Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

general election   (eleccion general)

Moreno later endorsed Cao in the general election.

2 in general election of 2017 for the fourth time.

Khan organized the 1970 Pakistani general election.

general manager   (gerente general)

There, he rose to the position of general manager.

The studio's general manager was Yoshiaki Koizumi.

In 2012, DiLeo became the 76ers' general manager.

general public   (público en general)

The demonstrators mixed in with the general public.

It opened to the general public on December 8, 2008.

I'm not sure if the general public knows that."

general elections   (elecciones generales)

In 1951–52, India held its first general elections.

He has not contested any general elections since.

Chambeshi did not contest the 2006 general elections.

general aviation   (aviación general)

It is primarily used for general aviation purposes.

The airport is mostly used for general aviation.

Three general aviation airports serve the Denver area.

brigadier general   (general de brigada)

He was posthumously promoted to brigadier general.

In March, 1865, he was brevetted brigadier general.

He reached the rank of brigadier general in 1704.

major general   (mayor general)

He was brevetted to major general on July 5, 1864.

In August 2007, he was promoted to major general.

He was promoted to major general on 22 August 1968.

more general   (mas general)

This paved the way for more general theorems.

Solutions describing more general black holes also exist.

For more general information see FARC-EP Chain of Command.

general secretary   (secretario general)

Elected deputy general secretary of Usdaw in 2004.

Morvan had been the general secretary 1975-2002.

BTR was the general secretary of CPI 1948-1950.

general store   (almacén general)

Bunting opened a general store at the site in 1878.

Oakburn has a general store and fuel station/garage.

In 1850, he set up a general store there with a partner.

attorney general   (fiscal General)

In 1976, Clinton ran for Arkansas attorney general.

Past advisor to the attorney general of Afghanistan.

Kline ran for re-election as attorney general in 2006.

general population   (población general)

It is unclear how common this allergy is in the general population.

The prevalence of sadomasochism within the general population is unknown.

This abnormality is present in approximately 25% of the general population.

lieutenant general   (teniente general)

He was promoted to lieutenant general on July 7.

In 1923, he was promoted to lieutenant general.

In 1955 he was awarded the rank of lieutenant general.

general classification   (clasificación general)

He finished 2nd overall in the general classification.

Vincenzo Nibali of team Astana won the general classification.

This gave him 2nd place overall in the general classification.

secretary general   (secretario general)

By 2003, Chen had become the TSU's deputy secretary general.

The current secretary general of AJSS is "Fama Constance Diop".

Madani's term as secretary general of OIC was effective in January 2014.

general relativity   (relatividad general)

All results are in agreement with general relativity.

The most common method is to modify general relativity.

(A separate theory, general relativity, is used for gravity.)

general strike   (Huelga general)

In 1936 Arabs in Palestine went on a general strike.

The repression of a first general strike caused three deaths.

A general strike in 1950 led to the abdication of King Leopold.

general purpose   (propósito general)

These ships are also general purpose in nature.

The general purpose lanes continue to operate toll-free.

It is developed as general purpose series of 78K Family.

first general   (primer general)

In 1951–52, India held its first general elections.

The first general store in Minimay was built in the 1880s.

The repression of a first general strike caused three deaths.

general counsel   (Consejero general)

He is general counsel of the Italy-USA Foundation.

Cheryl Mills was general counsel for the campaign.

He was named general counsel of Marsh in June 2006.

general meeting   (reunión general)

Annual sessions were followed by the general meeting.

MEC holds its annual general meeting in Vancouver, BC.

Election results are announced at the annual general meeting.

commanding general   (comandante general)

In 1960, Galvin became commanding general of the 94th.

Kerpen was deputy to the commanding general of Bohemia from 1803 to 1807.

He was most recently the commanding general of the Third Marine Division.

general rule   (regla general)

There are some exceptions to this general rule.

Numerous exceptions to this general rule exist.

The general rule is that the call may not be recorded.

director general   (director general)

He was the director general of the Parti Québécois.

when he was director general of military operations.

The department is headed by a director general.

general staff   (staff general)

Aaltonen was now moved to the general staff.

Since 1999, he held general staff position.

The next day he made a six-page situation report to the general staff.

general use   (uso general)

Though, neither the blue nor white saw general use.

Abergavenny, the English spelling, is in general use.

In the following century, the word was in general use.

general assembly   (Asamblea General)

A planned national general assembly never met.

The finalists perform during the general assembly of the ABU.

general education   (educación general)

Nalbandyan received his general education at the local school.

He received general education in the First Gymnasium of Thessaloniki.

The liberal arts general education requirements are collectively called Foundations.

general director   (director general)

He also became general director of Madeco in 1957.

It was headed by general director Sergei Kharlamov.

Later, he became the general director of the company.

president and general   (presidente y general)

The team's president and general manager is Meir Cohen.

Johnson served as president and general manager as well.

On Nov. 3, 1950, John Jr. became vice president and general manager of H.J.

general term   (termino general)

All call An all call is a general term for a broadcast message.

The general term is ambiguous and can mean many different things.

In Western provinces, prawn is almost exclusively the general term.

inspector general   (inspector General)

HUD's inspector general cleared Carson of misconduct in September 2019.

Under the Bourbon Restoration he served as an inspector general of infantry.

Muchdi was shifted to the non-combat role of deputy inspector general of TNI.

governor general   (gobernador general)

In 1788 he was made governor general of Alsace.

The governor general appointed him to be prime minister for a second time.

Surprisingly the governor general was adamant on sending a man to Kathmandu.

next general   (próximo general)

The next general election must be held by late 2020.

The next general election was scheduled to be held in 2015.

This mandate continues until the next general election is called.

same general   (mismo general)

Rather, they swim within the same general vicinity.

It was in the same general location as the present day complex.

", to become an independent magazine with the same general focus.

general area   (área general)

Timbered lodges in the general area, i.e.

Evans Bay Intermediate School takes its name from the general area.

The Smithsonian listing has a satellite photograph of the general area.

general during   (general durante)

He became a Union general during the American Civil War.

He served as a Union Army general during the American Civil War.

He would prove himself grossly incompetent as a general during the Suez Crisis.

general officer   (Oficial general)

Bavarian general officer losses were heavy.

He fought in the Friedland campaign in 1807 and attained the rank of general officer that year.

The general officer in the government film called "Secret Nuclear Defense Plan" was voiced by Azaria.

won the general   (ganó el general)

He won the general election with 64% of the vote.

He won the general election with 60% of the vote.

These primary winners later won the general election.

general practitioner   (médico general)

There are a few other businesses and also a general practitioner.

His father was a dermatologist and a former general practitioner.

He became a general practitioner in Bouguenais, a commune near Nantes.

general interest   (interés general)

They also refer themselves to the general interest.

Duzhe Duzhe () is a biweekly Chinese general interest magazine.

They also publish general interest non-fiction titles under Gill Books.

next general election   (próxima elección general)

The next general election must be held by late 2020.

The next general election was scheduled to be held in 2015.

This mandate continues until the next general election is called.

assistant general   (asistente general)

He then became the team's assistant general manager.

He was promoted to assistant general manager in 2005.

Smythe promoted Day to assistant general manager in 1950.

general practice   (práctica general)

Chen's career started as a medical doctor of general practice.

(This was the general practice.)

In general practice, most Malays omit the title "Bin" or "Binti" from their names.

became general   (se convirtió en general)

Seven of the participants became general officers.

He also became general director of Madeco in 1957.

In 1950, Hank Greenberg became general manager.

general release   (liberación General)

The film went into general release in February, 1954.

It went on general release in Ireland on 6 April 2018.

It entered general release shortly afterwards.

general hospital   (hospital General)

In the First World War it became a general hospital for the British Army.

She has an administrative position at the municipality's general hospital.

This Islamic hospital in Baghdad was the first documented general hospital.

general aviation aircraft   (aviones de aviación general)

In the US, Tjønveit operated a retailer of general aviation aircraft.

The airport is also served by charter, freight, agricultural, and general aviation aircraft.

The original plans called for transporting new general aviation aircraft to customers around the world.

general cargo   (carga general)

"Empire Advocate" was carrying a general cargo.

adjutant general   (ayudante general)

He was made adjutant general in 1817 and admiral in 1833.

In 1866, Washburn declined reelection as adjutant general.

In 1867, Trepov was promoted to the rank of adjutant general.

general election held   (elecciones generales celebradas)

Maeda also won the group's third general election held in 2011.

For the next general election held in , there were 206 registered voters.

He ran unsuccessfully for reelection in the general election held in September 1916.

annual general   (general anual)

MEC holds its annual general meeting in Vancouver, BC.

Election results are announced at the annual general meeting.

A varying number of fellows are elected each year in July at the Academy's annual general meeting.

general consensus   (consenso general)

There was no general consensus on a draft for a new constitution, however.

By the end of 2014, there was a general consensus that the papyrus was a fake.

There is a general consensus among historians that Bhimsen was not behind the poisoning.

general theory   (teoría general)

A general theory of cookies may be formulated this way.

Informally, category theory is a general theory of functions.

Thus, "a general theory of economic theories" (1983, p. xxvi).

general form   (forma general)

The general form of these algorithms are the same.

PDAEs of this general form are challenging to solve.

For the tertiary alcohols the general form is RR'R"COH.

general sense   (sentido general)

In a general sense, the ratio is simply debt divided by equity.

Evil Evil, in a general sense, is the opposite or absence of good.

In the Dutch language the word ' means African, in the general sense.

general stores   (tiendas generales)

There are two general stores, and a tourist hotel.

He held several positions, including as a clerk on steamboats and in general stores.

It is often sold in general stores and similar shops specializing in nostalgia items.

general knowledge   (conocimientos generales)

Each contestant, in turn, is asked a general knowledge question.

The final round starts out with de Mooi answering ten general knowledge questions.

My Generation (Australian game show) My Generation is a general knowledge trivia show.

most general   (mas general)

The most general type of certification is profession-wide.

A few of the most general of these methods are discussed below.

Following most general elections since 1880, the book has been published.

vicar general   (vicario general)

On 4 September 1832, he became vicar general of his order.

In 2010, Strickland was named vicar general of the diocese.

He was appointed vicar general of the Dunedin diocese in 2016.

general terms   (términos generales)

In general terms, its prosperity rose and fell with the price of wool.

Also in general terms, determines an orbital's shape, and its orientation.

In general terms, he does this by owning far out-of-the-money put options on stocks.

general contractor   (contratista general)

Von Roll was the general contractor for the entire extension.

James W. Fowler Co. was the general contractor on the new building.

The general contractor's number one priority is safety on the job site.

general principles   (principios generales)

The general principles of records management apply to records in any format.

The inflammatory symptoms are to be treated on general principles, as are the nervous ones.

The book also set forth a number of general principles, many of which are still valid today.

general case   (caso general)

These values shouldn't be trusted for the general case".

They could not give all details of this mode in the broad frame of the general case.

In the general case, the strongest evidence to date comes from numerical evolutions.

new general   (nuevo general)

A new general plan for Sätra was drawn up in 1962.

They hired Brett Veach as the new general manager on July 10, 2017.

Parliament, in alarm, set about the formation of a new general service force on 12 July.

former general   (ex general)

Smith is a former general counsel to the Texas Legal Foundation.

His father was a dermatologist and a former general practitioner.

Bower is the former general manager for the Detroit Pistons from 2014 to 2018.

annual general meeting   (reunión general anual)

MEC holds its annual general meeting in Vancouver, BC.

Election results are announced at the annual general meeting.

A varying number of fellows are elected each year in July at the Academy's annual general meeting.

assistant general manager   (Director General Adjunto)

He then became the team's assistant general manager.

He was promoted to assistant general manager in 2005.

Smythe promoted Day to assistant general manager in 1950.

served as general   (sirvió como general)

Between 2007 and 2008, Petrić served as general secretary of Partizan.

Bruning served as general counsel for Vital Learning Corporation from 1995 to 1997.

Later, he served as general counsel to Governor of Texas Rick Perry from 2011 to 2014.

rank of general   (rango de general)

He attained the rank of general (Shangjiang) in September 1988.

There he entered royal service and obtained the rank of general.

Consequently, he was promoted to the rank of general in October 1914.

general entertainment   (entretenimiento general)

First broadcast in 2008, it airs on the Indian general entertainment channel 9X.

Founded in 2008, its primary focus is youth-oriented and general entertainment shows.

The series made its debut in 2002 on Zee TV, India's 2nd Hindi general entertainment channel.

general officers   (oficiales generales)

Seven of the participants became general officers.

With few exceptions the Confederacy secured excellent general officers.

Nearly a third of Lee's general officers were killed, wounded, or captured.

general degree   (grado general)

A three-year general degree in Agricultural Science was offered.

The faculty offers a three year Bachelor of Arts general degree and a B.A special degree of four years.

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Satabarshiki Mahavidyalaya is a general degree college, affiliated to the West Bengal State University.

became a general   (se convirtió en general)

He then became a general councilor of Basses-Alpes.

It became a general technical college in 1992.

After World War II he became a general in the Red Army.

general lack   (falta general)

There is also a general lack of growth.

There is a general lack of facilities, equipment, qualified teachers, textbooks and other resources.

Besides general lack of results, critics of school vouchers argue that vouchers will lead to segregation.

general of volunteers   (general de voluntarios)

He was brevetted a major general of volunteers.

A month before his death, he had been made major general of volunteers.

On July 30, 1864, Reilly was promoted to brigadier general of volunteers.

among the general   (entre los generales)

They can also promote the science of astronomy among the general public.

The 1932 film "Blonde Venus" brought him to fame among the general American public.

But Bocage's reputation among the general public and with foreign travellers grew year by year.

promoted to general   (ascendido a general)

Fririon was promoted to general of division on 21 July 1809.

Ewart was promoted to general manager for the Eagles in 1948.

He was promoted to general in 1890.

general audience   (audiencia general)

Also, Arild Stubhaug wrote a shorter history, prepared for a general audience.

It has a clear and readable style which makes it suitable for a general audience.

This show covered a lot of general audience and is targeted at an older generation.

no general   (no general)

There is no general provision for IPA tone letters.

There is no general agreement on the issue.

There is no general rule, with various discipline-specific practices.

coach and general   (entrenador y general)

Omar Pacha is the current head coach and general manager of the Dundee Stars.

Alternatively, Murphy became the Centrals head coach and general manager in 1925.

On August 31, 2018, the Sky relieved Amber Stocks as head coach and general manager.

general amnesty   (amnistía general)

He was released as part of a general amnesty in 1990.

In 167, Emperor Huan issued a general amnesty.

The general amnesty was greatly publicized by the government.

army general   (general de la Armada)

Çevik Bir Çevik Bir (born 1939) is a retired Turkish army general.

Sudirman (disambiguation) Sudirman was an Indonesian army general.

At times its members would travel with an army general on campaign.

military general   (general Militar)

Often a military general conducted these campaigns on behalf of his king.

Cao Bin Cao Bin (曹彬) (931-999) was a military general in imperial China.

He is military general whose work is to protect Gerard King's son, Prince Shiva.

general surgery   (cirugía General)

He also served as an intern in general surgery from 1998 to 1999.

The hospital also runs an ER for general medicine, general surgery and traumatology.

Other areas of specialty include general surgery, orthopedic and neurology programs.

general trend   (tendencia general)

The general trend in these games is saving the environment.

During the early- to mid-1900s there was a general trend of drying.

Their pressures were weak, but the general trend in West Africa was not.

general editor   (editor general)

He became the general editor of "Deportes" in 1958.

The general editor of the series is Robert E. Goodin.

He serves as general editor for the series "Foundations of Evangelical Theology".

general agreement   (acuerdo General)

There is no general agreement on the issue.

There was general agreement to pay the foreign debts at full value.

Because of its origin, capoeira never had unity or a general agreement.

full general   (general completo)

McCreery was made a full general in 1949.

Montgomery was advanced to KCB and promoted to full general.

Wellington was promoted to full general on 31 July for his services.

general direction   (direccion GENERAL)

The water then drains down dip in the general direction of Mossdale.

The mountains are separated by valleys with the same general direction.

He was entrusted with general direction of public security by an imperial decree.

general merchandise   (mercancía general)

The Colgans owned general merchandise stores in Oelrichs and in Edgemont.

Gandolfo operated a general merchandise and grocery store in the building.

In 1833, he and Moses Fowler opened a general merchandise store in Adelphi.

general council   (Consejo General)

He was elected to the general council for Vescovato.

He is member of the general council of the Bas-Rhin.

He became vice-president of the Corsican general council.

consul general   (Cónsul general)

He then served as consul general in Cairo (1906–08).

He was also consul general of Monaco.

From 1953 to 1956, he served as consul general of Israel in New York City.

general authority   (autoridad General)

He is currently an emeritus general authority.

He is the first Fijian to serve as a general authority.

In 1898, Utah elected general authority B.H.

general appearance   (apariencia general)

The sexes are apparently alike in size and general appearance.

This form is similar in general appearance and form to "Tegula quadricostata".

The type, or general appearance, exhibited by Holsteiners should be that of an athletic riding horse.

general principle   (principio general)

As a general principle, Fe ions are used to oxidize the ore.

The general principle is, in Peter Drucker's phrase, "what gets measured gets managed".

"Devil" is viewed as the general principle of evil and inclination to sin which resides in humankind.

general degree college   (universidad de grado general)

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Satabarshiki Mahavidyalaya is a general degree college, affiliated to the West Bengal State University.

Government Arts College, Karur Government Arts College, Karur, is an Autonomous general degree college located in Thanthonimalai Karur, Tamil Nadu.

Government College for Women, Kumbakonam Government College for Women, Kumbakonam, is a women's general degree college located in Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu.

state attorney general   (fiscal general del estado)

Instead, she ran for reelection as state attorney general and won.

In 2011 the seminar company was investigated by Texas' state attorney general's office.

North Carolina briefly suspended giving driver's licenses to DACA grantees while awaiting the state attorney general's opinion.

general aviation airport   (aeropuerto de aviación general)

The village is served by a general aviation airport, Eagles Nest Airport.

Paranaguá is served by Paranaguá Airport, a small general aviation airport.

The city has a small general aviation airport (Juvenal Loureiro Cardoso Airport).

general election campaign   (campaña de elecciones generales)

He went on to play a major role in the general election campaign, serving in the famous War Room.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi advocated the repeal of old laws during his 2014 general election campaign.