Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

foundation stone   (piedra fundamental)

She laid the foundation stone for the new school.

On 27 November 1869, the foundation stone was laid.

The foundation stone was laid on 11 August 2009.

laid the foundation   (sentó las bases)

She laid the foundation stone for the new school.

This laid the foundation for "Server Sundaram".

This laid the foundation for the eastern Portuguese Empire.

stone foundation   (cimientos de piedra)

It has a gable roof and sits on a stone foundation.

Its wood-frame structure rests on a stone foundation.

The stone foundation piers and dam currently remain intact.

charitable foundation   (Fundación caritativa)

The attraction is owned by a charitable foundation.

In June 1998, a charitable foundation was formed.

All metered parking benefits a charitable foundation.

concrete foundation   (cimientos de hormigón)

It is in plan and rests on a concrete foundation.

It is a one-story frame school on a concrete foundation.

It is constructed of brick and sits on a concrete foundation.

became the foundation

This became the foundation of the permanent English Army.

These horses became the foundation of the Hanoverian breed.

In 1974 he became the foundation Principal of Orewa College.

laying the foundation

Purniah is remembered for laying the foundation of sound administrative machinery for the state.

Wayne was impressed, and decided that they were the right band for him, thus laying the foundation of Reverend.

In 1827, Keats was elected to the Ohio Bridge Commission, laying the foundation for the river's first crossing.

new foundation

On November 9, 1991, the new foundation at Agbang was canonically erected.

The company created a new foundation, the Chick-fil-A Foundation, to fund outside groups.

Began new foundation in 2016 the Miss Senegal purposed to return at Miss Universe pageant.

lay the foundation

These meetings helped lay the foundation for the establishment of the Oregon Territory.

These volumes helped to lay the foundation for the scholarly study of the Yiddish language and literature.

His vision would lay the foundation for a democratic, twentieth-century Mexico, but without polarizing the social classes.

solid foundation

All of these laid a solid foundation for the modernization of Wuhan.

That provided a solid foundation for further trades union advances after the Second World War.

However, his twenty-five years of missionary service laid a solid foundation on which Indian church could be built.

brick foundation

It is a two-story brick house on a brick foundation.

It is a common bond brick building on a brick foundation.

It is a two-and-a-half-story frame house on a brick foundation.

private foundation   (Fundación privada)

The CERN Foundation is a private foundation.

It has been an independent private foundation since 2014.

The cost was covered by a grant from a private foundation.

foundation member

JRA is a foundation member of the Landaid Appeal.

He was a foundation member of the Royal Academy.

It then joined the NZRFU as a foundation member in 1892.

granite foundation

The lighthouse is a tall white brick tower on a granite foundation.

It is built of hard-pressed red brick on a rough granite foundation.

The house has a roughly rectangular footprint, with a granite foundation.

foundation date

The precise foundation date of the BP is not known.

This year is assumed to be the foundation date of the city.

The day is also marked to be the foundation date of the studio.

limestone foundation   (base de piedra caliza)

The barn has a limestone foundation.

It is a three-story, "L"-shaped red brick building on a limestone foundation.

It is a one-story gable-front brick church, with brick laid in common bond, on a limestone foundation.

formed the foundation

AKCL formed the foundation for Axiom, another computer algebra system.

This work formed the foundation for the company she co-founded, GeneFormatics.

The article formed the foundation for his 1922 book "The Coming of the Fairies".

strong foundation

This provides a strong foundation for improved self-confidence and happiness for all participants."

The texture of this opening is almost metronomic, and provides a strong foundation for the dramatic string theme that comes out on top of it.

She persevered for the love of music, and has stated that she is thankful for the strong foundation in music she received due to this experience.

foundation stones

Two foundation stones were blessed and laid.

Only the foundations, the foundation stones, and one course of stones are preserved.

Some of the original foundation stones are over twenty-four inches (600 mm) in diameter.

foundation established

It is run by Oasis Community Learning (a foundation established by the Oasis Trust).

In 1996, the foundation established a university in İstanbul, the Yeditepe University.

Oasis International Foundation The Oasis International Foundation is an interfaith foundation established in 2004.

fieldstone foundation

The house sits on a fieldstone foundation.

The house is on a fieldstone foundation.

It is covered with clapboard and sits on a fieldstone foundation.