front line   (前線)

Crocetta found itself on the front line of World War I.

Galvin spent 280 days as a tank officer on the front line.

The regiment never saw front line action.

front and rear   (フロントとリア)

Side rods coupled the front and rear drive wheels.

Semi elliptic leaf springs were fitted front and rear.

It also had chrome bars below the front and rear bumpers.

front door   (玄関)

They blew the other bands right of the front door".

There is an incessant banging on the front door.

He shuts the front door and seven more on top of it.

front page   (表紙)

Vance Palmer's poems were used on the front page.

Both of them appear on each front page of the magazine.

It appeared on the front page of the paper on 6 August 1975.

front cover   (フロントカバー)

The album's front cover was illustrated by Cadão Volpato.

The front cover was done by German artist Florian Bertmer.

The back cover was originally intended as the front cover.

front facade   (正面)

The front facade features a 2 1/2-story bell tower.

The front facade is symmetrical, with five bays.

The front facade features a hipped roof portico.

front lines   (フロントライン)

However, he posed as an officer and deserted the front lines.

He crossed the front lines and rejoined the uniformed Red Army.

The Seventh Army was holding the central sector of the front lines.

front end   (フロントエンド)

The most significant changes are a new front end.

The front end has the remaining traces of stigma and calyx.

The stages include a front end, a middle end, and a back end.

front row   (前の列)

He was joined on the front row of the grid by Biffle.

He was joined on the front row of the grid by Edwards.

He was joined on the front row of the grid by Almirola.

front porch   (前部ポーチ)

In all but a few cases there is some sort of front porch.

The front porch was added later, in 1937.

It has an original one-story front porch.

front and back   (前面と背面)

It is worn on the same length at the front and back.

How much is covered by the front and back flaps varies.

The bus that crashed at Carrollton had only front and back exits.

front office   (フロントオフィス)

The front office was also remodeled during this project.

In , Quinn was replaced in the front office by Jim Bowden.

He retired from his position in the Steelers front office in 2013.

front wheel   (前輪)

The bottom of the forks is connected to the front wheel's axle.

Kabang, however, got caught in the front wheel of the motorcycle.

Having to both pedal and steer via the front wheel remained a problem.

up front   (前もって)

He leaves that to the guys up front," he wrote.

The study didn’t put transportation up front.

He played up front alongside his namesake, Jack Parkinson.

front suspension   (フロントサスペンション)

The front suspension was from the Simca 1100.

It has no front suspension, but has suspension in the rear.

During the race, her Momo Corse March 83G's front suspension broke.

front entrance   (正面玄関)

The front entrance is covered by a slate-covered shed roof.

After their training, the player then goes to the front entrance of the village.

Wes Palm is a talking Palm Tree located at the front entrance to Disney's Animal Kingdom.

front man   (フロントマン)

Gramm became front man for the band Black Sheep.

Ghent was the front man in Colonel Bruce Hampton's band.

Yuzon was the front man of a rock band named White Chapel at that time.

new front   (ニューフロント)

The most significant changes are a new front end.

The facelift included a new front and interior.

The most striking feature of the Jetta King was the new front end.

cold front   (寒冷前線)

In early December, a cold front passed north of Bermuda.

The effects from a cold front can last from hours to days.

A strange cold front also develops over Russia and spreads outwards.

front wheels   (前輪)

The "V6" badge on V6 models was moved behind the front wheels.

The front wheels of an open-wheeled F1 car generate aerodynamic drag.

After the next jump, her front wheels locked up and she rolled the car.

front wing   (前翼)

The front wing margin stains present on the hindwings, but mostly absent.

Its span front wing and span rear wing have a combined area of and employ NACA 23112 airfoils.

Its span front wing and span rear have a combined area of and both employ NACA 23112 airfoils.

located in front   (前にあります)

The school is located in front of the DPRD building.

A small cockpit fairing was located in front of the pilot.

The Rosary Garden is located in front of St. Alphonse Hall.

directly in front   (真正面)

The radar tower on Dooncarton Hill is situated directly in front of the village.

Bay 1 is directly in front of the hospital, while the bathhouse feeds into Bay 4.

The city was bombarded; many people were killed by bombs directly in front of him.

across the front   (正面に)

An hour later a patrol of five aircraft flew across the front.

Shed porches extend across the front.

It includes a large wood parch extending across the front facade.

placed in front   (前に配置)

The dr. title is always placed in front of the ir.

These are normally placed in front of a shaped reflector.

The stone is placed in front of the foot now in the hack.

front bumper   (フロントバンパー)

For 1996, XLTs received the vented front bumper as well.

From 1995–1996, Eddie Bauer models have a vented front bumper.

For 1995, a vented front bumper was added (it was added to the XLT for 1996).

front seats   (前席)

It had a V8 from Chrysler positioned behind the two front seats.

The front seats could be adjusted.

In an interior revision, captain's chair front seats became an option.

front axle   (フロントアクスル)

It had a solid front axle and leaf suspension.

The front axle equips disc break and the rear is drum brake.

The S113 chassis had the engine mounted above the front axle.

standing in front   (前に立っている)

It depicts President Barack Obama standing in front of the White House.

The painting shows a young, beautiful woman standing in front of a mirror.

This design included a soldier standing in front of the flames of the rising phoenix.

behind the front   (前の後ろ)

The "V6" badge on V6 models was moved behind the front wheels.

Later she took part behind the front lines in the Spanish Civil War.

's Enrico Gasparotto finished third, two seconds behind the front pair.

united front   (ユナイテッドフロント)

Barbara and Bill are separated, but they put up a united front for Violet.

The United Front may also refer to various united front policies in China, including:

Because of animosity, they did not form a united front with other Protestant communities.

near the front   (前部近く)

The park also has a Portuguese restaurant near the front gates.

The 767 has left-side exit doors near the front and rear of the aircraft.

After her training in Paris, Hale worked in canteens near the front, at Bordeaux.

front part   (前部)

The front part of the skull is notably broad.

The front part of the fuselage was completely destroyed.

It is much easier to perform "nikkur" on the front part of the animal.

front side   (表側)

They tend to be paler on their front side.

The front side has a band shell, a petting zoo, and large lawn area.

Focusing is done via a bellows system on the front side of the camera.

right in front   (目の前)

Alexander bunted right in front of the plate.

Then I saw right in front of me a cluster of saving clouds.

It is located outside of the northern medina's fences right in front of Bab Jebli.

front doors   (玄関)

It originally came with four front doors and a liftback hatch in back.

The roof is believed to have been red, and the front doors olive green.

You then see Tulisa get out of the car and walk through the front doors whilst the man gets her bags.

along the front   (正面に沿って)

Soviet artillery fired over 80,000 rounds along the front on the Karelian Isthmus.

Overall 48% of the LFA's mass is distributed along the front wheels with 52% at the rear.

Adults have white wings with a buttery yellow margin along the front of the forewing; the legs are black.

home front   (ホームフロント)

That sense led to the phrase home front, which first appeared in 1919.

On the home front, food grew scarcer and scarcer, as did heating fuel.

from military to civilian in view of the Bolshevik threat on the home front.

front seat   (前席)

The first round missed, hitting the back of the front seat.

New power accessories included a four-way power front seat.

She gets into the car and stares as the new chauffeur gets in the front seat.

west front   (西前)

The west front is plain, and has a pointed window of five lights.

The closed west front once formed part of the city wall of Rodez.

The upper parts of the west front were rebuilt in the 19th century.

front bench   (フロントベンチ)

The Bonneville and Parisienne Brougham had a front bench seat without an armrest.

Common or typical features were a front bench seat and steering column gear lever.

To roaring approval, he compared the Liberal front bench to "a range of exhausted volcanoes.

front grille   (フロントグリル)

The front grille bears a resemblance to an “X”.

The "ISUZU" badge on the front grille also shrunk in size.

It features a different front grille to match the Chevrolet logo.

front yard   (前庭)

Halisdemir's body remained in the front yard of the headquarters.

In 2009 the front yard of Krumme Lanke station in Berlin-Zehlendorf was named in his honour.

Witnesses said that Tommasi walked into the front yard carrying a club and got into an argument.

played in front   (前でプレイ)

The game was played in front of 1,300 fans.

The First Leg was played in front of a capacity crowd at Estadio Azul in Mexico City.

The 10–1 Yankees victory was played in front of a standing-room-only crowd of 17,318 people.

front legs   (前脚)

Simultaneously, he rubs her eyes with his front legs.

In aquatic species, the front legs are modified into flippers.

Its front legs are well feathered, the hind legs with breeches.

just in front   (目の前に)

The snout is constricted just in front of the eye sockets.

Some instruments use a zero fret just in front of the nut.

In the wet conditions, Narain Karthikeyan was the fastest driver just in front of Danny Watts.

front wall   (前壁)

The cave is damaged with its front wall completely collapsed.

In the front wall was a secondary staircase to the upper floor.

The filling points were on the front wall the left and right of the smokebox.

front section   (前部)

The front section is in the Art Deco style.

Smoke charge launchers are mounted in front section of tracks covering plates.

It is four storeys high, with a three-story front section, and a projecting rear.

front facade features   (フロントファサード機能)

The front facade features a 2 1/2-story bell tower.

The front facade features a hipped roof portico.

The entire front facade features a wraparound porch.

stands in front   (前に立つ)

The communion table stands in front of the pulpit.

The war memorial still stands in front of the Town Hall.

A reconstructed medieval pillory stands in front of the tower.

performed in front   (前で演奏)

In 1989 Sun Ra performed in front of the school.

He performed in front of two NZ Prime Ministers: Rt.

She has performed in front of the Indonesian minister.

front wheel drive   (前輪駆動)

The 440 was a five-door front wheel drive hatchback and the 460 a saloon.

The AD van used a front wheel drive engine configuration shared with the Sunny.

Nissan FF-L platform The Nissan FF-L is an automobile platform for front wheel drive automobiles.

towards the front   (前に向かって)

They first walked towards the rear of the train and then towards the front.

Geroux stated that he wanted to be towards the front early but Restoring Hope became rank.

Here they attach to the host with their front sucker oriented towards the front of the fish.

eastern front   (東部戦線)

Similarly, Panzer II tanks were used on the eastern front.

Király saw combat on the eastern front and was twice wounded.

Machliniec found itself in the middle of the eastern front during the First World War.

between the front   (前部の間)

Some vehicles had a slim "B" pillar between the front and rear door while others didn't.

Optimization between the front end and back end could produce more efficient target code.

The transmission also splits the delivered torque 50-50 between the front and rear wheels.

front panel   (フロントパネル)

One upper and one lower front panel.

On the front panel it says Twin Amp.

The next two switches provided read and write access to memory from the front panel.

through the front   (正面から)

Passengers who are paying cash must board through the front door.

The car is powered through the front wheels, always using electric power.

But as they sneak through the front gate, Balleau, toting a spear, follows.

western front   (西部戦線)

The main entrance is on the western front of the tower.

He served in the French Army in World War I on the western front.

His most important contribution in the war was at the western front of Deothal.

front teeth   (前歯)

The front teeth are the largest.

The fourth bullet pierced the Shah's lip and cheek, knocking out some front teeth.

Supposedly if someone was to rub Goldy's front teeth, it will bring them good luck.

front lawn   (前庭の芝生)

A wood flagpole in a stone base and a stone water fountain were installed on the front lawn.

Amphibian species were frogs and toads in wetter places such as the old pampas on the front lawn.

We believe the famous letters “Mountain Lake House” were added to the front lawn in the early 1930s.

up in front   (前に)

a new fibreglass tower was set up in front of the old.

The defensive line lines up in front of the offensive line.

Solomon orders that she be chained by her own hair and hung up in front of the Temple in public view.

front against   (対抗する)

During the first world War, he served on the western front against the Germans.

It aimed to stop the , to pacify the people, and to present a unified front against the Polovtsy (Cumans).

Arab foreign ministers and Palestinian officials presented a united front against control of the border by Hamas.

front fascia   (前筋膜)

Kia's signature "Tiger nose" grille has been adopted in the front fascia design.

Outside, an updated front fascia, rear fascia,and side skirts gave the Grand Am a smoother, more rounded look.

It comes with the same front fascia as the Yaris ATIV sedan, with the taillights inspired by the E180 series Auris.

front gable   (フロントゲーブル)

The Old Barn was a wood-framed structure with a front gable roof on a fieldstone basement.

It is a one-and-a-half-story by structure with a narrow bargeboard on the front gable end of its roof.

And the front gable end is covered in shingles, a decoration typically seen in Queen Anne-style homes.

front elevation   (正面図)

The front elevation describes three stages of building.

The front elevation of the Elizabethan stables was re-erected and the stone frontispieces still stand in the park.

The front elevation features an entry through the interior of the L. The entry is on the second level of the house.

both front   (両前)

Attacked from both front and flank, Battery No.

The costs of municipalization tend to both front loaded and high.

RAV4 Hybrids were available in both front and all-wheel drive variants.

right front   (右前方)

Its right front paw is upon a sphere, signifying global victory.

The ideal situation is represented by an imbalance in right front.

The right front one makes a mudra as granting boons with open palm.

front fenders   (フロントフェンダー)

The cruiser number is printed on the front fenders of the vehicle.

On GT models, the badge on the front fenders now read "RamAir V6", instead of "V6H.O."

The front fenders came in three pieces, the theory being that small damages could be replaced easily.

front sight   (フロントサイト)

He uses the front sight post to aim at the target.

The front sight is a post adjustable for elevation in the field.

Globe front sight inserts used in IBU competitions usually have aperture openings between 2.8 and 3.4 mm.

front edge   (前縁)

On the front edge of the top slab is written: ""1663 ffalax saepe fides testam.

The underside is smooth except for the front edge of the disc, base of the tail, and tail.

Thelateral grooves join before reaching their common origin at the front edge of themantle.

front stretch   (フロントストレッチ)

The two hit together hard and Darrell nailed the front stretch wall.

After the win, Harvick performed a tire-smoking burnout on the front stretch.

The track's turns are banked at twenty-four degrees, while the front stretch, the location of the finish line, is five degrees.

front to back   (前から後ろへ)

Both floors are evenly divided by a central hall running from front to back.

They too would benefit from reading Who We Are and How We Got Here front to back.

The tooth size changes in relation to the placement front to back on the mandible.

front room   (フロントルーム)

The left front room was the parlor, with the dining room behind it.

He converted the front room of his home into a school room for this purpose.

However, the original log house is only the front room of the modern-day house.

front toes   (前足)

The two inner front toes are connected, but the outer toe is not.

In some embryos, the two outer front toes on each foot are joined together.

The feet are adapted to perching rather than walking, and the front toes are partially joined at the base.

front pages   (フロントページ)

My photograph was on magazine covers and front pages of newspapers.

These rallies have landed on the front pages of Orange County Register and Los Angeles Times.

This caused lots of press attention, making the front pages of the Daily Mail, Express and Mirror.

front of each   (それぞれの前)

In front of each one was a filler pipe for the water tank.

Lenses projected an image of distant objects onto a screen in front of each bird.

The only lighting comes from 15-watt bulbs placed under the cloth in front of each plate.

area in front   (前のエリア)

Typically, pit orchestras play in a lowered area in front of the stage called an orchestra pit.

There is a tiny stone monument designating a grassy area in front of an apartment building – ' Erik Satie'.

In July 2011, the hardscape area in front of the Belgrade Youth Center was named the Milan Mladenović Place.

square in front   (前の広場)

A square in front of the Smolny Convent has borne Rastrelli's name since 1923.

The public square in front of the Novosibirsk train station is named after him.

In Vienna, for instance, the market is held in the large square in front of City Hall.

front during   (最中)

He commanded the Bermuda Hundred front during the attack on Fort Harrison.

It was the longest such trench on the German front during the First World War.

Machliniec found itself in the middle of the eastern front during the First World War.

front runner   (フロントランナー)

By the final week, the NDP emerged as the front runner.

Rounds was widely seen as the front runner throughout the campaign.

This time Reighard returned as a fan favorite, front runner, and refined.

front gate   (正面ゲート)

The front gate of the Cour des Libraires was completed in 1484.

But as they sneak through the front gate, Balleau, toting a spear, follows.

To enter the castle, the player must play a game of memory at the front gate.

front passenger   (助手席)

Driver and front passenger airbags were added with the redesigned interior.

The base of the front passenger seat flips up to reveal a storage compartment.

For the 2010 model year, a driver and front passenger knee airbag becomes standard.

front verandah   (フロントベランダ)

The front verandah is flanked on either side by later editions.

Bandaranaike was seated on the front verandah meeting the public who had come to see him.

front façade   (正面玄関)

The front façade is gabled and topped by a short square cupola.

The front façade has seven axes.

The sculptures decorating the front façade were created by Leonard Marconi.

place in front   (前に置く)

The game took place in front of a crowd of 78,892 fans.

This all took place in front of the home crowd at League Park.

A memorable battle took place in front of the Ħaż-Żabbar Sanctuary.

front vowels   (前母音)

The mid front vowels are lower when short than long: .

The close front vowels usually use the consonant י "y" as a mater lectionis.

is generally high-tongued after front vowels, and is slightly lowered elsewhere.

left front   (左前)

Non-veterans left front for muster out November 7.

The left front room was the parlor, with the dining room behind it.

After the race, it was discovered that he had fractured his left front cannon bone.

both the front   (両方の前)

As many as five toenails can be found on both the front and hind feet.

Ferrari used a pullrod suspension at both the front and rear in their car.

Multi-link suspension is fitted between the chassis and both the front and rear beam axles.

front disc   (フロントディスク)

The bike has two front disc brakes and a single rear disc.

The GMC was equipped with front disc brakes and drums on all four rear wheels.

1963 was also the year when front disc brakes with larger wheels became an option.

entire front   (正面全体)

The entire front facade features a wraparound porch.

The Estonian Army stopped the 7th Red Army's advance along the entire front on 2–5 January.

On the evening of April 12, the 32nd Army attacked American positions across the entire front.

front face   (正面)

The carving in the front face of the chariot has four wooden horses drawn by Maruti.

At the right side of the front face, a medium-sized chip makes textual additions necessary.

The front face of the disc brooch depicts a stylized chest portrait on a now red background.

down in front   (前を向いて)

The priest was to set the basket down in front of the altar.

... shortly after the lunch break the work was suddenly put down in front of the hall.

Hislam and Schoenman led a group of protesters who sat down in front of the American Embassy.

down the front   (前に)

He was grieved to hear from a friend that lobsters are always slit down the front.

It can also open by splitting down the front centreline to reveal the mutant within.

The jersey has a thin, navy piping about the collar and down the front of the jersey.

front desk   (フロント)

They quickly remove their masks and head for the front desk.

They also leave their passports behind at the hotel front desk.

Insulted after being called an impostor, Orana smashes the front desk in frustration.

above the front   (前部の上)

The blue plaque above the front door commemorates this event.

The S113 chassis had the engine mounted above the front axle.

The royal coat of arms above the front door dates to the late Georgian era.

front half   (前半分)

AMNH 5403 consists of the severely compressed front half of a skeleton including the skull.

Three stoves provided what heat there was for the front half of each barrack, and two for the rear half.

Geroux positioned the filly just behind the leaders before sending her to the front half a mile from the finish.

southern front   (南前線)

The southern front is in Yanina, which is in a bad position.

Unkerlanters push into Algarve, first on the southern front then the northern.

Algarvians develop the superstick, first using it on Unkerlanters on the southern front.

front brake   (前輪のブレーキ)

The gold, 4-pot, radial, Brembo Racing “Serie Oro” front brake calipers were exclusive to this model.

Activating the front brake releases the sail's spinlock, assuring there will be no more wind-propulsion.

For model year 1974, the GT185 gained a single-disc front brake to rationalize it with the other GT models.

held in front   (前で開催)

A state funeral was held in front of Berlin's Schöneberg City-hall.

The tournament ran from 23 August to 26 August 2012, held in front of the Zappeion.

The German advance was held in front of Bucquoy, despite heavy shellfire and the weariness of the troops.

performing in front   (前で演奏する)

The band is also shown performing in front of a mansion.

He was a part of Starstruck in 2005, performing in front of thousands.

Singing straight to camera, she is seen performing in front of a graffiti laced wall.