close friendship   (親しい友情)

Mako and Korra reaffirmed their close friendship.

She had a close friendship with Monica in the house.

McMullen had a close friendship with Yogi Berra.

friendship between   (間の友情)

A friendship between the Stromquists and the men developed.

This was the beginning of a lifelong friendship between the two.

This critique lead to a break in the friendship between Boss and Binswanger.

lifelong friendship   (一生の友情)

It was the beginning of their lifelong friendship.

The two men enjoyed a lifelong friendship.

She kept her lifelong friendship with Carnatic vocalist M.S.

up a friendship   (友情を)

He struck up a friendship with Urquhart.

Hon Sun meets Cheung Leung by coincidence and they strike up a friendship.

In the Serpent Society she struck up a friendship with Asp and Diamondback.

developed a friendship   (友情を築いた)

They have since developed a friendship.

He and Mwima developed a friendship which blossomed into a romantic relationship.

In her declining years she developed a friendship with Virginia and Leonard Woolf.

strong friendship

He has an affection for Clovis, and the two develop a strong friendship.

He breaks down in her arms, and a strong friendship between the two blossoms.

He also befriends many of the Soukaizan natives, and forms some very strong friendship bonds.

formed a friendship

All three of them have formed a friendship and continued to work together.

Aaliyah and Dash met in 2000 through his accountant and formed a friendship.

Cora has formed a friendship with her late husband's doctor, Luke Garrett, whom she calls 'Imp.'

personal friendship

He informs her that the reason she has not been fired is because of his personal friendship with her father.

He nurtured a personal friendship with figures such as the Labour Party's foremost politician, Johan Nygaardsvold.

His personal friendship with Friedrich von Holstein and Prince Hohenlohe placed him in the centre of great politics.

long friendship   (長い友情)

That started a long friendship and series of albums".

The women spent the long train ride talking, beginning a long friendship.

Sullivan had a 30 years long friendship with actor Ramon Novarro (1899–1968).

treaty of friendship

On 25 October, Venizelos visited Turkey, and signed a treaty of friendship.

Hearing of Ali's death, Kozhukhov agreed to a "treaty of friendship" with Zahir.

Franklin also co-authored the first treaty of friendship between Prussia and America in 1785.

parliamentary friendship

He is a member of the parliamentary friendship groups with Belarus and Kazakhstan.

She is a member of the parliamentary friendship groups with Belarus, Greece, Kazakhstan, and Spain.

In addition to her committee assignments, she is a member of the parliamentary friendship groups with Jordan, Armenia and South Sudan.