İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

public forum   (halka açık forum)

They ultimately decide to hold a public forum.

As the Internet has developed so has the concept of CI as a shared public forum.

It also featured films, documentaries, a public forum, art exhibits, and musical performances.

provide a forum   (bir forum sağla)

But this is the beauty of the album; the ensembles provide a forum for Zorn to expand his compositions.

The goal of the foundation was to provide a forum concerning general issues of medicine and ethics, along the lines of skeptical inquiry.

The "Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion" is published by the Society to provide a forum for empirical papers in the topic area.

discussion forum   (tartışma forumu)

A discussion forum has also been started for users experiencing difficulties.

Each Solution was provided with a publishing and networking page and a discussion forum.

Aotearoa Cafe The Aotearoa Cafe was the largest Māori discussion forum on the internet.

provides a forum   (bir forum sağlar)

The group provides a forum for artists and crafts people to promote and sell handmade wares.

It provides a forum to discuss issues impacting society at large and ethical challenges facing today's leaders.

Wagenfeld House also houses the Design Center, which sponsors symposia and provides a forum for young designers.

online forum   (çevrimiçi forum)

A student help-desk in the form of an online forum is also in the making.

The term "trypophobia" was coined by a participant in an online forum in 2005.

The designs developed by Otherpower are shared through their website and online forum.

international forum   (uluslararası forum)

This is the only international forum centered in the post-Soviet space in which the Baltic states also participate.

In a changing world, certainly the NAASP, like any other international forum, is called upon to address the challenges of today.

Hayek, Frank Knight, Friedman and George Stigler worked together in forming the Mont Pèlerin Society, an international forum for neoliberals.