near future   (近い将来)

They aimed to create a near future American setting.

It is set in New Orleans in the near future.

In the near future, the demands will overcome the supply.

future wife   (未来の妻)

Later that year he met his future wife Eva Balazs.

It was there that he met his future wife, Shawnee.

Grimaldi met his future wife, Maria Hughes in 1796.

future generations   (未来の世代)

Her artwork tells her history to future generations.

And what is the societal impact on future generations?

He envisioned Muziris as a non-formal education project for future generations.

future husband   (未来の夫)

At Wagner she met her future husband, Donald Burry.

However, it was while here that she met her future husband.

While working there she met her future husband William Ashton Tait.

met his future   (彼の未来に会った)

Later that year he met his future wife Eva Balazs.

It was there that he met his future wife, Shawnee.

Grimaldi met his future wife, Maria Hughes in 1796.

all future   (すべての未来)

These modifications were used in all future locomotives built by EMD.

After the Malev War ended, all future titles jumped twenty years forward.

AIDC will share revenue from all future international sales and upgrades.

possible future   (可能な未来)

Gene therapy is a possible future alternative.

Railbanking is preserving railroad rights-of-way for possible future use.

Bobbitt also suggests possible future scenarios and policies appropriate to them.

future development   (将来の開発)

The 1960s was a time of wealth and high hopes of large future development for Haiti.

The south side was proposed for possible future development even through the late 1990s.

The site will become a pocket park with grass & landscaping until future development takes its place.

foreseeable future   (予見可能な未来)

Recording plans had been put on hold for the foreseeable future.

Neither tribe has plans to develop the site in the foreseeable future.

For the foreseeable future though the highway will still be marked as NC 295.

met her future   (彼女の未来に会った)

At Wagner she met her future husband, Donald Burry.

At this time, she met her future agent Chafika.

However, it was while here that she met her future husband.

present and future   (現在と未来)

And most bizarre of all, they have no tenses for past, present and future.

The sports attracted the attendance of former, present and future scholars.

Düsum Khyenpa means "knower of the three times" (past, present and future).

current and future   (現在および将来)

Past, current and future projects:

It is designed to explore the current and future landscape of storytelling.

Advances and new developments are shaping and creating current and future trends.

future use   (将来の使用)

The mark is removed for future use.

Railbanking is preserving railroad rights-of-way for possible future use.

Often, most of or all infrastructure is removed regardless to future use.

future plans   (今後の計画)

I have to be smart and make sure I think about my future plans."

Regular wugmeets are held to discuss network issues and future plans.

Further on, the chapter tells about future plans for the Vistula river.

future events   (今後のイベント)

It is subject to the limitations of projecting future events.

He hints that Harry has some important future events to shape.

Planetary aspects play an important role in predicting future events.

future world   (未来の世界)

ATP Rankings The 2005 season saw the debut of future world no.

He met Federer when he was 9 and quickly identified him as a future world no 1.

The film focuses on the father (Wilson) and his unusual son (Joslin) in a future world.

included future   (含まれる未来)

Their first managers included future comedian Jasper Carrott.

The series also included future Canvey Island striker Moses Ademola.

Other members included future Stuckist artists Bill Lewis and Sexton Ming.

potential future   (将来の可能性)

Usually this signals the end of the group until potential future reunions.

They achieved some decent results and Wesselink felt a potential future in this sport.

4 (27) [26]: In the dungeon Alexius introduces Ursel to Anna as a potential future husband.

better future   (より良い未来)

As for the promises of a better future: The results are in.

Iran.’ with works on the development of a better future for Iran.

These people dream about the COP, awaiting a better future" (page 314).

prevent future   (未来を妨げる)

The State, Schopenhauer claimed, punishes criminals to prevent future crimes.

In 1960, the Seine River diversion project was completed to prevent future floods.

Regardless of the method used, only constant monitoring can prevent future contamination.

no future   (未来がない)

There are no future dates planned.

I think the human race has no future if it doesn't go into space."

There's no future in them."

against future   (未来に対して)

He was disqualified against future champion Primo Carnera in 1930.

She competed against future Hall of Famers Armed and Stymie, as well as U.S.

Ericksen also dismissed requests for an injunction against future workplace raids.

past and future   (過去と未来)

The work is divided two sections representing past and future.

An Austrian soon skied closer and they discussed the war, both past and future.

Trilochan literally means three-eyed, that is, seer of the present, past and future.

distant future   (遠い将来)

The time frame of this work is the distant future from the SD Sengokuden timeline.

The file lay hidden for centuries before being accidentally opened by Rai in the distant future.

Listening to the voices allows Corum to pass to the other world, which is in fact the distant future.

future expansion   (将来の拡張)

Possible future expansion may include sectors from Toowoomba to Darwin.

It was planned from the start for future expansion in steps to meet growing demand.

He laid the foundation for the company's future expansion in the field of metrology.

future president   (未来の大統領)

on the wall of the bridge, up, were carved by the future president.

In 1933 WOC hired future president Ronald Reagan as a staff announcer.

While at Fort Humboldt he met future president Ulysses S. Grant, and future General George Crook.

future king   (未来の王)

It was commanded by the Prince of Orange (the future king William II).

Alric steps in to intervene and proves his identity as the prince and future king.

Upon the birth of the future king in June 1982, WAPL sent gifts to Buckingham Palace.

future growth   (将来の成長)

The newspaper is determined to invest in future growth.

In both cases, water is reserved for future growth of the local community.

100% growth rate from $1 to $2 /stock) that does not indicate any guarantee of maintaining future growth or even solvency.

including future   (未来を含む)

When Dox masterminds an escape plan, Bek and other inmates, including future L.E.G.I.O.N.

It has since released most volumes of every series that has a DVD, including future releases.

During her career she flew with many pilots, including future Heroes of the Soviet Union Yevdokiya Nikulina and Irina Sebrova.

bright future   (明るい将来)

He was viewed as having a bright future there.

Turkey must face its past in order to have a bright future.

For Turkey's bright future, these kinds of works must be done.

future leaders   (未来のリーダー)

The college educated many of the future leaders of the United States.

At the constitutional convention, Lowe got to know many of the future leaders of Iowa.

Most notably, Carnegie believed that the future leaders of society would rise from the ranks of the poor.

future research   (今後の研究)

This area needs more insight from future research.

Security and parallel computing were cited among the future research targets.

In 2017, the first reference genome of the wolf "Canis lupus lupus" was mapped to aid future research.

future site   (将来のサイト)

There were four pieces of property which constituted the future site of 1099 14th Street NW.

Its first culture event is the West Kowloon Bamboo Theatre at the future site of Xiqu Centre in 2012.

They went around the south end of Klamath Lake and eventually to the future site of Winnemucca, Nevada.

future projects   (今後のプロジェクト)

Currently he is working on his future projects.

It set the pattern for future projects.

Past, current and future projects:

future years   (未来の年)

There are plans to extend the route in future years.

An imbalance in this age group will extend to older age groups in future years.

Tours continued in future years against opposition such as Upper Clapton and Hereford.

future career   (将来のキャリア)

His future career plans include running for public office.

She enjoyed singing, but did not regard it as a future career.

This year was to have a profound influence on his future career.

alongside future   (未来とともに)

Whilst in the Under-16s, he played alongside future England international Andy Carroll.

At Sparta he played alongside future international players Kevin Strootman and Nick Viergever.

Joeckel played alongside future Atlanta Falcon Jake Matthews, who played right tackle from 2010–2012.

uncertain future   (不確実な未来)

The novel ends as they both walk towards an uncertain future.

They get married and prepare to face an uncertain future together.

By late 1992, with no major sponsor in place, the Raiders faced more financial troubles and an uncertain future.

future work   (今後の仕事)

To some degree they influenced his future work.

This report was the basis of future work along this line.

We shall devote to them a future work."

future tense   (未来時制)

No other verb has a distinct form for the future tense.

He analyzes the Hopi "-ni" suffix as marking the future tense.

The neutral aspect comprises the three simple tenses and the future tense.

future date   (将来の日付)

Competence at the time of assessment is no guarantee of competence at a future date.

Hence, karma cannot bestow the fruits of actions at a future date according to one's merit.

s future   (未来)

The items that the child picks up are said to predict the child’s future.

The results of the program will inform the Ministry of Health’s future oral care policy.

"All held dissenting perceptions concerning the purposes and modalities of Cambodia’s future".

far future   (遠い未来)

In the far future, Darren is reincarnated by Mr.

Humanity is fated to lose control of them in the far future.

The game is set in the far future.

future success   (将来の成功)

The lack of education in these areas lowers the chances of future success for local students.

"A New Abolition" only continues to help solidify this sole purpose and the band’s future success."

In contrast, Sony were concerned Carey, their best-selling act, could jeopardize her future success through her actions.

own future   (自分の未来)

She parts with Barnabas by telling him to let her go and focus on his own future.

Rayna stops them, claiming her right to choose her own future, and then, overwhelmed by her newfound emotions, dies.

The mission of the school is for students to see themselves as architects of their own future and of their community.

s future   (の未来)

The items that the child picks up are said to predict the child’s future.

The results of the program will inform the Ministry of Health’s future oral care policy.

"All held dissenting perceptions concerning the purposes and modalities of Cambodia’s future".

met future   (未来に会った)

There he met future cartoonists Wally Wood and Roy Krenkel.

In 1963, Lifeson met future Rush drummer John Rutsey in school.

While in 57 Men, the two met future Wang Chung drummer, Darren Costin.

future direction   (今後の方向性)

The aim of the Revitalisation Project was to review the organisation's purpose and future direction.

Yet there are some elements emerging under the wash of noise that foreshadow the band's future direction.

In January 1984, Jack Tramiel resigned from Commodore due to internal battles over the future direction of the company.

immediate future   (近い将来)

There are two main views on the immediate future of New Zealand agriculture.

The low attendance caused the convention to lose money and not return for the immediate future.

His immediate future was undecided; perhaps travel, the English Bar, or an academic post at Cambridge.

alternate future   (別の未来)

Another alternate future is showcased in "The Ray" #25–26.

In this alternate future he was able to steal the speed of others, a power he used on his past self.

Issues #25–28, entitled ""The Silver Saga"", featured Silver the Hedgehog visiting another alternate future.

future self   (未来の自己)

Kenneth's future self protects them in a field of energy, negating the attack.

However, unlike his previous future self, the cloned Bart is completely on the side of his fascist teammates.

Keith - His future self came to get his soul and called Keith hopeless, but he went on to prove his future self wrong.

future releases   (今後のリリース)

It has since released most volumes of every series that has a DVD, including future releases.

Costello would continue to work with Attraction Pete Thomas as a session musician for future releases.

Daz Dillinger criticized Alan Grunblatt in recent interviews and mixtapes, ruling out any future releases through Koch Records.

other future   (他の未来)

For example: The pluperfect indicative is used to indicate an action that occurred before some other future action.

The other future interests in research of this topic are what PGO waves are precisely doing for us while we are dreaming.

During the game, New York Giants pitcher Carl Hubbell struck out Ruth and four other future Hall-of-Famers consecutively.

future time   (未来の時間)

Futures markets develop prices for commodities in future time periods.

The Esperanto future is a true tense, used whenever future time is meant.

Travelers could earn points for travel on Braniff that could be used for free travel at a future time.

many future   (多くの未来)

McLish inspired many future competitors to start training and competing.

Therefore, many future social democrats belonged to the Lithuanian National Revival.

He popularized junior heavyweight wrestling and influenced many future junior heavyweight wrestlers.

future emperor   (未来の天皇)

The supreme commander of all Roman forces was future emperor Tiberius.

He was also a nephew of Claudius, Germanicus' younger brother and the future emperor.

The inheritance of Nero, Agrippina's son and the future emperor, was seized by Caligula.

future state   (未来の状態)

The entrepreneurs who form the most accurate opinions regarding the future state of markets (i.e.

The Council appointed a National Committee to prepare a political manifesto for the future state.

In early 1936, a 27-year-old Swiss immigrant and future state senator named Yule Kilcher disembarked in Seward.

future members   (将来のメンバー)

It regularly comes out with its quarterly publication, the ACT Forum, for its present and future members.

The band featured two future members of Bulimia Banquet — bassist and vocalist Jula Bell and guitarist Alan Hansford.

Violence was pronounced in areas of high KKK activity, intimidating opponents of the KKK and impressing future members.

future considerations   (今後の検討事項)

On August 3, Mock was traded to the Houston Astros for future considerations.

Sweeney was traded to the Cincinnati Reds on May 27, 2017 for future considerations.

The D-Backs then traded him to the Philadelphia Phillies for "future considerations".

future developments   (今後の展開)

This was to greatly shape future developments in the Federation.

In the meantime, the actions of local communities work as transitional uses before future developments.

Howey kept half of the groves for its own use and sold real estate contracts for the other half to finance its future developments.

future episodes   (今後のエピソード)

There are plans to see him in future episodes when he returns from university for holidays.

3: The host gives closing sentiments and invites viewers to participate in future episodes.

While he does not make any future appearances, dialogue in future episodes makes it clear that he still resides in Sunnydale.

political future   (政治的未来)

That month, Allen declined to speculate on his political future.

The "Nashville Union" termed this "Henry-mandering"; lamented Johnson, "I have no political future."

Spyromilios kept correspondence with Albanian personalities, discussing the region’s political future.

another future   (別の未来)

He was to be another future Bishop of Brentwood.

He was in the same class as another future general, Lewis W. Walt.

While at Princeton he was friends with another future Secretary of Defense, Frank Carlucci.

what the future   (なんの未来)

Simply that nobody knows what the future holds."

But who knows what the future holds for me?

Also, during an interview on a local news station on July 18, 2007 with Gutter and Albee, the two were asked what the future plans are with the band.

future games   (将来のゲーム)

WVU claims Marshall backed out of 3 future games.

As of 2018, no future games for football or men's basketball are currently scheduled.

In November 2008, Green said he was helping to research future games in the "SimAnimals" line.

predict the future   (未来を予測する)

Traditional customs and lore include divination practices, ways of trying to predict the future.

Both professions were attributed with supernatural powers and the ability to predict the future.

The foster parents take her home where they are startled by her seeming ability to predict the future.

dystopian future   (ディストピアの未来)

It is a two-player game set in the dystopian future of the Android universe.

Before the loss of magic he received a vision of a dystopian future if magic does not return to the world.

In the year 2023 to a dystopian future, Sentinels have been programmed to identify and hunt down mutants and any humans who help them.

future stars   (未来の星)

Over the years, dozens of future stars played in the park before moving up to the majors.

Pitching coach Leo Mazzone began developing young pitchers Tom Glavine, Steve Avery, and John Smoltz into future stars.

Caplat toured Europe looking for future stars, sometimes accompanied by one or more of the Christies, sometimes on his own.

future contract   (将来の契約)

On January 20, 2010, Bradwell signed a reserve future contract.

Toal signed a future contract with the New York Jets on January 5, 2011.

On December 29, he was signed to a future contract, but was waived on March 6, 2009.

future major   (未来のメジャー)

The capability is to be rolled out on all future major warships of the Indian Navy.

Col. John B. Gordon of the 6th Alabama, a future major general, took over command of Rodes's brigade.

Holmes was born in Dos Palos, California, where in high school one of his baseball teammates was future major leaguer Dave Henderson.

predict future   (未来を予測する)

Although blind, Destiny is a mutant precognitive able to accurately predict future events.

While a work of fiction, this book was an attempt to predict future technologies in everyday life.

Their orbits were never known well enough to predict future appearances or the comets have disintegrated.

featured future   (特集された未来)

The 1939 Dukes featured future Major League Baseball players Joe Antolick, George Hennessey and Tony Parisse.

and Hollywood Rose (which featured future Guns N' Roses members Axl Rose, Slash, Izzy Stradlin, and Steven Adler).

Before the NHL, he played for the Toronto Granites, a team that featured future Hockey Hall of Famer Hooley Smith.

regarding the future   (未来に関して)

He left Avellino on 24 July 2019 amid uncertainty regarding the future of the club.

So it started creating some trouble regarding the future of the Muslims of this Province.

The entrepreneurs who form the most accurate opinions regarding the future state of markets (i.e.

future life   (将来の生活)

The last chapters treat of death and the future life.

Thorgal sets out to change the future life for his son.

He met the attendant of Padumuttara Buddha and aspired to be like him in a future life.

future version   (将来のバージョン)

In the sixth issue, the future version of Solar made his debut.

Upon arriving he attacked Dargo Ktor, a future version of Thor, before he tosses him to Tyrus the Terrible.

Finally, the Swamp Thing realized that the reason that he is sent back in time by the Claw is that the chunk of amber within it is a future version of himself.

future political   (将来の政治)

This exposure influenced Nehrling's future political career.

Several Yale classmates, such as William Scranton and Gerald Ford, would help shape his future political career.

After two years (like her future political colleague Käthe Popall) she took a job with the vast in the central quarter of Bremen.

future elections   (将来の選挙)

This was often done so as to secure the support of voters in future elections.

A player who is named on fewer than 5% of ballots is dropped from future elections.

In April 1861, Mocioni persuaded the Banat Romanians to boycott future elections for the reestablished Hungarian Diet.

future operations   (今後の運用)

In 1961 one final surface drift was cut and future operations were mechanised.

Hitler met with Rommel and Kesselring to discuss future operations in Italy on 30 September 1943.

The individual articles set the rules for current and future operations of the confederation's central government.

future versions   (将来のバージョン)

However, future versions of EPUB (specifically OCF) "may" specify a format for DRM.

Hiding his disappointment, he told reporters that future versions would likely go faster.

For example, codice_9 means that codice_10 and codice_6 may apply (and future versions if any).

sustainable future   (持続可能な未来)

In this role she published "Engineering Change: Towards a sustainable future in the developing world".

It also shares stories and sparks conversations that motivate and empower people to create a more sustainable future.

Green Education Foundation (GEF) is a non-profit organization committed to creating a sustainable future through education.

led by future   (未来が率いる)

The 1989 team was led by future All-American Marcel Carter.

As such, in 1874, he suppressed a rebellion led by future Peruvian President Nicolás de Piérola in Moquegua.

The opposing team was led by future Northwestern head coach Randy Walker and his offensive coordinator was Sean Payton.

future when   (未来のとき)

The crash also affects on Andrew's future when he is diagnosed with epilepsy.

The old building is planned to be torn down in the future when the new terminal is extended.

Meeting people and creating connections provide opportunities in the future when searching for jobs.

future leader   (未来のリーダー)

Penhaligon's career looked promising, with some tipping him as a future leader.

It also shaped the future leader’s worldview, one that would guide him throughout his entire life.

A daughter, Maria Coronel, had married in 1510 Juan Bravo, a future leader of the rebel Comuneros in the Castilian Revolt of the Comuneros.