İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

gap between   (arasındaki boşluk)

Why is there such a gap between plans and outcomes?

The gap between the two sections was filled in by 1932.

This could, for instance, be the gap between two prisms.

bridge the gap   (boşluğu köprü)

Schleck chased hard, but had no other riders to help bridge the gap.

They aim to bridge the gap between land and community through public markets.

The M2 attempted to bridge the gap between the 81 mm mortar and the hand grenade.

fill the gap   (boşluğu doldur)

The second and third grade grama panchayats would get entire amount to fill the gap.

To fill the gap in Ferguson's sales in the US, thousands of TEs were shipped over from England.

In light of the setback, coach Scolari called upon Gilberto to fill the gap which Emerson left.

band gap   (bant boşluğu)

The band gap of a-Si is 1.7 eV and that of c-Si is 1.1 eV.

For this to occur, energy is required, as in the semiconductor the next higher states lie above the band gap.

The reduced electron-delocalization in hexagonal-BN is also indicated by its absence of color and a large band gap.

close the gap   (boşluğu kapat)

The battalion had no reserves and was unable to close the gap.

Finally in early 1993, Working Title Films stepped in to close the gap.

The German tried to close the gap to the Spaniard, but Cal held on to win the gold.

pay gap   (fark ödemek)

Other researchers who analyzed the pay gap in transition Russia reach similar conclusions.

At the Women in the World Annual Summit, she spoke against the gender pay gap in Hollywood.

These statistics reveal the severity of the gender inequality and pay gap that exist in the US.

gender gap

The gender gap also exists in other western countries.

Additionally, there is a gender gap in the division of agricultural labor.

The gender gap in graduation rates is particularly large for minority students.

closed the gap

A DeMarco Murray touchdown later in that quarter closed the gap to 20–14.

Once O'Brien took over "Tonight", however, Letterman closed the gap in the ratings.

This one in turn fell back as the enemy again closed the gap, and the cycle rotated.

through the gap   (boşluk boyunca)

She passed through the gap between Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

Her route took her through the gap between Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

The new sealed road through the gap was eventually opened in November 1949.

bridging the gap   (boşluğu doldurmak)

The party's economic policy focussed primarily on bridging the gap between rich and poor.

The forum acknowledged Kouyoumdjian's role in bridging the gap between social media and TV.

Much of Hirsh-Pasek's work has been dedicated to bridging the gap between developmental and educational research and applications.

gap year

Xavier decides he wants to go travelling and take a gap year.

The main purpose of the channel was to document Jack's gap year.

However, she took a gap year when she was in grade twelve to make music.

large gap   (büyük boşluk)

They are often used when the power line must cross a large gap, such as a railway line, river, or valley.

The gap in income between blacks and other non-whites is relatively small compared to the large gap between whites and all people of color.

The beaverslide consists of a frame supporting an inclined plane up which a load of hay is pushed to a height of about , before dropping through a large gap.

through a gap   (boşluktan)

King Vakhtang dies during an invasion when an arrow strikes through a gap of his armor.

The highway follows Cedar Run through a gap between Waters Mountain and Pignut Mountain.

Due to Ecke's invincible armor, Dietrich is forced to stab the giant dishonorably through a gap in his armor.

gap left   (sol boşluk)

In turn, the expanded i40 range filled the gap left by the i45.

"Rancid News" filled the gap left by these two zines for a short while.

Gamst was required to fill the gap left by Damien Duff, who had left in July 2003 to go to Chelsea.

wage gap   (ücret aralığı)

A prime example of this is the wage gap.

For 1940 his estimates of the gender wage gap range between 47% and 53%.

By 1958 the situation seemed to improve and the wage gap declined to 39.5%.

gender pay gap

At the Women in the World Annual Summit, she spoke against the gender pay gap in Hollywood.

A. Newell and B. Reiley (2000) use the RLMS data for 1992 and 1996 to estimate the gender pay gap.

As a result, only a partial perspective on gender pay gap is possible based on small scale studies.

achievement gap

A 2016 Education Equality Index from Education Cities recognized the work done by three KIPP LA schools to close the achievement gap.

The initial attention to achievement gap started with a 1966 publication from the U.S. Department of Education titled "Equality of Educational Opportunity."

Similarly, values affirmation decreased the achievement gap for college students from low socioeconomic status and for women in introductory physics courses.

time gap

For earlier rulers, there is usually a time gap between the moment a sultan's reign ended and the moment his successor was enthroned.

Even assuming there is a time gap between the death of Constantine and the adulthood of Constans, his younger brothers have not aged at all in the narrative.

The duo managed to establish a maximum lead of around seven minutes at one point during the stage, before the rest of the field gradually brought the time gap down.

air gap

These rotary transformers have a cylindrical, rather than a disc-shaped, air gap between windings.

with a narrow air gap, to achieve a saturated corona current condition that produces maximum thrust.

It has the same APS-C sensor as the K-5, but has an improved autofocus sensor and a redesigned rear LCD with no air gap.

closing the gap

At the 1st minute, Josh Kennedy took a mark and kicked a goal to begin closing the gap.

On 18 July, the armored pincers of the two panzer groups came within of closing the gap.

There are five options currently in contention for closing the gap in I-49 in Shreveport.

gap junctions   (boşluk kavşakları)

Schwann cells and neurons exchange molecular signals by gap junctions that regulate survival and differentiation.

In CMTX, mutated connexons create non-functional gap junctions that interrupt molecular exchange and signal transport.

The panglial syncytium is a large network of interconnected glial cells, which are extensively linked by gap junctions.