloists formed the backbone of the festival week.

formed in response   (yanıt olarak kuruldu)

The team is formed in response to the events of "Avengers vs. X-Men".

Some of Alexander's strongest personality traits formed in response to his parents.

Units of volunteers, formed in response to this call, assumed limited policing functions.

formed a separate

They formed a separate PCTLT under the leadership of Babič.

Adductor hallucis is part of this group, though it originally formed a separate system (see contrahens.)

In 1922, Czechoslovak communists had formed a separate trade union centre, "Mezinárodní všeodborový svaz" (MVS).

formed its own

In 1965, Malayan Airways formed its own APF as well.

In 2005, the EU formed its own carbon trading system.

The Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR) had originally formed its own armed forces from 26 June 1918.

formed what

These territories together formed what became known as Italian Libya.

In 2001, he sold his interest in MarketVision and formed what became R.L.

Boston would join the American League in 1901 when Cleveland businessman Charles Somers formed what would become the Boston Red Sox.

formed a minority

Hereu formed a minority government with ICV after the May 2007 elections.

The Australian Labor Party, led by John Curtin, formed a minority government.

The party formed a minority government with the support of the right-wing parties.

formed near   (yakınında oluştu)

In 1904, the Russian Social Democratic Party was formed near Minsk.

An area of low-pressure formed near the International Dateline on November 1.

The system formed near Panama in the southwestern Caribbean Sea on November 8.