gathered together   (聚集在一起)

Inside, the gathered together in the battle cab of the installation operations center.

The Klan gathered together, with Ben leading them, ride in to gain control of the town.

My father, the kagan gathered together seventeen brave Lords... Tengri gave them power.

gathered around   (聚集在周围)

4,000 people gathered around her to march on Medina.

Vernet was one of a circle of artists which gathered around du Barry.

On March 5, 1770, a large crowd gathered around a group of British soldiers.

people gathered   (人们聚集)

Some 400 people gathered in the cathedral square.

Many young people gathered to have his blessings.

According to Simon, "Hundreds of people gathered.

gathered outside

Protesters also gathered outside of the SEBIN headquarters.

Somber and tearful parishioners gathered outside the burning church.

Thousands of people gathered outside Graceland to view the open casket.

information gathered

The HUD projects all essential flight information gathered by the integrated avionics system.

The lawsuit cites information gathered from documents obtained via a subpoena in the fall of 2007.

The letter contained information gathered by Colonel Charles Pomeroy Stone and General Winfield Scott.

data gathered

This information was calculated by data gathered from the US Department of Education.

The data gathered is analogous to the cues humans use to perceive emotions in others.

The data gathered, and the analysis, will be fed back to the group that does performance tuning.

crowd gathered

As he was being helped, a large hostile crowd gathered.

The two fired some shots into a crowd gathered at the Metro Cinema.

An immense crowd gathered in the Champ de Mars to sign the petition.

protesters gathered   (抗议者聚集)

The protesters gathered in masses and walked to Tsitsernakaberd, Armenia's national Genocide Memorial.

Forty thousand protesters gathered and sparked a movement to stop roll backs in health and retirement benefits.

The trial of Aung San Suu Kyi and her two maids began on 18 May and a small number of protesters gathered outside.

gathered information

He worked with John Jay in a spy ring that gathered information about British activities.

Ludington gathered information vital to Washington and passed it on to the Continental Army.

The balloon found its first use in the , where in the Battle of Fleurus they gathered information.

gathered during

The geographer Ptolemy's identified 19 "towns" from intelligence gathered during the Agricolan campaigns.

The library was funded in part from Customs receipts gathered during the War of 1812 at the Battle of Hampden.

True the Vote's executive summary contended that only 534,865 signatures gathered during the recall effort were valid.

gathered up

Lights were usually gathered up from photographers' studios.

As Artemis fled crying to Zeus, Leto gathered up the bow and arrows.

It was gathered up by Bradford's Davies who ran the length of the pitch to score.

gathered in front

A large crowd gathered in front of the Sanctuary on Sunday 2 September 1951.

Upon his arrival, the school teacher is intrigued to see the villagers gathered in front of a large house.

A turbulent pro-Union crowd soon gathered in front of the store, and demanded that the flag be taken down.

gathered more

By late May, it had gathered more than 275,000 signatures.

The video has gathered more than 2.5 million views on YouTube.

The first such demonstration gathered more than 100,000 people.

gathered all

Meanwhile, Llanganabal had gathered all his army there at their fortress to resist the attack.

Bohemond of Taranto gathered all remaining horses and marched in the night to ambush the Muslim army.

The miracle required for beatification was investigated in a diocesan tribunal that gathered all documentation from 1939 until 1941.