İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

found guilty   (suçlu bulundu)

Manstein was found guilty on nine of the charges.

He was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.

Yoshii, and Dr. Teraki) were found guilty and hanged.

found only   (sadece bulundu)

Others are found only in a specific body of water.

His poems are found only in Moroccan collections.

It can be found only in the Potomac River watershed.

not found   (bulunamadı)

Europium is not found in nature as a free element.

(This is not found in Georges Roux - Ancient Iraq.

Contrary to quartz, GaPO is not found in nature.

study found   (çalışma bulundu)

A study found that herd size reduces in summer.

The study found lesions in the scalp itself and liver.

No study found evidence of inequity aversion.

found themselves   (Kendilerini buldular)

Many passengers found themselves unable to move.

Its crew of nine found themselves adrift on two rafts.

They found themselves in the king's capital.

commonly found   (yaygın olarak bulunan)

It is commonly found in the human digestive system.

It is commonly found in the feces of herbivores.

It is commonly found by streams and other wet places.

often found   (sıklıkla bulundu)

It is not as often found in dry deciduous forests.

Because of this, he's often found in the library.

As they are often found in waters less than deep.

found dead   (ölübulundu)

The next morning the island’s dog is found dead.

Hwang was found dead on the morning of 21 April 1961.

Foley was found dead in his home on December 1, 1952.

found no

After analyzing the results, they found no issues.

Three inhalation tests found no mortality or toxicity.

Later helicopter surveys found no radioactive leakage.

later found   (daha sonra bulundu)

He would later found the Buckley Aircraft Company.

The sum of £3,000 was later found in the farmhouse.

Police later found Gibson had no case to answer.

found throughout   (boyunca bulundu)

The name Hausdorff is found throughout mathematics.

Varieties of ASL are found throughout the world.

They are very useful and found throughout the world.

helped found   (yardımcı bulundu)

In 1869, he helped found the Lafayette Savings Bank.

Mongenais helped found the Collège Bourget at Rigaud.

He helped found the Severn Sailing Association.

found within

Within the cell, TTC16 is found within the nucleus.

Most nests have been found within of open water.

Four burials were found within or adjacent to silos.

found here   (burada bulundu)

Red pottery was found here with black portraiture.

Remains of a Roman villa have also been found here.

A full list of his contributions can be found here.

found near   (yakınında bulundu)

It is found near Davao, Talikud Island, Mindanao.

His body was found near a soccer field in Umlazi.

Oil shales are found near Vranje and Aleksinac.

found along

Sea caves are found along coasts around the world.

It is found along the west-central coast of Mexico.

It is found along sandy sea coasts in South Africa.

found itself   (kendini buldu)

Crocetta found itself on the front line of World War I.

The parish of Kew found itself without a Parish constable in 1873.

The brigade found itself mired in mine fields and under heavy fire.

species found

and other species found in warm, moist sites.

The following tables summarize the species found so far.

They are a benthic species found on the continental shelf.

found in many

His work can be found in many public collections.

Excellent sandy beaches are found in many locations.

Surya temples are found in many parts of India.

usually found   (genellikle bulundu)

It is usually found in association with red algae.

They are usually found in desert and sandy areas.

They are usually found a metre below the surface.

only found   (sadece bulundu)

White-eared pocket mice are only found in California.

They are now only found in a few places in the world.

The original manuscript was only found in 1891.

found work   (iş bulundu)

He seems not to have found work as a musician.

He later found work sailing on cargo steamers.

He then found work on Henry Martin's farm in Kelmscott.

body was found   (vücut bulundu)

His body was found in a bog in Barna a week later.

Her body was found in a ditch near Cathedral City.

His body was found with a bullet wound to the head.

found among   (arasında bulundu)

Also they can be found among the Baloch tribes.

This variation is also found among images of Vajrapani.

Eyes of the Mongolian type are hardly found among them."

soon found   (yakında bulundu)

King Boabdil soon found his position intolerable.

who soon found themselves indicted by a federal grand jury.

It is soon found, and Hope rejoices that it was only a mistake.

found not   (bulunamadı)

The women were found not guilty of criminal charges.

Barker was found not guilty of murder by a jury.

Chmura was tried but found not guilty of all charges.

court found   (mahkeme bulundu)

The court found all six mutineers guilty of murder.

The court found him innocent in November 2012.

In July 2009, a British court found in favour of Asda.

species is found

This species is found mainly in the Indian Ocean.

This species is found in northern and central Laos.

The species is found in Central Papua, Indonesia.

found in other   (diğerlerinde bulundu)

The gene has also been found in other germ cell tumors.

Similar results have been found in other jurisdictions.

Related words are also found in other Turkic languages.

found around   (etrafında bulundu)

This fish is found around the Hawaiian Islands.

The sculptures can be found around the city.

Several Roman inscriptions have been found around Crammond.

found it difficult

He initially found it difficult to compose.

He found it difficult to keep himself upright without stays.

Petrov found it difficult to respond to Axis attacks quickly.

never found   (hiçbirzaman bulunamadı)

The bodies of Decius and Herennius were never found.

He was then 20 years old and never found his father.

He played 11 times in the league, but never found the net.

found in most   (çoğunda bulundu)

It is found in most of southern and central Europe.

It is found in most of Europe and in eastern Russia.

eventually found   (sonunda bulundu)

He eventually found his place as a central midfielder.

The men were eventually found close to death.

They were eventually found by a Royal Navy rescue party.

typically found   (tipik olarak bulundu)

It is typically found at heights of 1200-2000 m.

The bellus angelfish is typically found at depths of 300 ft.

The C-M bond is typically found to be around 1.65 angstroms.

found a new   (yeni buldum)

The Fighters found a new drummer in 16-year old C.J.

In the early 1960s the couple found a new avocation.

Knowles found a new site for his theatre on Peter Street.

still be found   (hala bulunabilir)

A few Bungi speakers can still be found in Manitoba.

These five elements can still be found in this garden.

As of 1996, it could still be found in both countries.

found evidence   (kanıt bulundu)

No study found evidence of inequity aversion.

Two studies found evidence of irritation in ocular tests.

They found evidence for inequity aversion in the four male marmosets.

found not guilty   (suçsuz bulundu)

The women were found not guilty of criminal charges.

Barker was found not guilty of murder by a jury.

Chmura was tried but found not guilty of all charges.

found in southern

It is found in southern Somalia and eastern Kenya.

It is found in southern Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia.

It is found in southern Nigeria and western Cameroon.

found between

The plant is found between 200 and 900 m elevation.

The plant is found between 800 and 1800 m elevation.

The plant is found between 300–500 m elevation.

found success

Each team found success on special teams as well.

The blog eventually found success outside of the Internet.

Gradually, various manufacturing firms found success in Cadillac.

found during   (sırasında bulundu)

Tripod stilts have been found during excavations in Ur.

In 1998, this treasure was found during construction works.

Three halls, each about long, were found during the excavation.

found in all

Nerve cells are found in all parts of the colony.

Parmales can be found in all the major world oceans.

Mammals are found in all the regions of Canada.

first found

The ring was first found in ancient Latgalian lands.

It was first found in British Columbia, Canada.

Sahdona first found refuge in Nisibis and later in Edessa.

not be found   (bulunamadı)

A replacement could not be found on short notice.

Extreme climate should not be found here.

One album that can not be found for sale is "The Rustic EP".

found their way

A number of copies found their way out of the prison.

Some copies survived and found their way into theatres.

Some copies of the single found their way onto the shelves.

found its way   (yolunu buldu)

It also found its way onto Southern Railway locomotives.

Only one female head (the Weber-Laborde head) found its way to Venice.

Thus the Codex found its way to the Imperial Library at St. Petersburg.

still found   (hala bulundu)

Restored Mochet Velocars are still found in France.

However, Kluge still found himself hypnotized by painting.

They are still found in this center.

found no evidence   (kanıt bulunamadı)

The enforcement directorate found no evidence linking him to Koda.

However, modern scholars have found no evidence to support this claim.

found growing

It was found growing wild in southern France.

The type specimen was found growing on "Neorhodomela larix".

It was found growing on "Bambusa".

found across   (genelinde bulundu)

They are found across Africa, Asia, and Australia.

Similar May Day customs are found across Europe.

It is found across the Palearctic and in the Nearctic.

helped to found

There he helped to found the Glyndebourne Festival Opera.

He helped to found the UPRN in 1991 and became its President.

She helped to found a Domestic Workers' Union in Harlem in 1934.

found mainly

This species is found mainly in the Indian Ocean.

It is found mainly on the west coast of Tasmania.

It is found mainly in Amazonian lowlands.

jury found   (jüri bulundu)

A jury found Ballade guilty, and he was fined $15.

The grand jury found the shooting to be accidental.

On May 18, 1912, the jury found Floyd Allen guilty.

found employment   (iş buldum)

He found employment at the sawmill of Nicholas Lisson.

Eventually, he found employment at a Borders bookstore.

Later she moved to Revel and found employment at a shipyard.

report found   (rapor bulundu)

The majority report found that no racism had occurred.

The report found favourable results from educational activities.

The coroner's report found that Riley suffered a brain haemorrhage.

species are found

Several species are found in North America as well.

Most "Trogus" species are found in North America.

Several species are found in humans and animals.

then found

He then found work on Henry Martin's farm in Kelmscott.

He then found work at Nippon Broadcasting System (NBS).

Theresa is then found by the police and is again arrested.

now found

Royal Navy patrols were now found in Scottish waters even in peacetime.

Consequently, CE marking is now found on many products from these countries.

It is now found in the eastern Mediterranean off the shores from Turkey to Egypt.

studies have found   (çalışmalar buldu)

Many studies have found that certain fears (e.g.

Regarding environmental health, studies have found no or a positive effect.

Other studies have found evidence of price convergence, in particular for cars.

found all   (hepsini buldum)

"C. fontinella" is found all around North America.

The court found all six mutineers guilty of murder.

She found all she needed there and went to the ball.

not been found   (bulunamadı)

Sodium orthosilicate has not been found in nature.

It was lost during the war and has not been found.

Despite searches over 70 years, it has not been found.

found in both

This word is found in both Nynorsk and Bokmål.

These characteristics are found in both sexes.

As of 1996, it could still be found in both countries.

found inside

The Abbey is found inside a private walled estate.

Charcoal and stonehammers were found inside the tip.

No bird remains were found inside the engines.

generally found   (genellikle bulundu)

These slugs are generally found in ecotonal habitats.

They are generally found near rivers or over floodplains.

They are generally found in freshwater.

found more   (daha fazla buldum)

In India, injuries are found more in males (81%).

Bowman, however, found more doubt than religion.

Some patients have found more benefit from an oral NSAID.

survey found   (anket bulundu)

Another, more academic, survey found 68% support.

Regarding harassment, the survey found: Known as YISS-2.

The complete survey found 17.4% of all voters were undecided.

most commonly found   (en yaygın bulunan)

Slavery was most commonly found in households.

This figure is most commonly found in Scottish country dance.

Household items are the most commonly found items among incidents.

mostly found

Fungi in this family are mostly found in soil.

Plants are mostly found in extensive stands.

They are mostly found near the coastlines.

researchers found   (araştırmacılar bulundu)

These researchers found candicine to closely resemble nicotine in its effects.

The researchers found that this was due to the larger bubbles which these gases produce.

Kangerluk is the location where researchers found a 'galloping' glacier in 1999 that moves up to a day.

finally found   (sonunda bulundu)

The prince finally found the princess and married her.

When she finally found out about her father, he was dying.

He also pursued other opportunities until he finally found his niche.

found in northern

This species is found in northern and central Laos.

Fossils have also been found in northern Mexico.

It is found in northern and southern Tanzania.

found to contain   (içerdiği bulundu)

The grave was exhumed and was found to contain a single shoe.

Alas, the trunk arrived and it was found to contain no documents.

In 1878, erbium ores were found to contain the oxides of holmium and thulium.

frequently found   (sık bulundu)

Gold has been frequently found at Kennedy's Bay.

The borzoi is frequently found in art deco-period works.

They are also frequently found in nature.

review found   (inceleme bulundu)

The same review found 279 adverse events, 25 of them serious.

A systemic review found that it has the highest success rate (96.1%).

A 2015 review found a larger effect with medications than talk therapy.

ever found   (Şimdiye kadar bulunan)

These men are hardly ever found in prison and clinics.

6-year-old Ender Wiggin is the best they've ever found.

No such river has been ever found in India or elsewhere.

when he found   (bulduğunda)

For some time he looked for a way back home, when he found the way he returned home.

The Aztec god Tezcatlipoca was able to reenter the human world when he found a human host.

Talk Talk leader Mark Hollis was very unhappy when he found out about "History Revisited".

found in eastern   (doğuda bulundu)

It is found in eastern Uganda and western Kenya.

It is found in eastern Nigeria and western Cameroon.

It is found in eastern Ivory Coast and western Ghana.

found in several

Disjunct colonies can be found in several states.

Suicides are found in several of Dostoyevsky's books.

The beetle was found in several sightings in Essex in 2008.

investigation found   (soruşturma bulundu)

The accident investigation found this odor not to be related to the fire.

The investigation found that the takeoff should have been aborted but was not.

An AP investigation found some pieces contained more than 80 percent of cadmium..

mainly found   (esas olarak bulundu)

The species is mainly found in mountainous areas.

They were mainly found in Keonjhar, Dhenkanal.

In nature it is mainly found in fungi of the "Fusarium" species.

found a way

The Hindu Mahasabha found a way out of the situation.

It appears Cordelia found a way to escape without Elaine.

With much difficulty they found a way to Poland, arriving in 1921.

census found

The 2010 census found 963 people in the township.

The 2010 census found 6,711 people in the township.

The 2010 census found 2,701 people in the township.

sometimes found

Antimony is sometimes found natively (e.g.

It is sometimes found in the abdomens of dead sperm whales.

Triggers or throws are sometimes found on the first valve slide.

found in various

Many of these can be found in various forms.

Both meanings of "Tapas" are found in various Hindu texts.

The E1b1b1 clade is presently found in various forms in Morocco.

police found   (polis bulundu)

The same day police found a suspected mass grave.

During a search, police found a set of keys, including a shaved key.

Permitted by Lim to search his flat, the police found traces of blood.

found refuge

He found refuge and solace in his love of books.

Sahdona first found refuge in Nisibis and later in Edessa.

Vidali found refuge in the Soviet Union, relocating to Moscow.

found time

He also found time to work on poems and musical compositions.

Some "cofradía" members also found time to visit Pule in Manila.

He also found time to be active in the Zoological Society of London.

found many

In the graves were found many burial objects.

He found many of the original mountings for weapons still in place.

He found many of his interviewees online, and received thousands of emails.

found in open   (açıkta bulundu)

They are found in open country worldwide, mostly in habitats near water.

Adult kokanee can be found in open water where the thermocline is around .

rarely found   (nadiren bulundu)

This species is rarely found in NSW, and Australia.

This genetic tolerance is very rarely found in nature.

These variants are rarely found in snack bars.

found off

It is found off the Northern Territory and Queensland

This extinct marine species was found off California, USA

It is also found off the Falkland Islands.

remains were found   (kalıntılar bulundu)

On Friday November 21, 2008, his remains were found.

No bird remains were found inside the engines.

Additional remains were found west of Holbrook, Arizona.

again found

The high court had once again found for the state.

He was again found guilty on 4 July 2007.

Singleton was again found himself competing with Gary Keithley.

found elsewhere   (başka yerde bulundu)

Further details about MCI can be found elsewhere.

Such laments are found elsewhere in the psalms and the Book of Job.

Other, less spectacular vents are found elsewhere in the Marra Mountains.

quickly found

They quickly found pasture for their cattle at Mattapan.

He quickly found a new club, ending the season with Telstar.

Upon landing in a field, he met a youth who quickly found a doctor.

having found

He returned south to rejoin Vancouver without having found Deception Pass.

Kuriakose, having found a suicide note, hands it over to the police as evidence.

Nhat Linh denied this, and the police having found no evidence did not seek to arrest Tam till 1963.

found several   (birkaç bulundu)

Police searched the home and found several guns.

All over the city can be found several statues or busts.

Jensen's body was found several days later.

found little   (az bulundu)

However, his suggestion found little acceptance.

Unfortunately, the show found little support in Buenos Aires.

Daly's returned to musical comedies but found little further success.