İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

best friend   (en iyi arkadaş)

One of Uta's friends and Flat's human best friend.

Jeffries was allowed to bring along his best friend.

She is Trigger's aunt and Joan Trotter's best friend.

close friend   (yakın arkadaş)

Whipple was a close friend of Nathaniel Hawthorne.

She was a close friend of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings.

Sellers would become a long-lasting close friend.

old friend   (eski dost)

Harriet asks her old friend Wimsey to investigate.

Also his old friend Alexis Korner helped recording.

Nubia meets an old friend, Mnason the animal trainer.

childhood friend   (çocukluk arkadaşı)

He meets his childhood friend, Eric, at the docks.

Misiano is a childhood friend of Jerry Seinfeld.

"Johan Seong": Zack and Mira's childhood friend.

good friend   (iyi arkadaş)

He was a good friend of Cardinal Charles Borromeo.

His son Basha (Sunil) also becomes his good friend.

So also does Mr. Conger, who is our good friend.

family friend   (aile dostu)

Uncle Bob is a family friend of the Dubstons.

Richard Halliburton, a family friend, was in attendance.

(1981) as a favor to her old family friend Blake Edwards.

longtime friend   (uzun zamandır arkadaş)

A longtime friend said, "That's not the real Joe Shea.

He is succeeded by his longtime friend, Julius Schwartz.

She met her longtime friend and colleague, Édouard Manet, in 1868.

personal friend

The offer was brought to him by a personal friend.

He was a close personal friend of U.S.

Berg was a personal friend of Hepburn, after meeting her in 1983.

friend and fellow   (arkadaş ve arkadaş)

Lamson's friend and fellow officer Samuel W. Preston was killed in the assault.

England's long-time friend and fellow sculptor Gary Henson was asked to complete the project.

Her close friend and fellow wood-engraver, George Mackley, published a book on her prints in 1994.

lifelong friend   (hayat boyu arkadaş)

Rebeyrol was a lifelong friend of Roland Barthes.

A lifelong friend was fellow competitor George Weedon.

He is also a lifelong friend of guitarist Mason Williams.

school friend   (okul arkadaşı)

Geddy Lee, a high school friend of Lifeson, assumed this role soon after.

She was the sister of a school friend, and they had met six years previously.

After Penguin, Miller co-founded the band Middle Earth with school friend Don Traub.

mutual friend   (ortak arkadaş)

Around this time, he met Alexandra boy Ryzor through a mutual friend.

The group had formed after being introduced by a mutual friend in high school.

In 1938, Lucioni met Ethel Waters through their mutual friend, Carl Van Vechten.

friend and colleague   (arkadaş ve meslektaş)

He was a friend and colleague of Sir Edmund Hirst.

The latter is by his friend and colleague, Ferdinand Cohn.

David Haig stars as Elliot, Marion's friend and colleague.

friend and former   (arkadaş ve eski)

An overweight friend and former accomplice of Dan.

Consequently, Roberts now writes for friend and former band mate, Cheryl.

He was shocked to hear the death of his friend and former classmate, Biju.

became a friend

He later became a friend of military ruler Manuel Noriega.

Bob Graf became a friend and mentor.

However Egg became a friend and supporter of William Holman Hunt.

former friend   (eski arkadaş)

"La Sol/Ra Sol": Another PTJ trainee talent and ARU's former friend.

Senator Gus Dewar and his wife Rosa, and a former friend of Daisy and Greg's.

Tchaikovsky asked her to beg his former friend for forgiveness for his own silence.

new friend

Marge finds a new friend in a second patient who is suffering from aphasia.

The two Zakos eagerly await in their stadium seats to see how their new friend will do.

Nico is furious to discover that Peri has a new friend, Harley Frater (Mollie Lambert).

closest friend   (en yakın arkadaş)

Her closest friend was her sister Anne.

He also has red hair, like Boone's closest friend Jim Deakins.

At the prestigious , her closest friend was Vladimir Nabokov's younger sister, Olga.

friend and mentor   (arkadaş ve akıl hocası)

Browne was a friend and mentor of Ernest and William Renshaw.

Bob Graf became a friend and mentor.

"Leonard" is Haggard's tribute to his friend and mentor Tommy Collins.

great friend   (harika arkadaş)

It depicts the Poet and his great friend Nicholas Ferrar.

He was a great friend with Medo Pucić, whose lyrics were translated into Italian.

Emerson would become a great friend and confidant of the aforementioned Achille Murat for years.

college friend

Prettyman met his first wife, Julia Poussaint, through a college friend.

"Here Comes Treble" guest stars Stephen Colbert as Andy's college friend Broccoli Rob.

She attended college and entertains the daughter of a college friend in "The Ballerina."

another friend   (başka bir arkadaş)

She ate dinner with her family before leaving to visit another friend.

Jack has a crush on another friend, Maggie, and learns that her father is gay.

She is best friends with Betty P Moody, and Karl Wrenbury is another friend of hers.

friend and collaborator   (arkadaş ve ortak çalışan)

The crash killed Morgan's friend and collaborator, 62-year-old comedian James McNair.

Carpenter was a friend and collaborator of James Braid, the founder of modern hypnotism.

The line-up for this recording included long-time PTV friend and collaborator Monte Cazazza.

dear friend   (sevgili arkadaşım)

Essie Gaffney was a dear friend of Murphy's wife, Margaret.

It was for my dear, dear friend Poirot.

From 1940 until late 1946, Art played with his dear friend Jack Payne.

friend named

On the island, Stitch gained a new human friend named Yuna Kamihara.

The novel ends with a reunion of Sanya and a childhood friend named Liza.

Defoe went to school in Stoke Newington, London, with a friend named Caruso.

only friend   (sadece arkadaş)

He refers to it occasionally as his only friend.

Nasser proclaimed France as the only friend of Egypt in the West.

His only friend during this period of his life was his pet zebra Zebra Kid.

time friend

Mick Foley was inducted by his long time friend Terry Funk.

Kuku enlist Deep's school time friend Vijay, a suspended cop.

He is also a long time friend of ex-president, Nicolas Sarkozy.

high school friend   (lise arkadaşı)

Geddy Lee, a high school friend of Lifeson, assumed this role soon after.

Shortly after turning 20, he developed a dance act - Mann & Clark - with his high school friend Lester Clark.

She moves into an apartment with her high school friend Monica and takes up a waitressing job at Central Perk.

intimate friend   (yakın arkadaş)

Dr. Armstrong tells Holmes that Staunton is an intimate friend of his.

Diderot's most intimate friend was the philologist Friedrich Melchior Grimm.

He was considered an intimate friend of Cardinal James Gibbons of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.

long time friend   (uzun zamandır arkadaş)

Mick Foley was inducted by his long time friend Terry Funk.

He is also a long time friend of ex-president, Nicolas Sarkozy.

(Killer Instinct Never Dies), along with long time friend Steve Gang.

s friend

At this point Mano’s friend Aruchamy (Vivek) comes to help him in his dilemma.

“Everyone talks about living in the post #MeToo era,” says Jacobson’s friend Jake Fogelnest.

Mathieu has been Philippe’s friend since high school and who Philippe is on his way to visit.

female friend   (kadın arkadaş)

Zappa and a female friend recorded a faked erotic episode.

Bobby is skating on the boardwalk with a female friend when he encounters Terry.

Later in the game Mojibri is joined by a female friend named and a huge robot called .

s friend

At this point Mano’s friend Aruchamy (Vivek) comes to help him in his dilemma.

“Everyone talks about living in the post #MeToo era,” says Jacobson’s friend Jake Fogelnest.

Mathieu has been Philippe’s friend since high school and who Philippe is on his way to visit.

close personal friend

He was a close personal friend of U.S.

He found pleasure in this new career, becoming a close personal friend of Prime Minister Bonar Law.

David Powers, a close personal friend of Kennedy, rode in the Dallas motorcade when he was assassinated.

loyal friend

She urges Amelia to love Dobbin, who has remained her loyal friend for many years.

Poulsen and Larsen said that ""Anders has been a loyal friend and bandmate since 2001.

Former US President Richard Nixon called Franco "a loyal friend and ally of the United States."

friend and business   (arkadaş ve iş)

The president was a friend and business associate of Toponce's, going back to 1864.

In 1859 his long term friend and business partner in Liverpool - Thomas Banks - died.

When the Kenyons first took on Ol Pejeta, they were joined by Delemere's school friend and business partner, Marcus Wickham Boynton.

when a friend   (bir arkadaş olduğunda)

In the 1980s, Richard Einhorn was developing a large piece on a religious subject when a friend suggested Joan of Arc as the subject.

Voet's first encounter with drugs was at the age of 18 when a friend and club team-mate persuaded him to take amphetamines for a race.

Then luck struck at 2002 when a friend of his who was on the same management as Avril Lavigne had just gotten signed and needed to put a band together.

colleague and friend   (meslektaşım ve arkadaş)

Like his colleague and friend Dr. Johnny Fever, Venus picks the music himself.

His colleague and friend was German ethnologist and animal ecologist Carl Semper.

Since Boettiger was a colleague and friend of the press, no one reported the romance.

friend and ally   (arkadaş ve müttefik)

Bisset was a friend and ally of Captain Cook.

Alaric became the friend and ally of his erstwhile opponent, Stilicho.

While at the Wall, he meets Jon Snow and quickly becomes his closest friend and ally.

trusted friend   (güvenilir arkadaş)

In 2015, major Indian newspapers called Bangladesh a "trusted friend".

He was a trusted friend of the Native Americans and had settled several miles from Greentown.

Simpson became a trusted friend of President Abraham Lincoln, who considered his advice of great value.

friend and associate

His father, Benno C. Schmidt, Sr., was a longtime friend and associate of John "Jock" Hay Whitney.

He agrees to murder Daugherty's friend and associate Jess Smith only to have Smith commit suicide before he can do the deed.

In the course of his interviewing and talking with the musicians of his day, Cooke became a "close friend and associate" with John Philip Sousa.

imaginary friend   (hayali arkadaş)

Eric doesn't remember her, and dismisses her as an imaginary friend.

Davey spends much time playing the game and spending time with Jack as an imaginary friend.

The book won the 2015 Caldecott Award and tells the story of an imaginary friend in search of a child.