music genre   (音楽ジャンル)

She was a pioneer in the Charanga R&B music genre.

It inspired the electronic dance music genre.

He recorded nine albums in classic electronic music genre.

musical genre   (音楽ジャンル)

Forró is the most popular musical genre in the city.

Khruangbin's musical genre is a hotly debated topic amongst critics.

In fact, it is the place of origin of the musical genre called tamborazo.

new genre   (新しいジャンル)

Well they've now added a new genre, Disney Pop/Punk.

By doing so a new genre was born: Eurodance.

There, he dabbled with the free form the new genre offered.

genre scenes   (ジャンルシーン)

He also painted a few genre scenes.

She is known as a copyist and portraitist as well as for her genre scenes.

horror genre   (ホラージャンル)

If you like the supernatural horror genre, go watch Avunu."

Sloan's fiction is broadly in the supernatural horror genre.

The science-fiction horror genre reemerged in the late 1990s.

genre of music

In Ecuador it is the "national genre of music."

In Ecuador it is the "national genre of music".

Funk jam is a fusion genre of music which emerged in the 1990s.

film genre   (映画のジャンル)

At least one DeMille film can represent each film genre.

The majority of her film work is in the horror film genre.

The neo-noir film genre developed mid-way into the Cold War.

literary genre

He made his life’s work the transformation of haikai into a literary genre.

Each prize is awarded in a different literary genre between various works entered in the competition.

Epigram became a literary genre in the Hellenistic period, probably developing out of scholarly collections of inscriptional epigrams.

genre paintings

A few genre paintings have been attributed to Frans Pourbus.

historical paintings: genre paintings: and religious paintings: Landscapes:

Of his genre paintings, his motifs usually involved the lower classes of society.

rock genre

She writes music primarily in the pop rock genre.

"Please Read the Letter" is in the folk rock genre.

WRocK Iloilo plays lite rock and alternative and some rock genre.

genre painting

They adapted the fashionable revival of eighteenth-century rococo genre painting.

From 1598–1600 is a "triple Portrait", now in Naples, an example of genre painting.

The late Second Empire patrons were most interested in Fortuny’s revival of 18th century genre painting.

fiction genre

All of his work was in the western fiction genre.

Émile Gaboriau was a pioneer of the detective fiction genre in France.

Occasional critical articles on the weird fiction genre still appear, e.g.

game genre

Some games that are placed in the card game genre involve a board.

The website is popular within the video game genre of flight simulation.

"Salon"'s Ryan Leas said analyses of the film noted that it "steals from the video game genre".

fantasy genre   (ファンタジージャンル)

It is one of the main Francophone information websites dedicated to the fantasy genre.

The game is set in a medieval fantasy genre and has settings such as forests, caves and castles.

A pioneering work of the fantasy genre was "The King of Elfland's Daughter", a 1924 novel by Lord Dunsany.

genre painter

Koch became known mainly as a horse and genre painter.

He began as a classical and religious painter, an admirer of Jean-Baptiste Greuze, the history and genre painter.

Karl Knabl Karl Knabl (26 January 1850, in Munich – 15 June 1904, in Munich) was a German landscape and genre painter.

metal genre

Also, the album has guitar riffs heard in the death metal genre.

In death metal genre, Martin is very well known for his unique approach to vocals.

Taking influences from artists in the metal genre such as Dream Theater, and Iron Maiden.

genre films

The pair are focused on creating sociopolitical genre films.

Many of these genre films were co-productions with other Warsaw Pact countries.

Other critics saw the film as yet another example of China's growing sophistication with "genre films."

popular genre

Songs related to pearl hunting are the most popular genre of male folk music.

He painted floral still life throughout his career and it was his most popular genre.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, death metal gained more media attention as popular genre.

same genre

Eighteenth-century concert programmes usually did not have consecutive pieces in the same genre.

Despite the film's box-office success, Mahendra never opted to make more films of the same genre.

Other AIP films in the same genre included "Drag Strip Girl", "Hot Rod Girl", and "High School Hellcats".

within the genre

NSBM artists are a small minority within the genre.

The book has been seen as widely influential within the genre of fantasy.

However, revivals of the genre since that have allowed to new experimentation within the genre.

genre fiction

Formula fiction is similar to genre fiction.

The journal's title came from the founding editors’ taste for great storytelling in genre fiction.

It is similar to genre fiction, which identifies a number of specific settings that are frequently reused.