İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

formerly known   (önceden bilinen)

The school was formerly known as "Mallig Academy".

It was formerly known as kurichithanam L.P School.

The township of Kingston was formerly known as 'St.

formerly called   (önceden çağrıldı)

This sequence was formerly called 'Silgará Formation'.

They were formerly called the Kreen-Akrore.

Its Dutch-speaking counterpart is (formerly called BLOSO).

formerly used   (önceden kullanılmış)

It was formerly used in mainland China and Hong Kong.

And formerly used to include a college and a university.

Bauer reused a number of the molds formerly used by Cemar.

formerly part   (eskiden bölüm)

The wood was formerly part of the Cassiobury estate.

It is composed of 11 barangays that were formerly part of Tuburan.

It is composed of 16 barangays that were formerly part of Tipo-Tipo.

formerly served   (önceden servis edildi)

He formerly served as Minister of Transportation.

Ridwan had formerly served as the treasurer of Yemen.

He formerly served as a senior police officer.

formerly owned

The paper was formerly owned by Heartland Publications.

He formerly owned and operated Mikey's Gym in East Tulsa.

(All of the land formerly owned by United Fruit was restored.)

formerly played

He formerly played for Fortuna Sittard and FC Oss.

He formerly played for Almere City and SC Telstar.

He formerly played for BV Veendam and PEC Zwolle.

formerly occupied   (önceden işgal edilmiş)

The site was formerly occupied by the Heysel Stadium.

The land was formerly occupied by Castle Cement silos.

The private Cloud Club formerly occupied the 66th through 68th floors.

formerly named

For other radio stations formerly named Mercury FM, see:

Sendio's E-mail Security Platform, (formerly named I.C.E.

It was formerly named Lewis Cass Jr./Sr.

formerly held

Devotions were also formerly held on 28 September.

It formerly held a now-defunct airline division.

She was nominated to the seat formerly held by Ralph D. Gants.

formerly considered

The volcano was formerly considered to be extinct.

It was formerly considered part of the Arctiidae.

The Manipur population was formerly considered a separate species.

formerly operated

Eastern Airways formerly operated the following aircraft:

Ad Fontes Academy formerly operated at two campus locations.

Austin formerly operated its city hall at 128 West 8th Street.

formerly included

The area formerly included several smaller districts.

Four Loko's recipe formerly included caffeine.

It was formerly included in genus "Atriplex".

formerly placed

The species was formerly placed in the genus "Cassia".

This species was formerly placed in the genus "Antheraea".

The five species were formerly placed in "Ornipholidotos".

formerly located

The library was formerly located at Central Avenue.

They were formerly located in Surry Hills, New South Wales.

This statue was formerly located in front of Zimmerman Field.

formerly worked   (önceden çalıştı)

Doron formerly worked as a linguist at the University of Tel Aviv.

The duo formerly worked together at Atlanta alternative station WNNX.

He formerly worked as a coaching assistant for the Milwaukee Brewers.

formerly a member

He was formerly a member of the New Centre and UDF.

He is formerly a member of the Socialist Party.

He was formerly a member of the United States Commission on Civil Rights.

formerly housed

The location formerly housed Starr restaurant Serafina.

The campus formerly housed both West Port Middle and High Schools.

The city formerly housed the Escola Paralelo, a Brazilian international school.

formerly classified

The dictyostelids are another group formerly classified among the fungi.

Two other species, formerly classified to this genus, now belong to the genus "Catopuma".

The family currently includes species formerly classified in the family "Gilbertellaceae".

formerly independent

It was formerly independent.

The formerly independent village was incorporated into Wiesbaden in 1928.

The formerly independent village was incorporated into Wiesbaden on 1 April 1928.

formerly belonged

The codex formerly belonged to the Saint Catherine's Monastery.

Those call letters formerly belonged to an FM station in Miami, Florida.

It was established on land that formerly belonged to the 'Institution Royale'.

formerly competed

His parents formerly competed in middle to long-distance running.

A professional competitor since 2012, he formerly competed for the MFC.

The club also formerly competed in the Laois Junior Hurling Championship.

what was formerly

Thus, what was formerly a quasi-official project became an official one.

The majority were in what was formerly Manchukuo, mostly farmers and merchants.

Clearly, what was formerly recognized as CLG is actually four distinct compounds.

land formerly   (önceden arazi)

(All of the land formerly owned by United Fruit was restored.)

Coca-Cola Park was built on land formerly owned by LSI Corporation.

The Ortega Adobe sits on land formerly owned by the Mission San Buenaventura.

formerly belonging

The library division holds several books formerly belonging to Milne and his wife Dorothy.

The transit center was proposed to be built on a site formerly belonging to George & Lynch.

Fort Whyte was created from territory formerly belonging to Tuxedo, Fort Garry and St. Norbert.

species formerly

Twenty two species formerly placed in this genus grow in China.

The family currently includes species formerly classified in the family "Gilbertellaceae".

It contains nine species formerly included in "Medetera" in the "M. salomonis" species group.

area formerly

The area formerly included several smaller districts.

The area formerly known as Wachovia now makes up most of Forsyth County, and the largest city is now Winston-Salem.

Blue Ridge Junction was constructed in the area formerly occupied by Whitewater Falls, Sand Dune Lagoon and Thunder Road's former station.

formerly married

Del Ponte was formerly married, and has one son.

Kwan's was formerly married to Dan Small.

He was formerly married to Peggy Noonan.

formerly home   (eskiden ev)

Mad Oak Studios’ original location was formerly home to a wood shop called Mad Oak Wood Working.

The site was formerly home to the Dartmouth Arena, which was built in 1950 and burned down on 16 May 1974.

The Canary Islands were also formerly home to a population of the rarest pinniped in the world, the Mediterranean monk seal.

formerly stood

It formerly stood east of what is now a branch of Lloyds Bank.

In 2017, the street where the concert stage formerly stood was officially renamed to "Beach Boys Way".

It is dedicated to Our Lady of Loreto and was built from 1875 to 1876 where a wayside shrine formerly stood.

formerly a part

The district is formerly a part of Beluran District.

Ingiriya was formerly a part of the Horana Divisional Secretariat.

In 1822 he removed to Derry, formerly a part of the town of Londonderry.

building formerly

The building formerly occupied by Mori was sold by Caroline Bussing through A.Q.

It opened in 1993, and incorporates a station building formerly located at Wheldrake.

It is housed in a building formerly part of a girls' school run by an English sister.

formerly broadcast

Licensed to Chillicothe, Ohio, United States, it formerly broadcast country music from Hillsboro, Ohio at 106.7 FM.

The channel was formerly broadcast on channel 18 on the Freeview terrestrial and satellite platforms until April 2017.

It was formerly broadcast in the United States until late September 2010 on This TV and first broadcast on France 3 in 2003.

formerly the site   (önceden site)

This was formerly the site of the Cheyenne Mountain Lodge.

Tooktocaugee was formerly the site of a Creek Indian village.

The holding site was formerly the site of Victoria School from 1984 to May 2003.

formerly based

The fishing fleet was formerly based chiefly in Libreville.

Its youth leadership program was formerly based at Centro Nia.

He used to be the head of police of the LTTE and was formerly based in Tamil Nadu.

species was formerly

This species was formerly known as "Chiloglottis" sp.

The species was formerly placed in the genus "Cassia".

This species was formerly placed in the genus "Antheraea".