İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

company was founded   (şirket kuruldu)

The company was founded by Tran Qui Thanh in 1994.

The company was founded by Guy Buckingham in 1952.

The company was founded in Columbus Ohio in 1982.

club was founded   (kulüp kuruldu)

The first Armenian chess club was founded in 1936.

The club was founded in 1960 under name "Bukhoro".

The women's Aikido club was founded a year later.

newly founded   (yeni kurulan)

He joined the newly founded club Pas Hamedan in 2007.

Napoleon named him to the newly founded Paris Conservatoire.

He also worked for the newly founded Armenian "Nor Or" newspaper.

company founded   (şirket kuruldu)

In 1995, the company founded Flexjet.

Dalloyau Dalloyau is a Paris-based food company founded in 1682.

RealNames RealNames was a company founded in 1997 by Keith Teare.

school was founded   (okul kuruldu)

The elementary school was founded in the year 2009.

Kirtlington Park polo school was founded in 1994.

The school was founded by Pramath Ranjan Thakur.

organization founded   (organizasyon kuruldu)

The Governor Mifflin TSA is a prestigious organization founded in 2016.

It was the first anti-vivisection organization founded in the United States.

Several essays criticize Samois, a BDSM organization founded by and for lesbians.

founded his own

In 1990 he founded his own label, Acoustic Records.

He founded his own studio, GuysinSweatPants, in 2013.

Within a decade he founded his own private banking firm.

founded the first

John Leavitt Jr. founded the first public school.

She founded the first girls' school in Henan province.

In 1935 Böck founded the first skiing school at Nesselwang.

later founded

He later founded the Wesleyan Deaconesses in 1890.

She later founded the Julie Donli Kidney Foundation.

He later founded JN Holding on 14 December 2007.

team was founded   (takım kuruldu)

The VB football team was founded on 5 June 1905.

The Winnipeg Monarchs junior team was founded in 1930.

The team was founded before the 2006 WNBA season began.

founded a new

Wong founded a new company, Mountains, in Melbourne.

In 2014, he founded a new party, Istrian Democrats ().

In 1997 he founded a new political party named MIGATO.

officially founded

The city was officially founded on February 15, 1890.

The city was officially founded on February 11, 1920.

The modern city was officially founded on May 20, 1921.

organization was founded

In 1922, a women's auxiliary organization was founded.

The organization was founded in May of 1895.

The organization was founded in 1891 by Flora McFarlane.

party was founded

The party was founded in by 223 citizens of Latvia.

The party was founded on November 3, 1996 by Selvin.

The party was founded in 1996 as the Communist Party.

town was founded   (kasaba kuruldu)

The town was founded by the Elk Horn Coal Company.

The town was founded by the commune of Asti in 1275.

The town was founded by Makhdoom Mir Muhammad.

group founded

In 1884, the group founded the Fabian Society.

The Gods (band) The Gods were an English group founded in 1965.

Kosmikud Kosmikud are an Estonian alternative rock group founded in 1999.

founded the company   (şirketi kurdu)

In 2001 he founded the company "KAN Development".

Daniel Stewart founded the company in 1856 in Ione.

Marais founded the company Southern Liqueur Company.

label founded

It was a vanity label founded by the Street Dogs.

Ltd. was a Japanese record label founded by Ken Suzuki.

is an American record label founded by Marilyn Manson in 2010.

school founded   (okul kuruldu)

2, p. 140) refers to an otherwise unknown school founded by Barrett.

Also it had a primary school founded in 1677,but it was closed in 2015.

The school is a co-educational secondary school founded by the Hong Kong Government.

founded during

But the village was founded during the Ottoman era.

The FMS mission school was also founded during his term.

The ETA group was founded during the Franco period in 1959.

group was founded

The group was founded in 1946 by J. G. Whitfield.

The group was founded by P. Ravichandran in the late-1980s.

The ETA group was founded during the Franco period in 1959.

city was founded

The modern city was founded on February 11, 1942.

The modern city was founded on 1 April 1889.

Ube, Yamaguchi The city was founded on November 1, 1921.

founded around   (etrafında kurulmuş)

The monastery of St. Blasius was founded around 1100.

The village was founded around the year 1000.

Aarau was founded around AD 1240 by the counts of Kyburg.

record label founded   (plak şirketi kuruldu)

Ltd. was a Japanese record label founded by Ken Suzuki.

is an American record label founded by Marilyn Manson in 2010.

Discuba Discuba is a Cuban record label founded in 1959 by RCA Victor.

then founded

Nickelodeon Movies was then founded in 1996.

He then founded a similar academy at Thiruvananthapuram.

She then founded her namesake high fashion label in 1999.

founded by former

In 2005, Puppet was founded by former CEO Luke Kanies.

It was founded by former Oregon governor John Kitzhaber, M.D.

It was founded by former prime minister Mihai-Răzvan Ungureanu.

club founded

It was an Italian association football club founded in 1919.

merged with SR Boetticher y Navarro, a club founded by the Company Boetticher.

Blagnac FC Blagnac Football Club is a French association football club founded in 1963.

church was founded

The church was founded in 1799 and reformed in 1840.

The church was founded by Bishop William Ingraham Kip.

The church was founded in 1616 and re-used the loggia's facade.

village was founded

The village was founded in 1800s by Turkmen people.

But the village was founded during the Ottoman era.

Mir village was founded sometime prior to 1345.

first founded

It was first founded in 1986 by Rajkumar Gupta.

One of the first founded was the Moscow Cheka.

The library itself was first founded in 1866.

founded the city

Carlos Jose Bernardes Sobrinho founded the city.

Chalcidean settlers founded the city in 735 BC.

Aeneas founded the city of Lavinium, named after his wife.

founded several

The LDS Church has founded several communities in Alberta.

He also founded several orphanages and trade schools in Lebanon.

Members of the Berenberg family have founded several other companies.

band founded

Kalisia Kalisia is a French progressive metal band founded in 1994.

Missing Filemon Missing Filemon is a Cebuano rock band founded in 2002.

Stoneman (band) Stoneman is a band founded in 2004 from various areas of Switzerland.

party founded

The party founded in 1995 after death of GM Syed.

Future Together, a centrist party founded in 2004, split in 2008.

One NL Eén NL (One NL) is a Dutch political party founded in September 2006.

founded the town   (kasabayı kurdu)

In 1891, he founded the town of Barlow on that land.

He founded the town of Franceville, and was later colonial governor.

He founded the town of Ansonia, and built a dam across the Naugatuck River.

college was founded

In 1646, a college was founded in Barcelonnette.

The college was founded in 1905 as the Department of Pedagogy.

The college was founded in 1973 to train locals in agriculture.

band was founded

The band was founded in 1848 by Jean-Georges Paulus.

The band was founded in 2014, in Melbourne.

The band was founded in 2007 and led by Bálint Tárkány-Kovács.

museum was founded

The museum was founded in 1930 and opened in 1936.

The museum was founded in 1988 when Parajanov moved to Yerevan.

The museum was founded in 1976 and opened to the public in 1981.

firm founded   (firma kuruldu)

In 1991 SGE acquired Norwest Holst, a British civil engineering firm founded in 1969.

In 2000, Hall Estill acquired Nichols Wolfe, a Tulsa corporate law firm founded in 1965.

De Caro & Kaplen, LLP De Caro & Kaplen, LLP, is a New York-based law firm founded in 1982.

originally founded   (başlangıçta kuruldu)

Ajax Cape Town was originally founded by John Comitis and Rob Moore in 1999.

The club was originally founded in 1945 and was dissolved during the Korean War.

The depot was originally founded as Naval Air Rework Facility (NARF) Jacksonville.

recently founded

In addition, he recently founded a literary/talent agency.

In 1920 he moved to the recently founded University of Poznań.

The recently founded Libyan Football Federation organised the competition.

organisation founded

The IFC is a non-profit organisation founded in 1998 and based in Tokyo, Japan.

The Association Montessori Internationale is the sole Montessori organisation founded by Montessori herself.

Abhinav Bharat was named after the Abhinav Bharat Society, an organisation founded by Vinayak Damodar Savarkar in 1904.

founded and directed

He founded and directed until his death the Italian chess magazine "Scacco!

In 1971 he began his collaboration with the journal "", founded and directed by .

Five years later, in 1999 he founded and directed the CSL's Interaction Laboratory.

firm was founded   (firma kuruldu)

The firm was founded in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1999.

The brokerage firm was founded in 1920 in New York.

The firm was founded in 1976 in Palo Alto, California.

university was founded

The Northern catholic university was founded on May 31, 1956.

The university was founded as the Kyzyl Teacher's College in 1952.

The university was founded by Dr.

founded upon

His kingship is founded upon the hypostatic union.

And this is the reason the law is founded upon that point.

The piers and arches are founded upon a masonry platform wide by thick.

monastery was founded   (manastır kuruldu)

The Buddhist monastery was founded by Lama Lhatsun Chempo.

A monastery was founded at Old Leighlin by St. Gobban early in the seventh century.

In 1542 the monastery was founded by Saint Dionysios and dedicated to the Holy Trinity.

founded and led

The Cabaret was founded and led by composer Jerzy Wasowski (b.

In 1928, at the age of 17, he was founded and led his own orchestra.

The party was founded and led by Namgay Tsering and Kazi Lhendup Dorji.

political party founded

One NL Eén NL (One NL) is a Dutch political party founded in September 2006.

Reason Party (Australia) The Reason Party is an Australian political party founded in 2017.

He ran under the People's Champ Movement (PCM), a local political party founded by Manny Pacquiao.

settlement was founded

The settlement was founded in 1496 and occupied until 1562.

The first permanent European settlement was founded in 1784.

The settlement was founded in 1923 under the name Stergres ().

founded her own

As a result, Canepa founded her own comics company.

In 1988, she founded her own company, Siobhan Davies Dance.

In 1982 she founded her own backing group, the "Auvrettes".

initially founded

The company was initially founded in cooperation with Fjord1.

Morrison Homes was initially founded in Seattle in 1905 by C.G.

He initially founded Fresh Express, which was acquired by Wahquita Brands.

society founded   (toplum kuruldu)

The St George's Singers is large choral society founded in 1956.

Society for Asian Music The Society for Asian Music is an academic society founded in 1959.

Knights of Marshall The Knights of Marshall are a West African fraternal society founded in 1926.

founded and edited

In 1900 they founded and edited the Women's Labour News.

She also founded and edited the national newspaper, the "Woman's Helper".

Lermond founded and edited the Knox Academy's journal, "The Maine Naturalist".

having been founded

It is the second newest party in Lithuania, having been founded in 2018.

It is one of the oldest science journals still being published, having been founded in 1823.

PAL is the oldest airline in Asia operating under its original name, having been founded in 1941.

society was founded

The society was founded in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1982.

The society was founded in 1978 in Passau.

The society was founded in 1894 and incorporated on July 18, 1895.

team founded   (ekip kuruldu)

Annually the team plays a fundraiser match against the team founded by the US Congress.

Biesse Carrera Gavardo Biesse Carrera Gavardo is an Italian UCI Continental team founded in 2018.

Forca Amskins Racing Forca Amskins Racing is a Malaysian UCI Continental cycling team founded in 2018.

community was founded   (topluluk kuruldu)

The community was founded in the early 1880s.

In 1945, a Jewish community was founded by survivors of the Shoah.

The community was founded by William John Butler, the vicar of Wantage.

newspaper was founded

The newspaper was founded by Bailey P. Wootton in 1911.

The newspaper was founded in 1948 by Ruperto Villareal Montemayor.

The newspaper was founded by a freedom fighter named Shiv Prasad Gupta.

association was founded

The club's parent athletic association was founded in 1966.

The association was founded in 1998.

The association was founded in 1965.

founded before

Tigertown was founded before the Texas Revolution.

It was probably founded before the Norman Conquest.

Centers founded before 1994 are first generation.

union was founded   (sendika kuruldu)

Rugby union was founded in Melbourne in 1888.

The union was founded in 1917, as the National Union of Co-operative Officials.

The union was founded in 1872 as the Leeds and District United Tanners' Society.

founded their own

In 2012 the band parted ways with Hubris and founded their own label Summer Omelette.

The modernists founded their own organization, The French Union of Modern Artists, in 1929.

Also a group of members from the party founded their own party, Emergency Council ("Noodraad").

founded a school   (bir okul kurdu)

She founded a school for girls in Ningbo, Zhejiang.

He also founded a school in Barcelona in 1895.

During that time, he founded a school for Andover youth.

magazine founded

Midnight Street Midnight Street is a British horror fiction magazine founded and published by Trevor Denyer.

Closer (magazine) Closer is a British tabloid magazine founded in 2005 and published by Bauer Consumer Media.

Gotham (magazine) Gotham was a regional magazine founded by publisher Jason Binn in 2001 and published by Niche Media, LLC.

when he founded   (kurduğu zaman)

This continued when he founded his own Ensemble La Fenice.

Tsujimoto was still president of Irem Corporation when he founded I.R.M.

However, De Valera took the great majority of Sinn Féin support with him when he founded Fianna Fáil.

newspaper founded

Its origins were in a weekly newspaper founded in 1910 called the "DuPage County Tribune".

Feteh Feteh is an Ethiopian independent weekly newspaper founded in 2008 by Temesgen Desalegn.

FrontPage Africa FrontPage Africa is a Liberian daily newspaper founded in 2005 by Rodney Sieh.

formally founded

Young Pirates was formally founded in 2013.

AEA was formally founded as American European Associates.

He formally founded the city of Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1610.

league was founded

The league was founded by the Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) in 2018.

The league was founded in 1982 and current champions are Fylkir.

The league was founded in 2017 and current champions are Augnablik.

magazine was founded

The magazine was founded in 1949 by David J. Murphy.

The magazine was founded by Ljuba Čupa in August 1911.

In 2013, Pulp Literature magazine was founded on Bowen Island.

organisation was founded

The organisation was founded in 1990.

The organisation was founded at a convention in Ernakulam in 1974.

The organisation was founded in 1928, building on the Bristol Boys & Girls Club.

founded the band

Seinfeld founded the band in 1987 but left the band in early 2011.

Before Scooter, Rick founded the band Celebrate the Nun, together with H.P.

They claim to have founded the band to get their music in a Quentin Tarantino film.

station was founded   (istasyon kuruldu)

The station was founded by a Mr. Blankenship.

The station was founded by Dr. Noel Murphy.

The station was founded in 1982 by Harold and Carlene Lawder.

movement founded

It was a religious reform movement founded in rural areas of East Bengal.

He was, for a time, associated with the "Voice of Healing" movement founded by Gordon Lindsay.

Founded in 1999, it is based on the ideology of the Meimad movement founded in 1988 by Rabbi Yehuda Amital.

production company founded   (üretim şirketi kuruldu)

Gavanski is one of the owners of Milestone Production, a Vancouver production company founded in 1996.

Rogue Arts Rogue Arts is a film production company founded in 2004 and is based in Los Angeles, California.

Blossom Films Blossom Films is a production company founded by Australian-American actress Nicole Kidman in 2010.

founded and became

In 1984 he founded and became Editor-in-Chief of Economia politica.

The club was founded and became a member of the Leinster Branch of the IRFU in 1926.

In 1840, he founded and became the editor of the Colonial Magazine and Commercial Maritime Journal.

then newly founded

He was a member of the first faculty members at the then newly founded Queens College, where he worked from 1937 to 1970.

Despite this, the French appreciated his good efforts and awarded him with the post of Deputy Secretary-General of the then newly founded League of Nations.

David Poindexter retired in 1998 from his leadership positions and took an advisory position with Population Media Center, then newly founded by his longtime mentee Bill Ryerson.

founded state   (kurulan devlet)

Almost all of the few survivors have emigrated to the (then) newly founded state of Israel and elsewhere.

Frankfurt was the original choice for the provisional capital city of the newly founded state of West Germany in 1949.

After the end of the war, Frankfurt became a part of the newly founded state of Hesse, consisting of the old Hesse-(Darmstadt) and the Prussian Hesse provinces.

founded the journal

In 1869 he founded the journal "Zeitschrift für Parasitenkunde".

In 1892 he founded the journal "Zeitschrift für orthopädische Chirurgie".

In 1993, Harbach and Jonathan Yordy founded the journal, "Women of Note Quarterly," and shared editing responsibilities.

institution founded

The University of Dayton is a private, Catholic institution founded in 1850 by the Marianist order.

Both firms trace their roots back to Sofinnova SA, an investment institution founded in Paris in 1972.

!scope="row"|2012 The Ateneo Puertorriqueño (Puerto Rican Athenaeum) is a Puerto Rican cultural institution founded in 1876.

hospital was founded

The Niels Steensen hospital was founded in 1932.

The hospital was founded in 1878 when Bridgeport Mayor P.T.

The hospital was founded by Infant Pere on 8th November 1344.

founded a monastery

Eugippius founded a monastery on the site after 492.

He founded a monastery and a school in Hamburg.

At the age of 58 he founded a monastery at Kampo Nenang.

newly founded state   (yeni kurulan devlet)

Almost all of the few survivors have emigrated to the (then) newly founded state of Israel and elsewhere.

Frankfurt was the original choice for the provisional capital city of the newly founded state of West Germany in 1949.

After the end of the war, Frankfurt became a part of the newly founded state of Hesse, consisting of the old Hesse-(Darmstadt) and the Prussian Hesse provinces.

founded another   (başka bir tane kurdu)

After In Pursuit broke up, he founded another band called Bedlam.

Prior to the 1969 elections, he founded another new party, the National List.

Itche Mambush founded another workshop in the 1960s in Ein Hod, directed by Ora Lahav Shaltiel.

congregation was founded

When the congregation was founded, there were 100 Jews in Richmond's population of 3,900.

Madison's Shaarei Shamayim congregation was founded in 1856 by Jewish immigrants from Germany.

The Trinity Lutheran Church congregation was founded in 1917 and acquired their first church in 1923.

founded the group

He founded the group Piirpauke in 1974.

With selected Yugoslavian musicians, he founded the group September in 1975.

Kobayashi founded the group in 1959 and was the first group to tour professionally.

founded a company   (bir şirket kurdu)

He founded a company situated in the Melbourne suburb of Hughesdale called J.L.

She founded a company called Shenzhen Yuanyu in 1993 with her husband Pan Zhengmin.

In parallel, Yen founded a company called ArtX, employed with former SGI graphics engineers.

probably founded   (muhtemelen kuruldu)

It was probably founded before the Norman Conquest.

The town was probably founded in Roman times.

Zoagli was probably founded by the Tigulli Ligurian tribe.

subsequently founded

Wanapan was subsequently founded in 1998 by captain Arapahtë.

Hall and Pat Wilder subsequently founded Bad Dog Play Dead in 1992.

They subsequently founded Trigger Magazine, distributing 20,000 copies within a week.

founded what

He founded what was to become the National Children's Home in 1869.

Co-founder O'Loughlin then founded what is now Next Plateau Entertainment.

In 1924, he founded what would become one of Baltimore's more prominent law firms, Miles & Stockbridge.

founded here   (burada kuruldu)

In the 1st century BC a Roman colony was founded here.

In 1569 a Mennonite Church was founded here.

The Benedictine priory, Polsloe Priory was founded here in around 1159.

founded when   (ne zaman kuruldu)

Moores Valley was founded when the Frisco Railroad was extended to that point.

ECF was founded when Eyecare Worldwide and Mekong Eye Doctors joined forces in 2008.

St Joseph's United had just been founded when the two rivals met at Rinella Football Ground on March 10, 1910.

founded the school   (okulu kurdu)

Ben Marcovitz, then 28 years old, founded the school.

Roger Lowenstein, a former criminal defense attorney, founded the school.

Dr. Sue Dahdah and husband, engineer Farid Dahdah, founded the school in 1980.

institute was founded   (enstitü kuruldu)

The institute was founded as by A.

The institute was founded by British conservative Benjamin Harnwell.

The institute was founded in 1983 by Erhard W. Fischer and Gerhard Wegner.

not founded

The ALP was not founded as a federal party until after the first sitting of the Australian Parliament in 1901.

Although the CFL was not founded until 1958, the West Division and its clubs are descended from earlier leagues.

The King's Inn was not founded until the next century, but a rudimentary form of legal education did exist in Ireland.

previously founded   (önceden kurulmuş)

The company was founded by Jay S. Walker, who had previously founded

Newnes, who had previously founded "Tit-bits" and "The Strand Magazine", went on to publish "Country Life".

It is possible that the Jewish settlement on the site of Gamla was previously founded by natives of Babylon.

paper was founded

The paper was founded as a pro-war newspaper during World War I.

The paper was founded by John Bell.

The paper was founded in 1899.

church founded

and Maresfield church founded in approx 1100.

The earliest identified Christian church building was a house church founded between 233 and 256.

It is named after Molaise of Leighlin and was built on the site of an old monastic church founded here in 632 AD.

company he founded   (kurduğu şirket)

Currently Mostashari is CEO of Aledade, a company he founded in 2014.

The company he founded, Sal.

The courts decided priority in favor of Bell and the telephone company he founded.

abbey was founded   (manastır kuruldu)

Their earliest abbey was founded at Lyse near Bergen by the local bishop.

An abbey was founded here around the year 620 by a monk called Theodulph.

The abbey was founded in 1047 by Geoffrey II, Count of Anjou, and his wife Agnes.