Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

no further   (không thêm)

There is no further mention of him in any records.

But the French King offered no further proposals.

Under this view there would be no further facts.

further south   (xa hơn về phía nam)

He also was born further south than anyone in history.

Kožuh lies further south, and Havptmance east of Kožuh.

A little further south is the "Cape Motta".

further north   (xa hơn về phía Bắc)

Pukatawagan Reserve is further north of Sherridon.

It was further north than the current station.

And then as you get further and further north, it changes.

further development   (phát triển hơn nữa)

There's no plans for further development of this core.

Activities were stopped and no further development took place.

None of these pilots were commissioned for further development.

even further

The R8 was restricted even further to only 520 bhp.

He achieved even further critical success with ' (1976).

This allowed Goanet to expand even further.

further developed

Subsequent articles further developed his ideas.

Onion routing was further developed by DARPA in 1997.

IME Romania further developed the system for Tinread.

further divided   (chia thêm)

Sakama Marana can be further divided into 4 types.

adaptability) is further divided into attributes.

Each channel is further divided into 13 segments.

further east

Later, pits were dug further east along the reef.

The railway was later extended further east to Karahisar.

The railway continues further east, but only for freight trains.

further west

In 1899 the line was extended further west to Grove, Oklahoma.

This road extended further west to Cincinnati and east to Chillicothe.

Five years later, he moved further west to Van Buren County, Arkansas.

further education

The nearest further education college is in Boston.

He went to Nagpur in 1916 for further education.

Exeter College is a further education college.

further research

It should not be eaten without further research.

The further research continued in Estonia.

However, there is no record of further research publications.

further studies

He was sent to US by the company for further studies.

Kang San moves to America for further studies.

He then left Makerere to pursue further studies in Canada.

further away

The blunt end is further away from the action itself.

The revelation only drives Carly and Dean further away.

She said, "He just kept drifting further and further away.

further subdivided   (chia nhỏ hơn nữa)

These are further subdivided into 24 municipalities.

It can be further subdivided into the and the .

; the bays are further subdivided by secondary piers.

further study

She had further study in Paris with Dominique Modesti.

Redman then moved to Europe to further study medicine.

One purpose was further study and research.

further information   (thêm thông tin)

For further information, refer to external links.

See the β-helix article for further information.

See No-communication theorem for further information.

prevent further   (ngăn chặn hơn nữa)

This is done to prevent further corrosion and damage.

Efforts should be taken to prevent further self-injury.

Precautions were put in place to prevent further incidents.

further stated   (tuyên bố thêm)

He further stated that he would probably direct it.

She further stated, "The movie is technically excellent in form.

They said, They further stated,

without further

He then managed to land without further incident.

It should not be eaten without further research.

All the accused were released without further charges.

further down   (tiếp tục xuống)

Grazing land was not available further down the river for some decades.

A little further down lies the village of Kau and the temple of Kamakshya Mata.

The further down the diagram, the more expensive (and powerful) the Talents become.

further investigation   (tiếp tục điều tra)

This requires further investigation by specialists.

The latter phenomenon requires further investigation.

The Corsair was ferried by boat for further investigation.

further action   (đẩy mạnh)

No further action was taken against Cardozo.

The bill received a committee hearing but no further action.

No further action was taken against him.

further expanded

Headquarters were further expanded by 2003.

Later his business further expanded to Lushun and Yingkou.

It was further expanded in 1935 and 1936.

further up

I heard about 'em once, further up this same coast.

The United Reformed Church is further up Bradgate Road.

One or two smaller bract-like leaves occur further up the stem.

further back   (trở lại)

Negligent was five lengths further back in third.

All My Loving was four lengths further back in third.

Some of the buildings were rebuilt further back with decorative frontages.

further expansion   (mở rộng hơn nữa)

The hospital portion underwent further expansion in 2006.

In 2018, Nikken announced a further expansion of the Centre.

With the system becoming global, further expansion is precluded.

further details   (biết thêm chi tiết)

(See Southbank Centre entry for further details.)

No further details regarding payment were disclosed.

No further details or plans have been announced.

further training

However, some programmes may require further training.

Between 1986 and 1987, Waltz did further training in New York.

She begged her parents to send her to England for further training.

further work   (công việc tiếp theo)

This led to further work in daytime soap operas.

In further work with Jonker, J.S.

It underwent a Victorian restoration in 1869 and further work in 1906.

much further

The modern church is situated much further inland.

But Leibniz took his speculations much further.

This distance extends much further in airborne and space radar.

went further

Slatery went further to urge passage of the DREAM Act.

However, Alexander's ambitions went further.

It went further in briefing staff on the toasting procedure.

further afield   (xa hơn)

Slightly further afield is Aldergrove Airport.

Many commute to Oban or Lochgilphead, or even further afield.

She looked further afield.

further develop   (tiếp tục phát triển)

The council is also expecting to further develop soccer and hockey fields.

A new group of musicians began to further develop the "funk rock" approach.

These experiences served to further develop and refine his musical training.

step further   (bước xa hơn)

In 1981, he went one step further by creating an electric bouzouki.

Amy then takes it a step further and raises her hand to ask a mock question.

This was taken a step further in 2012, when a whole book was encoded onto DNA.

further extended   (mở rộng hơn nữa)

It was then further extended to Woolwich Arsenal in 2009.

In 1952 further extended the empire by taking over Norton.

His contract was further extended in April 2014 through 2017.

further inland   (xa hơn trong đất liền)

The modern church is situated much further inland.

This prevents saltwater to advance further inland .

The bay is backed by sand dunes further inland.

moved further

Since then the (PSD) moved further to Euroscepticism.

FILA has moved further than others in this direction.

Some provincial capitals were also moved further inland.

further evidence   (thêm bằng chứng)

Expanded editions during the 1920s presented further evidence.

No further evidence is needed.

Yoshino gives further evidence to his position through the Shahar case.

further increased

It was further increased to 16 teams in 2012.

Her ice strengthening was further increased in the refit.

Power was further increased to 10,000 watts in April 1957.

further appearances

Four further appearances followed during 2016–17.

He made four further appearances during the 2016–17 season.

Smith went on to make nine further appearances for Brighton.

then further

It was then further extended to Woolwich Arsenal in 2009.

These data are then further sorted by threat priority and displayed.

The clone was then further developed editorially, and given the name Ben Reilly.

further reduced

Later the crew has been further reduced to 21.

Famine and the plague further reduced the Pomeranian population.

Costs were further reduced by the abolition of tariffs at borders.

further damage   (Thêm thiệt hại)

In 1298 there was further damage caused by an earthquake.

The squad pursues Haggard to stop him from causing further damage.

Health regenerates over time if the player does not take further damage.

developed further

It was developed further in the early 1980s.

It developed further with the Vaisakhi festival of the Sikhs.

Since 1991 CAPI is being developed further by "CAPI Association e.V."

made further

A French scribe made further notes around 1400.

He also made further improvements in printing.

Talwalkar made further changes to this book in English.

led to further

This led to further work in daytime soap operas.

Combat requirements led to further developments.

This only led to further legal and financial difficulties.

until further   (cho đến khi xa hơn)

All of this until further notice from either party..

and "Hawaii Five-0" until further notice.

the site is closed until further notice.

made a further

He made a further 11 appearances in the 2017 season.

He made a further promotional tour in 1815.

He made a further three league appearances during his loan spell.

received further

In 1922, the school received further County and Government grants.

This hearsay received further coverage by New Scientist and in the BMJ.

The film received further critical acclaim upon its theatrical opening.

little further   (xa hơn một chút)

They had gone only a little further than Franklin.

However, he had little further contact with Athens.

A little further south is the "Cape Motta".

further year

In August 1969 the order was extended for a further year.

In June 2018, his contract was extended by a further year.

Valentine later agreed a further year on his Hereford contract.

further complicated   (phức tạp hơn)

This further complicated the situation.

Her situation was further complicated by the fact that she was eight months pregnant.

The evacuation was further complicated by heavy enemy anti-aircraft fire, and two H-34s were lost.

further noted

He further noted South Africa's handling of the conflict.

He further noted that the offender's hair was in small braids.

It was further noted that it was located 6000 meters NE of Jaffa.

further increase   (tăng hơn)

60% planned to further increase cost-sharing.

A further increase of traffic is expected in the future.

March 2012 – March 2017 saw a further increase of 19% – approx.

extended further   (mở rộng hơn nữa)

Rose contract was extended further for another season.

The railway was later extended further east to Karahisar.

It was extended further by Borho in 1972.

avoid further   (tránh xa hơn)

To avoid further temptations, in about 530 Benedict left Subiaco.

Protection islands are built on the channel to avoid further accidents.

Bjørn West received orders from London on May 2 to avoid further clashes.

further downstream   (xa hơn về phía hạ lưu)

The "Way of Bayonne" joins the French Way further downstream at Burgos.

Homovšak Creek joins Hotaveljščica Creek further downstream, near Saint Lawrence's Church.

To the north of the work settlement of Loknya it turns southeast, and further downstream turns northeast again.

order to further   (để tiếp tục)

In order to further his keeping, Marsh joined the University club.

He went to New Inn Hall, Oxford, principally in order to further his cricket career.

Instructions are also typically highly encoded in order to further enhance the code density.

further explained

This is further explained in the Renouncement section.

This is further explained in the artbook for "Modern Warfare 2".

On their website, the mission of The People Walker is further explained.

further notice   (thông báo mới)

All of this until further notice from either party..

and "Hawaii Five-0" until further notice.

the site is closed until further notice.

further enhanced   (tăng cường hơn nữa)

This early account was further enhanced by Simon Grunau in the 16th century.

The acoustics were further enhanced by a number of subsequent modifications.

By mating the crossbreed with a third breed, hybrid vigor may be further enhanced.

go further   (đi xa hơn)

To go further than just perceiving the object is to recognize the object.

OOP concepts go further back but were part of LISP and Simula language science.

, electric tram-trains run up to Benidorm, and diesel trains go further to Dénia.

further added

She further added: "It's probably one of my favorite videos I've ever made.

She further added,"..It is her charismatic image that stays with the audience.

and further added, "Just to be clear, I NEVER SAID, "I've given some thought to leaving the NFL!"

further changes

On 28 February 2012, further changes were announced.

In this period further changes were made to the choir.

Talwalkar made further changes to this book in English.

further attacks

On the morning of May 7, Grant chose maneuver instead of further attacks.

She attacked, sinking "Harbledown", but all further attacks were driven off.

The pack made no further attacks on the ships of SC 26, who made their way to port.

still further   (vẫn tiếp tục)

Beyond that lay the lands of the Turks and still further lay China.

The southernmost water column boundary is still further south at Point Z88, 13° 56' 31.8".

Later it was joined by the Pere Marquette railway, still further boosting Shedden's importance.

further improved

From 1965 a further improved PZL-101B was produced.

Its lengthened slide further improved the pistol's balance.

Based on success of the sea trials, the NRL further improved the system.

until further notice   (cho đến khi có thông báo mới)

All of this until further notice from either party..

and "Hawaii Five-0" until further notice.

the site is closed until further notice.

further extension   (mở rộng hơn nữa)

A plugin mechanism enables further extension of CloudCompare capabilities.

It served its members for almost twenty years before a further extension was built.

A further extension of the route was implemented on 26 May 1958, with a new terminus at McFaddens Road.

further states

He further states that he would be embarrassed to ask them about this.

The report further states the length of the structure as and the width as .

He further states that the month was named after a goddess "Eostre" whose feast was in that month.

further along

Going further along the path would give better cutting tools.

Less than 1 km further along this trail is Curator Campground.

There may also be other pathogenic mutations further along the gene.

further strengthened

The Lisbon Treaty further strengthened the leadership ambitions.

This may have further strengthened the Bolshevik animus against the church.

In Japan, his interest was further strengthened when he saw Keio play Waseda.

further support   (hỗ trợ thêm)

The area also provided further support to new Chinese immigrants.

boarding ships), a training inspection, and further support elements.

These experiments provided further support for his Law of Conservation of Mass.

located further

The second tramway was located further upriver.

The Tenaru River, however, was actually located further to the east.

The stadium is located further up the hill, beyond the "via sacra" and the theatre.

further use

DL81, was sold for further use with an industrial user.

The interface can be reopened at any time for further use.

We have no further use for him.

further when   (hơn nữa khi)

Their lives are complicated further when they both get involved with the same man.

His authority suffered even further when he was involved in fraudulent military requisitions.

Her opinion of him falls even further when he shows up high for the birth of his daughter Nina.

further progress   (tiến bộ hơn nữa)

The project made little further progress.

The project was reopened in October 1916 but no further progress was made.

If consent is required but not signified, a bill may make no further progress through parliament.

further success

Kawauchi achieved further success in 2013.

Daly's returned to musical comedies but found little further success.

Wall retired from club hurling shortly afterwards without any further success.

no further action   (không hành động gì thêm)

The bill received a committee hearing but no further action.

If the reason is correct and traceable no further action is needed.

"Ouragan" saw no further action and was broken up for scrap in 1949.

gained further

The 60th brigade gained further ground on the right.

Ivan gained further ground in campaigns during the years 1559 and 1560.

Menzies's foundation gained further endowments in the late 17th century.

further attempts

All further attempts at communication with the AN-24 were unsuccessful.

The Confederacy made no further attempts to seize the Southwestern United States.

Between 1662 and the 19th century, further attempts to revise the "Book" in England stalled.

provide further   (cung cấp thêm)

The titles of the chapters themselves provide further examples of hybridization.

Following a downselect, four companies were asked to provide further developments.

If necessary they provide further training to the personnel and management of the company.

expanded further

The town expanded further during the 1960s.

It expanded further to twelve screens in 1984, and to twenty in 1988.

The water treatment plant was planned to being expanded further in 2005.

further claimed

They further claimed that the passage of the Treaty would "jeopardise" farm succession rights.

He further claimed to have met his cousin face to face in a San Diego park shortly after the escape.

Lawyers acting on the hospital's behalf further claimed that further treatment for Alfie would be "unkind and inhumane".

make further   (làm thêm)

Simultaneously, Nikon issued a prohibition to make further copies of the icon.

Film Australia were inspired to make further drama productions following the success of "Three to Go" (1970).

Lincoln was open to the possibility of a constitutional convention to make further amendments to the Constitution.

further analysis

The collected samples will be returned for study and further analysis.

(2000) and propagated by subsequent scholars without further analysis.

Staggs chose to record the echo for further analysis by meteorologists.

further reduce   (giảm hơn nữa)

Both of these simplifications further reduce the cost of production.

To further reduce emissions, lean traps (LNTs) and SCR-catalysts can be used.

The second cationic and anionic exchangers further reduce ion levels in solution.

further improve   (nâng cao hơn nữa)

The new centers were expected to further improve access to services.

The squadron's mission was redefined by Less to further improve the recruiting effort.

However, he should further improve his body language, as he appeared a little rigid in some scenes.

caused further

The coup of 1987 caused further contraction.

The marriage caused further distress to Lady Wilde when the couple moved in with her.

A car accident caused further complications and she has walked with a stick ever since.

further growth

to explain and promote the further growth of scientific knowledge.

Stage I is followed by further growth of IT in the "contagion" stage.

A new wing has since been added to alleviate further growth problems.

further expand

They typically lack capital to further expand their network.

In 1940 he came to Bombay to further expand his music career.

The construction of the tunnel will also further expand the Galle Face Green towards the ocean.

further singles

After two further singles in 1982, the band split up.

"Unforgiven" and "Risen" followed as further singles.

"Ultra" spawned two further singles, "Home" and "Useless".

saw further

The following years also saw further adventures in the National Cup.

In addition, several vehicles saw further use as departmental vehicles.

The next year, 1666, saw further deaths in other cities but on a lesser scale.

further described

Dance is further described in the "Lüshi Chunqiu".

It is further described in Heat of formation group additivity.

The fossils from Colorado were further described by Brooks Britt in 1991.

further upstream   (ngược dòng)

Younger sharks are generally found further upstream than older ones.

The current bridge replaced its predecessor, slightly further upstream, in 1924.

The village became the northern terminus of the canal, which was never extended further upstream.

played a further

He also played a further 67 Wartime Cup games.

Laursen played a further season with Verona.

Hunt played a further 17 matches in 2016 but only two in 2017.

further refined   (tinh tế hơn nữa)

The site was further refined during the early 1920s by H.B.

Radar astrometry in January 2005 further refined its orbit solution.

It is further refined through aqueous-solvent liquid–liquid extraction.

further improvements

He also made further improvements in printing.

The 1990s brought further improvements.

In 1859 Ellett's partner William McComas made further improvements.

several further   (nhiều hơn nữa)

It was followed by several further published works.

He had several further strokes and developed throat cancer.

The Dutch found the climate hostile and abandoned the island after several further decades.

further promote   (thúc đẩy hơn nữa)

In 2007, Girls Aloud went on a tour to further promote the album.

Aside from interviewing for "Time", J-Hope did not further promote the mixtape.

To further promote the single and album, an EP was released containing remixes of "Ride".