Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

functions such

("Library" functions such as cosine and log are not mandated.)

Propositional logic involves truth functions such as "or" and "not".

This asymmetric organization is important for cell functions such as cell signaling.

other functions   (otras funciones)

However, other functions may clobber this zone.

Beside TGF-beta signaling endoglin may have other functions.

The Domain Name System includes several other functions and features.

administrative functions

2nd Division's headquarters only performs administrative functions.

The Regions of England continue to be used in certain governmental administrative functions.

They often serve in bridge roles, connecting clinical, operational, and administrative functions.

different functions

Each performs different functions in the cell.

The passive voice has 2 different functions.

Thangka perform several different functions.

various functions

Tattoos had various functions among Austronesian societies.

The palace compound was subsequently converted for various functions.

There are many other types of plastids, which carry out various functions.

social functions   (funciones sociales)

It was seen as a verbal art which fulfilled essential social functions.

Christie attended many social functions and particularly enjoyed watching polo.

Accordingly, beliefs about elves and their social functions have varied over time and space.

main functions   (funciones principales)

The award of Club Colours has two main functions.

The Authority had two main functions.

The main functions of the MSAC are:

government functions   (funciones del gobierno)

Local government functions were shared between the two levels.

Principal local government functions are now undertaken by Cornwall Council.

Until the Tejeros Convention in 1897, government functions were conducted by the Katipunan.

continuous functions   (funciones continuas)

Thus sequentially continuous functions "preserve sequential limits".

Let "C"(σ("T")) denote the C*-algebra of continuous functions on σ("T").

Given then the "sum of continuous functions" is continuous in formula_14.

functions include

Cameras with similar functions include the Noblex and Horizon.

Cameras with similar functions include the Widelux and Horizon.

Public functions include lecture hall, café, boutique and school service.

all functions

Let "S" denote the collection of all functions from "T" into "S".

The notation formula_38 denotes all functions from formula_1 to formula_2.

Exponentiation is given by where "X" is the set of all functions from "Y" to "X".

trigonometric functions

Pythagoras discovered many of the properties of what would become trigonometric functions.

Euler's formula relates its values at purely imaginary arguments to trigonometric functions.

For example, one cannot define all the trigonometric functions in a Banach algebra without identity.

executive functions   (funciones ejecutivas)

Ferrant became the technical assistant and had no executive functions.

He retired from their executive functions at the company on November 30, 2006.

Furthermore, executive functions seemed to be possible in one child during this study.

functions within

Aghgol National Park functions within district as tourism zone.

In extreme cases, one person fills all the support functions within a club.

He studied alpha-catenin functions outside of their functions within cell adhesion.

many functions

He is invited as the guest of honour at many functions.

In practice, many functions of interest are computable by machines that always halt.

Because of their high use, phones in Taiwan have many functions and are becoming cheaper.

wave functions

Bosons, such as the photon, have symmetric wave functions instead.

His thesis was titled "Analytic properties of bound state wave functions".

In rovibronic transitions, the excited states involve three wave functions.

functions including

Primary areas of application span functions including sales, marketing, and customer service.

Alongside support functions including command & control vehicles and incident catering units.

Glycogen Synthase Kinase Aβ (GSK-3β) is responsible for tau phosphorylation and controls several cellular functions including apoptosis.

hash functions   (funciones hash)

The hash function competition called for hash functions at least as secure as the SHA-2 instances.

Rebound attack The rebound attack is a tool in the cryptanalysis of cryptographic hash functions.

Such property is not exhibited by hash functions such as SHA-3 or ParallelHash (except of XOF variants).

special functions

Several special functions still do not have established notations.

Channel 63 referred to the CPU itself and was used for various special functions.

Most special functions in applied mathematics arise as solutions to differential equations, whose solutions are unique.

official functions

The vice governor Valckenburg was in charge of official functions.

The building hosts many official functions for Texas A&M University.

Since 1913, it is also where all official functions are held in Athens.

important functions

Nestor Ignat held important functions in various professional organizations.

These small mammals fulfill several important functions in forest ecosystems.

This summary of the superior oblique muscle describes its most important functions.

basis functions   (funciones básicas)

Morgan III, Jonathan Baker and Robert Hill using Hylleraas or Frankowski-Pekeris basis functions.

Here, the coefficients of the configurations, and of the basis functions, are optimized together.

For all LTI systems, the eigenfunctions, and the basis functions of the transforms, are complex exponentials.

judicial functions

There was a citizen assembly that also had judicial functions.

The protocol also abolished the judicial functions of the Committee of Ministers.

The more prominent role of the Court is located in the exercise of its judicial functions.

variety of functions

Fluorescence serves a wide variety of functions in coral.

Enzymes serve a wide variety of functions inside living organisms.

The clubhouse contains space for a variety of functions for the team.

public functions   (funciones públicas)

Muftis were additionally appointed to other public functions, such as market inspectors.

After the war he pursued several successful civic projects and public functions in Tennessee.

During that time she oversaw a great many public functions, including conferences, exhibitions, and concerts.

cognitive functions

Flunitrazepam impairs cognitive functions.

Lenore Thomson offers yet another model of the cognitive functions.

Jung originally conceived of the model in which four cognitive functions combine to form different psychological types.

similar functions

The Vedic Rudra has some similar functions with Apollo.

Bark howls may serve similar functions.

Cameras with similar functions include the Noblex and Horizon.

support functions   (funciones de apoyo)

In extreme cases, one person fills all the support functions within a club.

Two support functions for these Engineer Tanks were developed: bridging and mine clearance.

Alongside support functions including command & control vehicles and incident catering units.

specific functions

The 20th Fighter Wing is composed of four groups each with specific functions.

Proteins perform extremely specific functions which are dependent on their structure.

The layers build upon each other, allowing for abstraction of specific functions in each one.

biological functions

These hormones are involved in a number of essential biological functions.

The formation of these droplets is believed to be linked to biological functions.

Many important proteinogenic and non-proteinogenic amino acids have biological functions.

local government functions   (funciones del gobierno local)

Principal local government functions are now undertaken by Cornwall Council.

It is in the area of Wiltshire Council unitary authority, which is responsible for all significant local government functions.

It is in the area of Wiltshire Council unitary authority, which is responsible for most significant local government functions.

basic functions

Only the basic functions remained with USAG Camp Humphreys.

The four basic functions were thinking, feeling, intuition, and sensation.

Most Pentax digital SLRs today do support the first two basic functions of Power Zoom lenses.

holomorphic functions

The collection of holomorphic functions is denoted by H("U","Y").

The collection of Gâteaux holomorphic functions is denoted by H("U","Y").

As often formulated, the "d-bar operator" annihilates holomorphic functions.

several functions

MicroC/OS allows defining several functions in C, each of which can execute as an independent thread or task.

Kolmogorov used this theorem to define several functions of strings, including complexity, randomness, and information.

Between 1950 and 1960 he again held the office of mayor and was active in several functions in agricultural cooperatives.

rational functions   (funciones racionales)

This field of rational functions is an extension field of "K".

All monomials, polynomials and rational functions are elementary.

Its elements are the restrictions to "V" of the rational functions over the affine space containing "V".

powers and functions

Westminster has the powers and functions of a London borough council.

The local authority derives its powers and functions from the London Government Act 1963 and subsequent legislation.

192 and Administrative Code of 1987 have set the objectives which will serve as the bases for policy formation, and have defined the powers and functions of the DENR.

private functions   (funciones privadas)

The center also is rented out to groups for private functions.

MFO also books headliners as well as manages and provides backline for private functions around the world.

As of 1976 the building was used by that group as its headquarters and for community and private functions.

following functions

With a corporate personality, PDA has been mandated to discharge the following functions and powers: On December 31, 2000, Republic Act No.

In order to perform task as mentioned above, the Office is performing the following functions: The Executive Office of the President consists of:

Specifically, Inpaint is capable of performing the following functions: Batch processing of multiple images is possible via the Batch Inpaint version.

now functions

It now functions as the main freight cargo terminal.

It now functions as a ferry terminal.

It now functions as Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies.

primary functions   (funciones primarias)

The ToolBank performs three primary functions: 1.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO2 or HBOT) is indicated as a primary and adjunct treatment which provides four primary functions.

The UNLB's primary functions were to provide: logistic support, strategic and global information and communications technology support services and training.

same functions

The binder performs the same functions as the Linkage Editor.

Digital thermostats may implement the same functions, but most provide more versatility.

DCS is reported to stand for "Digital Collection System"; the system has the same functions as before.

such functions

The set of such functions is denoted "C"().

In contrast, MUSIC assumes that several such functions have been added together, so zeros may not be present.

For example, such functions as 64B/66B line coding, self-synchronizing scrambler, or gearbox are also used in optical fiber types of 10 Gigabit Ethernet links.

smooth functions   (funciones suaves)

In particular, they exist, so polynomials are smooth functions.

Note that the (metrically incomplete) space of smooth functions is dense in .

By Borel's lemma, these are precisely the restrictions of smooth functions on .

functions were transferred

In 2000, some of these functions were transferred to Bispebjerg Hospital.

The college's functions were transferred to the Royal Naval College, Greenwich in 1914.

In 1993, the Baton Rouge forecast office was closed and its functions were transferred to the office in Slidell.

set of functions

In C, a library is a set of functions contained within a single "archive" file.

In symbols: Indeed, it is this natural bijection that justifies the exponential notation for the set of functions.

Formally, a social choice function is a map formula_9 from the set of functions between "N"→"Rel(X)", to the power set of "X".

multiple functions

The plasma membrane of a cell has multiple functions.

They are lightweight yet strong and hard, and serve multiple functions.

It had built-in multiple functions like the ability to share content by diskette and print it.

cellular functions

However, reactive oxygen species also have useful cellular functions, such as redox signaling.

They are hollow, rod-shaped structures that are required for cell division, among other cellular functions.

Its serine/threonine phosphatase activity has a broad substrate specificity and diverse cellular functions.

new functions

The placement new functions are overloads of the non-placement new functions.

Thus, the enhanced cyborg intends to exceed normal processes or even gain new functions that were not originally present.