İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

fruit trees   (meyve ağaçları)

They planted fruit trees and vegetables, and raised cattle.

In the next hundred lines Virgil treats forest and fruit trees.

Economic damage to fruit trees has bas been particularly devastating.

fruit bodies   (meyve gövdeleri)

The fruit bodies of the fungus are bioluminescent.

The fungus produces spore-bearing fruit bodies.

The fruit bodies of "Buglossoporus" are annual.

fruit flies   (meyve sinekleri)

These fruit flies have frons, thorax and legs yellow.

These fruit flies have an elongate head, with a long proboscis.

Thus, these fruit flies cause significant damage to fruit crops.

tephritid or fruit   (nefrit veya meyve)

Terellia ceratocera Terellia ceratocera is a species of tephritid or fruit flies in the family Tephritidae.

Goniglossum wiedemanni Goniglossum wiedermanni is a species of tephritid or fruit flies in the family Tephritidae.

fruit and vegetables   (meyve ve sebzeler)

He was a seller of fruit and vegetables.

The enclosed walled gardens provided shelter for growing fruit and vegetables for the house.

The lack of fresh fruit and vegetables gave rise to scurvy, one of the biggest killers at sea.

fruit fly   (Meyve sineği)

The primary threat on this route is Queensland fruit fly.

Eurosta comma Eurosta comma is a species of fruit fly in the family Tephritidae.

Tephritis pura Tephritis pura is a species of fruit fly in the family Tephritidae.

fruit body

When opened, the diameter of the fruit body is .

This fruit body served as the type collection.

A short, tapering stalk holds the fruit body.

fruit and vegetable   (meyve ve sebze)

Cadwell operated a fruit and vegetable farm on Crane Island.

Dholes eat fruit and vegetable matter more readily than other canids.

Other options are always available, as are fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies.

fruit bat   (meyve yarasası)

As its name implies, the dwarf little fruit bat is a relatively small bat.

Cox also observed decline in fruit bat consumption matching the decline in lytico-bodig.

The fruit bat "Cynopterus sphinx", has been observed to engage in fellatio during mating.

fruit juice   (meyve suyu)

Refractometers are still commonly used for fruit juice.

Close to 90% of the citrus fruit juice solids are recovered with extractors.

In 1993, the first canned fruit juice was available in Turkey thanks to TAMEK.

fresh fruit   (taze meyve)

Vagabonds and the others used fresh fruit as a meze.

Common flavorings include dried, candied or fresh fruit, nuts, cocoa or extracts.

Yogurt may replace the cheese course, while a simple dessert would be fresh fruit.

dried fruit   (kurutulmuş meyve)

Fresh and dried fruit are used both as main ingredients and as sour agents.

Some recipes favour soaking the dried fruit in tea overnight before the baking.

He said that they had received revolvers, AK-47s, ammunition and dried fruit from their coordinator.

citrus fruit   (narenciye)

Close to 90% of the citrus fruit juice solids are recovered with extractors.

This method is used for the skins of citrus fruit (candied peel), angelica, and ginger.

Based on its appearance, it was named "Tachibana" (or Mandarin, an orange citrus fruit).

fruit juices

Some varieties include other fruit juices.

Colombia is one of the world's largest consumers of fruit juices.

For fruit juices, 1.0 degree Brix is denoted as 1.0% sugar by mass.

bear fruit

These began to bear fruit in the mid-2010s.

This sponsorship enabled the Calabash to grow and bear fruit.

Her efforts began to bear fruit and the institution stabilized.

bore fruit   (Meyve sıkmak)

His efforts to extend the New St. Paul's Institution to the AVA room bore fruit.

This reading bore fruit in the many interesting volumes to which Emma's name was attached.

This vision bore fruit and schools in New Zealand have long planted native trees on Arbor Day.

fruit bats   (meyve yarasaları)

The seeds are dispersed by birds and fruit bats.

These fruit bats range in size from 40-800 g and occur from sea level to 1500 m above.

In winter, one foraged for and hunted possum, echidna, fruit bats, wallaby and kangaroo.

insects and fruit

They eat insects and fruit.

Their preferred habitat is fairly open country, and they eat insects and fruit.

Similarly to adult crested mynas, the proportion of insects and fruit that the juveniles eat increases with availability and abundance.

fruit orchards

They also tended fruit orchards, particularly citrus.

Djønno is known for its fruit orchards.

He specialized in the field of pomology, publishing in 1844 a book on fruit orchards.

other fruit   (diğer meyveler)

Some varieties include other fruit juices.

Watermelon juice can be blended with other fruit juices or made into wine.

Cranberry juice is usually sweetened or blended with other fruit juices to reduce its natural tartness.

fruit production

Some 90% of the fruit production (1996) goes into olive oil.

Its economy is based mostly on agriculture, especially wine and fruit production.

The main economic activity of Evdilek is animal breeding, but fruit production is on the rise.

fruit dove   (meyve güvercini)

The fruit is consumed by the topknot pigeon and wompoo fruit dove.

The locally rare wompoo fruit dove may be heard in rainforest areas.

The Many-colored fruit dove is one of the rarest birds that nest on Tutuila.

followed by fruit

In 2007, India sent a shipment of mangoes to the U.S., followed by fruit from Thailand, Vietnam, and Mexico.

fruit growing

Her family lived mostly on fruit growing and farming.

Agricultural reclamation intensified the development of olive and fruit growing.

The main industry for the area is fruit growing, particularly for local cider and perry businesses.

fruit tree

Domestically, it is planted as a fruit tree in forest gardens.

Other common names include the fruit tree bark beetle and apple tree beetle.

Along the river fruit tree plantations and palawidja (upland crop) fields were developed.

edible fruit   (yenilebilir meyve)

"Carpobrotus aequilaterus" has an edible fruit.

African elemi bears edible fruit with a thick, dense, hard shell.

The mountain apple is an edible fruit that can be consumed when raw and ripe.