İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

before getting   (almadan önce)

He played three games before getting dropped.

They were together for eleven years before getting married.

Natalia Oreiro took part in the film before getting pregnant.

getting married   (evlenmek)

The movie ends with Pooja and Raj getting married.

This time, Herbert and Cindy are getting married.

Both, Santosh and Kushi dream of getting married.

not getting   (almamak)

Jesperson was upset that he was not getting any media attention.

Arenas replied, "She tells the world that she's not getting money.

However, he was not getting well.

up getting   (kalkmak)

He ended up getting sepsis and went into organ shock.

They end up getting killed trying to rob Bear.

In fact, he hated rock music and ended up getting fired.

getting back   (geri alma)

Mishti fakes getting back together with Veer.

Like, we are never getting back together.

They become friends again and hint at getting back together.

getting ready   (hazır olmak)

The establishment is getting ready for the noon rush.

And then he walks away like he's getting ready to cry.

The Making Cities Resilient: 'My City is getting ready!'

getting involved   (dahil olmak)

Traditionally, that has meant getting involved in local churches.

She also started getting involved with queer and feminist porn movements.

Porretta wasted no time in getting involved with the entertainment industry.

getting more   (daha fazla almak)

These included getting more people to compete in disability sports.

He calls Rocky back and tells him that the case is getting more complicated.

By 1987, freestyle began getting more airplay on American pop radio stations.

without getting   (almadan)

The Dodgers scored twice without getting the ball out of the infield.

He has played in the event eight times without getting to the last 16.

He did, after all, end the Korean War without getting into any others.

getting rid   (kurtulmak)

There is no such thing as getting rid of quote-unquote 'toxins.'

He tries to break the curse by getting rid of the skin, but fails.

I liked the idea of getting rid of the credits at the beginning of the movie.

succeeded in getting

Merry has finally succeeded in getting pregnant.

She succeeded in getting the province to investigate.

The convicts succeeded in getting several of the guard to join their plot.

getting caught   (yakalanmak)

The possibility of getting caught creates a thrill."

A police car turns on the sirens and they try to evade getting caught.

This is more time-consuming and increases the likelihood of the artist getting caught.

started getting   (Başlamaya başladım)

The eyweall started getting eroded.

Then I got picked up in skateboarding and started getting free stuff.

She also started getting involved with queer and feminist porn movements.

getting to know   (tanımak)

On getting to know that the function is for Radha, Selvam decides to watch it along with the crowd.

Edith expresses interest in getting to know her niece and though Nick is reluctant he eventually agrees.

She spent a week with most of the women featured in the project, getting to know them and their families.

getting up   (kalkmak)

He helped the team getting up from the 3. divisjon to the 2.

", and said, "...[it] has us getting up and dancing like there's no tomorrow."

It was slowing down when it collided with the Edinburgh train which was getting up steam.

getting better   (daha iyi olmak)

[...] there is no hope of his ever getting better."

then 3-3 the game is only getting better .

He just keeps getting better."

getting off   (inmek)

So I'm getting off this merry-go-round."

She lasted an incredible 8 minutes 56 seconds before calmly getting off.

Tragedy struck again just as the Rossington Collins Band was getting off the ground.

getting drunk   (sarhoş olmak)

He, Lister, Selby and Chen spend most of their free time getting drunk.

Banfield ends up getting drunk and makes a wild scene of entertainment in the hotel lobby.

On Vikram's birthday, the two men celebrate by getting drunk together, sharing bottles of alcohol.

getting too

During Season 6 he said he was getting too old to be doing this.

Things are getting too busy at Tomorrow's World Today headquarters for just one Field Reporter.

In the 1920s, he began spending his summers in Nova Scotia, claiming "the wilderness is getting too crowded".

ends up getting

She ends up getting captured by Vanessa and Christopher Vogal.

She ends up getting hired by a great couturier as a seamstress.

Unfortunately, he fails miserably and ends up getting a beating."

instrumental in getting

In 1766, Etter was instrumental in getting Adams elected as a select man of the town.

Kularatne was instrumental in getting the institution registered as a separate school on 1 November 1924.

It was named after the New York state senator who was instrumental in getting the funding for the stadium.

way of getting   (alma yolu)

His way of getting laid doesn't reflect well on him."

One way of getting hold of money would be to rob the dairy in Hedåker.

This is a very effective way of getting people to notice a lot of things.

just getting   (sadece alıyorum)

The Audibles have made their mark on the music industry and they are just getting started.

It’s like stepping inside their brains and just getting deeper and deeper into their craziness.

Investigation of the historical relationships among the Sinitic languages is just getting started.

getting hit

I want to avoid getting hit," said Yagubkin of DeWitt.

", which involved him getting hit by coconut-throwing chimpanzees.

Members had to shield the team boss from getting hit or be penalized.

getting closer

He announced that he was getting closer to a return: "I am nearly at the end.

Nevertheless, they continue towards the treasure, thinking that they are getting closer.

The walls of the funnel are getting closer and closer over time limiting the room to maneuver.

ended up getting

He ended up getting sepsis and went into organ shock.

In fact, he hated rock music and ended up getting fired.

Originally meant to be a non-speaking role, he ended up getting a couple of lines.

getting along   (anlaşmak)

Agreeable individuals value getting along with others.

Disagreeable individuals place self-interest above getting along with others.

The voyage itself was uneventful, Jan getting along well with his Captain and shipmates.

getting away

They are getting away with the stores!

Capone became increasingly security-minded and desirous of getting away from Chicago.

Joelle appears to be excited at the prospect of going home and getting away from the ranch.

getting lost   (kayıp oluyor)

As noted later, getting lost may not be a safe proposition.

Kat and Ana encounter a troll after getting lost on a field trip.

After getting lost in a forest, Pina is killed trying to save Silica from a monster attack.

time getting

He, Lister, Selby and Chen spend most of their free time getting drunk.

In-pyo also had a hard time getting approval from Hee-ju's father and elder brother for their relationship.

She spent a lot of time getting in trouble at school for writing instead of doing the things she was supposed to do.

getting through   (üstesinden geliyorum)

At Bristol Motor Speedway, he finished a mediocre 13th after getting through traffic.

But it gave me a couple migraines along the way, getting through that because everything was so connected.

As foreigners are sometimes preferred, speaking English has also been noted as helpful in getting through face control.

getting a job

He goes to Chennai after getting a job as a bank manager there.

However, he ends up getting a job in a restaurant called Greenlands Hotel as a waiter.

He even goes to her office and ends up getting a job there, only to be closer to Sana.

avoid getting   (almaktan kaçının)

I want to avoid getting hit," said Yagubkin of DeWitt.

He allegedly held her arms down to avoid getting scratched as she struggled.

Tacking consequently requires technique and practice to avoid getting stuck under the boom.

getting close   (yakınlaşmak)

It is worth getting close up to even his most heroic-scale figures.

Peter is "at odds with some very powerful people, and they're getting close, but he's not fearful in anyway."

When the possessed person coughed, then the demon was barking, and getting close to his objective, which was to kill the victim.

getting worse   (kötüleşiyor)

Grass surface is also getting worse by every season.

Unfortunately, his headaches are getting worse.

Is it getting worse in other countries?

difficulty getting

Yellows may have difficulty getting down to business.

The oldest team in East Kalimantan has difficulty getting a sponsor.

Upon completing more than 50 commercials, Morris had difficulty getting them on the air.

getting underway   (devam etmek)

She operated in the Marshalls until getting underway on 19 June for fueling at sea operations.

The project is now moving into full-scale data development with the surveying getting underway this month.

On 21 July, the oiler moved back to Oran where she remained overnight before getting underway for Gibraltar.

trouble getting

As a player Willis had trouble getting to sleep.

Walker had trouble getting back up and the referee waved the fight off.

In the first round, both teams were having trouble getting their ladder upright.

getting stuck   (sıkışmak)

Tacking consequently requires technique and practice to avoid getting stuck under the boom.

During Sting's run, Cai ended up getting stuck on the course so they both used the Power Play, False Start.

The film talks about the struggles of a mother who is trying to save her baby after getting stuck in a minefield.

hopes of getting   (alma umutları)

More than a hundred addresses were visited in hopes of getting new information.

It was to be used as a demo to give to record labels in hopes of getting Pop a new contract.

She became a gardener and gambled her wages on the stock market in the hopes of getting more money.

chance of getting   (alma şansı)

Moreover, the chance of getting a raise is greater for the higher-ups.

This move surprised the party, with many commentators giving him little chance of getting elected.

Cousins said, "That injury is something that I got over and am probably no chance of getting a relapse...

getting killed

They end up getting killed trying to rob Bear.

He added that Dave getting killed off could not have been more dramatic.

They [homosexual people] should sit and be happy that they are not getting killed.

getting paid

You’re getting paid a lot of money and you can’t play.

He appeared in 7 games for Panathinaikos and ended up getting paid about €300,000.

After not getting paid for a job, Trevor kidnaps Patricia, the wife of kingpin Martin Madrazo.

getting into trouble   (başını belaya sokmak)

He is usually with Pororo and is constantly getting into trouble.

Hawkeye lies about the causes and treatments to keep them from getting into trouble.

He struggled through school, frequently getting into trouble and had anger management issues.

finally getting   (sonunda)

She tells Adam, finally getting her revenge on Darcy.

Despite three trials in two years, prosecutors were unable to convince a jury of Larry Davis' guilt for any but the weapons charge, finally getting a conviction more than four years after the shootout.

During the first minutes of the ensuing battle, all the British ships except "Princess Royal" fired far over their German opponents, due to adverse visibility conditions, before finally getting the range.

getting all   (hepsini almak)

The reward for getting all nine was not only the car, but also a trip and $5,000.

He complained to his mother, but when she learned that he was getting all he wanted to eat, she sent him back.

They were tripping, like, “Where are you getting all this free stuff?” They thought I was stealing money from them.

getting together

The film closes with Yazhini and Prabhu getting together.

The festivity consists of getting together around the fire and socializing.

Towards the end Xavier can be seen getting together with his girlfriend Martine as well.

getting shot

The season ends with Feriha's mother getting shot by Halil, Feriha's ex-fiancé.

Buddy shields the Kid, getting shot in the back, but rises up and battles Death in a sword fight.

As with other games of the same genre, getting shot by a single enemy bullet will cause the player to lose a life.

successful in getting

He was successful in getting a change in the law but the effect was minimal.

Yet, Pinkerton was successful in getting a court order impounding the book's plates and remaining copies.

Mayor Cervantes was successful in getting a $2,000,000 bond issue passed for completion of the Gateway Arch and grounds.

began getting   (almaya başladı)

Janus soon began getting requests for theatrical screenings of the film.

First, the LM computer began getting an ABORT signal from a faulty switch.

By 1987, freestyle began getting more airplay on American pop radio stations.