natural gas   (天然ガス)

They are fueled by either natural gas or fuel oil.

Proved reserves of natural gas amount to 5.663 bln.

Oil and natural gas account for almost all exports.

oil and gas   (オイルとガス)

It provides services to the oil and gas industry.

South Moravia has small oil and gas deposits.

He supports tapping into off-shore oil and gas supplies.

greenhouse gas   (温室効果ガス)

The major challenge is the greenhouse gas emissions.

Coal mining can emit methane, another greenhouse gas.

It is also a more potent greenhouse gas than carbon-dioxide.

gas station   (ガソリンスタンド)

They shoot past Delia, Maxine and Gordo at a gas station.

His first job was pumping gas at a York Mills gas station.

1915 Trading Post and gas station built next to tollhouse.

gas emissions   (ガス排出)

The major challenge is the greenhouse gas emissions.

These explosions produced gas emissions and volcanic ash.

Graven studies greenhouse gas emissions.

tear gas   (催涙ガス)

Israeli soldiers fired tear gas and live ammunition.

The bombardment included phosgene and tear gas.

Riot police fired tear gas in response.

greenhouse gas emissions   (温室効果ガスの排出)

The major challenge is the greenhouse gas emissions.

Graven studies greenhouse gas emissions.

The UN recognised carbon trading as mitigating greenhouse gas emissions.

gas field

The delegation also visited the Hassi R’mel gas field.

The discovery of the Lacq gas field restored a certain dynamism.

Statoil own 36% of the Corrib gas field, off Ireland's west coast.

gas turbine   (ガスタービン)

The gas turbine was a Brown Boveri industrial machine.

Armstrong Siddeley gas turbine engines were named after snakes.

The GT26B gas turbine burns a mixture of compressed air and gas.

gas stations

There are no stores or gas stations inside the park.

In Lithuania Statoil operates a chain of gas stations.

, Iran has 3,200 gas stations for 15 million automobiles.

gas industry

It provides services to the oil and gas industry.

The explosion also had a long-range impact on the natural gas industry.

The gas industry was a large employer of clerks, mainly male before the war.

gas pipeline   (ガスパイプライン)

Also transacting the property is a natural gas pipeline.

On August 19, 2006, a Tabriz–Ankara gas pipeline exploded in the province.

Eastern Gas Pipeline The Eastern Gas Pipeline (EGP) is a natural gas pipeline.

gas production

Natural gas production halted in the late 1990s.

Natural gas production was introduced in 1971.

In 1999, Brunei's natural gas production reached 90 cargoes per day.

gas chambers   (ガス室)

For this purpose barracks were built as gas chambers.

The remaining survivors were sent to the gas chambers.

I installed shower heads in the gas chambers.

gas turbines   (ガスタービン)

He also worked on atomic-powered gas turbines.

Removing the gas turbines restricted the top speed to .

More recently, gas turbines have been used.

hydrogen gas   (水素ガス)

It can react with water to produce flammable hydrogen gas.

For the fuel cell to operate, the fuel must be converted into pure hydrogen gas.

The hydrogen gas was to be generated by chemical reaction during the filling process.

gas fields

Seven natural gas fields were tapped in the province.

From there, he took up work in the village's major gas fields.

It has developed wealth from extensive petroleum and natural gas fields.

shale gas   (シェールガス)

It was China's biggest investment in shale gas to date.

Combustible shale gas is burned in the ball heater to reheat the ceramic balls.

The annual shale oil production is 135,000 tonnes and oil shale gas production is .

gas phase   (気相)

In the gas phase, alcohols are more acidic than in water.

The reaction took place in the gas phase.

Dilithium (Li) and disodium (Na) are known in the gas phase.

gas company   (ガス会社)

He helped organize the city's first gas company.

An Australian oil and gas company, Woodside Petroleum, is named after this area.

Dana Energy Dana Energy () is a private oil and gas company headquartered in Tehran, Iran.

ideal gas   (理想的なガス)

In contrast, free expansion is an isothermal process for an ideal gas.

From the ideal gas equation one also knows where formula_8 is Boltzmann's constant.

The ideal gas thermometer is, however, not theoretically perfect for thermodynamics.

mustard gas

Despite being affected by a mustard gas attack, he also survived the war.

Ethylene can be used in production of sulfur mustard gas, a chemical weapon.

Some mustard gas escaped as a vapour and much of the nearby vegetation was killed.

gas exploration   (ガス探査)

The region also supports oil and gas exploration and production.

Brunei is preparing to tender concessions for deep water oil and gas exploration.

The company phased out gas exploration and related products and phased in data systems.

gas reserves

As of April 2018, Malawi has no proven oil and/or gas reserves.

Notable gas reserves were discovered in the 1883 near Medicine Hat.

Delek discovered offshore natural gas reserves in Israel and Cyprus.

gas supply   (ガス供給)

Both offer electric power and natural gas supply.

Natural gas supply has been established in 39 settlements.

There is no sewerage service or mains gas supply to the hamlet.

poison gas   (毒ガス)

She was scuttled in 1946 with a load of poison gas shells.

When the room was full, Vrban brought poison gas and killed them all.

She was loaded with poison gas shells and scuttled in the Skagerrak in 1946.

breathing gas   (呼吸ガス)

These are generally failures affecting breathing gas supply and buoyancy.

A high proportion of scuba accidents involve running out of breathing gas.

For a scuba diver, loss of breathing gas and buoyancy together can be deadly.

inert gas   (不活性ガス)

It can be handled only under inert gas, such as argon.

Argon may be used as the inert gas within Schlenk lines and gloveboxes.

Minimising the inert gas loading of the diver's tissues for a given dive profile reduces the decompression obligation.

gas chamber

There, she selected prisoners for the gas chamber.

The gas chamber and crematorium were reconstructed after the war.

The first gas chamber at Auschwitz II was operational by March 1942.

liquefied natural gas   (液化天然ガス)

It also is the ninth-largest producer of liquefied natural gas in the world.

Audi has constructed a carbon-neutral liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant in Werlte, Germany.

The plane uses a fuel referred to as liquefied natural gas or LNG, and made its first flight in 1989.

gas exchange

However, the mother's body does provide gas exchange.

They have respiratory trees for gas exchange.

They supplement this with gas exchange through the skin.

exhaust gas   (排ガス)

Using a hose, the cabin was filled with exhaust gas.

The main engines are also equipped with exhaust gas economizers.

This increases exhaust gas flow.

gas and oil

In 1938 the CCC built a gas and oil house.

Underneath the earth surface are pools of natural gas and oil.

The most important commercial sources for alkanes are natural gas and oil.

gas giant   (ガス巨人)

This is the ratio found in the gas giant planets, such as Jupiter.

Mu Arae e is a gas giant at least 1.8 times as massive as Jupiter.

The star is orbited by a gas giant, HD 132406 b, discovered in 2007.

gas lighting

In 1841 the theatre was fitted with gas lighting.

By this era, gas lighting became accepted.

gas masks   (ガスマスク)

The soldiers dress in black uniforms and wear black, dog-themed gas masks.

They were also given gas masks and ID cards, which were carried at all times.

On public appearances, they have been dressed in white protective suits and gas masks.

gas prices

Her first company began to lose profits when gas prices fell several years later.

Ridership as of September 2008 had grown to 1,045,000 due in part to high gas prices.

In 2017, the shares of PetroChina upped after the rise of natural gas prices for commercial use.

gas companies

He became a businessman, especially in tanning, building societies and gas companies.

By 1995, the Calgary Challenge had mushroomed to include 25 workplaces, primarily oil and gas companies.

The government hopes Luba will become a major transportation hub for offshore oil and gas companies operating in the Gulf of Guinea.

gas flow

In some binaries similar to Algol, a gas flow can be seen.

In 2009, gas flow was declined from per day at standard conditions.

This increases exhaust gas flow.

natural gas pipeline   (天然ガスパイプライン)

Also transacting the property is a natural gas pipeline.

Eastern Gas Pipeline The Eastern Gas Pipeline (EGP) is a natural gas pipeline.

The pipes were for a long natural gas pipeline and included of material in about a dozen ships.

flue gas

This flue gas stack briefly was the tallest in the world.

Typically, the dominant loss is sensible heat leaving with the offgas (i.e., the flue gas).

The power plant has a tall flue gas stack, the tallest structure in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

gas pressure   (ガス圧)

Pulleys and weights were supplied to regulate the gas pressure.

The gas pressure can make a flexible suit very rigid, like an inflated balloon.

Comets are suspected of splitting due to thermal stress, internal gas pressure, or impact.

gas pipelines

The NTS now comprises over 7,600 km of welded steel gas pipelines.

, there have been 15 bombings on these gas pipelines since the 2011 uprising.

, 15 such attacks were perpetrated on these gas pipelines since the 2011 uprising.

gas works

Much coal for the gas works was shipped by sea and was vulnerable to enemy attack.

This term became used to label gas works, where there usually are several gas holders.

By the end of the century, most towns in Britain had their own gas works and gas holders.

petroleum gas   (石油ガス)

Canada has of pipeline for transportation of crude and refined oil, and for liquefied petroleum gas.

Nearby residents stated that they thought the explosion was caused by exploding liquid petroleum gas.

A tank car containing liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) exploded as a result of cleanup related to this derailment.

gas wells

Greengairs has 6000m of pipes with biogas fed by 90 gas wells.

Mehsana also has 1,311 oil wells, and 16 gas wells producing 6,000 tonnes per day.

In 2006, there were 13,473 successful natural gas wells drilled in Alberta: 12,029 conventional gas wells and 1,444 coalbed methane wells.

chlorine gas   (塩素ガス)

It is prepared from reaction of chlorine gas with tin at .

The bombs were filled with chlorine gas and possibly sarin.

The agents included chlorine gas and organophosphorous pesticide.

gas mask   (ガスマスク)

Mother War is the woman in the Victorian-era gown and gas mask.

Garrett A. Morgan developed the first automatic traffic signal and gas mask.

His former student James Bert Garner at Wabash College went on to invent the gas mask.

gas tank

The sniper shoots the flipped vehicle's gas tank.

Until then, propane gas was delivered in pressurized gas tank cars.

Briggs hides a bag of cocaine in the gas tank of Hurley's motorcycle.

methane gas   (メタンガス)

Highest rates of AOM usually over methane gas seeps.

The spring water is rich with sulfur and methane gas.

The book describes the mysterious power of methane gas.

gas explosion   (ガス爆発)

Subsequently, a gas explosion blinded him in one eye.

Initially, the fire was thought to have been caused by a gas explosion.

May was killed off on 18 June 2008 when she causes a gas explosion at the Miller's house.

gas attack

He witnessed there the victims of gas attack.

the sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway).

Six weeks later they were beating off a German gas attack in Flanders.

gas leak   (ガス漏れ)

He makes a bomb and plants it in a mining site with a massive gas leak.

A recent chlorine gas leak in Pune, India, landed 20 individuals in the hospital.

Well into their drive, Holt smells a gas leak and the group exits shortly before the RV explodes.

hot gas

The cleaned hot gas returns to the oil shale dryer.

The galaxy contains vast amounts of hot gas.

This prevents the leakage of hot gas which could injure the shooter.

noble gas

It is in group 18 of the periodic table and is a noble gas.

Hale–Bopp was the first comet where the noble gas argon was detected.

Each H atom now has the noble gas electron configuration of helium (He).

gas storage

He then adapted the gazomètre for coal gas storage.

The gas storage uses a depleted gas reservoir.

The gas storage started officially operating on 24 May 2007.

gas generator   (ガス発生器)

The gas generator was designed using experience from the D-36 turbofan.

The missile has six motors; the first one is the motor in the gas generator.

The PBPS provides propulsion using a solid-propellant nitrogen gas generator.

reduce greenhouse gas   (温室効果ガスを削減する)

In efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, scientists treat palm oil mill effluent to extract biogas.

Wood thought this could be accomplished by making treaties with other nations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The goals of the EU are to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce their dependency on other nations for fossil fuels.

nitrogen gas

Occasionally the CO gas is blended with nitrogen gas.

The PBPS provides propulsion using a solid-propellant nitrogen gas generator.

The inert atmosphere used may be argon or nitrogen gas, except for lithium, which reacts with nitrogen.

compressed natural gas

The "Columbia" is powered by compressed natural gas (GNG), unlike the biodiesel-powered "Mark Twain".

The company commits to transitioning its Pennsylvania vehicle fleet to compressed natural gas (CNG) within five years.

New York has the largest clean-air diesel-hybrid and compressed natural gas bus fleet in the country, and some of the first hybrid taxis.

gas plant

In addition to the natural gas plant, there is a 1 MW solar farm on site.

These sounds lead to one man thinking that a nearby gas plant had exploded.

McGuinty changed his mind however, and resigned on June 12 amid the "gas plant scandal".

nerve gas

Liu fires nerve gas at the guards, killing all of them, and frees Mathilda.

Various chemical agents are a threat, such as nerve gas (VX, Sarin, and so on.).

Price is contacted by CIA agent Kate Laswell about the Russian nerve gas crisis.

gas and dust   (ガスとほこり)

The inner structure is surrounded by a translucent shroud of gas and dust.

These streams of gas and dust can cause the nucleus to spin, and even split apart.

It is currently in the G-cloud—a nearby interstellar cloud, an accumulation of gas and dust.

coal gas

He then adapted the gazomètre for coal gas storage.

The 1860s were the golden age of coal gas development.

He found that sulfuric acid could absorb large volumes of coal gas.

gas distribution

NTS is the starting point for UK gas distribution.

He then worked for his father’s oil and gas distribution company.

Vištuk has centralized water and gas distribution, but not a sewage system.

natural gas reserves

Delek discovered offshore natural gas reserves in Israel and Cyprus.

Bolivia has the second largest natural gas reserves in South America.

Recently, Cambodia has reported that oil and natural gas reserves have been found off-shore.

natural gas field

It benefits greatly from the natural gas field of Lacq to which it is connected by pipeline.

As part of the activities to prepare the Ormen Lange natural gas field, the incident has been thoroughly investigated.

The airfield was named the 1925 Sweeney Airport then the 1928 Fairfax Airport—the latter had a natural gas field with 14 wells for extra revenue.

gas chromatography   (ガスクロマトグラフィー)

These fragments can be separated by gas chromatography.

She remained active in gas chromatography until almost the end of life.

He has recently extended this to a highly precise method of "reactive gas chromatography".

gas giants   (ガス巨人)

Temperatures of gas giants reduce over time and with distance from their star.

The rings of the Solar System's gas giants are aligned with their planet's equator.

His specific claims of large gas giants were refuted in the mid-1970s after much debate.

gas extraction   (ガス抽出)

It also has oil rigs and natural gas extraction in the eastern plains.

In recent years, petroleum and natural gas extraction have become an important industry.

In 2007 there were 146,900 people working in the mining and oil and gas extraction industry.

gas and electricity

Apartment rents were between $74 and $108 per month, which included gas and electricity.

Australian Gas Light Company The Australian Gas Light Company (AGL) was an Australian gas and electricity retailer.

In 1979, a second wave of price increases began, for energy: prices for petrol, natural gas and electricity were increased.

natural gas production

In 1999, Brunei's natural gas production reached 90 cargoes per day.

Crude oil and natural gas production account for about 90% of its GDP.

RWE DEA had total natural gas production output of 2.6bn cubic metres in 2013.

gas mixture

The gas mixture produced by this process is known as wood gas.

As the gas mixture flowed and mixed with air and sewer gas, the mixture ignited.

Nitrox Nitrox refers to any gas mixture composed (excepting trace gases) of nitrogen and oxygen.

gas processing

Until 1975, the site was further used for gas processing before the plant was shut down.

A gas processing facility of per day at standard conditions was installed at Qadirpur during 2006-7.

In 2016 the Oben gas processing facility was expanded with the installation of additional processing modules.

gas molecules

The mirror jiggles from Brownian motion due to collisions with the gas molecules.

For example, the entropy of an ideal gas is proportional to the number of gas molecules .

Molecular ions are accelerated to high kinetic energy and then collide with neutral gas molecules (e.g.

gas and water

The soldiers fired rubber bullets, CS gas and water cannon.

The city owns its power, gas and water, and cable TV service.

When recovering oil from tiny pores, it is useful to inject gas and water into the pore.

gas law

The ideal gas law states: where "n" is the number of moles of gas and is the gas constant.

Thus the ideal gas law states that internal energy is directly proportional to temperature.

The ideal gas law allows one to measure temperature on this absolute scale using the gas thermometer.

liquefied petroleum gas   (液化石油ガス)

Canada has of pipeline for transportation of crude and refined oil, and for liquefied petroleum gas.

A tank car containing liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) exploded as a result of cleanup related to this derailment.

The gas can be natural gas (which is mainly methane) or a liquefied petroleum gas, such as propane, butane, or a mixture of both.

gas engine

The gas engine is with 140 hp at 1700 rpm or 163 hp at 2000 rpm.

One of the buses uses a modified petrol-engine and the other uses a modified natural gas engine.

The Tiba has a 4-cylinder gas engine and ABS, averages 7 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers and puts out with a displacement of 1,500 cc.

gas per

At sea level, air is denser and there are more molecules of gas per litre of air.

Shah Deniz is expected to produce up to 296 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year.

gas system

Besides storing the gas, the tank's design serves to establish the pressure of the gas system.

Instead of the previous liquid-based cooling design, a simpler and more reliable gas system was installed.

The AK-47 uses a long stroke gas system that is generally associated with great reliability in adverse conditions.

gas through

The meter used to measure the flow of gas through a particular pipe is a gas meter.

This method involved heating silicon and oxygen by running silicon tetrachloride gas through an oxygen flame.

The mercury, is then swept into a long-pass absorption tube by bubbling a stream of inert gas through the reaction mixture.

gas stream

Equipment is installed to scrub these from the gas stream before passing to the atmosphere.

The most common heat exchanger consists of chains hanging in curtains across the gas stream.

The amount of air mixed with the gas stream affects the completeness of the combustion reaction.

first gas

The first gas, water, and power plants were built.

He helped organize the city's first gas company.

In 1964 the first gas was injected.

used tear gas   (使用済み催涙ガス)

Police used tear gas in an attempt to disperse the protesters.

Guards in Sana'a used tear gas and a water cannon to drive back the crowd.

Armed police officers from the provincial capital used tear gas to subdue the rioters.