İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

gave up   (vazgeçti)

The would-be captors then gave up and sailed away.

The Owls scored 107 points and gave up 498 points.

She gave up teaching to focus on writing full-time.

gave the film   (filmi verdi)

A review from "Pisara" gave the film 3.5 out of 5.

Digiguide.TV gave the film three out of five stars.

Cinemascore audience polls gave the film a B grade.

gave birth   (doğurdu)

This period also gave birth to the egg-war custom.

She gave birth to their only child, Diana Negrete.

She gave birth to her daughter on 21 January 2015.

gave the album   (albümü verdi)

Robert Christgau gave the album a negative review.

CMJ gave the album an extremely positive review."

's UK competitor, Metal Hammer gave the album 8/10.

gave rise   (doğdu)

This gave rise to the term erythoplasia of Queyrat.

This naturally gave rise to numerous legends.

This gave rise to the solar neutrino problem.

gave the episode   (bölümü verdi)

"Xenaville" gave the episode a score of 9/10 stars.

"TV Fanatic" gave the episode a 4.2 out of 5 stars.

gave the game

Petr Bulíř of "Level" gave the game a score of 60%.

In 1992, "Dragon" gave the game 4 out of 5 stars.

IGN gave the game 2.5 out of 10 in their review.

gave way   (yol verdi)

Rubber estates gave way to oil palm plantations.

The "Enigma C" quickly gave way to "Enigma D" (1927).

That incision gave way under the pressure of the bullet."

gave the song

Thom Jurek of Allmusic gave the song a favorable review.

Pitchfork Media gave the song its "Best New Music" accolade.

"Smash Hits" gave the song 5 out of 5.

gave a speech   (Konuşma yaptı)

In 2010, gave a speech at the Global Marijuana March.

Ilham Aliyev attended the reception and gave a speech.

In December he attended Nekrasov's funeral and gave a speech.

later gave

She later gave birth to the couple's only child.

This kind of tradition later gave birth to religious anarchism.

He later gave this arrow to Abaris.

then gave

The would-be captors then gave up and sailed away.

Abram then gave Melchizedek a tenth of everything.

Shaw then gave orders for Roach to kill Taylor.

gave away   (verdi)

To Ki Datuk's surprise, Amongrogo gave away his wife.

She gave away more than $200 million, always anonymously.

Wikispaces also gave away more than 100,000 premium wikis to K–12 educators.

gave its name

It gave its name to the French department of Aisne.

It gave its name to Xinjiekou subway station.

(1998) gave its name to Subaltern Studies.

gave the first

Alicia Lutes of IGN gave the first season a 10/10.

In 1941 Haskell Curry gave the first such system.

Lord Kenyon CJ gave the first speech.

gave a positive   (olumlu verdi)

R. J. Alok gave a positive review and called the film "relatable".

SMTV 24X7 gave a positive review, praising the story, direction and performances.

"Time" gave a positive review as well, noting the narrative similarities to a novel.

gave evidence   (kanıt verdi)

Rennison gave evidence before the committee in 1936.

Later in the month Porter gave evidence against Fenwick.

Hopkins' sister Julie gave evidence for the prosecution.

critics gave

However, some critics gave it less positive reviews.

Television critics gave the new show and its host poor reviews.

But the film critics gave high praise to Fan Bingbing's performance.

gave lectures   (ders verdi)

At the university he also gave lectures.

He also gave lectures in 1813 and 1814.

Prince Serge Wolkonsky taught and gave lectures for Proletcult.

gave no   (hayır verdi)

Under oath, Augustus declared that he gave no such order.

He gave no specific reason for this change.

The museum gave no explanations for White's abrupt resignation.

gave an interview   (röportaj verdi)

Afterwards, the band gave an interview to New South Metal Magazine.

In 2008 Jaimee gave an interview where she talked about life after "The Tribe".

He returned to the public in July 2011 when he gave an interview to "Hot Press".

eventually gave

Most eventually gave up Judaism altogether.

He eventually gave up playing in 1956.

The family eventually gave up, assuming she had been lost or died.

government gave   (hükümet verdi)

The Irish government gave a similar commitment.

The government gave the EPDP vast financial assistance.

The British government gave Margaret Draper a life pension.

gave permission   (izin verdi)

Joffre gave permission for Maunoury to pull back his left if necessary.

In December 1939 the wartime committee gave permission for the Lancashire Cup to be played.

On April 24, Bill Basham gave permission for the use of his midi version of Waltzing Matilda.

victory gave

A 1–9 to 0–9 victory gave Ryan a Munster medal.

This victory gave Regan an All-Ireland winner’s medal.

A 5–11 to 3–7 victory gave Mulcahy an All-Ireland medal.

gave the name

They gave the name of Green Valley to the area.

It is possible he gave the name.

It may have been he or perhaps Kelly who gave the name "Woodside" to the area.

gave the order   (emir verdi)

At midday Boulineau gave the order for retreat.

That evening, Thayer gave the order to abandon Fort Mifflin.

Captain Lüdecke gave the order to abandon and scuttle his vessel.

analysis gave

Lightcurve analysis gave a rotation period of 6.231 hours with a brightness amplitude of 0.19 magnitude ().

Lightcurve analysis gave a short rotation period of 3.34 hours with a brightness amplitude of 0.12 magnitude ().

Lightcurve analysis gave a well-defined rotation period of hours with a brightness variation of 0.13 magnitude ().

never gave   (asla vermedim)

WWE never gave him a real chance, and that's just sad to me".

The IRA never gave any explanation for his abduction and murder.

He himself never gave up believing in the practical potential of his design.

gave orders

Willigis immediately gave orders for reconstruction.

Shaw then gave orders for Roach to kill Taylor.

Tott gave orders to his cavalry to engage the Russians.

magazine gave

Tomáš Landa of Level magazine gave Mise Quadam 50%.

Games" magazine gave it a score of 77 out of 100.

Lukáš Erben of "Score" magazine gave Lurid Land 70%.

gave more

On a few of the days, he gave more than one talk.

This gave more room for storage in the interior.

This orchestra gave more than two dozens of concerts each year.

gave his first

He gave his first performance in Paris in 1725.

In December 2008 he gave his first master classes there.

Elvis Presley gave his first paid concert there on July 30, 1954.

gave chase   (kovalamaca verdi)

The constable gave chase, but the intruder got away.

"Rainbow" and "Victor" gave chase to "Hancock".

The soldiers gave chase, caught and shot Max.

gave his name

John Wodehouse, 1st Earl of Kimberley gave his name to this road.

Lord Cremorne gave his name to his London residence in what became the Cremorne Gardens.

Parias gave his name to the Parians and the city of Parion (a town in Mysia on the Hellespont).

finally gave   (sonunda verdi)

Commissioner Regal finally gave Taker his match.

Pratt finally gave Rogers an interest in the business.

gave the movie

Veeyen at gave the movie 3/5 stars

CBC News gave the movie and Thurber a damning review.

Common Sense Media gave the movie 4/5 stars.

only gave   (sadece verdi)

As a result, they only gave him the title of general manager.

This team scored 182 points during the season and only gave up 10.

Michael not only gave me a job, he gave me a tiny apartment upstairs.

gave many

During the 1970s and 1980s he gave many "farewell performances."

He wrote on the subject of piano technique and gave many recitals.

He was a student of Andrés Segovia and gave many concerts in France and abroad.

gave a rotation   (rotasyon yaptı)

It gave a rotation period of hours with a brightness variation of 0.43 in magnitude ().

The light-curve gave a rotation period of hours with a brightness variation of 0.18 magnitude ().

Lightcurve analysis gave a rotation period of 6.231 hours with a brightness amplitude of 0.19 magnitude ().

father gave

His father gave him an early a love of Shakespeare.

He obeyed her, although her father gave fearful yells.

His father gave him the racket, beginning his tennis career.

gave the show   (gösteriyi verdi)

"Talkin' Broadway" also gave the show a negative review.

The New York Times' Neil Genlinzer gave the show a positive review.

Melissa Camacho of Common Sense Media gave the show 2 out of 5 stars.

gave a talk

In March Holley gave a talk in San Diego on the religion.

That Fall Thomas gave a talk on campus about the struggles of black men in America.

In 2010, Hartley gave a talk at the TEDx conference in Bangkok entitled "The Truth in the Lie".

when he gave   (verdiğinde)

He returned to the public in July 2011 when he gave an interview to "Hot Press".

At this point, he stopped using "von" when he gave his name, but he never formally renounced his claims to nobility.

It was demolished by Colonel George Gibbs, in about 1920, when he gave the lower churchyard to the village as an extension.

gave a mixed

K. M. Munshi gave a mixed review.

Roger Ebert gave a mixed review.

Club", gave a mixed review.

gave the book

NPR gave the book a positive review.

"True Crime Zine" in August 2012 gave the book a five-star review.

in January 2014, "True Crime Zine" gave the book a five-star review.

gave a lecture

She gave a lecture at TED Vancouver in April, 2018.

He gave a lecture on his journey of ISRO.

He gave a lecture on different innovative start-ups across the world.

gave the following

Lord Wilberforce gave the following judgment.

Aland gave the following textual profile for it: 0 6 19 2.

Their record label gave the following statement: ""The Vietnam Veterans are no more.

gave the series

Bryce Coulter of Mania gave the series a B+ rating.

On January 31, 2019, The CW gave the series an early renewal for a second season.

Metacritic gave the series a weighted average score of 80/100, signifying "generally favourable reviews".

gave several

Despite retirement, Husserl gave several notable lectures.

He gave several speeches along with PQ leader, Jacques Parizeau.

Steiner gave several series of lectures to physicians and medical students.

win gave

The win gave Devaney a fifth All-Ireland medal.

The win gave him full membership of the tour for two years.

The win gave Foley championships in all three major Triple-A leagues.

gave access   (erişim izni verdi)

Altar Interactive agreed and gave access to the source-code.

A stone staircase gave access to the entrance to the tower on the second floor.

The line gave access to New York City via the Hunters Point Ferry and to Brooklyn via horse-drawn omnibus.

gave each

McGowan gave each artist an individual brief.

The law of 24 February 1875 gave each department of Algeria a senator.

The band gave each audience member a free download of their first recording.

gave all   (hepsini verdi)

He gave all of his 50 years of experience.

At Rockport an agent was employed who gave all of his time to the company.

Kathleen Cardone, a federal judge in El Paso, Texas, then gave all rights to Daniel Esquivel.

gave a series

While in Buffalo he gave a series of radio addresses.

In Hong Kong, Sheldrake gave a series of lectures on Islam.

In 1937 he gave a series of public lectures on yoga in Soho.

wife gave

His wife gave birth to their son in October 2019.

His wife gave birth to a son on October 10, 2017.

On August 9, 2005, Seder's wife gave birth to a daughter.

gave concerts

He travelled all over Germany and gave concerts.

She gave concerts in Paris, London, Berlin and Trier.

Young pupils often gave concerts for guests.

mother gave

That month, her mother gave birth to a stillborn son.

My mother gave me life...The disciples said to Jesus...deny.

His mother gave her some old clothing.

gave their lives

Nearly 500 graduates gave their lives in World War II.

Both Cristóbal and Tomás Mendoza gave their lives on the battlefields of Cuba.

Batcombe has a war memorial dedicated to those who gave their lives in World War I.

gave the band

He started The Outcasts, he even gave the band its name".

Its success gave the band more time to work on a follow-up.

Donelly has praised Albini for the input that he gave the band prior to recording.

soon gave

The cavalry pursued the Indians, but soon gave up the chase.

Nantes citizens soon gave the nickname "omnibus" to the vehicle.

At first, he tried to make a Fortran compiler, but soon gave up the idea.

gave the impression

ABC gave the impression that Victor Lasky had been one of the accusers who had caused her to lose her job.

Atmospheric meant that the palace gave the impression of sitting in an auditorium that opened to a night sky.

The "widely publicized" photograph gave the impression that the Israeli soldier had deliberately targeted Tamimi.

gave a negative

Peter Travers of "Rolling Stone" gave a negative review.

However, the performing analyzers gave a negative results.

She gave a negative review of the production, and panned Chopra's "auto-tuned" vocals.

gave the school   (okula verdi)

Robert Davies (1955-1958) gave the school a firm foundation.

A second renovation, completed in the winter of 2018, gave the school a new wing.

The Hamburg senate gave the school the name "Staatliche höhere Mädchenschule an der Hansastraße".

turn gave

He in turn gave it to Ludwig Rhesa.

She gave Alan's wedding ring to Sam, who in turn gave it to Jason on their wedding day.

This in turn gave the moors the water supply to free up the potential of dryer tracts of land.

often gave   (sık sık verdi)

Young pupils often gave concerts for guests.

He often gave instructions through letters to his pupils.

He often gave private art classes for free to struggling artists.

gave speeches   (konuşma yaptı)

Stojanović gave speeches to the villagers and soldiers.

She also gave speeches and spoke about her missionary work around the country.

While president, he acknowledged major religious sects and gave speeches on religious toleration.

gave her first

Jabbar Kalarakkal gave her first ad film.

She gave her first public recitals in Warsaw and Paris in 1810.

She gave her first public performance at the age of fourteen in the year 1960.

gave a more

Christopher Thelen gave a more positive review to the album.

His work was continued by d'Alembert and Euler, who gave a more concise approach.

"Q" gave a more mixed review, calling the album "a mess, but [...] never less than an absorbing one."

gave a concert

He gave a concert in Bursa on 4 June 2016 after 30 years.

In 2007 she gave a concert in the Ikegami Honmonji temple.

In 1874 she gave a concert at Steinway Hall in New York City.

gave the same

"Edge" gave the same console version seven out of ten.

Ron Miller and Steve Sonsky from the same news agency gave the same praise.

GameSpot gave the same version 4.4, also criticizing the graphics, along with the controls.

wife gave birth

His wife gave birth to their son in October 2019.

His wife gave birth to a son on October 10, 2017.

On August 9, 2005, Seder's wife gave birth to a daughter.

gave much

Commentators gave much of the credit to MacLaren's captaincy.

It gave much more power to the distant water fleet states than the old 1979 NAFO treaty.

Pratt gave much of his time and wealth to Baltimore’s cultural and charitable institutions.

gave the team   (takıma verdi)

José Froilán González gave the team its first F1 victory at the 1951 British Grand Prix.

Rain pushed time trials into the next day, which gave the team time to install a new engine.

He also scored PAO'S lone goal in Belgrade that gave the team hope for the return leg after losing 4-1.

surveyed critics gave   (incelenen eleştirmenler verdi)

Rotten Tomatoes, a review aggregator, reports that 7% of 89 surveyed critics gave it a positive review; the average rating was 2.55/10.

Rotten Tomatoes, a review aggregator, reports that 20% of five surveyed critics gave it a positive review; the average rating was 4.2/10.

Rotten Tomatoes, a review aggregator, reports that 5% of 37 surveyed critics gave the film a positive review; the average rating is 3.3/10.

gave a new

Charles' achievements gave a new meaning to his name.

After Hitto found him, he gave a new B-Daman to Hitto and went missing again.

He was asked to join in the band and gave a new breath of life to Private Line.

gave a maximum

The turbines developed a total of and gave a maximum speed of .

A marker, D16S298, gave a maximum LOD score of 3.75 and put the BS susceptibility locus within the 16p12-q21 interval.

She was powered by Parsons geared steam turbines, driving four shafts, which developed a total of and gave a maximum speed of .

gave a good

He gave a good fight, but he was not good enough that night.

He gave a good fight and harried British forces for nearly a year and remained invincible until the end.

The sister's role by Baby Shakuntala "was very well played", "Barring Baby Shakuntala, no one gave a good performance".

gave an account

In his ‘IS-LM – an explanation’ he gave an account which allows it very limited value.

He gave an account of his father and his own reminiscences in "The à Becketts of Punch" (1903).

He gave an account of the Arab people in the Tongdian in 801 which he wrote when he returned to China.

ultimately gave

He ultimately gave the game 8/10 stars.

Bangladesh ultimately gave "Diva" to Beyoncé and composed another song for Cole.

In any case, that salt ultimately gave ammonia and ammonium compounds their name.

subsequently gave

The Society of Arts of London subsequently gave him a gold medal.

She was pregnant at the time and subsequently gave birth to a son.

She also subsequently gave Gimli the name "Lockbearer" as a result.

gave a review

In 2003 Magueijo gave a review of such hypotheses. gave a review stating the film to be a watchable one. gave a review stating "Very good musical scores.

gave it up

Bronson gave it up after only a month and was self-educated from then on.

He gave it up like straw!"

In an interview with "The Independent", he said he gave it up because of a hand injury.

gave credit

", although less prevalent versions of the story gave credit to his wife Mary Jo.

The later king, Shalmaneser II, restored this wall and gave credit to his predecessor in his inscription.

She had a shrewd business sense and Brunner gave credit to her for teaching him skills in practical matters.

gave both

This design took off and gave both Nike and Don C much attention.

Greg Miller of IGN gave both the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions an 8.0 out of 10.

The fans also gave both teams a standing ovation the next night on "Raw Is War".

gave the title   (başlık verdi)

Mstislav gave the title of Polotsk to his son Svyatopolk Mstislavich.

Emperor Suzong agreed and gave the title of supreme commander to Li Chu instead.

With Zavaglia finishing second, it gave the title to Hossack by just three points.

gave money

Newhouse gave money to charity, including $15 million to Syracuse University.

The DeVoses gave money to organizations ranging from local schools to the regional symphony.

Some even gave money back to their parents as rent, for example, if they still lived at home.

goal gave

This goal gave Bordeaux a 4–0 lead heading into halftime.

Three days later, a Bale goal gave Real a 1–0 victory over SD Huesca.

Waldron's 21-yard field goal gave Virginia Tech a 17–14 halftime lead.

gave notice

Ambassadors around the world gave notice to non-Eastern Bloc leaders.

Neither party gave notice to terminate and the agreement remains in force until 2036".

B did give notice of the assignment to the trustees, and then A subsequently also gave notice to them.

never gave up

He himself never gave up believing in the practical potential of his design.

But I never gave up and it paid off in the end, achieving my dream World title in Leeds.

Sakamoto started at shortstop from the second game onwards and never gave up the starting job.

both gave

By motivating each other, we both gave my project 110 percent."

Monroe and Miller both gave their approval for Montand in the role.

This both gave him career best figures and took him past 50 Test wickets.

family gave   (aile verdi)

The Dobrzyński family gave the idea for the construction.

The family gave food to each of them.

In Alabama a family gave me help when I was considered 'nothing.'

gave the city

In this gave the city a population density of .

Together, these systems gave the city a supply of more than of water a day.

It provided a market for the surrounding countryside and the natural inlet of Belfast Lough gave the city its own port.

gave his support   (destek verdi)

Sturge gave his support to other forms of education.

In 1920, he gave his support to the newly founded French Communist Party.

However, at the Toruń sejm of October 1576 he gave his support to the new monarch.

gave another   (başka bir tane verdi)

Beckham gave another assist to Steven Gerrard.

She gave another recital at the Aeolian Hall in New York in 1919.

H. C. Wright gave another speech.

reviewers gave

The reviewers gave the game 4½ out of 5 stars.

The reviewers gave the game 5 out of 5 stars.

The reviewers gave the game 4 out of 5 stars.

gave the company   (şirkete verdi)

One week later, The Pentagon gave the company a follow-on contract worth $6.6 million.

It was very profitable so he gave the company to his employees whom he had much respect for.

From 1948 competition models of the singles were produced which gave the company some memorable wins.

gave support   (destek verdi)

The Czech Government gave support to it by a narrow majority.

A panel assembled by Guzmán gave support to the initial contention.

In this role, he gave support to the republicans in the Spanish Civil War.

gave new

He gave new direction to the growth of literature in Sri Lanka and elsewhere.

These camps gave new arrivals a chance to learn many lessons from experienced soldiers.

In November 1936, Hitler gave new "orders" for the "Orders and Awards" of the Third Reich.

gave women

Turkey gave women the right to vote in 1930 for municipal elections.

It gave women a key symbolic role to carry out the national regeneration.

It gave women over 21 the right to stand for election as a Member of Parliament.