İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

art gallery   (Sanat Galerisi)

He also oversees an art gallery and forum there.

Today Artur Woods has an art gallery in Stein am Rhein.

It is a combination of maid cafe, store, and art gallery.

gallery space   (galeri alanı)

The new wing houses 18,500 square feet of gallery space over five floors.

The school includes a large gallery space where students exhibit their works.

This exhibition also demonstrated the suitability of the building as a gallery space.

gallery owner   (galeri sahibi)

His companion until his death was Sigrid Nama, a former art gallery owner.

Lobineau tells him of a gallery owner who can tell him more about Mayan art.

The film also features Richard Demarco, the Edinburgh gallery owner, playing himself.

photo gallery   (fotoğraf Galerisi)

For additional information see photo gallery above.

A photo gallery was included as a bonus feature.

A photo gallery of the set was published on the DVD.

contemporary art gallery   (çağdaş sanat galerisi)

Buchanan is represented by Hopkinson Mossman, a contemporary art gallery in New Zealand.

Shin Gallery Shin Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Galerie Perrotin Galerie Perrotin is a contemporary art gallery founded by Emmanuel Perrotin in 1990.

new gallery

Ben offers Mountstuart a job as manager of his new gallery in New York, "Leeping fils".

She currently shows at their new gallery, Billy Shire Fine Arts in Culver City, California.

In December 1975, with Manuel Mendoza, Mordó opened a new gallery on Calle Castelló, number 7.

west gallery

Also at this time a west gallery was installed.

The west gallery which is supported on cast iron columns.

The west gallery has four round piers.

public gallery   (genel galeri)

The gallery is the only public gallery in Canada devoted to works on paper.

Debate on Boyle's resolution began February 25, in front of a full public gallery.

A specially built room over the north wing of the family home provided a public gallery space.