İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

new generation   (yeni nesil)

The new generation is complete from late summer onwards.

Most ants are univoltine, producing a new generation each year.

It was a new generation, and new names appeared on the Metal stage.

second generation   (ikinci nesil)

His mother was a second generation Irish-American.

This was to be the "second generation" of Throw.

The Fire HD 7" second generation used Fire OS 3.

first generation   (birinci nesil)

It is based on the first generation of the Xterra.

Centers founded before 1994 are first generation.

The first generation of 6x86 had heat problems.

next generation   (gelecek nesil)

The loci are detected by next generation sequencing.

The next generation Vision+ box was made by Motorola.

Its vision is a "TB-free world for the next generation."

power generation   (güç üretimi)

The state is a pioneer nationwide in solar power generation.

PEDC plans for a third coal-fired power generation facility.

Biomass made up 7.0% of Germany's power generation mix in 2017.

third generation   (üçüncü nesil)

Cynthia Gómez is a third generation Mexican American.

Solomon The third generation's main character.

These horns are considered the third generation P series.

younger generation   (genç nesil)

You know, the younger generation is watching it.

This revolution inspired younger generation to rebellion.

The younger generation, at the time, found it inspirational.

fourth generation

It is the fourth generation of Range Rover series.

In total, 707,348 fourth generation Minicabs were built.

Mars-Wright is a fourth generation member of the Mars family.

electricity generation   (elektrik üretimi)

Coal comprised 42% of electricity generation in 2015.

Much of that coal is burned in Alberta for electricity generation.

Nuclear power plants account for 20% of America's electricity generation.

previous generation

The previous generation remains on sale as the Business Edition.

Changes from the previous generation include the use of an all-aluminium monocoque body.

The styling is less conservative and more pronounced compared to the previous generation.

generation per

Normally, there is one generation per year.

There seems to be one generation per year.

Grape rootworms generally produce one generation per year.

generation per year

Normally, there is one generation per year.

There seems to be one generation per year.

Grape rootworms generally produce one generation per year.

fifth generation

723,772 fifth generation Minicabs were built.

Batt is a fifth generation, lifelong resident of New Orleans.

The fifth generation of the Rautela clan now resides in Naghar.

generation to generation

This tradition was handed down from generation to generation.

"We Conservatives have always passed our values from generation to generation.

The performance art is transmitted from generation to generation by the community.

older generation

He noted that "some of the older generation might enjoy the diversion."

This show covered a lot of general audience and is targeted at an older generation.

As with the older generation, these bodies were mummified by simply immersing them in natron.

generation capacity   (üretim kapasitesi)

As of April 2018, Egenco's generation capacity was .

The MKER-800 has an electrical generation capacity of 800 MW.

At its creation, the company had a generation capacity of 6.47 gigawatts.

energy generation   (enerji üretimi)

This is higher than some other systems for energy generation.

It is already being used in some areas for heating and energy generation.

In 2010, Sartori began investing in energy generation projects in Latin America.

each generation

Since its founding in the 1880s, it has educated each generation of the city.

Thus people may have up to four names, with a different surname for each generation.

A family tradition held that the first-born son in each generation be named Pascual.

sixth generation

He was a sixth generation descendant of Charlemagne.

Indy; a sixth generation descendant of Secretariat through both Storm Cat and A.P.

By the sixth generation an additional class was created for the "domesticated elite."

young generation

In France, he's one of major poets of the young generation.

This young generation was seen as a cornerstone, a bulwark of empires.

We had Mikhail Boyarsky, so let the young generation to have someone else."

current generation

It asks what the current generation owes to its forebears.

Despite this the current generation of cars can reach speeds in excess of at some circuits.

In 2010, the current generation of AC regenerators was launched and carry the model PerfectWave.

seventh generation

The youngest pandas now belong to the seventh generation.

The series has continued into the seventh generation with "Gradius ReBirth".

The seventh generation ES is the first to be sold in Europe, replacing the GS.

last generation   (Son nesil)

This was the last generation of the Hilux to be built in Japan.

He was one of the last generation of black figure technique painters.

This is the last generation of Barracuda to feature IDE interface on certain models.

generation of young   (genç nesil)

As a professor and lecturer for 39 years, he taught and mentored a generation of young surgeons in Tunisia.

Buxó was one of the generation of young composers whose works were stamped with Catalan nationalism in the 1910s.

Born in the mid to late 1990s, the Finnish national men's hockey team has had a golden generation of young stars.

hydroelectric power generation

Barrier Lake is an artificial lake used for hydroelectric power generation.

The dam was completed in 1948 with the primary purpose of hydroelectric power generation.

It impounds the Bear River for hydroelectric power generation and municipal water supply.

whole generation

A whole generation of sculptors studied in his workshop.

They inspired a whole generation of bands.

His work inspired a whole generation of Kitikmeot carvers.

generation of artists

Collins & Milazzo brought to prominence a new generation of artists in the 1980s.

The festival has been credited as a factor in keeping the anti-folk movement "vital, evolving and inclusive of what is now a generation of artists."

In the Pangnirtung Tapestry Studio, the first generation of artists like Malaya Akulukjuk were mostly elders that had previously lived a traditional Inuit life.

entire generation   (tüm nesil)

Speer provided a whitewash for an entire generation of older Germans.

East Germany and its FDJ youth organization were worried they were losing an entire generation.

The town lost an entire generation, so had no young people to defend it when the French attacked in 1377.

eighth generation

Future installments will appear on seventh and eighth generation consoles.

In January 2020 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Lenovo announced their eighth generation X1 Carbon.

The developers aimed to improve the technical quality for the versions released for the eighth generation of consoles.

generation model   (nesil modeli)

Like the first generation model, there is no third row seat.

The second generation model replaced the previous model in 2005.

The first generation model was based on the Nissan Maxima (A32).

electrical generation

It has an electrical generation output of 200MW.

The MKER-800 has an electrical generation capacity of 800 MW.

It constitutes about 15% of PGE's electrical generation, but is scheduled to be shut down in 2020.

latest generation

The latest generation of BVR missiles use a combination of semi-active and active radar.

It has been used in fourth generation jet fighters and the latest generation of airliners.

The Windom itself shared elements with the latest generation of the Japan-market Toyota Camry Prominent (V30).

generation later

It is a predecessor of the land-grant university, a generation later.

The battle was remembered in England a generation later as "the Great Battle".

A generation later, Livy wrote that they were first held in 310 BC by the Campanians in celebration of their victory over the Samnites.

down from generation   (nesilden aşağı)

This tradition was handed down from generation to generation.

Uniforms and weaponry were handed down from generation to generation within families and communities.

Kyrgyz literature is not only written, but also spoken, and passed down from generation to generation.