İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

narrow gauge   (dar gösterge)

These were converted back to narrow gauge in 1949.

This was constructed in 1894 as narrow gauge.

The Zinga–Mongo railway was constructed to narrow gauge.

standard gauge   (standart gösterge)

The line was converted to standard gauge in 1872.

The line was converted to standard gauge in 1870.

It was converted to standard gauge () by 1872.

broad gauge   (geniş gösterge)

The MU&WG was built to the broad gauge of the Erie.

All lines around Adelaide were originally broad gauge .

The broad gauge was removed throughout the country in 1892.

gauge railway   (demiryolu ölçüsü)

It is the only standard gauge railway tunnel in Norfolk.

The gauge railway has been running at Craigtoun since 1976.

In 2017, a new station on the standard gauge railway is proposed.

gauge line   (gösterge çizgisi)

This 610 mm gauge line lasted from 1889–1984.

The two-foot gauge line ran intermittently after the Second World War and finally closed in 1962.

Hagaribommanahalli was one of the railway stations on the Hospete-Kotturu railway meter gauge line.

metre gauge   (metre ölçer)

Only in 1933 was the extension converted to metre gauge.

The tracks are metre gauge and have an incline of over 50%.

Some of the most unusual are the metre gauge BB40-2s for use in Brazil.

narrow gauge railway   (dar hatlı demiryolu)

Since 1983 a narrow gauge railway has opened on part of the original track bed.

The line is the oldest narrow gauge railway in Austria and has a rail gauge of .

A military, narrow gauge railway was used to move materials and supplies around the sites.

gauge track   (ölçer parça)

From 1995, it was a standard gauge track only.

Most such trains run on the local standard gauge track.

A group of railway enthusiasts bought the old trackbed at Henllan and, in 1983, laid a gauge track.

track gauge   (hat göstergesi)

The tramway with a track gauge of was used in the 1910s.

See also track gauge in Canada.

Back then, the FOTG used a track gauge of 1000 mm ("Metre-gauge railway").

gauge lines

Remnants of triple gauge lines still exist near the station.

These lines are mostly standard gauge (single, double or quadruple track) though there are also a few narrow gauge lines.

The Spanish government owns two main RENFE broad gauge lines that link Vitoria-Gasteiz with San Sebastián and Bilbao with central Spain.

loading gauge   (yükleme göstergesi)

The loading gauge height is .

The loading gauge for all lines is , more generous than the average for metros in Europe.

There was a single track siding which included a loading gauge, portable livestock ramp and a small goods shed.

gauge railways   (gösterge demiryolları)

Broad gauge railways in 2010 stretched for and electrified railways numbered .

The gauge selected for the line was , in common with other Saxon narrow gauge railways.

In its first two decades it built a total of 108 kilometres of standard gauge railways.

standard gauge line

The purchase of the C and W line allowed for the continued westward expansion of a standard gauge line.

One of Malaysia's two fastest rail lines is the standard gauge line between Kuala Lumpur and KLIA & KLIA2.

The station had a single platform on the east side of the broad gauge line, with the standard gauge line running behind.

gauge theory   (ölçme teorisi)

of a gauge theory.

He also proposed the SU(2) gauge theory of high temperature superconductors (1996).

For example, the BRST methods are often applied to gauge theory and quantized general relativity.

narrow gauge line

The opening of the service took place on 1 November 2007 on a 950 mm narrow gauge line built in the 1930s from Potenza to Avigliano.

While Goondiwindi is on a narrow gauge line that connects to Toowoomba via Warwick, these New South Wales and Queensland lines never met.

The Billerica and Bedford Railroad was built in 1877 as a narrow gauge line between the Middlesex Central at Bedford and the B&L at North Billerica.

dual gauge

In 1940–41, the Flekkefjord and Jæren Lines were rebuilt to dual gauge.

Part of the line was converted to dual gauge in 1944 to serve freight depots around Bandiana.

Volos station was converted to dual gauge, in order to accommodate trains of the two branches.

standard gauge railway

It is the only standard gauge railway tunnel in Norfolk.

In 2017, a new station on the standard gauge railway is proposed.

It also included the first standard gauge railway tunnel in continental Europe.

broad gauge line

It had a single platform on the eastern side of the broad gauge line, with the standard gauge running behind.

Velankanni railway station is a terminal station on the 10 kilometre long Nagapattinam - Velankanni broad gauge line.

The station had a single platform on the east side of the broad gauge line, with the standard gauge line running behind.

gauge railway line

The Windmill Farm Railway is a narrow gauge railway line located at the Windmill Animal Farm.

For this reason, the railway station situated at the Pļaviņas - Valka narrow gauge railway line was named Madona as well.

Tocumwal railway line, Victoria The Tocumwal railway line (also known as the Shepparton line) is a gauge railway line in Victoria, Australia.

gauge conversion

The extended platform continued to receive and send trains as a meter gauge line until gauge conversion.

It was first opened on Saturday, 21 October 1876 however was closed for gauge conversion on Friday, 14 April 1995.

In 1995 this line was closed for gauge conversion and also for extending the railway line from Kotturu to Harihar on Hubballi-Bangalore Railway line.

gauge railroad

The museum also has a narrow gauge railroad, with replica stock.

Lawndale Railway and Industrial Company The Lawndale Railway and Industrial Company operated a narrow gauge railroad from Shelby to Lawndale, North Carolina from 1899 to 1943.

Lac La Belle and Calumet Railroad The Lac La Belle and Calumet Railroad was an American, narrow gauge railroad that operated in the Keweenaw Peninsula, or the extreme northern Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

gauge tracks

The following four lines are currently under construction: There are also plans to convert entire all metre gauge tracks to standard gauge.

The line was designed with two broad gauge tracks, high speed alignments cutting through the landscape, substantial bridges and railway stations built of bluestone, and double-headed rail.

gauge locomotives

Some of the narrow gauge locomotives were fifty or more years old, and the rolling stock not much the younger.

The one area where the type proved to be useful was on broad gauge locomotives, where sharp bends were less of an issue.

Grand Trunk purchased 200 standard gauge locomotives (including 62 from Portland Company) and converted 135 old locomotives.

gauge trains

Standard gauge trains first ran through from Bala to Blaenau Ffestiniog on 10 September 1883.

The bridge was designed for rail track gauge though in actuality, only gauge trains ever used it.

At Festiniog passengers had to transfer to narrow gauge trains if they wished to continue northwards.