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geographic area   (coğrafi alan)

King Kleagle was the head of the Kleagles for a geographic area.

load across a wide geographic area.

Bârlad Plateau Bârlad Plateau () is a geographic area in E Romania.

geographic location   (Coğrafi konum)

This rayon has a favorable economic and geographic location.

This is due to its geographic location in the mouth of a valley.

They boast ideal geographic location, beautiful sceneries and rich cultures.

geographic areas   (coğrafi bölgeler)

Angus can be split into three geographic areas.

Plaques are categorized by geographic areas and linked to interactive maps.

Offering record lookups for particular geographic areas is another common service.

geographic region   (coğrafi bölge)

Specific predators vary by geographic region.

The prevalence of vitamin K deficiency varies by geographic region.

Per capita income varies widely by geographic region and profession.

geographic center

The geographic center of Bulgaria is located in Uzana.

Shōwa-ku Shōwa Ward is located near the geographic center of Nagoya.

Centerville then was located near the geographic center of Talbot County, hence the name.

geographic regions

Greece is divided into nine geographic regions.

Other geographic regions: Sources, references and external links:

Other geographic regions:

geographic range

The exact geographic range of the cursor grass mouse is disputed.

"Uroderma bilobatum" is a very common bat within its geographic range.

This species exhibits variable shell characteristics across its geographic range.

geographic information   (coğrafi bilgi)

He specializes in toponymy, geography, and geographic information systems.

New Jersey sued in 1997, and subsequently the border was redrawn using geographic information science data.

He directed the efficiencies to the growing demands of the services and commands for geographic information.

geographic features

Asia has extremely diverse climates and geographic features.

Upper Black Eddy has two notable geographic features: 1: Ringing Rocks Park.

Several geographic features in Canada, including Ross Cox Creek and Mount Ross Cox are named after him.

geographic distribution

The language commonly spoken by Bhils throughout their geographic distribution is Bhili.

The Caddoan languages once had a broad geographic distribution, but many are now extinct.

In gymnasium, he was most proud of his research on the geographic distribution of plants.

geographic locations

In the pre-adulthood journey, geographic locations still can be identified on the real-world map.

It can also refer to the following geographic locations: The following articles associated with the province of Dalecarlia:

Albert hopes that these decisions will set a precedent for other Maori tribes to grant legal personhood to geographic locations.

geographic coordinates

Its geographic coordinates are 47º04'N, 64º48'W.

Its geographic coordinates are 46º27'N, 61º58'W.

Its geographic coordinates are .

geographic feature   (coğrafi özellik)

This geographic feature rises above the surrounding terrain.

The following entities are named after this geographic feature: Other map sources:

The Dead Sea is an endorheic lake located in the Jordan Rift Valley, a geographic feature formed by the Dead Sea Transform (DST).

different geographic

For the Feature Film section, six committees were formed based on the different geographic regions in India.

There are no hard and fast written rules, and different dress codes are prevalent in different geographic and social environments.

The terms Southeast Asia and Oceania, devised in the 19th century, have had several vastly different geographic meanings since their inception.