Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

back and forth   (qua lại)

He won the back and forth fight via first-round TKO.

He lost the back and forth fight via split decision.

The two battled back and forth several times.

set forth   (phát biểu)

This work set forth results from earlier years.

The types as set forth in the Civil Code are: The Qc.

The AA program of recovery is set forth in the Twelve Steps.

put forth   (đưa ra)

It was originally put forth in an IEEE paper in 1990.

While numerous proposals were put forth, the building survived.

Vilenkin put forth one such scenario.

so forth   (cứ thế)

The versions are 2, 2.7, 2.71, 2.718, and so forth.

So it means "and so forth" or "and other things".

The next is labeled as β (beta), and so forth.

forth between   (giữa)

In April he bounced back and forth between Texas and Frisco.

The story moves back and forth between Josie, Nadine and Elizabeth.

The argument raged back and forth between the colonies until Eden's death on 17 March 1722.

brought forth

A virgin hath brought forth, which her nature alloweth not.

He was brought forth to rid Earth of the plague of humanity.

A flourishing independent rock music culture brought forth Chicago indie.

sets forth

Each opinion sets forth the facts, prior decisions, and legal reasoning behind the position taken.

The Act of 2007 sets forth obligations for Bhutanese agencies and individuals as well as foreigners.

The views he sets forth here do not in all respects agree with the teachings of modern Catholic theologians.

bring forth   (đưa ra)

A cult forms to bring forth a new dark lord by killing Soma.

She was said to bring forth pins in her vomit, in her water, and "downwards".

Then wisdom will arise and bring forth light, which is the clear "qi" of the person.

setting forth

The final agreement is always a negotiated document setting forth fees and other terms.

Newman has authored a number of important opinions setting forth the law of patents in the United States.

Upon learning that he is setting forth, she rushes to the railway station, but is not on time for the train's departure.

forth across   (qua)

Carving Carving involves moving back and forth across the face of a feature.

He shifted back and forth across the religious and political divide during the Khwarezmid invasion of Georgia in 1226.

Each exit sign or emergency light acts as a node in the EMIoT network, passing information dynamically back and forth across the building.

puts forth

Torres puts forth the idea of a transwarp-beaming to save Chakotay, which she has once before performed.

It puts forth the historical trend of abstract art and the performance of Chinese ink painting in the 21st century.

Her premise puts forth emigrating to Africa as a solution to the discrimination faced by black people in the United States.

came forth

New mTOR-specific inhibitors came forth from screening and drug discovery efforts.

In the fall of 1994 a group called the Taliban came forth vowing to cleanse the nation of warlords and criminals.

During brainstorming sessions, an idea came forth on what if the ending of Modern Warfare was a loss, leading to the sequel.