fundamental rights   (基本的権利)

A list of fundamental rights is enshrined in the country's constitution.

The company argued that the law illegally restricts the fundamental rights of hosts.

Certain fundamental rights are also restricted or suspended, including the freedom of association (e.g.

fundamental principles   (基本原則)

They differ mostly in the emphasis of the "cari vastus" (four fundamental principles)

The 1940 resolution was considered by many to be a betrayal of its fundamental principles.

There are several approaches to this which are all based upon these fundamental principles.

most fundamental   (最も基本的な)

The next subsection describe the most fundamental ones.

The most fundamental ones are listed below.

The most fundamental change is support for darknet operation.

fundamental right   (基本的権利)

Journalists can face violence and intimidation for exercising their fundamental right to freedom of expression.

This provides a legal justification through which to consider the right to privacy as a fundamental right of the individual.

It also ruled that Panta, as a member of a "gender and sexual minority", is entitled to the fundamental right to live a life with dignity without discrimination under the Constitution of Nepal.

fundamental group   (基本グループ)

The fundamental group is the first and simplest homotopy group.

A key example arises from SL(R), which has center {±1} and fundamental group Z.

The fundamental group of any oriented hyperbolic 3-manifold is a Kleinian group.

fundamental human

in order to show that in other parts of the world, fundamental human rights are denied.

Most importantly, it has to be considered whether the fundamental human rights of an individual will be affected.

Freedom from fear Freedom from fear is listed as a fundamental human right according to The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

more fundamental

more fundamental frequency content).

Yet, with Revelation, the problems might be judged more fundamental.

However, a more fundamental physical limit is due to light diffraction.

fundamental theorem   (基本定理)

By Newton's time, the fundamental theorem of calculus was known.

This is another formulation of the fundamental theorem of calculus.

This is the fundamental theorem of finitely generated abelian groups.

fundamental principle   (基本原理)

This law is a fundamental principle of physics.

It is distinguished between the fundamental principle of fascism and social democracy.

The sorority had "open membership as a fundamental principle" (Bucknell University website).

fundamental research

For his fundamental research on the subject, Diener is nicknamed "Dr.

The latter mainly dealt with fundamental research in the field of fluid dynamics.

In it he asked for an institute for fundamental research in fluid dynamics to be built in Göttingen.

fundamental contributions

Kaiser provided fundamental contributions to psychometrics and statistical psychology.

He made fundamental contributions in the fields of 3-manifolds and (algebraic) K-theory.

He has made fundamental contributions to the theory of regularization of motion in the gravitational N-body problem.

fundamental role   (基本的な役割)

Loan activity by banks plays a fundamental role in determining the money supply.

For these reasons, projective space plays a fundamental role in algebraic geometry.

The House System within the school has a fundamental role in the school's structure.

fundamental change

The most fundamental change is support for darknet operation.

It established a fundamental change in the machinery of the convention.

But they are well-enough established to herald fundamental change in software development."

fundamental frequency

more fundamental frequency content).

The fundamental frequency for blue whale vocalizations ranges from 8 to 25 Hz.

Thus, the maximum fundamental frequency is reduced to one fourth of the baud rate.

fundamental changes   (基本的な変更)

Hovde served as dean when the core curriculum underwent fundamental changes.

There were no fundamental changes regarding commas in the third edition which appeared in 2001.

Freenet 0.7, released on 8 May 2008, is a major re-write incorporating a number of fundamental changes.

fundamental part

Dewaniya became a fundamental part of Kuwaiti life.

A fundamental part of a DE is the window manager or WM.

New religious orders were a fundamental part of this trend.

fundamental freedoms   (基本的な自由)

The European Union accuses Cuba of "continuing flagrant violation of human rights and fundamental freedoms".

Article 29 of the Convention requires that 'the education of the child shall be directed to the development of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.'

Roosevelt mentioned four fundamental freedoms, which ought to be enjoyed by people "everywhere in the world"; these included the freedom of speech and religion, as well as freedom from want and fear.

fundamental importance

In 1919, an event of fundamental importance occurred.

The seizure of the city was of fundamental importance to Vespasian.

In the 1930s, Mehta had gauged the fundamental importance of research in medical education.

fundamental human rights

in order to show that in other parts of the world, fundamental human rights are denied.

Most importantly, it has to be considered whether the fundamental human rights of an individual will be affected.

On 8 October 2010 he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize "for his long and non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights in China".

fundamental difference

Liberationist theory also failed to recognize a fundamental difference in fighting oppression.

For example, understanding the womb and its fundamental difference from male bodies was irrelevant.

This fundamental difference and its impact on the structure must be weighed against the advantages of the DFAT method.

fundamental questions

The objective is to answer fundamental questions about how planetary systems form and evolve.

More importantly, Camus addressed one of the fundamental questions of existentialism: the problem of suicide.

The format of the great debate has been used subsequently to argue the nature of fundamental questions in astronomy.

fundamental problem

The fundamental problem is that the last four terms are completely unknown, rendering statistical estimates impossible.

For Carrel, the fundamental problem was that: [M]en cannot follow modern civilization along its present course, because they are degenerating.

The early Buddhist texts present the Buddha's worldview as focused on understanding the nature of "dukkha", which is seen as the fundamental problem of life.

fundamental law

Constitution of Ukraine The Constitution of Ukraine () is the fundamental law of Ukraine.

On December 1 that year Governor James Orman proclaimed the amendment part of the state's fundamental law.

This fundamental law determines the different adsorption mechanism for the subcritical and supercritical regions.

fundamental laws

None of the fundamental laws of physics had been overturned.

Before this date, the fundamental laws of Russia described the power of the Emperor as "autocratic and unlimited".

Popper showed that higher-level laws often conflict with, and cannot be reduced to, supposedly more fundamental laws.