gain access   (アクセスする)

Attackers are using creative ways to gain access to real accounts.

The robbery begins as Thunderbolt and Red gain access to the building.

The AAPS sued to gain access to the list of members of the task force.

order to gain   (得るために)

Massoud had resigned in order to gain peace.

In order to gain more experience, he spent the 2005–06 season on loan to FC Den Bosch.

The city purchased of land in the Owens Valley in order to gain access to water rights.

gain control   (利得制御)

Donald attempted to gain control of the earldom.

To gain control of the Senate, Green's ally, Lt. Gov.

Through this taint, the demons hoped to gain control of her.

failed to gain   (獲得できなかった)

In that period, PSS Sleman failed to gain promotion.

De Blasio's campaign failed to gain traction.

Texas Tech failed to gain bowl eligibility.

not gain   (獲得しない)

Tydings did not gain passage of the bill.

It did not gain the popularity its inventors had hoped for.

The river did not gain its current name until relatively recently.

gain more

Gnabry had wished for the move to gain more experience.

After Azusa joins they gain more structure and begin to practice more.

This allowed the tamper to gain more momentum before striking the core.

gain promotion

In that period, PSS Sleman failed to gain promotion.

He helped them win the Série B division, and consequently gain promotion to Série A.

Tait moved on to Barrow whom he helped gain promotion to Conference National in 2008.

able to gain   (得ることができる)

The winners are able to gain the sonic stunner.

She was able to gain admission to Brigham Young University.

In 1962, Burtin was able to gain Eastman Kodak as another major client.

gain experience

Players can also gain experience by completing missions.

To gain experience in film production, Babu worked at the Geetha Arts company.

Thus, Nicholas did not have the opportunity to gain experience in battlefield command.

did not gain

Tydings did not gain passage of the bill.

It did not gain the popularity its inventors had hoped for.

The river did not gain its current name until relatively recently.

weight gain

Plagued by weight gain, Bejshak's career was cut short.

Patients often present with hyperphagia and rapid weight gain.

Some patients experience temporary weight gain due to the steroid.

attempt to gain   (獲得しようとする)

Felix started paying visits to Rasputin in an attempt to gain his trust.

This album introduced vocals for the first time as a further attempt to gain more airtime.

If a pair cannot hit downwards, they will use flat strokes in an attempt to gain the attack.

began to gain

Monks and temples began to gain political influence.

In the 1980s, Wilson began to gain national recognition.

It is uncertain when Germanic began to gain a foothold in the area.

gain support   (サポートを得る)

The artists fought their response, writing letters to gain support.

He hoped in this way to gain support of the incoming party leader, Leonid Brezhnev, but failed.

Despite what many saw as a failure at the Atlantic City convention, the MFDP continued to gain support in Mississippi.

gain entry   (エントリーを得る)

Instead, he used the back door to gain entry to the industry.

However, he locked the door again before Martin could gain entry.

He had used the controversial Visa Express program to gain entry.

managed to gain

managed to gain a large following among young viewers.

Therefore, Sting managed to gain Alex Y back.

During those three days, the Allies had managed to gain .

personal gain

Cooper was not the first to attempt air piracy for personal gain.

They thrive on relationships and willingly sacrifice personal gain.

Still he was an artist who never compromised for personal gain, fame or profit.

gain popularity

These both helped him blow up and gain popularity.

Only in the 1990s did dubbing begin to gain popularity in Portugal.

The episode concerns an artist who fakes his death to gain popularity.

financial gain   (金銭的利益)

Fuka created the title without any expectation of financial gain.

Georges believes that this was done by the committee deliberately for their financial gain.

This involvement was motivated not only by financial gain, but in some cases by ideology as well.

unable to gain   (獲得できません)

The BNP remained unable to gain a broad appeal or widespread credibility.

Without allies, the Greens were unable to gain seats and enter government.

Despite his designations, he was unable to gain the status and notoriety of others.

net gain

The Liberal Democrats made a net gain of two seats.

Republicans had a net gain of nine seats.

MK lost one district seat and gained two, a net gain of one.

gain recognition

The early 2000s saw PHUNK gain recognition regionally and globally.

During the Russian era, the Finnish language began to gain recognition.

They realized that the only way to gain recognition was to adopt a constitution.

gain power

Consumers also gain power through online shopping.

Yeon-hwa joins IRIS to gain power to get back at North Korea as well as find Seon-hwa.

The history of the Zamorins as they gain power and formation of their rule in Malabar.

attempted to gain

Donald attempted to gain control of the earldom.

The Arya Samaj aggressively promoted its teaching and openly attempted to gain converts from Muslims.

In 1939, Germany prepared for war with Poland, but attempted to gain territorial concessions from Poland through diplomatic means.

started to gain

In 1938, Robbins' talent started to gain notice.

He had started to gain popularity in the late 1970s, and the early 1980s.

It was created by All Too Flat "for fun", which started to gain popularity in 2002.

trying to gain

A desperate Brown had dropped for goal trying to gain the winning points.

The album focuses on shorter, radio-friendly songs, as the group was trying to gain some airplay.

Manheim claimed that many arsons were "just people trying to gain acceptance" within the black metal scene.

gain the support   (サポートを得る)

Tobin managed to frame the issue and gain the support of the prime minister.

It was necessary that the TPLF gain the support of the peasants if it wanted to win the war.

He failed to gain the support of the major rulers but set off on a crusade with what men he had.

tried to gain

He tried to gain it back, but ultimately conceded.

1620-1642 French tried to gain foothold in Surat.

President Gorbachev tried to gain popular support for the proposal.

attempts to gain

"Puss" attempts to gain a corner during the exchange.

Six previous high-profile wire walkers had failed in their attempts to gain approval to walk the Falls since 1971.

A detailed timeline of MAPS' attempts to gain access to research grade marijuana is available on the MAPS website.

opportunity to gain

Thus, Nicholas did not have the opportunity to gain experience in battlefield command.

The disintegration of Russia offered Finns an historic opportunity to gain national independence.

In 1662, the Count of Castelo Melhor saw an opportunity to gain power at court by befriending the king.

gain information   (情報を得る)

Dembski's calculations show how a simple smooth function cannot gain information.

He even played the role of spy once, going behind German lines to gain information.

Other scientists perform stable-isotope studies on the rocks to gain information about past climate.

gain new

This was a vast opportunity as it allowed her to travel and gain new skills.

His role as a gangster boss in the movie saw him gain new fans both here and across the Causeway.

The Titans of Myth incited war between other worlds near New Cronus in order to gain new worshipers.

gain admission   (入学する)

She was able to gain admission to Brigham Young University.

In 2008, the club lost its senior status when it failed to gain admission to the new IFA Premiership.

In the mid-1950s there were additional discussions and an attempt by a club to gain admission into the VFL.

gain enough

In 2016, State Question 779 was placed on the ballot, but failed to gain enough votes.

Bears must spend much of their time feeding in order to gain enough nutrition from foliage.

If the mother does not gain enough weight to survive through the winter, the embryo does not implant and is reabsorbed into the body.

gain momentum   (勢いを得ます)

Aptekar was among those violently opposed to the change, which failed to gain momentum.

Morrison's international career began to gain momentum during his time at Birmingham City.

The film begins to gain momentum after the wedding, when a series of events seal Chucho's fate.

continued to gain

His political career also continued to gain strength.

As an adult, Raiford continued to gain weight.

These remixes continued to gain popularity as the 1990s came to an end.

gain knowledge   (知識を得る)

There are two ways in which animals can gain knowledge.

Students gain knowledge in mathematics, foreign languages, IT, etc.

People gain knowledge of God from the Bible which cannot be gained in any other way.

gain a foothold

It is uncertain when Germanic began to gain a foothold in the area.

He underlined, however, that human resources remain the major concern for companies seeking to gain a foothold in Morocco.

The dance started to gain a foothold in the US around 1929, when the original La Conga nightclub opened its doors in Manhattan.

gain independence   (独立を得る)

Trujillo was the first city in Peru to gain independence from Spain.

Their goal was to gain independence from the nearby rival city of Ventimiglia.

effort to gain   (得る努力)

For "Unsung Heroes", released in 1981, the band changed their name to The Dregs in an effort to gain more commercial appeal.

On 18 July 1936, after the Nationalist uprising, the prisons were opened in an effort to gain fighters to put down the uprising.

In 1946, he made a final effort to gain a job in baseball when he contacted new Yankees boss MacPhail, but he was sent a rejection letter.

gain traction   (牽引)

De Blasio's campaign failed to gain traction.

Trump's 1970s-era proposal was widely opposed and failed to gain traction.

However, after failing to gain traction with networks, it was retooled for a younger target audience.

gain the upper

By 1943, the Allies began to gain the upper hand in the Pacific Campaign's air campaigns.

Ecks and Sever eventually gain the upper hand, and Sever kills Ross in a fight in the bunker.

However, when Ghazan began to gain the upper hand Mako, having dispatched Ming-Hua, joined the fray.

gain an advantage

During the races, offensive and speed boosting power ups can be used to gain an advantage.

The player can use these items—red shells, bananas, etc.—to impede the opponent and gain an advantage.

Secret messages were encoded, so interception alone would not be sufficient for the opposing side to gain an advantage.

gain much

After quite a time performing, "Pha Lê" girlgroup didn't gain much attention.

However, his work did not gain much recognition with historians until the 1970s.

An electronic purse system, with a chipped card, was introduced, but did not gain much traction.

used to gain

Characters earn points during play which are used to gain greater abilities.

During the races, offensive and speed boosting power ups can be used to gain an advantage.

It was also used to gain feedback for the next hymnal, which will replace "Christian Worship".

no gain

Tech's drive began with a completed pass for no gain to Evans.

Nevada's Kaepernick attempted to rush but was stopped for no gain.

Michigan faked the punt, but Stan Edwards was stopped for no gain.

gain a better

Published in 1902, this book helped Western Protestants gain a better understanding of Eastern Orthodoxy.

However, in the late 1860s, Yerkes decided to move to Northville so that his children could gain a better education.

The goal of glacial morphology is to gain a better understanding of glaciated landscapes, and the way they are shaped.

gain insight   (洞察を得る)

Observation can really help a company gain insight on what a consumer truly wants.

As we allow Poprishchin to mislead us in his madness, we gain insight on the theme of alienation.

That data can be used to gain insight on, and track responsibility for, a given host on the Internet.

gain international

A new generation is determined to gain international recognition for Breton.

During the swing revival in the late 1980s, the camp began to gain international attention.

Among the top 20th-century Finnish architects to gain international recognition are Eliel Saarinen and his son Eero Saarinen.

attempting to gain

Weightlifters who are attempting to gain mass quickly with no aesthetic concerns often choose to use the "dirty bulk" method.

In attempting to gain employment at the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Agency (UNRRA), however, she was turned down.

Ashur-nadin-ahhe I (1450–1431 BC) was courted by the Egyptians, who were rivals of Mitanni, and attempting to gain a foothold in the Near East.

elevation gain

This route is round trip, with of elevation gain.

Total elevation gain – 172 meters.

The elevation gain on this trail is 2,100 feet and it is 4.5 miles in length.

gain full

Cascioli had bought out the other investors to gain full ownership of the brewery.

They do not gain full adult weight until the end of the second summer about 4.5 kg.

These lads also have represented England and will hopefully go on to gain full caps.

gain acceptance

Even so, the drive to gain acceptance did not go unchallenged.

Some adolescents gain acceptance and recognition from their peers by conformity.

By such means, a hypothesis may gain acceptance, although in a probabilistic, rather than certain, sense.

gain attention   (注目を集める)

A fan uploaded the song on YouTube and the song started to gain attention from fans.

In it Bergwall explained that he made the confessions to gain attention due to profound loneliness.

In 2018, he joined The Spring League in an attempt to gain attention and was assigned to the West team.

political gain

The term 'Ear of Dionysius' can also refer to surveillance, specifically that for political gain.

The Buddhist religious establishment discovered new opportunities for political gain and financial profit.

He criticized the unions of the sector, accusing them of neglecting the educative needs for political gain and only being concerned about wages.

did gain

He did gain European experience in the following season, playing 2 games in the UEFA Cup.

Although they finished last they did gain their first victory in international cricket over Bulgaria.

He did gain, but Siffert was informed of it by the pits and responded; the gap was stable from then on.

gain entrance

He plans to use Juliana to gain entrance into Camelot.

Sebastian and Roy gain entrance into Tyrell's penthouse, where Roy demands more life from his maker.

It is said that the key to gain entrance to the Black Lodge is fear—usually an act of brutal murder.

gain greater

An amplifier is a circuit that has a power gain greater than one.

Some shooters use both simultaneously to gain greater noise reduction (NRR).

Characters earn points during play which are used to gain greater abilities.

gain political

Monks and temples began to gain political influence.

This number can be attributed to events in China where hijackers were trying to gain political asylum in Taiwan.

These arrangements allowed the Nambudiris to gain political power in addition to religious and cultural dominance.

sought to gain

With the invasion in 1062, he sought to gain a decisive victory over Sweyn.

English Dominicans sought to gain a full knowledge of Christ through an imitation of His life.

Wiser investigators sought to gain some rational understanding through the study of bird flight.

failing to gain

In 1997/98, Birr maintained Division 3 status, narrowly failing to gain promotion to Division 2.

However, after also failing to gain the UPND nomination for Kapiri Mposhi, he returned to the PF.

However, after failing to gain traction with networks, it was retooled for a younger target audience.

gain a place   (場所を得る)

The winner of this match would also gain a place in the 2010 Premier Division.

He finished 11th in the Order of Merit to gain a place on the European Tour for 2013.

In 2011, Mohammed Said Noor became the first ever academy student to gain a place at Oxbridge.