fought against   (戦った)

The Navajo fought against the Apaches in the area.

On August 22, 2008, he fought against Santipab Sit.

Jäger troops had fought against the Russian empire.

fought between

World War I was fought between 1914 and 1918.

All the battles were fought between France and Austria.

The Salvadoran Civil War was fought between 1979 and 1992.

fought back   (反撃)

But Idris Deby with government troops fought back.

Meath fought back and secured a 0–12 to 1–9 draw.

The Brisbane Lions fought back in the final quarter.

fought alongside

He fought alongside John Small in the French and Indian War.

It also fought alongside the Salafist jihadist al-Nusra Front.

He was the brother of Alessandro, whom he often fought alongside.

fought off

Orton, however, fought off both men and won the match.

The victim's son, Abby, escaped after he fought off the kidnappers.

Allegedly, Red Bull fought off a £20m contract offer by Scuderia Ferrari.

fought during

The regiment fought during the Algerian War.

Denktaş fought during the 1963 incidents at the age of 12.

Tocco fought during the 30 Years' War for the Holy Roman Empire.

then fought

The Navy then fought in the China War of 1840.

The battalion then fought in the Second Battle of El Alamein.

The Corps then fought a withdrawal to the Danube and around Munich.

battle was fought   (戦いが行われた)

Beside it, is the field where the battle was fought.

Others came to protect Yudhishthira and a fierce battle was fought.

The battle was fought near the fort of Salher in the Nashik district.

battle fought   (戦った)

The battle fought there was inconclusive.

The Ahom were victorious in the battle fought at Dikhoumukh.

This was the last battle fought together by all Maratha warlords.

division fought

Taken by surprise, this division fought back but lost 400 men, including many captured.

The division fought in several engagements in the Sinai before being transferred to France.

Formed in mid-1919, the division fought against the Armed Forces of South Russia on the Southern Front.

regiment fought

In 1746 the regiment fought at the Battle of Culloden.

The regiment fought during the Algerian War.

The regiment fought in many battles during the Civil War.

fought hard

The third fall saw a number of close calls as both teams fought hard to gain the victory.

However, Robinson fought hard and took great pride in the eventual success of the boycott.

A strong proponent of unions, she fought hard behind the scenes to get city workers to unionize.

hard fought

The game is hard fought.

A season full of hard fought matches, with a small squad, had taken its toll.

The Vols lost their SEC Opener in a hard fought battle with the Florida Gators.

battles fought

In most battles fought during the conflict this was proved not to be possible.

The battle is considered one of the largest battles fought in the 18th century.

This was one of many battles fought during Shingen's campaign to seize control of Shinano.

later fought

He later fought under Marshal André Masséna in Italy.

He later fought and was injured in the 1948 War of Independence.

It later fought in the First Indochina War against the Viet Minh.

fought their way

These divisions next fought their way across France, and into Germany.

Three of the elite rebelled against the system, and fought their way through the city.

The Cowboys had fought their way back into the game with two second quarter touchdowns.

fought near   (近くで戦った)

The battle was fought near the fort of Salher in the Nashik district.

The Battle of the Axona was fought near there between the Romans and the Belgae in 57 BC.

The several Battles of Kawanakajima between Uesugi Kenshin and Takeda Shingen were fought near here.

fought each

On March 24 Hizam forces fought each other.

He also fought each night with Apep, a serpentine god representing chaos.

Sometimes the expropriators fought each other over who would get a certain piece of land.

having fought

Company "B" was reportedly in high spirits, having fought off several German attacks.

His father fought in World War II, having fought throughout the war from Moscow to Berlin.

The prior "bretwalda", Ceawlin, is recorded by the "Anglo-Saxon Chronicle" as having fought Æthelberht in 568.

fought each other   (互いに戦った)

On March 24 Hizam forces fought each other.

Sometimes the expropriators fought each other over who would get a certain piece of land.

Under Swedish rule, Finnish and Spanish troops fought each other during the Thirty Years' War.

soldier who fought   (戦った兵士)

Taylor was not only a scholar, but also a soldier who fought for his country in World War II.

Epizelus Epizelus (Greek: Ἐπίζηλος), the son of Cuphagoras (Greek: Κουφάγoρας) was an Athenian soldier who fought at the Battle of Marathon in 490 BCE.

He was also a professional soldier who fought in the Nine Years War, and was knighted for his services to the English Crown by Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex, in 1599.

successfully fought

They successfully fought the will in court.

He successfully fought in Polish Livonia against Sweden from 1600s to 1617.

Hyde was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2010 and successfully fought it off in 2011.

battles were fought

All the battles were fought between France and Austria.

In the morning after these battles were fought, the heather would be red with blood.

closely fought

After a closely fought contest in Calgary, Canada, the tour rode into Texas.

Groves was declared the winner by majority decision after twelve closely fought rounds.

The game was closely fought, with Angus Gunn twice denying Viktor Gyökeres for the hosts.

forces fought

On March 24 Hizam forces fought each other.

Chinese Muslim forces fought against Soviet and Mongol troops in this incident.

However, UNITA forces fought alongside FAZ forces in at least several instances.

fought bravely

Both fought bravely and fought many battles.

Nevertheless, he fought bravely".

Gamache fought bravely against the stronger, more experienced Lopez.

troops fought

But Idris Deby with government troops fought back.

Soviet and German troops fought there until 8 August 1941.

Greek and British Commonwealth troops fought back but were overwhelmed.

fought through

He fought through the entire Civil War and saw action in many battles.

He went to France on D-Day+8 and fought through France, Belgium, Holland and Germany.

William Loudermilk, who insisted he fought through the Atlanta Campaign at 16, did not turn 14 until after Appomattox.

fought several

Saddler fought several other notable opponents during his career.

Under the training of Chuchart Luangpol, Armin fought several times.

The Ottomans, a Sunni dynasty, fought several campaigns against the Safavids.

fought his way

However, he fought his way back into the side.

He fought his way through to the finals with James Arthur and Christopher Maloney.

Clay fought his way into the fort; however, many of his men were taken prisoner by Tecumseh after they had captured a British artillery battery.

fought with distinction

He fought with distinction during the French intervention in Mexico.

The earl fought with distinction at the Battle of Kilsyth where Montrose was victorious.

He again fought with distinction at the Battle of Griswoldville on November 22, and was again wounded.

army fought

In this formation the army fought at the Battle of the Harpeth River (or First Franklin) on April 10.

During the English Civil War in 1644 a 10,000-strong parliamentary army fought Royalist forces in area.

The Egyptian Ibrahim Pasha and his army fought and defeated local rebels, led by Shaykh Qasim al-Ahmad, a prominent local ruler.

soldiers who fought

He also provided Bibles to French soldiers who fought in the Crimean War.

A plaque was also unveiled by Legacy to commemorate soldiers who fought in WW1.

Pines which are planted as a memorial to the Australian and New Zealand soldiers who fought in Gallipoli are also known as "Lone Pines" or "Gallipoli Pines".

when he fought   (彼が戦ったとき)

Ōba forfeited, much to his and Jin's shock, Jin won when he fought Jūzō.

However, in 1999, Byrd's undefeated record came to a dead end when he fought undefeated Ike Ibeabuchi.

But the momentum of the fight began to swing back in Guerrero's direction in Round 6, when he fought more from the outside.

men fought

Rhett and Bonnet's men fought each other for hours, but the outnumbered pirates ultimately surrendered.

In the winter of 1823–24, Odysseas and his men fought several battles with the Turks and destroyed villages in the Euboea region.

Approximately 70,000 Maryland men fought for the Union during the Civil War, and approximately 20,000 fought for the Confederacy.

never fought

However, he never fought again after December 2007.

She had never fought competition on this level.

Knoetze never fought for a major title again.

fought as part

It fought as part of the 100th Jäger Division.

It fought as part of the Japanese invasion of Burma and eastern India.

The battle was fought as part of a series of attempts by the French army to disrupt the Prussian army's siege of Paris.

fought many

The sons fought many wars on behalf of their father.

Wills fought many of the top heavyweights of his era.

Like his father, Nicholas II fought many feuds.

fought its way

The expedition fought its way to Gyantse and eventually reached Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, in August 1904.

Meanwhile, 1st Burma Division fought its way to and across the Pin Chaung river where they met with the relief column on 19 April.

On 25 August, the U.S. 2nd Armored Division fought its way into Elbeuf, making contact with British and Canadian armoured divisions.

fought and died

Many locals fought and died in the Yugoslav partisan units.

Among them was the acclaimed British poet Lord Byron, who fought and died in Missolonghi in 1826.

The monument has Rolls of Honour containing the 32 names of those from Denshaw who fought and died in these wars.

war was fought

Much of the early war was fought via mercenaries.

The war was fought over the disputed region of Badme.

The next Russo-Swedish war was fought in (1808–1809).

battalion fought

On 22 August 1777, his battalion fought in the Battle of Staten Island, losing 30 men.

Körner hid the civilian deaths, reporting to his superiors that the 118th battalion fought only against numerous partisan squads.

The battalion fought with great gallantry at Chakothi in the Jhelum Valley, and foiled all Indian attempts to advance towards Muzaffarabad.