Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

former professional   (cựu chuyên gia)

Govindy is the son of former professional player Sandra Dijon.

Blair is the son of former professional footballer Andy Blair.

The former professional cyclist Roque de la Cruz was born here.

former member   (cựu thành viên)

He was replaced with former member Niklas Engelin.

He also a former member of Malaysia national team.

The Republic of Moldova is a former member state.

former president   (cựu chủ tịch)

He is the former president of the Tsunami Society.

She was a supporter of former president Hugo Chávez.

He was former president of the BJP Kisan Morcha.

former footballer   (cựu cầu thủ bóng đá)

Arber is the son of former footballer Bobby Arber.

He is the son of former footballer Horace Stoute.

He is the son of former footballer Edwin Godee.

former player   (người chơi cũ)

Its manager is Marley Monteiro, a former player.

She is also a former player of the Ottawa Fury Women.

The team was owned by former player Tom Pratt.

former members

In 2014 the club was reestablished by former members.

1 pick Erik Johnson) were former members of the NTDP.

Both the founders are former members of the Democrats.

former club

Winter left Inter for his former club Ajax in 1999.

He also held talks with his former club Preston.

From 1993–1995 he coached his former club, Richmond.

former professional footballer

Blair is the son of former professional footballer Andy Blair.

His younger brother Stuart is a former professional footballer.

He is the son of former professional footballer Frank Benatelli.

former municipality   (đô thị cũ)

The seat of the former municipality was in Sykia.

The former municipality is in the Locarno district.

It was the seat of the former municipality Mouresi.

former head   (cựu lãnh đạo)

He is a former head coach of the Canadian national team.

He is the former head and co-founder of Miramax Television.

He is former head of features, RTÉ Radio.

coach and former   (huấn luyện viên và cựu)

Jericho Shinde Jericho Shinde is a Zambian coach and former footballer.

Ivin Jasper Ivin Jasper is an American football coach and former player.

Rob Phenicie Rob Phenicie is an American football coach and former player.

son of former

He is the son of former NFL receiver Ricky Proehl.

Arber is the son of former footballer Bobby Arber.

He is the son of former footballer Horace Stoute.

former football

Randall Bacon Randall Bacon is an American actor and former football player.

Roger Lutz Roger Lutz (born 15 July 1964) is a German former football player.

SC Naumburg was a former football club in the city from September 1899 to 1908.

former home   (nhà cũ)

It served as the former home ground of Fovu Baham.

They settled in Alice's former home town, Great Malvern.

It is the former home of the Guinness family from 1764-1855.

former professional baseball

He is the son of former professional baseball player Eric Young.

Pazik is the daughter of former professional baseball player, Mike Pazik.

Derek Bryant (baseball) Derek Roszell Bryant is a former professional baseball player.

former professional ice

Jan Plodek Jan Plodek (born November 26, 1978) is a Czech former professional ice hockey player.

Steve Brûlé Steve Brûlé (born January 15, 1975) is a Canadian former professional ice hockey player.

Yorick Treille Yorick Treille (born July 15, 1980) is a French former professional ice hockey forward.

former mayor   (Cựu thị trưởng)

She defeated Paul Savoie, a Democrat and a former mayor.

He is the former mayor of Sugar Land, Texas.

He was also the former mayor of Xalapa...

former site   (trang web cũ)

The former site is now a residential development.

Ramsey Auction Rooms now occupy the former site.

The former site of the Blue Chip is now a vacant lot.

former student   (cựu sinh viên)

It is named after former student Ruđer Bošković.

A former student of the University of Ottawa.

He is a former student of St. Joseph's College, Colombo.

former director

Abdul Hussein Mo'ezzi is a former director and imam.

He is a former director of Apple, Palm, E.piphany and 3COM.

She was also a former director of housing at Lee University.

former students

Campbell lost 126 former students in World War I.

are former students of this school.

It includes former students, current and former academics and fellows.

other former   (người khác trước đây)

In 2006 the Queers followed several other former Lookout!

Along with many other former EC artists and similar talents.

As in many other former British colonies, cricket is also a popular sport.

former world

Bencic is regularly compared to former world No.

Andy Roddick, the 2003 champion and former world No.

He was coached by former world champion Dwight Phillips.

former name

Hence their former name "The Ramshackle Orchestra".

The former name Gamani may refer to Kaman.

Its former name was Jochiwon High School.

former chairman   (Cựu chủ tịch)

He is the former chairman of Kalihati upazila.

He is the former chairman and chief executive officer of Unum.

Barmen is the son of Rolf Barmen, former chairman of SK Brann.

former team   (đội cũ)

In April 1993, Olsen moved to his former team 1.

Van would play his former team, the Redblacks, on July 14.

In 2004, Ozzie Guillén was hired as manager of his former team.

politician and former   (chính trị gia và cựu)

He is also the grandson of politician and former SAC president Milo Croes.

Gilles Lehouillier Gilles Lehouillier is a Canadian politician and former civil servant.

Sue Rocca Sue Rocca (born 1949) is an American politician and former nurse from Michigan.

including former

He fathered 13 children, including former "" contestant, Keith Famie.

He is a 17 time World Champion, including former SUPERKOMBAT Middleweight Champion.

This trade has been criticized by many, including former NFL quarterback Terry Bradshaw.

former professional rugby

James Lowes James Lowes is a former professional rugby league footballer, and coach.

Chris Feather Chris Feather (born ) is an English former professional rugby league footballer.

Paul Dezolt Paul Dezolt (born 29 August 1978) is a former professional rugby league footballer.

against his former   (chống lại người cũ của mình)

A week later, he scored the winner against his former club.

He scored 2 goals against his former side in a 3–2 friendly win.

Frank Nouble then scored the games third goal against his former club.

against former   (chống lại cựu)

She faced off against former Bacoor Mayor Jessie Castillo.

Means testified against former Attorney General Daugherty.

He debuted in a goalless draw against former on 28 January.

former chief   (cựu trưởng phòng)

Before the former chief Mamili Bebi went to Dernmark.

He was the former chief of staff to Mueller at the FBI.

He is the former chief security officer (CSO) at Facebook.

former governor   (cựu thống đốc)

"Dee" Rivers, Jr, son of a former governor of Georgia.

Clements was a former governor of Kentucky.

Allen was considered a stooge for former governor Huey Long.

former commune   (xã cũ)

The former commune consisted of the villages:

It includes the former commune of La Bosse.

The former commune of Valsecca was merged with Sant'Omobono in 2014.

former manager

Chan's former manager (Rams David) discovered him.

Walter Mazzarri, former manager of Watford F.C.

The former manager of the team was Marco Chan.

former state   (tiểu bang cũ)

The former state units then lost their individual identities.

In 1983, Leach sought to regain his former state legislative seat.

"Phil" Goff, the Live Oak Postmaster and a former state legislator.

current and former

"For details of current and former players, see ."

Researchers affiliated with the Center include (current and former):

The feedback for this survey is given by current and former employees.

former professional basketball   (cựu bóng rổ chuyên nghiệp)

Shad Blair Shad Blair is an American former professional basketball player.

Richard Yee Richard Yee is a Filipino former professional basketball player.

Reyes' older brother, Alfonso, is also a former professional basketball player.

former teammate   (đồng đội cũ)

He was paired with former teammate Chris Marlowe.

He was reunited with former teammate Michael Jordan.

He appointed former teammate Johan Mjällby as his assistant.

former leader

Rashied Staggie former leader of the Hard Livings gang.

Fianna Fáil was founded by Éamon de Valera, a former leader of Sinn Féin.

He is a former leader of the Newfoundland and Labrador New Democratic Party.

former politician

Randy Simms Randy Simms is a former politician and radio host.

The award was presented to him by former politician Michael Portillo.

Tory Rocca Tory Rocca (born 1973) is an American lawyer and former politician.

manager and former

Ndubuisi Egbo football manager and former footballer.

Bogusław Kaczmarek Bogusław Kaczmarek is a Polish manager and former footballer.

manager and former England international Terry Butcher, who would sign a two-year deal.

former players

"For details of current and former players, see ."

"For all former players with a Wikipedia article see "

USF has had 2 former players selected for the Pro Bowl.

former professional tennis

Lena Sandin Lena Sandin (born 1961) is a former professional tennis player from Sweden.

Ryan Sweeting Ryan Sweeting (born July 14, 1987) is a former professional tennis player.

Scott McCain Scott McCain (born January 15, 1958) is a former professional tennis player.

another former   (một cựu khác)

While there, they run into another former member of Madness, Oboro.

Later in the year he re-joined another former club, Northampton Town.

The island is connected to another former island, Twin Island, on the northeast.

former coach   (cựu huấn luyện viên)

In 1965 she married her former coach, Gunnar Prokop.

where he was reunited with his former coach Qi Wusheng.

Kulik was the former coach of Michael Christian Martinez.

former wife

Lopez and his former wife Joan have two grown children.

In 2008 his former wife gave birth to their daughter Riley.

2006) from his former wife and Silvia (b.

former owner   (chủ cũ)

In 2002, former owner Steve Jeffery became president.

Journal Communications (KVOO-FM's former owner) and The E.W.

They live a happy life until the former owner of Kaguya finds her.

former swimmer   (cựu vận động viên bơi lội)

His brother Oscar la Fleur is also former swimmer.

Yu is a former swimmer and sprint canoer.

Daisuke Hosokawa He is married to former swimmer Aya Terakawa.

former partner   (đối tác cũ)

Magnús also has a daughter with his former partner Halldóra Blöndall.

With former partner Meng Fei, she is the 2006 Chinese bronze medalist.

She and former partner Drew Meekins are the 2006 World Junior Champions.

former military

It is located on a former military airport.

Over 40 active and former military officers were arrested.

Li Xiuyuan was born to a former military advisor, Li Maochun.

include former

Notable Kenyan Jews include former Nairobi mayor Israel Somen.

Its former presenters include former racing driver Tiff Needell.

More recent prominent critics include former Congressman Ron Paul.

former rugby

David Mulhall David Mulhall is a former rugby league footballer.

Mark Carter (rugby) Mark Carter is a former rugby football player.

Pouvalu Latukefu Pouvalu Latukefu is a Tongan former rugby union player.

former lover   (người yêu cũ)

Lyrically, the song addresses a former lover.

It concerns a romance between a widow and her former lover.

The song is a ballad, with Farrell singing to a former lover.

former international

He is a nephew of former international handballer Preben Vildalen.

He is the son of former international player and coach, John Dorahy.

Her twin sister, Simone Laidlow, is also a former international athlete.

former cricketer

He was a retired civil servant and former cricketer.

Richard Blair Richard Blair (born 6 March 1967) is an English former cricketer.

Prahlad Rawat Prahlad Rawat (born 14 October 1970) is an Indian former cricketer.

former school   (trường cũ)

He is teased by neighbors and former school friends.

The former school building is now a residential property.

His parents were former school teachers and Presbyterians.

former railway

The trail is located along the former railway line.

The former railway line can be seen on aerial views of the site.

former football player   (cựu cầu thủ bóng đá)

Randall Bacon Randall Bacon is an American actor and former football player.

Roger Lutz Roger Lutz (born 15 July 1964) is a German former football player.

L'Heureux is a former football player with the Diablos of Trois-Rivières in Quebec.

led by former

It was led by former Prime Minister Charan Singh.

The party is led by former BYuT lawmaker Sviatoslav Oliynyk.

A 9-member delegation led by former Speaker National Assembly Ch.

many former

The club has many former members who play with the Rhody Old Cocks.

Like many former PC members, Schmidt joined the Saskatchewan Party.

Her death led to many former athletes recognizing her achievements.

former slaves   (nô lệ cũ)

However, free former slaves now felt abandoned.

Enlisting former slaves became official policy.

Most of his parishioners were poor and uneducated former slaves.

replaced by former

Nunes was replaced by former UFC fighter George Roop.

He was replaced by former Rainbow vocalist Ronnie James Dio.

He was replaced by former New Kingston Trio member Bill Zorn.

former village

The former village is registered as a cultural heritage site.

The site of the former village is registered as cultural heritage.

former editor

Car Club and former editor of "Motor Sport".

The editor is Evan Smith, former editor of "Texas Monthly".

He replaced former editor Jan Poolman who joined "The Namibian".

former employees   (nhân viên cũ)

The feedback for this survey is given by current and former employees.

This is because the layout was made by current and former employees of I.I.Sc.

"The New York Times" interviewed eight former employees of NECC and Ameridose.

former settlement   (định cư cũ)

It is named for the former settlement of Armboth.

There is a spring at the site of the former settlement known as Cold Spring ().

The former settlement of Dickson was directly across the river on its eastern shore.

former assistant

She married former assistant coach Karl Spreitz in 1953.

His former assistant and friend is Doctor Horace Bianchon.

Seliger was a former assistant theoretician professor Dr. Eugen Sänger.

former deputy   (cựu phó)

The chair is former deputy minister Huguette Labelle.

There are four living former deputy leaders.

On the local level, she is a former deputy mayor of Modum.

former band

He also co-produced "Here" with his former band member Rami Lakkis.

The Edgewood Fight Song was written by former band director Gene Milford.

Consequently, Roberts now writes for friend and former band mate, Cheryl.

former prime   (cựu thủ tướng)

There are currently five living former prime ministers.

His nephew is Manuel Valls, former prime minister of France.

He was a legal adviser to former prime minister Taavi Rõivas.

former college

The former college buildings are now listed.

A school has been built at the site of the former college.

Strong (born November 16, 1954) is a former college football coach.

former teacher

Iwan Wirth married Manuela Hauser, a former teacher, in 1996.

Mr. Crepsley's former teacher and Vampire Mountain's quartermaster.

Česlovas is a former teacher.

several former

Within Bollenbach's limits lie several former villages, now in sparse ruins.

The Quehanna Trail System passes near or through the sites of several former CCC camps.

Oxford and Bedford led Henry's men, including several former supporters of Richard III.

included former

The cast also included former Our Gang star Carl Switzer.

These included former editors Rebekah Brooks, and Andy Coulson.

The Everton team also included former City player Tommy Johnson.

former town   (thị trấn cũ)

Bardowiek Bardowiek () is a former town in Germany.

Bonzo A hired worker, former town drunk.

Frog A hired worker, former town drunk.

former head coach   (cựu huấn luyện viên trưởng)

He is a former head coach of the Canadian national team.

His son Jim L. Mora is a former NFL head coach and former head coach at UCLA.

He is the former head coach of the Shimane Susanoo Magic in the Japanese B.League.

former minister   (cựu Bộ trưởng)

He has an elder brother, Jalagam Prasada Rao, a former minister.

This was supported by former minister Tim Loughton and the NSPCC.

His other son Sardar Naeem Khan is former minister of Jammu & Kashmir.

former employee   (cựu nhân viên)

Woldai also was a former employee of the United Nation.

It was written by Scott James Remnant, a former employee of Canonical Ltd.

The former employee is suing Talking Rain for back pay and emotional distress.

former city

It is located near the east gate of the former city.

The island was the first of the new town, and was outside the former city walls.

Several former city halls have been located on the square or in its immediate vicinity.

former municipalities   (đô thị cũ)

It included parts of the former municipalities of Jid Ali, Madinat 'Isa, Sitrah and A'ali.

Most municipalities are made up of several former municipalities, now called "deelgemeenten".

Most Belgian municipalities are made up of former municipalities that were merged in the past.

former prime minister   (cựu thủ tướng)

His nephew is Manuel Valls, former prime minister of France.

He was a legal adviser to former prime minister Taavi Rõivas.

Pallop is critical of former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

brother of former

He is the brother of former Major Leaguer, Jim Tyrone.

He is the older brother of former NHL star Chris Drury.

He is the brother of former tennis-star Brian Gottfried.

former basketball   (bóng rổ cũ)

His daughter Ying Ruocai is a former basketball player.

Cool" Mariano, is a Filipino former basketball player and coach.

She is married to well known former basketball player Manny Paner.

former station   (nhà ga cũ)

Station Road nearby is named for the former station.

An old platform in poor condition remains at the former station.

This station was located slightly north-west to the former station.

when the former   (khi trước đây)

The stadium was built in 1951, when the former stadium of Bnei Yehuda was built over.

The PER had been put in place in April 2009 when the former constitution was abrogated.

The community was formed in 2016 when the former community of Aberdare was split into two.

former location

It relocated in 2001 to Eaton's former location.

The former location of DeBakey High School is nearby.

The former location was the city's old recreational center.

along with former

Project unit Ecomoni, along with former Morning Musume member Rika Ishikawa.

7960, Open Thirds Nos, 24105, 43600, 43612, 52250 along with former pre-grouping GNR composite No.

(#6 now belongs to the Central NY Chapter, NRHS along with former Solvay Process Co. Alco 0-4-0 # 53).

former professional football

Klopfenstein is a cousin of former professional football player Joe Klopfenstein.

His father, Björn Kindlund, is a former professional football player who has played for AIK.

Yohan Lachor Yohan Lachor (born 17 January 1976) is a French former professional football defender.

former senior

According to former senior Mumbai Police officer Y.C.

Mick O'Dowd Mick O'Dowd is a former Gaelic footballer and former senior manager for Meath.

Bill Perkins is the former senior pastor of the South Hills Community Church in Portland, Oregon.

former captain

He is the former captain of the Mumbai Champs.

She is the former captain for the Australian women's sevens team.

She is the former captain of the Nepalese women's national football team.

former residence

It is the former residence of novelist Jonathan Lethem.

The estate was the former residence of industrialist George Vail.

His former residence has been declared a provincial heritage site.

former girlfriend   (bạn gái cũ)

Chris Novak, supposedly a former girlfriend of Hunter's.

Mizue is Tsuchiura's former girlfriend.

He works closely with Jill Roberts, Chuck's former girlfriend.

former cyclist   (cựu tay đua xe đạp)

Cees Koeken Cees Koeken (born 29 October 1948) is a Dutch former cyclist.

Steve Bovay Steve Bovay (born 25 November 1984) is a Swiss former cyclist.

Régis Lhuillier Régis Lhuillier (born 28 May 1980) is a French former cyclist.

former husband

Anna survived her former husband by 29 years.

His son, Vojin, born in 1940, was cared for by Mira's former husband.

Lucas learns that this is Kate's former husband, who was violent to her.

former high

Roblan is a former high school principal and math teacher.

Currently teaches physics at his former high school, El Segundo High School.

Dominique Senequier is a former high school student at Lycée Thiers in Marseille.

former slave   (nô lệ cũ)

He eventually marries a former slave, Pearlie Mae.

Another of her books documented the adventures of a former slave.

A former slave who worked as a mechanic, he was African American.

former police

Most ministers had been former police officials.

The list also includes former police stations ("politikamre").

He is also a former police officer.

former executive   (cựu giám đốc điều hành)

In 1988, Foley sold the company and chain to a former executive from KFC.

He succeeded Virgil R. Carter, former executive director of the Institute.

Bernard M. Hartnett Jr., is a lawyer and former executive at New Jersey Bell.

former competitive

His brother Ulrich is also a former competitive swimmer.

Nan Rae A. W. "Nan" Rae (born 13 January 1944) is a Scottish former competitive swimmer.

Marie Hardiman Marie Hardiman (born 21 July 1975) is a female English former competitive swimmer.