Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

frequently used   (usado frecuentemente)

It is the largest and most frequently used zénith.

The church building is frequently used for weddings.

The term is still frequently used by the British Army.

most frequently   (mas frecuentemente)

It is the largest and most frequently used zénith.

Avastin is the most frequently requested treatment.

This is the version most frequently sung today.

more frequently   (más frecuentemente)

This Council meets more frequently than the Board.

Quetzals feed more frequently in the midday hours.

Women are more frequently affected than men.

less frequently   (poco frecuente)

Today these names are less frequently used.

Somewhat less frequently, they tour Europe in the autumn.

Over time, Bauer used Ellqvist as a model less frequently.

frequently cited   (frecuentemente citado)

Bowie, Bill Walton and Greg Oden are frequently cited together.

Barlow is one of the most frequently cited psychologists in the world.

It is frequently cited as an example case of moral panic in New Zealand.

frequently referred

Moss island is frequently referred to as an outdoor gym.

It is also frequently referred to as the desert bee fly.

This bucentaur was frequently referred to in Venetian chronicles.

frequently found

Gold has been frequently found at Kennedy's Bay.

The borzoi is frequently found in art deco-period works.

They are also frequently found in nature.

frequently visited

It is frequently visited by cruise ships.

The tsar himself frequently visited the monastery as a pilgrim.

"Stosch" also frequently visited foreign ports to show the flag.

frequently seen

Squirrels are frequently seen high up in the trees.

Adampour is frequently seen in public debates.

A dark, triangular mark between the eyes is frequently seen.

frequently performed

"Kuchimane" in particular is frequently performed.

Now the cantata is frequently performed by youth and amateur ensembles.

Hemingway's mother frequently performed in concerts around the village.

most frequently used   (utilizado con mayor frecuencia)

It is the largest and most frequently used zénith.

The plane most frequently used was the Lockheed Hudson.

This capability was most frequently used to read MS-DOS disks.

frequently mentioned

From the 13th century onward it is frequently mentioned.

It is frequently mentioned in historical as well in modern literature.

FitzGerald, a Democrat, was frequently mentioned as a potential gubernatorial nominee for 2014.

used frequently

The range is used frequently throughout the year.

A track used frequently was the Peter Reno track "Recoil."

Low serves are also used frequently, either forehand or backhand.

frequently played

He, as before, frequently played recordings in their entirety.

Source: Dementieva frequently played for the Russian Fed Cup team.

It was also frequently played at the start or end of official functions.

frequently called

The first player is frequently called upon to perform solo passages.

For this reason, tangent covectors are frequently called "one-forms".

During his tenure with Croatia Blažević frequently called up Prosinečki.

frequently appeared

His humorous online articles frequently appeared on April 1.

He has also frequently appeared on "QI".

Since that time the flag has frequently appeared on U.S. stamps.

appeared frequently

Polonini appeared frequently at the Teatro Regio di Torino.

Richard Thorne, who produced and directed, also appeared frequently.

He appeared frequently in concerts, music hall, cabaret, and pantomime.

frequently appears

He frequently appears on the podcast.

He frequently appears on Fox News and Fox Business channels.

He frequently appears in the business news media including on CNBC, Yahoo!

frequently associated

It is frequently associated with millennials.

The banjo is frequently associated with folk and country music.

Pig and horse bones are frequently associated with the burials.

frequently made

BASE jumps are frequently made from less than .

Gifiti is frequently made at home, with varying recipes.

Modern versions are frequently made with synthetic red iron oxide.

frequently during

Ganino and Stillwell visited the set frequently during filming.

He changed managers frequently during his tenure with the Pirates.

The vines are watered frequently during the first few weeks until roots form and new shoots grow.

very frequently

It is also very frequently used in traditional ("trad") jazz.

It is very frequently used; often the most commonly used application program in a mainframe shop.

As with other parts of Tasmania's south-west, the trails are extremely muddy – very frequently it is more than ankle deep.

frequently quoted

His writings are frequently quoted by Diogenes Laërtius.

As a judge, Siler frequently quoted scriptures from the bench.

Aristotle is also quite frequently quoted in Alexander's works.

frequently featured

MCs are frequently featured in live performances.

Buddy Hackett was a frequently featured performer, as were Tony Bennett, Milton Berle and Tony Martin.

Vlok is involved in technology business globally, and is frequently featured in interviews relating to this.

frequently use

Computational geometry, however, does frequently use calculations related to determinants.

Authors of Lovecraftian horror in particular frequently use elements of the Cthulhu Mythos.

The duo frequently use Okamoto to appear on radio and appeared irregularly in the VTR of "Sunday Japon" from 2010.

appears frequently

The feminine figure appears frequently in this work.

She appears frequently in the media on these topics.

The classic Bat-Plane appears frequently in "".

frequently employed

Overhead camshafts were frequently employed.

Individuals also frequently employed magical techniques for personal purposes.

Like the German Empire, that of Austria-Hungary frequently employed liberal economic policies and practices.

moved frequently

They moved frequently from one cheap flat to another.

The Corbetts moved frequently before eventually settling in Troy, New York.

Yeadon's father was an inventor, and his family moved frequently throughout his childhood.

frequently encountered

Younger specimens are much more frequently encountered in the open at daytime.

They are frequently encountered by players throughout "Half-Life" and its three expansions, "", "" and "".

In contrast to more therapeutically oriented systemic work, mediation is more frequently encountered in business.

frequently described

The novel is frequently described as a "Bildungsroman".

Overseer's style is most frequently described as big beat.

Influential YouTubers are frequently described as microcelebrities.

so frequently

Otis Elevator Co. advertisements so frequently capitalized all of the letters in the word.

In his mature work, Kurosawa employed the wipe so frequently that it became a kind of signature.

A plantain or banana, and tomato sauce, are so frequently used as often to be considered defining ingredients.

frequently uses

This moth frequently uses milkweeds ("Asclepias" spp.)

To be plain and intelligible he frequently uses trivial expressions.

"C. ligatum" frequently uses its radula to rasp on, i.e., bite, its non-predators.

frequently collaborated

He has frequently collaborated with Callum G. Brown.

Therein, he has frequently collaborated with David Sraer.

Burgess frequently collaborated with Adams in writing songs.

still frequently   (todavía con frecuencia)

The term is still frequently used by the British Army.

Raimund's comedies are still frequently performed in Germany and Austria.

Although the Confederacy renamed the ship, she is still frequently referred to by her Union name.

frequently throughout

The range is used frequently throughout the year.

Gang lectures frequently throughout the world.

This group performed frequently throughout New York and Florida.

quite frequently

Salt was abundant in Aksum and was traded quite frequently.

At that time I saw him and conversed with him quite frequently.

Aristotle is also quite frequently quoted in Alexander's works.

frequently asked

Defendants are frequently asked if they would like to waive their speedy trial rights.

As a young talent, he was frequently asked as a drive-in jockey since he was fourteen.

Use of "FAQ" to refer to a single frequently asked question, in and of itself, is less common.

frequently compared

Badminton is frequently compared to tennis.

Based on this, the game has been frequently compared to "Diablo".

Senff's work has been frequently compared to Ivan Khrutsky in Vilnius.

frequently criticized

In his poems, he frequently criticized the authorities.

The EU has frequently criticized Jewish construction in East Jerusalem.

As a result, Naturalistic writers were frequently criticized for being too blunt.

occur frequently

Citations from it occur frequently in Dante's "Divina Commedia".

In many species of sharks and rays, stress-induced abortions occur frequently on capture.

Gang rapes occur frequently in South Africa, and in certain parts it is called "jackrolling".

frequently worked

He also frequently worked with Zbyněk Brynych and Karel Kachyňa.

Roots of Resistance frequently worked in coalition with white allies, and was not a separatist organization, nor was it anti-white.

From this group we should mention two renowned musicologists that frequently worked in collaboration with each other: Victoria Elí (b.

frequently reported

One frequently reported drug is naproxen.

It is more frequently reported in Friesian horses than in other breeds.

The most frequently reported adverse events were pneumothorax and infections.

appear frequently

Determinants appear frequently in algebraic identities such as the Vandermonde identity.

Mills continued to appear frequently in the team, playing in 34 matches and scoring one goal.

Variants on the name of Abyzou appear frequently in charms in languages such as ancient Greek, Hebrew, and Romanian.

frequently depicted

Nāgas are frequently depicted in Angkorian lintels.

Centaurs were also frequently depicted in Roman art.

The FBI has been frequently depicted in popular media since the 1930s.

most frequently cited   (más frecuentemente citado)

Barlow is one of the most frequently cited psychologists in the world.

According to CiteSeer, it became one of the most frequently cited computer science articles in 2002.

Of these art groups, the Baghdad Modern Art Group and the One Dimension Group are the most frequently cited.

frequently changed

However, the mill frequently changed ownership and never showed a profit.

The army frequently changed generals but did nothing to contribute to the Anglo-Allied war effort.

It is unclear how old Poe was at the time he wrote the poem because, in part, he frequently changed his claim.

frequently invited

Wieloglowski frequently invited there various fortune tellers and other persons who claimed magical abilities.

She is frequently invited to talk shows and interviews to speak in favor of prostitution and the adult film industry.

She began her career in the troupe of the Opéra de Lyon then, from 1984, was frequently invited to play at the Opéra de Paris.