within the framework   (フレームワーク内)

He worked within the framework of Historicism.

In 2009, she is an "expert", within the framework of the Overseas Estates General.

The development of the system began in 2012 within the framework of the company “Pladform”.

framework of administrative   (行政の枠組み)

Within the framework of administrative divisions, Ruza serves as the administrative center of Ruzsky District.

Within the framework of administrative divisions, Mezen serves as the administrative center of Mezensky District.

Within the framework of administrative divisions, Nikolsk serves as the administrative center of Nikolsky District.

legal framework   (法的枠組み)

The Privacy Act 1988 provides the legal framework for privacy in Australia.

Yet Asian countries have different legal framework towards intercountry adoption.

The NI Act provided a legal framework for non-cash paper payment instruments in India.

theoretical framework   (理論的枠組み)

He also aimed to locate the attacks on India within a wider theoretical framework.

Lambda calculus provides a theoretical framework for describing functions and their evaluation.

In this theoretical framework, diffusion is due to fluctuations whose dimensions range from the molecular scale to the macroscopic scale.

regulatory framework   (規制の枠組み)

The development of a regulatory framework began in 1975, at Asilomar, California.

These concerns have led to the development of a regulatory framework, which started in 1975.

The regulatory framework has evolved since 2006 till date when the country's first science policy was prepared.

conceptual framework   (概念的なフレームワーク)

Experiential dualism is accepted as the conceptual framework of Madhyamaka Buddhism.

They function as "a convenient conceptual framework for making sense of Buddhist thought."

More recent work has continued to build on the empirical and conceptual framework that she established.

provides a framework

The program is not a project, but provides a framework for all stakeholders in the sector.

It provides a framework for mapping an object-oriented domain model to a relational database.

The standard provides a framework for organizations to define a quality model for a software product.

institutional framework   (制度的枠組み)

The Bangladesh Armed Forces have inherited the institutional framework of the British military and the British Indian Army.

Its members were not interested in working within an institutional framework and never asked permission for their public demonstrations or actions.

The legal system of Croatia is civil law and, along with the institutional framework, is strongly influenced by the legal heritage of Austria-Hungary.

policy framework

The Stabilisation and Association Process (SAP) is the EU's policy framework.

It defines a policy framework to foster the sound worldwide management of chemicals.

The political declaration and the policy framework document became a stable basis for the Northern Dimension as from 2007.

application framework

Qooxdoo qooxdoo is an open-source Ajax web application framework.

Pylons Framework is an open-source Web application framework written in Python.

Mason (Perl) HTML::Mason, or Mason for short, is a web application framework written in Perl.

provide a framework   (フレームワークを提供する)

These guidelines may provide a framework for directing investigators and reviewers alike.

Further, the goals of the project are to provide a framework for making plugins fully cross-platform.

These borders provide a framework for understanding the mechanisms through which Tatarstan has been successful in mitigating strife.