future generations   (未来の世代)

Her artwork tells her history to future generations.

And what is the societal impact on future generations?

He envisioned Muziris as a non-formal education project for future generations.

several generations   (数世代)

Design-wise, these fall into several generations.

They go through several generations a year.

Zbavitel educated several generations of Czech Indologists.

many generations   (多世代)

For many generations Neas-D-Hok [i.e.

The Shirley family had lived in Staunton Harold for many generations.

Several members have played leading roles in politics for many generations.

younger generations

This especially applies to younger generations.

Other types of dance are modern dance by the younger generations.

In recent times, Xinyao stirred the interest of the younger generations as well.

generations per

There are two to three generations per year.

There are several generations per year.

In Quebec there are two generations per year, but in England there is just one.

generations per year

There are two to three generations per year.

There are several generations per year.

In Quebec there are two generations per year, but in England there is just one.

later generations

It was to be seen by later generations of architects as a touchstone.

The name Kōan"-tennō" was assigned to him posthumously by later generations.

The name Kōrei"-tennō" was assigned to him posthumously by later generations.

previous generations

No indicator light appears in the instrument cluster, unlike previous generations.

Unlike previous generations, it was designed in the US and is manufactured in Lincoln, Alabama.

This made appeal to the Pope more attractive and easier to obtain than in previous generations.

new generations

Half of the spoken languages of the world are not being taught to new generations of children.

He considered that this would leave the new generations unprepared to access high quality jobs in the future.

In times of profit, airlines lease new generations of airplanes and upgrade services in response to higher demand.

successive generations

The hall was inherited by successive generations of sons of the Lord of the Manor.

The Umayyad family would again grow large and prosperous over successive generations.

Hirsch died in 1966 and successive generations of his family have remained involved with the company.

subsequent generations

The indenture system had two positive effects on subsequent generations.

Most of their descendants during subsequent generations were members of the Ajaccio town council.

She wanted to help not only these young women and girls, but also their children and subsequent generations.

multiple generations

I know that education can transform not only individuals, but multiple generations of a family.

The pupa is brown, and lasts about two weeks in the summer, when multiple generations are possible.

Because of this, there can be multiple generations of "L. trifolii" within one year in warm climates.

older generations

Today they are only maintained by the older generations and are on the verge of extinction.

This was done to make the album enjoyable to older generations, including parents and grandparents.

Widely read by the older generations, they are considered somewhat old-fashioned by present-day critics.

through generations

Karlsberg's ownership has been handed down through generations.

The result is a collective trauma that will pass through generations.

The germline mutations are carried through generations and increase the risk of cancer.

generations to come

Poverty would mark the state for generations to come.

A Midrash interpreted to teach that God made a covenant not only with those at Sinai but also with generations to come.

The "DOE" website describes itself as "a practical agenda of action to safeguard the ocean for future generations to come.

different generations

Different authors have packed jet fighters into different generations.

For example, in Vancouver, flights during the even and odd numbered years are two different generations of butterflies.

"Red Table Talk" provides "a forum where the perspectives of three different generations on a wide variety of topics are shared."

few generations

After a few generations, one of the descendants migrated to Lahore, Pakistan.

The first few generations of the Alpha chips were some of the most innovative of their time.

The house of Fredberg still exists to this very day, but the family lost their title of nobility a few generations ago.

through the generations

The full details of that incident had been passed down through the generations.

As the property has been passed down through the generations, the farm has been portioned off and sold.

Rikimaru wields the ancient sword Izayoi, which is passed on through the generations from leader to leader.

succeeding generations

Many of them, in turn, became influences on succeeding generations of art photographers.

Miłosz has been cited as an influence by numerous writers—both among his contemporaries and succeeding generations.

As an originator of Odia literature, his work has formed an enduring source of information for succeeding generations.

between generations

Features that allow him to move in between generations ...

fell between generations, even when those generations worked in Cologne.

Furthermore, human beings are the ones who transmit this understanding between generations.