Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

landing gear   (tren de aterrizaje)

Conventional fixed landing gear, with a rear skid.

Conventional fixed landing gear with a tail wheel.

The landing gear was conventional, with a rear skid.

tricycle landing gear   (tren de aterrizaje triciclo)

The tricycle landing gear made for excellent visibility while taxiing.

The F-15 has a spine-mounted air brake and retractable tricycle landing gear.

The model B is a high-wing, fixed tricycle landing gear, twin engine aircraft.

valve gear   (engranaje de válvula)

2935 was rebuilt with rotary cam poppet valve gear.

They also had an outside Walschaerts valve gear.

The valves were driven by Stephenson valve gear.

conventional landing gear   (tren de aterrizaje convencional)

Landing gear options are tricycle gear, conventional landing gear and floats.

The Polen Special is a low-wing monoplane with retractable conventional landing gear.

The Atlantis is a two-seat side-by side low wing aircraft with conventional landing gear.

gear ratio   (relación de transmisión)

This results in a much lower overall gear ratio.

An electric power steering rack with a 14.3:1 gear ratio is used.

18 had a lower gear ratio setup meaning the car used less fuel but was slower.

steering gear   (aparato de gobierno)

Hanna" ran aground near the Little Rapids Cut after her steering gear failed.

All road wheels as well as the easily adjusted steering gear and the steering-heads have ball bearings.

The mizzen-mast broke next and—relatively gently—came to rest on the deck, but in doing so damaged the steering gear.

running gear   (tren de rodaje)

The running gear was supported at three points.

Mechanically, the EuroStar uses the same running gear as the Lada.

Through changes in the running gear, the top speed could be increased to 70 km/h.

main landing gear   (tren de aterrizaje principal)

The plane suffered structural damage to the main landing gear and the lower fuselage.

The main landing gear, housed in the nacelles behind the engines, were raised and lowered hydraulically.

It then struck the ground again, shearing off the main landing gear and displacing the nosewheel rearward.

gear ratios   (relaciones de transmisión)

The optional automatic transmission received wider gear ratios for better fuel economy.

The W55, W56, W57, W58, and W59 are externally and internally very similar aside from the gear ratios.

Brown, with Galen Evans and Osman Isvan, developed a method to determine and compare bicycle gear ratios.

fishing gear   (Equipo de pesca)

The government also bought replacement fishing gear.

Other losses can occur through entanglement in fishing gear.

It is also a nuisance to fisheries as it tends to clog nets and fishing gear.

protective gear   (equipo de protección)

Competitive skaters generally do not wear helmets or other protective gear.

They have also distributed protective gear and medicine throughout Sierra Leone.

It teaches visitors by armor artisans, and manufactures medieval protective gear.

gear box   (caja de cambios)

St Pete Race gear box issues persisted stopping race before start.

The gear box has four speeds.

2013 TMR, Indy Lights Homestead practice stopped with gear box failure.

main gear   (engranaje principal)

It had tricycle gear with the main gear steel leaf sprung.

Once excess fuel was burned off, the pilot landed on the left main gear and the nose wheel.

During one particularly hard landing, the right main gear was severed at the engine nacelle.

retractable landing gear   (tren de aterrizaje retráctil)

Phoebus B is the same as model A except that model B has retractable landing gear.

Two sets of retractable landing gear were built and tested, but were sold to other homebuilders.

It has two 100 hp Rotax 912S piston engines, variable pitch propellers, and retractable landing gear.

riot gear   (antidisturbios)

The police intervened in riot gear to contain the protest.

It was executed by over 1,000 ICE police, in some cases backed by local police with riot gear.

A large group of policemen arrived in riot gear, wearing helmets and carrying batons and shields.

minesweeping gear   (equipo de barrido de minas)

Both vessels' names begin with a double "l", a reflection of their minesweeping gear.

The minesweepers were equipped with the "Double L" magnetic minesweeping gear and had a complement of 23 composed of 3 officers and 20 crew.

The squadron has all of the typical departments of an aviation squadron, as well as a dedicated AMCM department, responsible for maintaining the minehunting and minesweeping gear and the RHIBs used for tending them.

reverse gear   (marcha atrás)

Unlike others her career progressed in reverse gear.

The Zapatilla was minimal indeed, with no doors or windows or reverse gear.

The transmission had only two gears (first for , 2nd for ), but did not have a reverse gear.