İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

home games   (ev oyunları)

They play their home games at the Stade du 4-Août.

They play their home games at the Stade Municipal.

video games   (video oyunları)

Several "Lupin III" video games have been created.

The episode begins with Lister playing video games.

Two video games based on the film were produced.

games played   (oynanan oyunlar)

The team won three of four games played that year.

"Updated to games played as of 22 September 2013."

"Updated to games played as of 22 February 2020."

league games

He scored a total of 94 goals in 378 league games.

He only played 4 further league games that season.

Oldham had went several league games without a win.

games against   (karşı oyunlar)

Also included, friendly games against national teams.

He captained Queensland in two games against NSW in 1901.

Each team played two games against each of other two teams.

games during

Wilson played in all 12 games during his first year.

He went 8–4 with a 3.75 ERA in 16 games during 2001.

He scored ten goals in eight games during the season.

season games

Every club plays therefore 26 regular season games.

Over two years, he played four regular season games.

All 162 games plus post season games still air on KLAA.

regular season games   (normal sezon oyunları)

Every club plays therefore 26 regular season games.

Over two years, he played four regular season games.

Lenny Wilkens has coached the most regular season games.

football games

It is used for college football games and other events.

Additionally, they perform at home and away football games.

The band performs at football games for halftime entertainment.

playoff games   (playoff oyunları)

He had 2 goals and 1 assist in 37 playoff games.

Frk scored 13 goals and 20 assist in 17 playoff games.

The rivalry has also resulted in notable playoff games.

games before

They lost all 11 games before going out of business.

He played three games before getting dropped.

He played two league games before he returned to Barnsley.

games were played

A total of 34 team-competitive games were played.

Their home games were played at Eclipse Park II.

The games were played on 27 and 28 October 2012.

consecutive games

From June he scored 9 goals in 9 consecutive games.

The team is renowned for losing 42 consecutive games.

Eventually, they won 6 consecutive games, earning gold medal.

other games   (diğer Oyunlar)

Treasure hunts and other games took place within the wood.

The students play tennis, badminton and other games as well.

The scope of "Civilization" is larger than most other games.

games such

By 1992 DOS games such as "Links 386 Pro" supported Super VGA graphics.

Other games such as "Sorry!"

"Colony 28" is inspired by games such as "Another World" and "Flashback".

first two games

They won the first two games, but lost the next three.

He played in the first two games of the regular season.

The first two games went to the Rangers.

bowl games   (bowl oyunları)

The schedule for the 2018–19 bowl games is below.

Cal State Fullerton participated in two bowl games.

Instead, it has a series of postseason "bowl games".

both games

The Rockies won both games and Kim collected a win.

Haldane started both games, but finished neither.

He made the Junior Kiwis in 2002, playing both games.

more games

Only Jimmy Hampson appeared in more games than he did.

Their website refers to Bitbliss Studios for more games.

He played just four more games for Geelong, all in 1999.

basketball games   (Basketbol oyunları)

During the winter season, a band plays at home basketball games.

The Žalgiris Arena is used to host basketball games as well as concerts.

Other parade events include a Chinatown run and children's basketball games.

ten games

One goal, versus San Marcos, in ten games followed.

He also pitched in ten games, posting a 5.06 ERA.

The K-Tribe had lost seven of ten games going into the game.

games between

The decade saw several memorable games between the two.

Then, he umpired nine National League games between and .

Croft played in a total of 34 career games between 1972 and 1976.

previous games

The Guard Breaks from previous games can now be done at any time.

Gameplay in "Guitar Hero 5" is similar to previous games in the series.

As with the three previous games, "Zero Hour" features a multiplayer mode.

games and scored

She played 60 games and scored 17 goals for Japan.

She played 35 games and scored 14 goals for Japan.

He played 18 games and scored six goals in Norway.

straight games   (art arda oyunlar)

Sindhu in 2 straight games in quarterfinals.

From Weeks 8-10, he had three straight games with a receiving touchdown.

From Weeks 14–17, he had four straight games with a receiving touchdown.

computer games   (bilgisayar oyunları)

It can be used to pause some computer games.

There are several computer games museums around the world.

These mice are specifically designed for use in computer games.

complete games

He recorded 81 strikeouts and three complete games.

He was tied for sixth in the AL in complete games (2).

He threw four complete games and finished four others.

all games

Since then, Albania have participated in all games.

FunTown has developed nearly all games in-house.

Rating is mandatory for all games released in Brazil.

games behind   (arkasındaki oyunlar)

The Yankees finished second, 18 games behind the Athletics.

They were 4.5 games behind the first place Baltimore Orioles.

The Yankees finished second again, seven games behind the Tigers.

number of games   (oyun sayısı)

He played a number of games beside All Black, Chris Jack.

The number of games played by each team was increased to 40.

Lillywhite no longer played, but did umpire in a number of games.

few games

Then, from 1945–46, he played a few games for Pogoń Katowice.

Fikrt also made a few games for other clubs, usually as the cover.

A few games later, Wally Backman made a series-saving double-play.

games due

He missed seven games due to a fractured left forearm.

He missed the next three games due to injury.

He missed four games due to a leg injury.

played home games   (çok oynanan ev oyunları)

They played home games in Sacramento, California.

away games

Each team plays two home games and two away games.

The team uses different kits for home and away games.

The 2018 schedule consisted of five home and five away games.

first three games

He scored twice in the first three games for his new club.

He missed the first three games the same year for academic reasons.

Birmingham City and West Ham United have both lost their first three games.

board games   (masa oyunları)

As a note, most board games have a symmetric board.

Some board games can also be played on pen and paper.

Additionally, board games can be therapeutic.

card games

Most cut-throat card games are "round games", i.e.

He also enjoyed card games, particularly patience.

Many card games borrow elements from more than one type.

several games

Israeli referee Todd Warnick worked several games.

He either sat out or played with leg injuries in several games.

In November 2017, he fractured his wrist and missed several games.

most games   (çoğu oyun)

O'Neill played most games for the Chiefs in 2008.

Jiménez pitched in his most games since 2008 in 2011.

Unlike most games, the player is allowed one attack per turn.

many games   (birçok oyun)

Pac-Man has many games on iOS and Android.

"Whomp 'Em" is an action platformer, akin to many games at the time.

However, unlike many games, each route in the game is a parallel world.

arcade games   (arcade oyunları)

and Mink to develop adult mahjong video arcade games.

"Mózgprocesor" (1989), arcade games – e.g.

They appear as basic enemies throughout both the NES and arcade games.

exhibition games   (sergi oyunları)

Manager Carrigan allowed Ruth to pitch two exhibition games in mid-August.

In the intervening time, the two teams sometimes met for exhibition games.

The Minnesota Wild have played several exhibition games at the arena as well.

games without

Oldham had went several league games without a win.

Talajić made a remarkable run with 46 games without defeat.

UConn had now played 707 games without losing consecutively.

first four games

The Lions started off the first four games even at 2-2.

After splitting the first four games, the Reds took Game 5.

The teams split the first four games, as the Knicks won the first and third games.

games are played

Baseball games are played at UFCU Disch–Falk Field.

All games are played at the Dili Municipal Stadium.

The games are played on 16 and 18 November 2012.

played two games

He played two games that played in Seoul, South Korea.

He played two games for Halifax and 25 games for Torquay.

Each team played two games against each of other two teams.

career games

In 2 career games, he had one hit in six at-bats.

In two career games, he had one hit in eight at-bats.

In seven career games, he had no hits in two at-bats.

adventure games   (macera oyunları)

Gameplay is standard for "Myst"-clone adventure games.

Unlike other adventure games, there are no weapons or combat.

They play as text adventure games controlled by keyboard commands.

games including

He threw 3 complete games including a shutout.

He played in 75 games including 43 starts.

UConn leads 5–2 in those games including a 4–0 record in the finals.

series of games

It is a parody of the "Deer Hunter" series of games.

The technology is currently used in the series of games.

Now, the RD is updated (decreased) after the series of games: formula_11

next two games

The win-less streak continued in the next two games.

Haukar won the next two games and advanced to the finals.

He made seven receptions in the next two games for 83 yards.

first games

The first games included 14 sports and 17 schools.

The first games was hosted by Rabat, Morocco.

At her first games she finished fifth in the B1 long jump.

baseball games

He also officiated in basketball and baseball games.

Some baseball games were postponed, and businesses closed early.

Silva worked football, basketball, and baseball games as an official.

preseason games   (preseason oyunları)

It will also air all Rams preseason games.

WPHL has aired preseason games of the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles.

Since 2008, preseason games have been broadcast in high definition.

games that season

He only played 4 further league games that season.

Détári had played in all six cup games that season.

He went 5-5 with a 4.59 ERA in 40 games that season.

games based

Two video games based on the film were produced.

Three video games based on the series have been produced.

Tsubasa has appeared in multiple video games based on the manga.

road games   (yol oyunları)

They played seven road games in 11 days.

Two were pitched in road games.

In select road games, the Falcons wear black pants with white jerseys.

fighting games

The series of fighting games are among the most popular in their genre.

Headbutts often feature in professional wrestling and video fighting games.

Cheat Code Central included Algol in the 2012 list of top ten hidden characters in fighting games.

championship games

They have won the previous three championship games.

He played with PAOK at 183 championship games scoring 49 goals.

In many American states, the championship games take place in early December.

all three games

He played in all three games in which they were involved.

Calgary won all three games in this year's regular season series.

San Jose won all three games in this year's regular season series.

games each

The teams play two scheduled games each season as a result.

Steve Gromek of the Indians and Johnny Sain of the Braves pitched complete games each.

Tom Zachary won his second game of the series, deadlocking the series at three games each.

conference games   (konferans oyunları)

Grid Colours: Blue = league & conference games; Pink = league games.

Each team will play 16 conference games, and at least 1 against each opponent.

In 2007, Ferentz' Hawkeyes started 2–4 and lost their first three conference games.

play games   (oyun oynamak)

It's just the feeling: 'I don't want to play games.

Children were chosen to play games on the show.

It was diaspora that made possible for the national to play games in the United States.

playing games

By March he was playing games for the Academy side.

He grew up playing games on Nintendo's Famicom console.

In 1926, "DGF" took up football, playing games at the "Tivoliplatz".

only two games   (sadece iki oyun)

He played only two games in the Ligue 2 for Istres.

He was delisted at the end of 2006 after only two games.

He missed only two games that season, due to a hand injury.

games of all

"PC Tuning" deemed it one of the 10 best Czech games of all time.

It has since appeared in several "greatest games of all time" lists.

"GamePro" included it among the most important video games of all time.

played three games

He played three games for Hershey, posting two PIM.

The first two contestants played three games.

He played three games before getting dropped.

games released

Rating is mandatory for all games released in Brazil.

There were four games released in the series.

There are games released on DSiWare.

online games

She focused her online games at the $1/$2 to $2/$4 stakes.

Many online games employ gamemasters that reprimand offenders.

Similar concepts were used by online games and other systems as well.

first five games

The Saints started out winning three of their first five games.

He completed 10 or more passes in each of the first five games.

UConn started the season strong, winning their first five games.

games started

He posted a 1.75 ERA in 13 games started.

Additionally, the Chiefs were in games started by Huard in 2006.

For St. Petersburg, he went 1-2 with a 6.97 ERA in three games started.

eleven games

He played eleven games for Ireland between 1905 and 1907.

He scored three goals in eleven games in the Emirati second tier.

He was then inactive for eleven games, but saw playing time in three.

games and scoring

He played there seven games and scoring one goal.

He finished his career having played 123 games and scoring 33 tries.

Gielnik played eight seasons at Brisbane, appearing in 83 games and scoring 30 goals.

tournament games   (turnuva oyunları)

McNamara averaged 26.7 points in the three tournament games.

All tournament games are nationally televised on an ESPN network:

As a result, ESPN carried the tournament games using CBS announcers.

strategy games

Many abstract strategy games are also combinatorial, i.e.

As a child, he was quiet but enjoyed playing military strategy games.

It is often praised for being one of the few real-time strategy games on the Nintendo DS.

games per

In most bowling leagues each team plays three games per scheduled match.

Each team plays each other once home and once away, giving a total of 22 games per team.

SNY carries at least 120 Mets games per season (with the remainder airing on WPIX, FOX, TBS, or ESPN).

best games

Florida's Tootie Perry played one of the best games seen in Tampa.

He had many of his best games against top-10 opponents as a sophomore.

In 2015, Hardcore Gamer included it among the 200 best games of all time.

first six games

In their first six games, they gave up no touchdowns.

Adams missed the first six games of his senior season.

He started the first six games before suffering a knee injury in Week 6.

games as well   (oyunlar da)

OG Mike Haight played in 63 games as well.

The students play tennis, badminton and other games as well.

This includes all lottery games as well as the instant win games.

final two games

The final two games, held in Detroit, were shutouts.

The Sox would go on to lose the final two games of the series.

The Sox lost their final two games of the month to the Red Sox.

last two games   (son iki oyun)

The Dodgers didn't score in the last two games.

In the last two games of the season, Brooks scored one goal in each.

They did so after winning their last two games of the season, finishing 5-9.

total games   (total oyunları)

Rosan was the Bullets coach for 60 total games.

In 16 total games he was 16-for-68 (.235) and scored 5 runs.

In 136 total games, he hit .285 with 9 HR, 75 RBI and 20 SB.

games were held

The opening games were held on Tuesday, March 19.

The home games were held in Helsinki, Finland.

The 1932 and 1984 summer games were held in Los Angeles.

mobile games

It was named among 10 best free mobile games by

franchise to magazines, video and mobile games and a website.

His previous works for 5th Cell were in mobile games, using both original and licensed work.

group games

It hosted some of the group games for the 2003 FIVB Volleyball Men's World Cup.

Westmeath only won two out of the seven group games and were relegation candidates.

postseason games   (posteason oyunları)

He added another 21 points in eleven postseason games.

San Francisco has played Dallas in seven postseason games.

MLB postseason games will have three or more authenticators.

competitive games

However, they were always competitive games.

He played a remarkable sixty competitive games in 2006–07.

During the same spring he played 8 competitive games for his new side.

played four games

He also played four games at right field.

He played four games for Japan in 1955.

Venables played four games before injuring his ankle against Gold Coast.

twelve games

He played in twelve games and scored two goals.

By the end of 1996, Vochozka Trading had produced twelve games.

He also worked on twelve games from the 1980s to the early 2000s.

international games   (uluslararası oyunlar)

Lillebekk Ovlien appeared in 50 international games on youth level.

During his 73 international games he kept 35 clean sheets and lost just nine games.

In December, 1980, three Chinese teenager girls made their debut on the international games.

official games

He played right winger and scored 229 goals in 596 official games.

Over 400 official games, out of that, 304 games in the Yugoslav First League.

He went on to appear in more than 150 official games and win four major titles.

hockey games

There are seats for a total capacity of at the hockey games.

Stellick can be seen on TV as a commentator for hockey games.

The arena is still actively used for Portland Winterhawks hockey games.

remaining games

Peek played the few remaining games in Sta.

The Red Sox then split the two remaining games of the series to win 2 of its 3 games.

In Golson's remaining games, he only saw action in the lopsided win over the UTC Mocs.

next three games

The Bulls proceeded to lose their next three games.

He missed the next three games due to injury.

As Boye suffered a back injury, Rasmussen played the next three games in a row.

games include

Outdoor games include cricket, football and basketball.

These games include "Do I Have a Right?

Indoor games include badminton, table tennis, carom and chess.

games developed

List of games developed by Paradox Development Studios.

A series of three rhythm-action video games developed by Dingo Inc., titled "Love Live!

It is found in games developed by Rare for Nintendo, Tradewest, GameTek, Acclaim, and Milton Bradley.

night games

Second, in 1999, lights were added to allow for night games.

Sunday night and some Thursday night games are aired on NBC affiliate WCNC-TV.

Lights were later added on the major diamond so that night games could also be played.

games in all

He had played 143 games in all competitions for them, scoring 10 goals.

In total, he played 53 games in all competitions and scored eight goals.

Ten more goals followed in forty-five games in all competitions for them.

games remaining

(x) indicates games remaining this season.

Kearney was fired in 2012 with six games remaining and Arthur was appointed the caretaker coach.

He returned to the line-up on 31 March, with eight games remaining, of which he appeared in six.

games to win

The USA team won all five games to win the championship and the gold medal.

In the playoffs, teams play against each other must win two games to win the series.

In the end he played enough games to win his second Allsvenskan title with the club.