İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

freely available   (serbestçe)

Content over 6 months old is freely available.

Their humorous songs are freely available on their website.

These are now freely available online.

move freely   (Rahatça hareket et)

This allows George to move freely and enter the dig.

This allows the stick to move freely and bounce after striking a percussion instrument.

The rising and falling of the waves offshore causes the buoy to move freely up and down.

more freely   (daha serbestçe)

After it releases, he dances and emotes more freely.

This allows the blood to flow more freely through the heart.

The left arm moves more freely.

freely accessible   (serbestçe erişilebilir)

Like all beaches of Chile, is public and freely accessible.

The museum proposes a freely accessible garden to the public.

SeaWiFS data are freely accessible from a variety of websites, most of which are government run.