İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

gets its name   (adını alır)

The process gets its name from this "wet" bath.

It gets its name from the town of Long and the Deshun army.

It gets its name from being the road south of the mountain.

gets a job   (iş bulmak)

Rosie gets a job there and she takes Jason with her.

He later gets a job, and life goes smoothly for him.

Sadly, Balu also gets a job where Harry works.

gets back   (geri döner)

He tells someone, and word gets back to the king.

He gets back in the taxi and goes back to the hotel.

As he gets back into bed, he hears a crash downstairs.

then gets   (sonra alır)

Vishwas then gets shot by a rifleman and dies.

It then gets worse when the figure gains the upper hand.

Sindhu then gets an opportunity to sing in a feature film.

gets involved

Trumbo turns up and gets involved in a saloon brawl.

Munnu gets involved in the conspiracy of killing Bunnu.

And he gets involved in all this espionage.

gets up

She quickly gets up to get the photo of them together.

She gets up and looks into her binoculars.

She gets up abruptly and goes out to a party, looking for sex.

gets married

Ranga fights against all odds and gets married to Sree.

Shafaq too gets married to Azir and they shift to Lahore.

Nokiba no ogi also gets married and leaves the narrative.

gets angry   (sinirlenir)

Pete gets angry and punches Puffo in frustration.

She turns into 'Shaniqua' when she gets angry.

Bayless finds out that he set the bear trap and gets angry.

gets drunk   (sarhoş olur)

When he fails to come to the restaurant, she gets drunk.

There is no limit for alcohol, before a man gets drunk."

One remains hungry, another gets drunk.

gets caught

The time bomb comically gets caught over each person.

If the player gets caught, monsters will attack them.

lt gets caught in the snare, and begins to make a noise.

gets to know

Now, Selvam meets Radha and gets to know her situation.

Incidentally, she runs into Sanju and gets to know him.

Eventually, Mauli gets to know about Nandini and Kunal.

when he gets   (o aldığında)

The curse is defeated when he gets an allergic reaction to a bee sting.

He's like the big class clown but when he gets a knock, he really feels it.

Aidan organises a charity fun run and has to help Karl Kennedy when he gets cramp.

player gets   (oyuncu alır)

Every time a player gets hit, they lose one heart.

He who kills the sanctioned player gets the gold.

But you use that height, and the player gets mad.

finally gets   (sonunda alır)

Vicki finally gets her proof in "Batman" #703.

Max finally gets closer to finding the man who set him up.

He finally gets a job offer in 'Basilistan', a strict Islamic nation.

gets more   (daha fazla alır)

Each sublevel gets more difficult.

She learns that unless the show gets more publicity, it will close.

At work, Will gets more and more erratic and starts a fight with Jeffrey.

gets a call   (bir çağrı alır)

Frankie gets a call that something is wrong with MJ.

She gets a call from Yong-kwan (Seo Gun-woo), who later arrives at her home.

Maradona also gets a call from Asha who is now a nurse in a hospital somewhere.

gets away

Sara gets away from George and cries in an alley.

Nicolo tries to gets away, but is arrested once again.

Nobody treats my child like that and gets away with it.

gets lost   (kaybolur)

When she gets lost in the city, Frankie calls Phoenix.

During a backcountry skiing trip, the group gets lost.

One gets lost in ″a sort of ecstasy″ (§60).

eventually gets

Teal Eye eventually gets pregnant, to Boone's joy.

Kate panics, but eventually gets to the safe zone.

However, his drug use eventually gets him fired.

gets stuck   (sıkışır)

They find it but it gets stuck on Jake's finger.

He sticks his finger in the nozzle, but it gets stuck.

"Taxi Lanes" Tina gets stuck in a traffic jam.

gets off

The British attack gets off to a successful start.

She gets off the mattress and climbs onto the burning fun house.

She sees him casting a doubled shadow from the Moon as he gets off his bicycle.

when she gets   (o aldığında)

She turns into 'Shaniqua' when she gets angry.

She is a real talent and she owns the stage when she gets in her stride.

"Lost Mop" Bobby is busy working on the buses when she gets distracted and loses her mop.

gets pregnant   (hamile kalıyor)

Teal Eye eventually gets pregnant, to Boone's joy.

Later, Theresa gets pregnant with Calvin's child.

Eileen gets pregnant by Arthur and is fired.

never gets   (asla almaz)

The water in the well never gets sunlight.

She never gets around to it, though.

A good song never gets old.

often gets   (sıklıkla alır)

He often gets tired of Hitto's reckless personality.

She is a member of the Boosters, the school's cheerleading squad, and often gets into trouble.

This absent mindedness continues in office as well, and he often gets scolding from Paranpriyo, the manager.

gets arrested

Maxine gets arrested but gets released on bail.

He gets arrested and even spends a day in jail.

In reality she gets arrested and is sent to a workhouse.

gets shot

Vishwas then gets shot by a rifleman and dies.

Ruby ends up betraying Maury and gets shot in the back.

He fails, though Howard gets shot in the process and is in ICU.

gets too   (çok alır)

As soon as the heat gets too great, just go bankrupt and get out.

It gets too lightweight."

Wally watches Woody make a sandwich, gets too close, and becomes part of it.

gets hit

Every time a player gets hit, they lose one heart.

You don't want a guy who gets hit and then flops on the ground.

One day, He Xiaoyong gets hit by a truck and is critically injured.

team gets   (takım alır)

When Christmas arrives, the team gets a week off.

For each hour they hold out, their team gets Rs.

The "outlet pass" occurs after a team gets a defensive rebound.

gets very

She gets very happy and says "Jodie, you came back!".

The valley gets very broad here and camping spots are plenty.

Nonetheless, the government also gets very little credit for its climate policy.

gets home   (eve döner)

When Sisko gets home, he seems to have psychic powers.

Lunch is prepared by the time he gets home and the three make a trip to the laundromat.

When she gets home, Ajay tells Priya that Rani has accused her of having an affair with Paul.

gets upset

When Zack gets into fights, she gets upset.

Javier gets upset and leaves.

Manjula gets upset saying that Manul is trying to test her love, and he does not have faith in her.

gets killed

Abhimanyu later gets killed by a joint attack of seven warriors.

They cross the Basilistan border with a camel, and Malik gets killed.

He witnesses his deceased friends' souls and gets killed by the girl.

gets closer

Max finally gets closer to finding the man who set him up.

The player gets closer to finding the truth after completion of every level.

After many tribulations, she gets closer to him and shows how love and care can make a difference.

later gets

He later gets a job, and life goes smoothly for him.

Abhimanyu later gets killed by a joint attack of seven warriors.

Roopa Ganguly plays his love interest who later gets married to Kunal Padhi.

gets a new

The winner gets a new mobile phone.

Along with Moore's debut, the program gets a new theme: "TSOP 2000" by Dr.

After his accident with slate trucks, Peter Sam loses his old funnel and gets a new one to improve his steaming.

gets better   (daha iyi)

I have seen this kid, and he gets better every year.

It just kinda gets better and more relevant with every passing year."

Kamla takes care of Sarju and wants to marry him as soon as he gets better.

gets rid   (kurtulur)

He also gets rid of the Hellfire Council's members later.

So jealous she too threatens to quit unless the circus gets rid of Jerry.

The rest of the story how she gets rid of these problems and reunited the family.

gets ready

As he gets ready to depart, Brody pledges that he will survive the mission and return for Dana and Carrie.

The bachelor party goes into full force as Paddy gets ready to be social again, finally removing his wedding ring.

In the beginning, Prithvi doesn’t agree but understanding the virtue of his country, he gets ready for the mission.

soon gets

Machu starts off rather humbly but soon gets rich.

He succeeds considerably, and soon gets rich and wealthy.

Weltstein soon gets into trouble, when he stops a coachman from beating a beggar.

only gets   (sadece alır)

Nikhil keeps trying to convince Neha but only gets rejection.

The team only gets to choose the schedule; the opponent is still determined by win-loss records.

He tries to get involved with a big cycling championship, but only gets a job as a water carrier.

gets a chance

Even in Japan, not everyone gets a chance to perform here!"

Susan loses her job but avoids felony charges and finally gets a chance to get to know her father.

En route from the court, the police vehicle is caught in a puddle, and Udhaya gets a chance to escape.

gets into trouble   (belaya girer)

In Ecuador, a young Manuela Sáenz gets into trouble at her convent.

Weltstein soon gets into trouble, when he stops a coachman from beating a beggar.

Sigfried (Wincy Aquino Ong), an unemployed accountant, gets into trouble with his landlord.

gets worse

This situation gets worse the shorter the wavelength.

In the meantime, Bwakaw's condition gets worse.

It then gets worse when the figure gains the upper hand.