gained popularity   (人気を得た)

Totally shaved heads gained popularity among men.

During the 1980s, C gradually gained popularity.

Sports bikinis have gained popularity since the 1990s.

gained control   (制御を得た)

Nine officially gained control of NWS on 1 July 2013.

BHP Billiton had gained control of the company.

Massoud more and more gained control of Kabul.

gained a reputation   (評判を得た)

Franco quickly gained a reputation as a good officer.

Bilotti soon gained a reputation for violence.

Mingus gained a reputation as a bass prodigy.

gained independence   (独立した)

Morocco gained independence from France in 1956.

On 14 August 1947 Pakistan gained independence.

India gained independence the following day.

gained notoriety   (評判を得た)

The "SOUND" and the "Dschungel" gained notoriety.

Business was doing well and he gained notoriety.

Their performances gained notoriety for their energy and antics.

gained national   (国民になった)

The new political party gained national support.

His discovery and the novel gained national attention.

Her story gained national headlines, including on ESPN.

gained fame   (名声を得た)

She gained fame in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

He also gained fame with the song "Young Lover".

After he gained fame as a halwai, that became his surname.

gained recognition   (認識を得た)

Thus, they quickly gained recognition in the Latvian music scene.

He first gained recognition from directing numerous music videos.

Mai Sukhan gained recognition in Punjab for her military leadership.

gained promotion   (昇進)

IBM also gained promotion to return to the league.

In 2009, Fagiano Okayama FC gained promotion to the J.

V-Varen Nagasaki The club gained promotion into the J.

gained international

Some of his tracks have gained international recognition.

This art form has gained international fame in recent years.

He gained international recognition with "Loves of a Blonde".

first gained

It first gained attention through their Amaran 528w led light.

He first gained recognition from directing numerous music videos.

It was these cases which first gained Ruditsky fame as a detective.

quickly gained

Franco quickly gained a reputation as a good officer.

Thus, they quickly gained recognition in the Latvian music scene.

Located in San Francisco, Frances quickly gained a Michelin star.

gained more

gained more than 9million streams on youtube <ref>

The city gained more influence and grew considerably.

After the injury of Bubba Franks, Lee gained more playing time.

gained attention   (注目された)

He also gained attention for his mullet haircut.

This timely release of the song gained attention from critics.

It first gained attention through their Amaran 528w led light.

gained prominence   (知名度を得た)

He gained prominence as a jurist, theologian and grammarian.

He gained prominence after releasing the street anthem "Legbegbe".

Ejya Yadav has gained prominence within the RJD since her election.

gained access   (アクセスを得た)

GroupLogic gained access to Acronis’ customer base.

Insects and birds then gained access to the aircraft.

At the age of eighteen she gained access to a legacy.

gained momentum   (勢いを得た)

Saudi Islamism gained momentum following 1991 Gulf War.

The rebellion gained momentum quickly.

Eita eventually returned to the ring and gained momentum on Liger.

gained much

It gained much radio attention, but failed to chart.

The rock band Tamouz gained much success in the 1970s.

His novel "Dokuzuncu Hariciye Koğuşu" gained much interest.

gained widespread   (広まった)

Brazil nuts have gained widespread popularity.

These songs have gained widespread popularity in Russia.

With this programme, he gained widespread recognition in Latvia.

gained his first

Two years after joining Cardiff, Watkins gained his first Welsh trial in 1977.

Walther von La Roche already gained his first journalistic experience as a student.

He gained his first literary recognition with "", a patriotic account of the campaign.

gained national attention   (国民の注目を集めた)

His discovery and the novel gained national attention.

Horn's murder gained national attention as an unsolved crime.

It was during that tournament run that Miller gained national attention.

gained experience

Through his teenage years he gained experience songwriting by playing in bands.

He had previously gained experience in railroad construction in the American Midwest.

He initially gained experience designing the covers for all of the original Jetset albums.

gained through

The mandate for the amendment of the Constitution was gained through a public referendum.

Roe and Company in England (a position which was gained through connections with Roy Dobson).

Finally, My freedom was gained through the solicitude and the endeavor of His Excellency the Minister.

gained its independence   (独立した)

In 1821, Mexico gained its independence from Spain.

Guinea gained its independence from France in 1958.

He was in Madrid when Mexico gained its independence.

later gained

She later gained admission into Holy Child College.

She later gained a government job, but later lost it.

He later gained an LL.M from the University of Colombo.

party gained

The new political party gained national support.

In 1929, the party gained 4,1% of the votes.

No party gained overall control.

soon gained

Bilotti soon gained a reputation for violence.

The Black and Tans soon gained a reputation for brutality.

Many successful concerts soon gained him fame and numerous students.

gained support   (支持を得た)

They gained support from students, faculty, student athletes, and Spike Lee.

In the wake of these events, socialism gained support over anarchism among US radicals.

This incident gained support of sympathising voters for DMK in the days leading up to the elections.

gained the support   (サポートを得た)

The project has gained the support of the Polish Ministry of the Environment.

In doing so, he gained the support of the renowned Heidelberg scholar Eberhard Schmidt-Aßmann.

He mobilized a force of some 120,000 soldiers and gained the support of his main Mamluk rival, Baybars.

gained wide

Around the 1950s, the name Kuria gained wide usage.

The bikini has gradually gained wide acceptance in Western society.

Thus the CGS system never gained wide general use outside the field of science.

having gained

Browning left Eton in 1856, having gained entry to King's College, Cambridge, where he began in October.

At the age of 21, having gained further experience in Mainz and Aachen, he had become a machine shop manager.

He went on to win the national championship in 1996, having gained the International Master (IM) title in 1994.

gained significant   (大きくなった)

As a doorman he gained significant renown.

In this arrangement Cleopatra gained significant former Ptolemaic territories in the Levant.

Digitally "flipping" classrooms is a trend in digital education that has gained significant momentum.

gained considerable

The interview gained considerable press coverage.

The Koxbox gained considerable popularity within the psytrance scene.

Hideaki Anno also gained considerable recognition with "The End of Evangelion" in 1997.

experience gained

Wing tethering is simplified and builds on the experience gained on the Potez XV.

A number of changes were introduced as a result of experience gained in the battle.

It encapsulates experience gained from his earlier designs of the GP14 and the Enterprise.

never gained

It never gained a wide readership.

The game never gained popularity and remains virtually unknown to this day.

Thus the CGS system never gained wide general use outside the field of science.

gained further

The 60th brigade gained further ground on the right.

Ivan gained further ground in campaigns during the years 1559 and 1560.

Menzies's foundation gained further endowments in the late 17th century.

gained power

After the Nazis gained power in 1933 Nuschke joined the opposition.

Moghulistan was defeated in this war, but Shaybani gained power among the Uzbeks.

He returned to Germany, but after the Nazis gained power in 1933 Frank had to emigrate a second time.

then gained

He has since then gained 35 caps and scored 7 goals.

Insects and birds then gained access to the aircraft.

He then gained his coaching certificate at Lilleshall.

gained full

In 1960, Dahomey gained full independence from France.

In summer 2008, Empoli gained full ownership for €300K.

He gained full professorship in 1955, and retired in 1972.

eventually gained

It eventually gained Waters her fourth No.

Hoffman's teas eventually gained wide popularity in the US, the Americas, and Europe.

The organisation eventually gained full control of some districts along the Bulgarian border.

gained the attention   (注目を集めました)

This gained the attention of John Rogers, the owner of baseball's Philadelphia Phillies.

The effort gained the attention of established artists such as Diego Rivera who intervened.

He was signed by the youth team of La Louvière, where he quickly gained the attention of many sides.

gained the nickname   (ニックネームを得た)

He gained the nickname "papa de riz" or the "rice daddy".

He gained the nickname "al-Arjud" because of the scantiness of his beard.

According to Corcoran, he gained the nickname "King" as a high school senior.

gained entry   (エントリーしました)

It is likely that he would have gained entry if he had applied for it.

Theo and his family reached Ellis Island and gained entry into the United States.

The boy Jones was an intruder who gained entry to the palace on three occasions between 1838 and 1841.

gained a new

On the island, Stitch gained a new human friend named Yuna Kamihara.

Sidna promptly appealed and gained a new trial on the perjury charge.

Devo gained a new level of visibility with 1980's "Freedom of Choice".

gained international recognition

Some of his tracks have gained international recognition.

He gained international recognition with "Loves of a Blonde".

Many Finnish metal bands have gained international recognition.

gained the upper

Callan finally gained the upper hand.

From there they gradually gained the upper Algiers and Oran plains.

From 1395 onwards, Queen Margaret gained the upper hand politically.

gained worldwide

Schwarzenegger gained worldwide fame as a Hollywood action film icon.

From there on, she gained worldwide fame and recognition for her work.

The National Trust bought the house in 2002 after the property gained worldwide interest.

gained traction   (牽引を得た)

However, Johnson's ideas gained traction with lawmakers over time.

It gained traction from Megan Jayne Crabbe, who spreads body positivity on social media.

According to "The Economist", many people find the term outdated, but no new term has gained traction.

gained great   (大きくなった)

His business flourished and he gained great wealth.

Through playing the title role in "Elisabeth" she gained great recognition throughout Europe.

However, prior to the abolition of slavery, Cuba gained great prosperity from its sugar trade.

gained a cult

It gained a cult following there very quickly.

The show has attracted positive to mixed reviews from critics, and has gained a cult following.

The show is a significant part of British popular culture, and elsewhere it has gained a cult following.

gained new

Thailand gained new innovations and cultures including snacks and desserts.

Through this school, the idea of a complete art school for Sweden gained new life.

It not only lasted, but gained new force during the Edo period under the Tokugawa.

band gained

The band gained momentum after Shorty had joined the band in November 2000.

The band gained popularity in California as well as through their Myspace page.

The album charted in multiple regions and the band gained popularity worldwide.

gained the right

It gained the right to vote in all candidate selection conventions.

In return for this service, people subject to it gained the right to hold land.

As Members of Parliament, women also gained the right to become government ministers.

gained international attention   (国際的な注目を集めました)

The community gained international attention in 1936 when three men were trapped in the mine.

During her career, she performed some 500 songs, many of which gained international attention.

She became known after a classroom sketch of "Breaking Bad"'s Walter White on her thigh gained international attention online.

only gained   (獲得しただけ)

On second down, a screen pass to Tony Hill only gained a yard.

Fulham only gained four points from five games with Sanchez as caretaker manager.

The Republicans only gained one seat by defeating incumbent Daniel F. Steck (D-IA).

gained ground

A more recent "x-convention" has gained ground since the advent of computing.

Desire for independence gained ground, first among radical liberals and socialists.

A bombing attack into the rest of Stuff Redoubt gained ground but this was later abandoned.

gained enough

By early 1821, it had gained enough support to declare a revolution.

After her caucus gained enough seats in 2018 to retake the majority, they designated her Speaker.

By the late 1970s, cable had gained enough penetration in Austin to make a PBS station viable in the capital.

gained a lot

The song gained a lot of radio airplay and signaled Garbi's album return.

After its debut in 2016 it has instantly gained a lot of success online and among celebrities.

Apple's product advertisements gained a lot of attention as a result of their eye-popping graphics and catchy tunes.

knowledge gained

Using knowledge gained from developing the MINI.

The knowledge gained from this development and testing was used in the design of the Mighty Eagle.

A priori knowledge is often contrasted with posteriori knowledge, which is knowledge gained by experience.

gained during

Early attendance enables any preparation advice gained during the course to be implemented.

100% of a team's total points gained during the last twelve months count towards their ranking.

The Nizam gave up territory he gained during the Battle of Alegaon in an attempt to sue for peace.

gained admission   (入学した)

She later gained admission into Holy Child College.

North Melbourne finally gained admission to the VFL in 1925.

Pratap gained admission to Madras Christian College (MCC), Madras.

finally gained   (ついに獲得した)

and in May 2018, he finally gained a seat at the parliament.

North Melbourne finally gained admission to the VFL in 1925.

Callan finally gained the upper hand.

song gained

This timely release of the song gained attention from critics.

The song gained a lot of radio airplay and signaled Garbi's album return.

The song gained fairly high and stable airplay which boosted the sales of the single.

gained only   (獲得しただけ)

Despite her victory, she gained only nine delegates on Obama.

Vasas won only 5 out of the 22 matches and gained only 14 points.

Growing up poor, Elisabeth Freeman gained only a limited education.

club gained

V-Varen Nagasaki The club gained promotion into the J.

The club gained promotion by finishing second place in that season.

In his first season the club gained promotion to the Third Division.

gained a large

Shivaji gained a large territory and secured front of his emerging empire.

The band initially gained a large following through vocalist Cody Carson's YouTube channel.

Tong is one of Britain's most recognised DJs, having gained a large following of fans from his "Essential Selection" programme.

gained many

Nadkarni has gained many honors and awards.

In addition, he gained many national titles after 1990 in senior competitions.

The term has gained many meanings over the years—some exact and some imprecise.

gradually gained

During the 1980s, C gradually gained popularity.

The bikini has gradually gained wide acceptance in Western society.

From there they gradually gained the upper Algiers and Oran plains.

gained a seat

and in May 2018, he finally gained a seat at the parliament.

Later that year she gained a seat on the Castries Town Board.

Labour had gained a seat from the Conservatives in the interim.

team gained   (チームが獲得しました)

In 1996/97 Birr 1st XV team gained promotion from Division 4.

The József Verebes led team gained 49 points applying the Dutch style of playing football.

Upon signing the Ball brothers, the team gained significant popularity, especially in the United States.

movement gained

The movement gained momentum.

Decades later, the statehood movement gained its first real momentum following a territorial referendum in 1946.

The anti-pornography movement gained ground with the creation of Women Against Violence in Pornography and Media.

gained critical   (批判的になった)

The show has gained critical acclaim for its storyline.

Other songs that gained critical acclaim were: "Buscándola" and "Perdido En Un Barco".

It gained critical praise from newspapers, as well as from musicians Paul Grabowsky and Shane Howard.

gained another   (別を得た)

He gained another 2,137 yards and 6 touchdowns on 281 pass receptions.

With an efficient handoff to Michael Cherry, USA gained another 3 metres.

The Soviet Union gained another access to the Baltic with the Kaliningrad Oblast.

gained the title   (タイトルを獲得した)

In 1965 he gained the title of associate professor.

He gained the title of Prinz Reuss zu Köstritz.

On his retirement he gained the title Khan Bahadur for public service.

gained a majority   (過半数を獲得した)

Harris gained a majority of 11,664.

The Democrats gained a majority in both houses in the 1954 election.

The pro-American Republican Party gained a majority in West Pakistan, ousting the PML government.

gained media

through a phoneline, in an incident which later gained media attention.

A 1999 rally opposing the bundling of Windows attracted about 100 protesters and gained media attention worldwide.

The film also gained media attention for its lead actor, Ajith, who was approached with several modelling assignments.

already gained

Walther von La Roche already gained his first journalistic experience as a student.

Trollope already gained notice with her first book, "Domestic Manners of the Americans" (1832).

By this time Chenevix-Trench had already gained a Classics Scholarship to Christ Church, Oxford, at age sixteen.

gained importance

In the early 1930s, phenolics gained importance as adhesive resins.

The Canal has gained importance for leisure cruises in addition to cargo traffic.

In recent years, the penalty corner has gained importance as a goal scoring opportunity.

points gained

100% of a team's total points gained during the last twelve months count towards their ranking.

Overall team standings are calculated based on total number of points gained by the team's riders in each event.

Points are accumulated during the whole tournament, and the final ranking is determined by the total points gained.

gained in popularity

It gained in popularity through the help of the internet.

During the Depression, condom lines by Schmid gained in popularity.

The Adolescents continued performing locally and gained in popularity.

gained the rank

In 1975 gained the rank of professor.

He gained the rank of Lieutenant in the service of the 60th Rifles.

The 5th Earl gained the rank of captain in the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

gained the ability

Finally, birds gained the ability to soar.

He also gained the ability to see some elements of darkness that are hidden to others.

In May 2010 the administrative board gained the ability to "exclude" students and fail them.

gained employment

Many of the participants gained employment via this initiative.

After the war, he studied economics at the University of Munich and gained employment as a journalist.

Upon finishing school, Burrows gained employment with the chartered accounting firm Priestley & Morris.

gained national recognition   (全国的に認められた)

Hostak gained national recognition when he knocked out Risko in the 7th round in Seattle.

She gained national recognition when Riley, a horse she had bred, won the 1890 Kentucky Derby.

Since its founding it has gained national recognition for its excellent canoeing and backpacking programs.

gained the seat

Grayson gained the seat: Wheler was elected at Faversham at the next general election.

At this election, the new Unionist MP retired and Pattinson gained the seat for the Liberals.

At the February 1974 general election, Wilson gained the seat by 2,966 votes, thus ending Machin's tenure as an MP of just 11 months.

rapidly gained

MoReq rapidly gained acceptance across Europe and beyond.

The church rapidly gained a following, who viewed Smith as their prophet.

gained public   (公開された)

Kočner first gained public notoriety for his attempt to take over TV Markíza in 1998.

Leech's campaign gained public support from leading scientists, including Stephen Hawking.

Like populists through the ages, the Nazis had gained public support on the twin pillars of hope and hatred.

gained a following

The church rapidly gained a following, who viewed Smith as their prophet.

Hamilton gained a following on Twitter after tweets comparing him to Mario surfaced.

gained a degree

The flag gained a degree of international recognition.

In 1992 he gained a degree in professional graphic design.

She gained a degree in criminology.

group gained

Over the next three days after the shooting, the group gained over 35,000 followers on Facebook.

The group gained more notoriety after having successfully leaked data of the Israeli Defense Force on April 7, 2016.

The group gained a further two number one singles the following year: "Under the Bridge / Lady Marmalade" and "Bootie Call".

gained a place   (場所を獲得しました)

Italy also gained a place as it was the host nation.

When he was 17 he gained a place on the BBC's Mentor Project.

As the runners-up, they gained a place in the 2010–11 EHF Cup Winner's Cup.

gained strength

The Muslim league gained strength of popularity in Hazara under his apt leadership.

However, during the reelection period, the opposition group in the party gained strength.

During the next two years, the Marabouts gained strength, despite ostensibly losing Sabbajee.

not gained

However, this theory lacks historical evidence and has not gained wide acceptance by scholars.

Unfortunately both awards has not gained authority, and are often boycotted by more intransigent Armenian rock musicians.

In 2002, Microsoft released the Xbox console, which was successful in Western regions but had not gained a foothold in Japan or other Asian regions.

gained greater

Only recently have these differences gained greater recognition.

Stead also published another piece that gained greater significance in light of his fate on the "Titanic".

Demogoblin's physical form is killed in a final showdown with Hobgoblin, who has gained greater strength than before.

gained possession

Following an Alabama punt, Texas gained possession on their own 7-yard line with 3:14 to go.

However, the Creature Commandos later gained possession of an entire army of mass-produced J.A.K.E.s.

Together with his mother he moved to Zürich and in 1896, aged 24, gained possession of his substantial inheritance from his father.

gained wider

This system now gained wider acceptance.

It became operational in 1979 and gained wider acceptance as an advocacy group in 1987.

However, the proof has since then gained wider acceptance, although doubts still remain.

school gained   (獲得した学校)

The school gained the right to internally assess all School Certificate subjects from 1977.

It changed its name to Settle College in 2004 when the school gained Technology College status.

The school gained notoriety on October 20, 1955, when Elvis Presley performed in their auditorium.

gained notice

While with the Braves, he gained notice for his weight problem.

Reed gained notice in the late 1990s as a member of the girl group Blaque.

It was not until the 1980s that her work gained notice in the recorded jazz world.

gained success

As "Shu-bi-dua" they quickly gained success, and the name "Passport" was dropped.

Slattery gained success as a Democrat in a relatively conservative congressional district, Kansas's 2nd congressional district.

In 2001, the movement of bringing singers to perform abroad by Ho Chi Minh City's Performance Organization Company gained success.

gained its first

In 2018 it gained its first approvals for use as food.

In 1946, the publication gained its first female editor.

Within 10 months of opening, Bo London had gained its first Michelin star.