Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

put forward   (đưa ra)

Another theory was put forward by Archibald R. Lewis.

Ilham Aliyev also put forward his candidacy.

The concept was also put forward for a final time in 1896.

move forward   (tiến về phía trước)

They opted to move forward and create "Florence".

With this, the FIA allowed the season to move forward.

Gebrhiwet continued to move forward to second position.

moved forward   (tiến về phía trước)

The release was later moved forward to May 23, 2014.

Milroy moved forward on Stahel's right and rear.

"C" company moved forward to reinforce the line.

looking forward   (Nhìn về phía trước)

I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next."

The Club was looking forward for season 2012/13.

This is the success we were looking forward to.

moving forward   (tiến về phía trước)

Both venues will be used for home games moving forward.

We think you can only do it by moving forward to a new world.

In April 2019, Cogman confirmed his prequel would not be moving forward.

brought forward   (mang ra)

More and more French artillery was brought forward.

Following this, the Regalia was brought forward.

This was brought forward in February 2018 to mid-2018.

step forward   (bước về phía trước)

Irrigation ditches were the next step forward.

At each sampling time the window moves one step forward.

This FPU was a huge step forward for AMD.

power forward   (sức mạnh về phía trước)

Listed at , he played as a power forward and center.

Standing at , he plays at the power forward position.

He is a 6'9" (2.06 m), 268 lb (122 kg) power forward.

came forward   (tiến lên)

They claimed that Corbett came forward only after Lt.

In 1840 Field came forward as an advocate of chancery reform.

However, no one ever came forward.

hockey forward   (khúc côn cầu về phía trước)

Václav Nedomanský Václav Nedomanský (born 14 March 1944) is a Czech former ice hockey forward.

Antti Suomela Antti Suomela (born 17 March 1994) is a Finnish professional ice hockey forward.

Yorick Treille Yorick Treille (born July 15, 1980) is a French former professional ice hockey forward.

centre forward   (trung tâm chuyển tiếp)

Halliday was thus moved to play at centre forward.

His regular position was as a centre forward.

He usually plays in centre forward position.

ice hockey forward   (khúc côn cầu trên băng về phía trước)

Václav Nedomanský Václav Nedomanský (born 14 March 1944) is a Czech former ice hockey forward.

Antti Suomela Antti Suomela (born 17 March 1994) is a Finnish professional ice hockey forward.

Yorick Treille Yorick Treille (born July 15, 1980) is a French former professional ice hockey forward.

look forward   (mong đợi)

You look forward to graduating to high school.

as we look forward to an ideal Bille kingdom.

All these made the artist look forward to this trip to Japan.

football forward   (bóng đá phía trước)

Kim Olsen Kim Olsen (born 11 February 1979) is a retired Danish football forward.

Viktor Sakhnyuk Viktor Sakhniuk (; born 4 June 1990) is a Ukrainian football forward.

Oh Chul-suk Oh Chul-Suk (born March 23, 1982) is a former South Korea football forward.

come forward   (đi về phía trước)

Through all those years, she refused to come forward.

Some activists have encouraged victims to come forward.

The witches come forward to worship him in different ways.

small forward   (tiến bộ nhỏ)

He played as a shooting guard and small forward.

He plays as shooting guard and small forward.

), he played at the small forward position.

inside forward   (ở trong phía trước)

His regular position was as an inside forward.

His regular position was at right-half or inside forward.

He could play at centre and inside forward.

going forward   (tiến về phía trước)

Sam will be welcome on our air going forward."

We wish him and his family nothing but the best going forward."

However, as Jim has yet to tell Pam, Darryl says he should before going forward.

go forward   (tiến triển)

Otherwise the process cannot go forward.

How can we go forward with all this?"

Colonel Hill asked four volunteers to go forward and burn the house.

forward who played   (ai đã chơi)

2 February 1944 in Glasgow) was a tighthead prop forward who played for West of Scotland F.C.

Qahtan Chathir Qahtan Chathir is an Iraqi football forward who played for Iraq in the 1996 Asian Cup.

Babak Jabbari Babak Jabbari (, born October 10, 1994 in Iran) is an Iranian football forward who played for Esteghlal.

forward position   (vị trí phía trước)

Standing at , he plays at the power forward position.

She wore the number 54 at the forward position.

Standing at , she plays at the power forward position.

pushed forward   (đẩy về phía trước)

The series' setting was pushed forward to the year 2000.

He then pushed forward and was able to get the legislation passed.

The seats can be pushed forward and flat for various configurations.

way forward   (con đường phía trước)

It took several months for a consensus way forward to emerge.

Failure is the way forward.

In 1960 the way forward at Wookey Hole was found at a depth of , using 60/40 O/N.

carried forward   (tiến về phía trước)

(""The light's carried forward | proudly on your crown.

This tradition carried forward into the 20th and 21st centuries.

The system is carried forward by the students and grand students of Hsiung.

forward pass   (chuyển tiếp qua)

The forward pass and end zones were adopted in 1929.

His specialty is the rifling of a forward pass.

The rules committee legalized the forward pass instead.

forward line   (chuyển tiếp)

Healy had a good game in the forward line.

The full forward line operates around the opposition's 21-metre line.

looked forward   (mong chờ)

He looked forward to the audience reaction to the webisode.

Following a rough 2016 season, the Bengals looked forward into 2017.

She understood iconography as a tradition that looked forward as well as backwards.

went forward   (đã đi về phía trước)

Baum prepared a libretto, and the project went forward.

"The mate went forward with the shoulder gun ready for more tricks.

Her husband and his co-conspirators went forward with the plan without her.

point forward   (hướng về phía trước)

Its sturdy tusks are curved out and point forward.

She primarily worked in radiography and radiotherapy from this point forward.

From that point forward, preparations continued at a highly accelerated, almost frenzied pace.

forward positions   (vị trí chuyển tiếp)

Žukauskas plays both the Power forward and small forward positions.

Standing at , he plays the power forward and small forward positions.

Targets were often soldiers bringing up food or water to forward positions.

forward motion   (chuyển động về phía trước)

As he charged, his forward motion caused the flag to stream back.

Upon landfall, the hurricane's forward motion slowed to an eastward drift.

At the same time, the system halted its forward motion and began to drift eastward.

stepped forward   (bước về phía trước)

Corbett stepped forward and admitted he was the shooter.

The monk Puhua stepped forward and said, "I can draw it."

By November, however, no one had stepped forward to replace him and he agreed to stay.

looks forward   (mong chờ)

The woman looks forward with a sad, wistful expression.

As one of Israel's firmest friends, UK looks forward to working with new government."

And he looks forward to working with other artists like Mr. Eazi and M.anifest and Efya.

forward fuselage   (thân máy bay phía trước)

He later reflected that The forward fuselage went on display on 28 June 1995.

The radiator was in the forward fuselage, fed from a duct opening in the extreme upper nose.

The forward fuselage is a composite molding, and the aft portion is a 6" diameter aluminum tube.

moves forward   (tiến lên phía trước)

White's king moves forward again to the fourth file.

The fourth part moves forward a few more years.

For every point scored a team moves forward one square.

half forward   (nửa tiến)

He normally playbvs as a midfielder or half forward.

The centre half back generally marks the centre half forward.

Most of his football was played at half forward or on a wing.

forward air   (không khí chuyển tiếp)

Pakistan began deploying warplanes to forward air bases.

The "Stormy" FACs were the principal forward air control for the Cambodian Incursion of 1970.

push forward   (đẩy về phía trước)

He gave it freely for all to see and to push forward the Dada movement.

She's not yet willing to jettison the past but she is very keen to push forward".

Out of bullets and armed only with a single knife, the brothers grimly push forward.

sent forward   (gửi về phía trước)

Troops sent forward to Serre found that its defences had been destroyed.

A line was selected for consolidation and ten machine-guns were sent forward.

Union artillery opened fire and pickets were sent forward to meet the assault.

straight forward   (thẳng về phía trước)

Backward chaining is a bit less straight forward.

She is optimist and straight forward.

The distinction between these firms is not always straight forward (e.g.

leap forward   (nhảy về phía trước)

It's a massive leap forward for mankind."

In 2012 the Red Bull X-Fighters tour took a huge leap forward.

A leap forward in the direction of infrastructure development.

puts forward   (đưa ra phía trước)

In this last book he puts forward a radical new theory.

Monte Vista's dance program puts forward two performances each spring.

The program also puts forward a number of direct democracy and anti-corruption proposals.

forward and aft   (về phía trước và phía sau)

They had a beam of and a draft of forward and aft.

She was long, had a beam and a draught of forward and aft.

Both torpedoes scored hits on "Falmouth"s starboard side, flooding the warship forward and aft.

forward and backward   (tiến và lùi)

The reaction rates of the forward and backward reactions are generally not zero, but equal.

For the most part, the player is free to move forward and backward through a given level as desired.

Muscles in the illicium allow the esca to be swung forward and backward, so as to better entice prey inside the mouth.

steps forward   (tiến về phía trước)

Diomedes steps forward leading a captive, Milentius.

However, the league has recently taken steps forward.

He steps forward himself and lures the horn eaters away from the island's animals.

further forward   (tiến xa hơn)

It was on this EP that the transition moved further forward.

The left leg is bent, with the knee extending further forward.

From this base all supplies and armaments are provided to the bases further forward.

bring forward   (mang về phía trước)

If you know anything, if you saw anything, heard anything, have any ideas you can bring forward, talk to the police."

Let's learn the lessons and then also work with the organisation to implement what recommendations they bring forward.

One question was a binding referendum on whether to bring forward the 2008 parliamentary elections from October to April/May.

forward operating   (điều hành chuyển tiếp)

List of forward operating bases This is a list of Forward operating bases.

Manila, in the Philippines, would be its forward operating base come wartime.

Engineer companies proceeded to establish Firebase Wildcat (), the forward operating base for the operation..

coming forward   (sắp tới)

The floods of recruits coming forward were enrolled in these 2nd Line units.

Vargas took the punishment and showed a lot of heart as he kept coming forward.

This is one of the main problems that many victims face when coming forward that they had been raped.

forward currently   (chuyển tiếp hiện tại)

Geoffrey Paillet Geoffrey Paillet (born 22 December 1986 in Tours, France) is a professional ice hockey forward currently playing for the Remparts de Tours.

Lucía García Lucía García Córdoba (; born 14 July 1998) is a Spanish professional football forward currently playing for Athletic Club in the Spanish First Division.

Linus Johansson Linus Johansson (born 30 November 1992) is a Swedish professional ice hockey forward currently playing for Färjestad BK of the Swedish Hockey League (SHL).

full forward   (đầy đủ về phía trước)

The full forward is generally marked by the full back.

The full forward line operates around the opposition's 21-metre line.

forward currently playing   (chuyển tiếp hiện đang chơi)

Geoffrey Paillet Geoffrey Paillet (born 22 December 1986 in Tours, France) is a professional ice hockey forward currently playing for the Remparts de Tours.

Lucía García Lucía García Córdoba (; born 14 July 1998) is a Spanish professional football forward currently playing for Athletic Club in the Spanish First Division.

Linus Johansson Linus Johansson (born 30 November 1992) is a Swedish professional ice hockey forward currently playing for Färjestad BK of the Swedish Hockey League (SHL).

forward through   (chuyển tiếp qua)

The second became his vessel forward through time.

Bach's influence extended forward through his son C.P.E.

The idea initially was brought forward through an official invitation from the North to conduct a meeting.

soccer forward   (bóng đá về phía trước)

Ike MacKay Ike MacKay (born August 2, 1948) is a Canadian former soccer forward.

Mieczysław Batsch Mieczysław Józef Batsch (January 1, 1900 in Lemberg – September 9, 1977 in Przemyśl) was a Polish soccer forward.

Jim Bokern Jim Bokern (born 16 April 1952) is a retired U.S. soccer forward who played three seasons in the North American Soccer League.

forward part   (phần phía trước)

The forward part of the aircraft was towed toward Malibu Beach, where it sank.

Separate corridors led off of the vestibules to the First-Class staterooms in the forward part of D-Deck.

The torpedo struck "Alysse" on the port side in the forward part of the ship causing her to settle by the bow.

putting forward   (đưa về phía trước)

The U.S. government dismissed this neglect allegation by putting forward an email from Judge Forrest to Bruce Afran.

The conservatives then moved against Hall, putting forward party proposals to lessen the influence of its parliamentary leader.

Two years after he served as suffect consul, he was involved with the prosecution of Aemilia Lepida, putting forward a motion in the senate to outlaw her which carried.

pointing forward   (chỉ về phía trước)

Its antlers usually have five tines with a terminal fork pointing forward.

Some species have feet with two toes pointing forward and two backward, while several species have only three toes.

forward in time   (chuyển tiếp trong thời gian)

propagate forward in time) or "advanced" (propagate backward in time).

Each line of a diagram represents a particle propagating either backward or forward in time.

Users can then step forward in time, stepping into or over statements and proceeding in a forward direction.

forward who currently   (chuyển tiếp người hiện tại)

A 1.98 m (6'6") forward who currently plays for Chorale Roanne Basket of the LNB Pro B.

Marek Frimmel Marek Frimmel (born 10 November 1992) is a Slovak football forward who currently plays for the II.

Rasmus Katholm Rasmus Katholm (born 22 June 1981) is a Danish professional football forward who currently is a free agent.

forward movement   (chuyển động về phía trước)

No opposition was encountered during the forward movement, but the enemy endeavored to harass the retirement.

In his "Sci Fi Wire" review, Paul Di Filippo complained that the "forward movement of the story is slow and halting".

On 12 February the expeditionary force, composed as follows, was assembled at Peshawar ready to make a forward movement.

loose forward   (lỏng lẻo về phía trước)

His regular playing position is either as a lock or a loose forward.

They are similar to the loose forward trio of flankers and number eight in rugby union.

He played his last game of his first stint, at loose forward at Salford in December 1977.

facing forward   (hướng về phía trước)

He is placed facing forward, with his body tilted to the left.

The third field is red, on it a black head of a bull facing forward.

Many hunting animals have evolved eyes facing forward, enabling depth perception.

far forward   (xa về phía trước)

The short engine allowed for the cab to be mounted unusually far forward.

Common errors of squat form include descending too rapidly and flexing the torso too far forward.

"{ The moment before Atherton was hit, he witnessed two of his fellow riflemen move too far forward.

forward deployed   (chuyển tiếp triển khai)

The forward deployed Egyptian forces were shattered in three places by the attacking Israelis.

In 1971 the squadron departed San Diego and became a permanently forward deployed squadron stationed in Yokosuka, Japan.

A USO article noted that the Haifa USO under Gerzon's leadership epitomized "forward deployed hospitality for U.S. forces overseas."

forward end   (kết thúc chuyển tiếp)

The forward end of a boat is called the bow, the aft end the stern.

The engine is mounted above the cockpit on the forward end of the main keel tube.

The propellor shaft is fully enclosed and has a ball and fork joint at its forward end.

prop forward   (chống đỡ về phía trước)

Anderson played at prop forward in Bradford's 22-4 victory.

A prop forward, Hall played for Otago before joining Nottingham.

He is the son of former Llanelli and Welsh international prop forward Ricky Evans.

forward speed   (Tốc độ chuyển tiếp)

George began strengthening on September 30 as it decreased its forward speed.

There was only a single forward speed and no reverse so a gearbox was not used.

On landing, the aircraft descended too rapidly because of insufficient forward speed, breaking the main-landing-gear on touchdown.

forward who plays   (về phía trước ai chơi)

Njazi Kuqi Njazi Kuqi (born 25 March 1983) is a Finnish football forward who plays for HIFK in the Veikkausliiga.

Tyrese Campbell Tyrese Kai Campbell (born 28 December 1999) is an English football forward who plays for Stoke City.

Marko Dugandžić Marko Dugandžić (born 7 April 1994) is a Croatian football forward who plays for Romanian club FC Botoșani

forward base   (cơ sở chuyển tiếp)

It could also have been used as a forward base for American bombers to strike targets in the Soviet Union.

The Security Forces used the Rufunsa airstrip in eastern Zambia as a forward base against the guerrillas' bases.

Soldier is becoming more distant, and we learn he was transferred to a forward base and was seriously injured in the war, and his friends died.

just forward   (chỉ cần chuyển tiếp)

The fuselage has been lengthened by just forward of the main door for more capacity.

The precaudal pit (a cavity just forward of the caudal fin) is oriented longitudinally.

The front end reportedly induces a high-pressure zone just forward of the front wheels to increase front-wheel traction.