İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

genetic diversity   (genetik çeşitlilik)

Eugenic policies may lead to a loss of genetic diversity.

DNA analysis of the New Zealand bees showed they lacked genetic diversity.

rRNA gene primers were used to test "Neobodo"’s global distribution and genetic diversity.

genetic material   (Genetik materyal)

The capsid encloses the genetic material of the virus.

Some genetic material enters the cells and transforms them.

Certain viruses also insert their genetic material into the genome.

genetic engineering   (genetik mühendisliği)

No genetic engineering was being conducted.

There are proposals to use genetic engineering to control cane toads in Australia.

However, some broad definitions of genetic engineering include selective breeding.

genetic variation   (genetik çeşitlilik)

The cause of genetic variation was unknown at the time.

Sex usually increases genetic variation and may increase the rate of evolution.

Taking that work further, he helped pioneer the field of genetic variation in hypertension.

genetic testing   (genetik test)

Bioinstrumentation can be used for genetic testing.

Molecular genetic testing is also an option.

genetic information   (genetik bilgi)

The genetic information transferred is often beneficial to the recipient.

This system provided the first clear suggestion that DNA carries genetic information.

Transmission of genetic information in genes is achieved via complementary base pairing.

genetic studies

Two more recent genetic studies (Shinde et al.

This was later confirmed by genetic studies.

and "Racosperma", which was underpinned by later genetic studies.

genetic disorder

CIE is an autosomal recessive genetic disorder.

Color blindness is typically an inherited genetic disorder.

Males only have one X chromosome and therefore express the genetic disorder.

genetic analysis

A genetic analysis from Chaubey et al.

Cytogenetic techniques may be able to detect inversions, or inversions may be inferred from genetic analysis.

Blue-fin hybrids have also been detected from genetic analysis of whale meat samples taken from Japanese markets.

genetic code

Degeneracy is the redundancy of the genetic code.

The genetic code was expressed into proteins.

Of these, 20 are encoded by the universal genetic code.

genetic study

Another genetic study by Yelmen et al.

Although this split is generally accepted, a genetic study indicates that "Hypsolebias" is not monophyletic.

A 2017 genetic study proposes that coyotes were originally not found in the area of the eastern United States.

genetic disorders

It falls within a group of genetic disorders called the leukodystrophies.

Zellweger spectrum disorders are a group of autosomal recessive genetic disorders.

The gain or loss of DNA from chromosomes can lead to a variety of genetic disorders.

genetic drift   (genetik sürüklenme)

Rather, their genetic distinctiveness is a result of centuries of low population size, genetic drift and endogamy.

Pathogenic organisms are thought to undergo genome reduction due to genetic drift, rather than purifying selection.

Both Kulubnarti samples show some isolation from other Nubians and Egyptians, suggesting genetic drift at the site.

genetic factors

However, genetic factors failed to explain condition dependence in females.

It is thought that environmental, toxic, viral, or genetic factors may be involved.

Both environmental and genetic factors appear to contribute to reading development.

genetic differences

Both populations look very similar but they have significant genetic differences.

Nevertheless, there are some distinctive genetic differences between plants and other organisms.

In this manner, genetic differences between plants were separated from environmental influences.

genetic evidence   (genetik kanıt)

Most forensic evidence, including genetic evidence, is scientific evidence.

The genetic evidence indicates that "Avena barbata" came to both Argentina and California from south west Spain.

Up until the genetic evidence became available, there were two dominant models for the dispersal of modern humans.

genetic research

However recent genetic research indicates that this deer belongs to the Manchurian subspecies.

NIOSH also conducts genetic research on sensitization and CBD, independently of this collaboration.

He was an early proponent of the need for measured genetic research on smoking and nicotine addiction.

genetic markers   (genetik belirteçler)

He used classical genetic markers to analyse DNA by proxy.

DNA testing can give a definitive diagnosis, but not all the genetic markers for CMT are known.

Associations between genetic markers and political behavior are often assumed to predict a causal connection between the two.

genetic mutations   (genetik mutasyonlar)

A minority of cancers are due to inherited genetic mutations.

This subfamily is united solely on the basis of shared genetic mutations.

Known genetic mutations are directly linked to a small proportion of cases.

genetic basis   (genetik temel)

Olivopontocerebellar atrophy is hereditary, but has an unknown genetic basis.

Clive Stace describes this as having "direct access to the genetic basis of evolution."

There is some evidence of a genetic basis for all types of depression, including dysthymia.

genetic mutation   (genetik mutasyon)

It is an example of a cat body type genetic mutation.

Initiation is where the first genetic mutation occurs in a cell.

Metabolic myopathies are generally caused by an inherited genetic mutation.

rare genetic   (nadir genetik)

He is best known for his work in caring for children with rare genetic diseases.

Her research focusses on the rare genetic disorder biallelic mismatch repair deficiency.

Enolase deficiency Enolase Deficiency is a rare genetic disorder of glucose metabolism.

genetic diseases

There are several genetic diseases of concern to Quarter Horse breeders:

He is best known for his work in caring for children with rare genetic diseases.

Frameshift mutations may result in severe genetic diseases such as Tay–Sachs disease.

genetic data

Changes are likely to occur as new morphological and genetic data become available.

However, based on morphology, genetic data and distribution "Afrololigo"was recognised as a distinct monotypic genus.

Once considered the same as the European green toad, molecular genetic data now firmly support its status as a separate species.

genetic disease   (Genetik hastalık)

TSC is a multisystem genetic disease with mutation in either TSC1 or TSC2 gene.

Environment plays a major role in effects of the human genetic disease phenylketonuria.

This product is used to treat a rare human genetic disease linked with mutations in the EDA1 gene.

genetic makeup   (genetik makyaj)

Intrinsic antibacterial resistance may be part of the genetic makeup of bacterial strains.

These personality trait, both positive and negative, can be associated to one's genetic makeup.

Her genetic makeup was determined to be 89% Sub-Saharan African, 8% Native American, and 3% East Asian.

genetic variants

Several genetic variants of the human POR gene impact epoxygenase activity.

Gene flow may slow this process by spreading the new genetic variants also to the other populations.

HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) can detect certain genetic variants and potential liver diseases affecting CDT.

human genetic

Environment plays a major role in effects of the human genetic disease phenylketonuria.

This product is used to treat a rare human genetic disease linked with mutations in the EDA1 gene.

The HVP concept was conceived by Richard Cotton, a leader in the field of human genetic variation.

genetic relationship

No modern breeds have any known genetic relationship with extant dogs.

He supported the hypothesis of a genetic relationship of the Basque and Georgian language.

It argues for a north–south linguistic genetic relationship between Chinese and Austronesian.

genetic and environmental

Aggression in cattle can arise from both genetic and environmental factors.

Autism is associated with a combination of genetic and environmental factors.

Dyslexia is believed to be caused by the interaction of genetic and environmental factors.

genetic resources

species, habitats and genetic resources.

The agreement covers all ecosystems, species, and genetic resources.

Forest genetic resources represent a specific case of plant genetic resources.

genetic modification   (genetik modifikasyon)

Besides beagles, genetic modification has also been done in pigs and fish.

However, genetic modification for conservation in plants remains mainly speculative.

GFP and other similar reporting genes allow easy visualization and localization of the products of the genetic modification.

genetic variability   (genetik değişkenlik)

The plant is also at risk for reduced genetic variability.

This maintains genetic variability in a species that is otherwise highly inbred.

Blue whale also displayed a high degree of genetic variability (i.e., heterozygosity).

genetic predisposition   (genetik eğilim)

A genetic predisposition may exist.

gender, genetic predisposition), social and cultural factors (e.g.

Hypersensitivity to the sun may be experienced due to genetic predisposition.

genetic condition   (genetik durum)

He has a genetic condition that affects his bones and their growth.

Aspartylglucosaminuria is a genetic condition that is inherited from both parents.

She was born with the rare genetic condition aniridia, resulting in low vision which deteriorated as a teenager.