İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

high frequencies   (yüksek frekanslar)

Ferrite coils have lower core losses at high frequencies.

It is also found at high frequencies in Bangladesh and Indonesia.

The ultrasonic range refers to the very high frequencies: 20,000 Hz and higher.

higher frequencies   (daha yüksek frekanslar)

Tonto Polychrome is found in higher frequencies on jars.

Their advantage is that they can operate at much higher frequencies.

To reach higher frequencies, several stages of heterodyning can be used.

low frequencies   (düşük frekanslar)

At low frequencies they suffer from prominent resonances called room modes.

Leopard complex patterns exist in very low frequencies among American Quarter Horses.

This technology has been found to be most effective at low frequencies (less than 100 kHz).

radio frequencies

FM radio frequencies on 30 June 2007.

MANETs circa 2000–2015 typically communicate at radio frequencies (30 MHz – 5 GHz).

Higher radio frequencies thus require more poles, a higher rotational speed, or both.

different frequencies

Different groups of hair cells are responsive to different frequencies.

PAL and SECAM receivers were similar though operating at different frequencies.

They are found at different frequencies in people from different parts of the world.

lower frequencies

This would give the station greater range, since lower frequencies travel farther.

While GPUs operate at lower frequencies, they typically have many times the number of cores.

The most basal and rare E-M78* paragroup has been found at lower frequencies in Moroccan Arabs.

range of frequencies   (frekans aralığı)

An FM radio receiver's tuner spans a limited range of frequencies.

The frequencies an ear can hear are limited to a specific range of frequencies.

It can detect an extremely broad range of frequencies ranging from 55 Hz to 79,000 Hz.