forming part

There are a number of villages forming part of Żurrieq.

Each dwelling usually has at least one of these tanks forming part of its foundation.

At the western end is a footbridge over Sheepwash Channel, forming part of the Thames Path.

forming a new

At this time, Richard was forming a new musical theater group in Los Angeles.

was captured that evening, by which time the division was forming a new line to the rear.

SH 29 now follows this route forming a new link from the south-west to the city and port of Tauranga.

began forming

Taiko groups in Australia began forming in the 1990s.

By late 1915 the AFC began forming complete squadrons.

They began forming steel tubing from sheet metal to make bicycle frames.

thus forming

Most of the songs on the CD were "bootlegged", thus forming the title of the CD.

Gnostic Catholic Church as a child of l'Église Gnostique de France, thus forming the E.G.C.

The number of players that take part in the sport simultaneously, thus forming the team are:

before forming

Sorrow", before forming the Pink Fairies.

Auerbach was a member of a band called The Barnburners before forming The Black Keys in 2001.

Bernard worked as a pianist for dance orchestras and music publishers before forming his own band.

forming the basis   (基礎を形成する)

The 1921 monetary union of Belgium and Luxembourg survived, however, forming the basis for full economic union in 1932.

The educational process has two sides, the psychological and the sociological, with the psychological forming the basis.

After turning 70 he began to study the biochemistry of old age, proposing a theory of metabolic imbalance, forming the basis of geriatric biochemistry in China.

forming his own

Bevan responded by forming his own band, ELO Part II, which later became the Orchestra.

He performed with his family at various venues from 2002 to 2005, forming his own troupe in 2005.

Bernard worked as a pianist for dance orchestras and music publishers before forming his own band.

forming the new

Between the name dispute and forming the new band, Gaahl retired from black metal.

In 2014 it was merged with Verderio Superiore, forming the new "comune" of Verderio.

In 2014 it was merged with Verderio Inferiore, forming the new "comune" of Verderio.

forming an alliance

She was closest with the latter two, forming an alliance with them early on.

In 1506 Edzard broke his allegiance to George, instead forming an alliance with Groningen.

Kent attempted to form alliances very early in the game, forming an alliance with the other men in the house.

forming what

The Monklands and Renfrew motorways were completed forming what is now known as the M8.

The remaining types of planets can only produce IO by collectively forming what is called a commerce net.

The electorate was concentrated in Zeeland, the Veluwe, parts of Overijssel, forming what is known as the Dutch Bible Belt.

forming their own

Those who are excluded from the coalition react with hostility and try to regain power by forming their own coalition.

Upon moving to Canada, many Vallelonghesi worked in the sewer/watermain and concrete industries, eventually forming their own companies.

These cases led to tribes renegotiating inequitable mineral leases, forming their own natural resources regulatory agencies, and tribal development companies.

forming a coalition   (連合を形成する)

The CSU remained in power by forming a coalition with the FDP.

", alleging that forming a coalition with SMK would be dangerous.

Secretary of State Martin Van Buren, a widower, was already forming a coalition against Calhoun.

eventually forming

They quickly began making music together, eventually forming the band Soleil Moon.

Structurally, arteries divide and sub-divide repeatedly, eventually forming a sponge-like capillary bed.

The hilly interior elevates to , with many streams eventually forming rivers in the sago-grove lowlands and swamp forests.

together forming

The head shield (or cephalon) is approximately pentagonal, with the right and left frontal margin together forming a circle segment.

"Since 1974, the chaplain assistant and the chaplain have come together forming the highly professional Unit Ministry Team (UMT) concept".

It is attached to the large Sandton City shopping centre, together forming one of the largest retail complexes on the continent with over 400 stores.

idea of forming

In February 1993, Wahed and Sarfaraz conceived the idea of forming a metal band.

Strauss also argues that in a sense Burke's theory could be seen as opposing the very idea of forming such philosophies.

The idea of forming the ÚNRV had been launched by the underground leadership of the Communist Party of Slovakia in late 1941.

process of forming

Coping planning interventions are effective when people are supported in the process of forming coping plans.

Crystallization is the process of forming a crystalline structure from a fluid or from materials dissolved in a fluid.

At the time, he was living near Relf, who was in the process of forming a new band, Armageddon, and needed rent money.