Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

freight trains   (los trenes de mercancías)

Gearing was 59:18, allowing 80 mph on freight trains.

CMSL operates both freight trains and excursion trains.

Various types of trucks were used by the freight trains.

freight traffic   (Trafico de mercancias)

It carries freight traffic only, mostly at night.

The line closed to freight traffic in 1964.

The railway carried only freight traffic.

freight train   (tren de carga)

The last freight train used the station in 1982.

He hears a distant freight train and rides toward it.

He was hit by a freight train travelling at high speed.

passenger and freight   (pasajero y carga)

ERC operates passenger and freight transport.

They were regularly used in passenger and freight service.

The Healesville line had both passenger and freight services.

freight service   (servicio de carga)

The Lake Shore added freight service in 1916.

They were regularly used in passenger and freight service.

Multiple short-line railroads provide freight service in Delaware.

freight services

The line is primarily utilised by freight services.

However, freight services continued to use the line.

The line is still open for freight services.

freight cars

Several freight cars were also built in Montreal.

No interchange railroad freight cars were operated.

Two freight cars were sold to NSB.

freight and passenger

The operations include freight and passenger trains.

Both freight and passenger traffic increased during this decade.

The junction is still heavily used by freight and passenger rail today.

freight yard   (patio de carga)

Its primary freight yard is Fresh Pond Junction in Queens.

The old freight yard in Seesen is no longer used and has been abandoned.

A small freight yard and freight house are located adjacent to the station.

freight transport

For freight transport waterways are of importance, e.g.

ERC operates passenger and freight transport.

Hence roads are the dominant means of passenger and freight transport in Canada.

freight operations

create obstacles for freight operations across borders.

There are hardly any freight operations left.

It is used in freight operations by the Ilmebahn for shunting.

rail freight   (transporte ferroviario de mercancías)

Many local industrial sites have rail freight spur service.

In 2016 a tram route opened in Yangon, on a former heavy rail freight route through the city streets.

About a quarter of all U.S. rail freight travels at least a small part of its journey over a short-line railroad.

freight line

This is primarily a freight line, although passenger service is expected in the future.

A freight line (ex-ATSF Pasadena Subdivision) runs along the north side of the station.

Transformed from a freight line to a tourist railroad in the 1950s, it is now one of the county's most popular tourist attractions.

passengers and freight

Saitama is a regional transportation hub for both passengers and freight train lines.

When the Mackinac Bridge was opened in 1957, passengers and freight shifted to automobiles.

Airline An airline is a company that provides air transport services for traveling passengers and freight.

used for freight

In later years, it was used for freight only.

The line is also heavily used for freight.

These lines are used for freight only and there is no passenger service.

freight rail   (ferrocarril de carga)

This rail corridor is largely owned by CPR, a private third party operating freight rail.

This continued until the 1990s, when the mill replaced freight rail transport with trucks.

The city is served by two major airports, and is the main freight rail hub of North America.

freight wagons

There were 5187 freight wagons in 1999, with 1188 due to be delivered.

From late July they were taken to the factory by train on freight wagons.

In 1993 the company re-focused on manufacturing railway freight wagons, and was renamed .

heavy freight

A small freight yard is also present as the line sees heavy freight traffic.

From 1911, the works constructed 130 of Robinson's GCR Class 8K (later O4) 2-8-0 heavy freight locomotives.

For handling heavy freight a steam locomotive and twelve standard steam-railroad freight cars were employed.

freight station   (estación de carga)

An old freight station is on the eastbound side.

An abandoned freight station is at the west end.

In 1905-1908 a freight station and two depots were built.

air freight

These intermodal policies cover trucking, rail, maritime and air freight.

It became the largest in London, and was the main terminal for international air freight into the capital.

For example, the Department of Transportation provides the sampling frames for the air freight price indexes.

freight depot

The building continued to be used as a freight depot until 1964.

The current station is the rail line's former freight depot, renovated in 2017.

A few years later, the B&O built a huge freight depot next to the passenger station.

freight house

NYS&W continued to maintain a freight house at Marion Junction.

In 1885, a freight house was added.

One track leads to the freight house, while two lead to the station.

tons of freight

In 2003, over 75 thousand metric tons of freight passed through the terminal.

In 2017, the airport handled 25,822,936 passengers and 374,214.9 tons of freight.

In 2014 the Bulgarian railways carried 14,225,000 tons of freight and 21,433,000 people.