İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

give up   (Pes etmek)

But Agassiz refused to give up hope for the mines.

Bill Ford Jr. refused to give up his chairmanship.

Someday they will make it if they don’t give up."

not give   (verme)

Miller, however, would not give up so easily.

Losing a PvE battle does not give the player any rewards.

If they do not give you work, demand bread.

give rise   (yükselmek)

Works are of value only if they give rise to better ones.

Terms of this kind give rise to vicious circle fallacies.

give birth   (doğurmak)

Females use dens to give birth and to shelter kits.

Females tend to give birth at about 14–15 years of age.

They give birth to only one young at a time.

did not give   (vermedi)

Consumers generally did not give high ratings for the album.

Nasution and the YLKB did not give up.

He had wanted to play, but his doctor did not give him clearance.

order to give   (sipariş vermek)

The episode has been commissioned in order to give the series a proper finale.

After that, he was relegated to play in the B squad in order to give more experience.

He had put aside his work on his symphonic poem "Fatum" in order to give her all his attention.

refused to give

But Agassiz refused to give up hope for the mines.

Bill Ford Jr. refused to give up his chairmanship.

Unfortunately, they refused to give her a contract.

decided to give   (vermeye karar verdim)

Daniel then decided to give Phyllis a chance.

He told Dr. Welner, "I decided to give them a reason to fire me."

After much consideration, Lauren decided to give Jason a second chance.

give way

Other Anglo-allied troops began to give way as well.

Trees then give way to disused wharves and housing estates.

It has to give way".

does not give

Losing a PvE battle does not give the player any rewards.

However the story does not give his name.

Josephus does not give a Hebrew name.

forced to give

Dallaire was forced to give up control over the aircraft.

In 1814, France's ally Denmark was forced to give Norway up to Sweden.

The Cold Lake Nations had been forced to give up their nomadic lifestyle.

give away   (çekiliş)

Fernand then rushes to the church to give away Patricia.

Both men would not give away to the press the true intentions of their strategy.

Parallel to this, the magazine would occasionally give away free CDs with an issue.

give more   (daha fazla ver)

The Pilot scuttle was made wider to give more foot room.

Some paid versions give more information.

Other sources give more detailed statistics, including the Beja (ca.

not give up   (pes etme)

Miller, however, would not give up so easily.

But Samuel said that he would not give up either of them.

Nasution and the YLKB did not give up.

able to give   (verebilir)

Following this he was able to give up his job.

No international power was able to give the necessary support.

Therefore, Atha was able to give a very natural, realistic performance.

wanted to give   (vermek istedim)

I wanted to give people a reason to come back to season 14.

Earlier in the offseason, he stated he wanted to give up No.

Suzanne said she wanted to give Condon a Valentine's Day card.

give the impression   (izlenim yaratmak)

The game uses oblique projection to give the impression of three dimensional graphics.

He wanted to give the impression that the Jews had more armaments than they actually had.

The game manipulated 2D sprites and backgrounds to give the impression of 3D to the player.

give back   (geri ver)

His grand children give back the trophy.

Upon heating, this polymer "cracks" to give back the yellow aldehyde.

In 2014, she was on Forbes' list of top 15 entrepreneurs who give back.

give evidence   (ifade vermek)

These objects give evidence of trade with the valley.

In the end, he was not called to give evidence.

They were due to give evidence in March 2019.

designed to give   (vermek için tasarlanmış)

The glass cockpit was designed to give the pilot good situational awareness.

The electoral system is designed to give the winner of the election a majority.

These were designed to give working men in the cities a more rural domestic life.

used to give

Crystals can be used to give units special abilities.

The imperative mood is used to give commands.

Stadium seating is also used to give every rider a clear view.

intended to give   (vermek niyetinde)

This canopy was intended to give the tower a more prominent entrance.

It contains ingredients that are intended to give a sudden boost of energy.

"Albatros" carried a maximum of of fuel oil which was intended to give a range of at .

agreed to give   (vermeyi kabul etti)

After a few minutes a car stopped and agreed to give her a lift.

Atari agreed to give Paradigm more time to work on "Terminator 3: The Redemption".

Hearst agreed to give the Boettigers editorial freedom to "make it the best paper in Seattle."

sources give

Other ancient sources give similarly large numbers.

Many sources give only one, usually the second.

Different sources give different dates : 1678 to 1688.

refuses to give   (vermeyi reddediyor)

Kajal is shattered, yet, she refuses to give up hope.

The old man stubbornly refuses to give in.

Jack refuses to give in and fires Tom.

not to give

God promises not to give them up entirely.

It's hard not to give it up for such a big, goofy bear hug to the universe."

However, Sajad Rana was determined not to give his daughter back without a fight.

want to give   (vermek istemek)

At first, the U.N. officials don't want to give him water.

I want to give my best tomorrow."

You want to give me something.

willing to give   (vermeye istekli)

Who's willing to give you Advil and clean up the house?

He's not worth it now, but I'm willing to give you $1,000 ($ today) for him."

Ānanda was very fond of and attached to the Buddha, willing to give his life for him.

decides to give

Migo decides to give the land down under a try.

Tom then decides to give himself up.

Not wanting to hurt her mother, she decides to give up the role.

give each   (her birine ver)

They give each driver 2 timed laps to get their times.

Family and friends also give each other gifts at Christmas.

We give each "X" the discrete topology, so that "X" is compact.

goal to give

Ali Haji-Sheikh kicked a 33-yard field goal to give Michigan an early lead.

In the second quarter, kicker Jeff Reed kicked a 39-yard field goal to give the Steelers a 10–0 lead.

Sooner kicker Garrett Hartley hit a 26-yard field goal to give Oklahoma a 38-17 lead and finishing off the scoring.

required to give

Students are required to give an oral presentation of their project.

Sellers J held that the grandmother was required to give one-third of the winnings to the lodger.

However, Ghent was required to give up its treaty with kingdom of England and recognize the King of France.

enough to give   (vermek için yeterli)

Logano finished 22nd, enough to give him the final Chase spot.

His best of the three, 45.75m, was enough to give him first place.

Smith saw him in the film and was impressed enough to give him a part.

invited to give

In 2003, he was invited to give a talk at the first Amaz!ng Meeting.

Local residents were invited to give their views on a new vision for the area.

In December 2014, Liu was invited to give a lecture in Madison University, USA.

give all

I give all the credit to boys.

For example, codice_4 will give all the MP3 files available on various servers.

They could not give all details of this mode in the broad frame of the general case.

give access   (erişim vermek)

Two elevators were provided, to give access to all floors.

The stairs to the upper floor also give access to the service wing at half-landing level.

Saint-Laurent, give access to a common ticket hall; one is integrated into an apartment building.

give students

The school's focus is to give students their last chance in the school system.

Teacher's give students with autism extra time to answer when they ask them a question.

A new soundproof drywall was used instead to give students as much living space as possible.

give off   (vazgeçmek)

When at play or traveling, they sometimes give off low, purring grunts.

During a hard practice, the wood is said to give off the smell of smoke.

Whatever amorphous vibe the words give off determines the imagery that comes.

give people

I've got to give people a reason to buy it.

I wanted to give people a reason to come back to season 14.

They therefore give people an unusual degree of access to ideas of elves from older traditional culture.

give chase   (kovalamak)

When he frees himself, the Indian warriors give chase.

Yang Yi ordered Ma Dai to give chase.

Steve and Jaime give chase, bionically running after the truck.

going to give   (verecek)

They did all this for me and I was going to give it up.

I'm not going to give Bennie's number out."

He was originally going to give Spike an eye patch, but the producers vetoed it.

give the appearance   (görünüşü ver)

The walls have been rendered and given a sand float to give the appearance of sandstone.

The wide inner wall has multiple terraces, and sections near the rim give the appearance of slumping.

Partlets of the same rich fabric as the bodice of the gown give the appearance of a high-necked gown.

did give

The princes did give such a declaration, but only orally.

He never did give a lecture.

give lectures

In 1990 he again visited the United Arab Emirates to give lectures.

In 1990 he visited Mauritius and French Islands La Reunion to give lectures.

Since then he has often been invited by Muslim groups in different countries to give lectures.

continued to give

Though retired, he still continued to give lessons in accounting once a week.

Gravely wounded, he continued to give orders and inspired his command till he died.

Nevertheless, she continued to give useful service until the last decade of the nineteenth century.

give information   (bilgi ver)

They did not give information about their birthplace so called Bhular.

There are also other markers that give information other than the edges of safe waters.

Captions in the lower portion of the frame occasionally give information as to the location, time, and events on screen.

began to give

Other Anglo-allied troops began to give way as well.

At WHOM, he began to give up-and-coming black performers exposure.

At age sixteen Rinpoche began to give teachings to others students in college.

give credits

Some schools also give credits for scores of 3.

only give   (sadece ver)

However, on average a female will only give birth to three.

A married woman can only give her consent to adoption by her husband.

Steady-state fluorescence anisotropy only give an "average" anisotropy.

never give   (asla verme)

He'll go to the point that not many blokes will, he will never give up."

The film's subtitle on the poster, ""or never give a saga an even break!"

I never give up hoping...

give the player   (oyuncuya ver)

Some games give the player a fifth option, "surrender".

Losing a PvE battle does not give the player any rewards.

Card counting can give the player an edge of up to 2% over the house.

give advice   (tavsiye ver)

Jerome Robbins was called in to give advice and make changes.

Historian Simon Schama would give advice to government to ensure that pupils learnt Britain's "island story".

At Holden and Charles, Jason bonds with two employees Jim and Frank, who get him drunk and give advice on asking Kelly out.

then give

Trees then give way to disused wharves and housing estates.

We then give the difference between the two definition using identities.

It told him to cook it and then give two pieces to his wife, and bury two more in the garden.

agrees to give

Afterwards, Mrs. Grober agrees to give Michael the French credit.

In return for Ludmilla's freedom, Smith agrees to give himself up.

Boconnion agrees to give them shelter, in return for entertainment.

give no

Various other LPs give no biographical information at all.

He must give no offence.

She also says that the characters give no indication to why they work for the STN.

give a speech   (Konuşma yapmak)

Most was in Cincinnati, Ohio to give a speech when he fell ill.

Just before Psy appeared on-stage, it was the Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak's turn to give a speech.

The following year, he was invited to give a speech at Gaucho Gym and the crowd's response inspired him to return.

tried to give

He really listened and tried to give the best answer he knew how to give.

Lawrence, too, tried to give the order to board, but the British were faster.

They both tried to give special emphasis to the rights of peasants and workers.

attempt to give   (vermeye çalış)

The tables do not attempt to give a complete list of Gnutella clients.

In Zbaszyn a large refugee camp was established as an attempt to give shelter to those deported.

The authors dismiss the Old English "elk-sedge" as a late attempt to give the then-obsolete rune a value of Latin "x".

asked to give

The defeated king might sometimes be asked to give a tribute to the victorious king.

The Earl of Orkney later confessed that, "had I been asked to give my opinion, I had been against it."

The top 36 are then again asked to give solo performances, after which 18 are chosen in the final auditions.

give a more

The hood line was raised to give a more chiseled look and the tailgate includes a spoiler.

The game makes heavy use of the HDRR and motion blur effects to give a more realistic feel.

Usually, longer, more detailed questions will give a more accurate portrayal of personality.

give different

Different sources give different dates : 1678 to 1688.

Classical sources give different reasons for this deed.

Other accounts of this loss give different dates and places.

ready to give   (vermeye hazır)

She is ready to give us a lot of laughs thanks to her fast talking and accent.

But Kim’s series option was up and she was ready to give Teddy Altman a much-needed vacation.

In a story published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Gwen is quoted as saying"At no period was I ready to give up.

give effect

One aspect of such a duty is the obligation on authorities in some cases to give effect to procedural legitimate expectations.

In some courts, violations of the stay are treated as void "ab initio" as a matter of law, although the court may annul the stay to give effect to otherwise void acts.

give thanks   (teşekkür et)

The British people give thanks for his life and grieve at his passing.

And at the end, the prayer returns to praise for God, saying, "We give thanks to You."

Finding Judah asleep on the steps, they give thanks to God that he is alive, but do not wake him.

give it up

They did all this for me and I was going to give it up.

To waive a right means to give it up.

Helen discovers Nicky's drug habit and pleads with him to give it up.

give the same

Carboxylic acids also add across alkynes to give the same products.

Two methods of electron counting are popular and both give the same result.

As and give the same remainder, when divided by , their difference is a multiple of each .

often give   (sık sık ver)

Researchers often give widely different estimates of mass murder.

Universal constructions often give rise to pairs of adjoint functors.

Also it often give ranks.

unable to give   (veremiyorum)

The doctor is unable to give Del Arnie's address and hangs up.

Wang and Li Baozhen were unable to give chase because of dense fog.

He was the son of poor parents, who were unable to give him a liberal education.

wants to give

She is shocked and wants to give up on Novoseltsev.

Ramji wants to give up his relion but his wife is against it.

Ellie returns exasperated because Gordon wants to give up theater and move to Montana.

time to give

The book became known as "", as even priests had a hard time to give correct answers to the intricate biblical questions.

McGowan said the highlight of his career was that after 54 years of broadcasting, "I chose my own time to give it all away".

Ian Brown scored Richmond Rovers winner in extra time to give them a grand final berth against Lismore Thistles at Oakes Oval.

give the film   (filmi ver)

"The Oakland Post Online" said, "Shaye is able to give the film most of its heart.

Matthiesen decided to cast mostly non-actors in the film, in order to give the film as realistic a tone as possible.

The growing closeness between these two and the sense of impending mortality give the film its emotional underpinning.

give women

After the war, their services were ignored, but France did give women the vote in 1944.

We want to give women a voice, and provide children with the tools to make the most of their lives.

The stated mission of the organization is to give women a greater voice within the healthcare system.

failed to give

These vending machines were faulty and often failed to give change.

Lur however, failed to give a fatal blow and was quickly killed by Shah Rukh's servant.

The Stoics, according to Galen, failed to give a credible answer for the localization of functions of the psyche, or the mind.

give themselves   (kendilerini ver)

Husband and wife give themselves totally to each other in a union that lasts until death.

Only after being assured they would be placed under house arrest in the home of a Privy Council member, did the pair give themselves up.

Celibacy is designed to "consecrate themselves with undivided heart to the Lord and to "the affairs of the Lord, they give themselves entirely to God and to men.

refusing to give   (vermeyi reddetmek)

She is arrested and convicted while refusing to give her real name or full story for fear of humiliating her family.

The line cut from the script by Martinus suggested that the Doctor was refusing to give in to the regeneration process.

They also reiterated the claim that the Coast Guard had delayed cleanup by refusing to give permission to immediately use chemical dispersants on the spill.

decision to give   (verme kararı)

He announced his decision to give them a second chance and did not kick them off of the show.

The disturbed conditions in Mexico were large factors in my decision to give up our home in that country.

In 2008, he made the decision to give up martial arts and transferred to second division team Jönköpings Södra.

tries to give

His play tries to give hope and show the kind side of society.

When she falls in love with him, Ashok tries to give up bluffing.

Stefan tries to give her hope that Bonnie might find a way out by the end of the day.

offered to give

Ed King offered to give his seat to a more representative farm worker.

Alicia Fox then approached JTG in May 2012 and offered to give him a makeover, which JTG accepted.

Comcast also offered to give a $10 credit to any customers who say they viewed the approximately 30-second clip.

helped give

Dewey placed pragmatism above moral absolutes and helped give rise to situational ethics.

Saint Mary's top-flight passing attack helped give the Spires a 458-242 edge in total offense.

It has been said to have "helped give salads of the 1950s a bad name... when it came to health."

give greater   (daha fazlasını ver)

They add trees and shrubs to the native forests, "to give greater variety."

The architectural style was changed and the width increased to give greater rigidity.

The bywash channel bridge was replaced to give greater clearance, and the stonework of the bywash channel and the tumbling bay was repointed.

give players

Scopes can be found that give players a wider view of their surroundings.

Sometimes a giant animal will spawn, which give players five big products.

In the third season, referees are able to give players red cards, much like in soccer.

chose to give

In 2015, he chose to give up his European Tour membership.

To utilize the power of Gig, Layna chose to give this sword to the protagonist.

Littlejohn suggested Monroe, who prefers the singular they pronoun, chose to give up their job.

promised to give   (vermeye söz verdi)

And, Mahesh Bhatt was so impressed by his Shayari that he asked to join the Film Industry and even promised to give the break.

He also had his men tear down the "house" that Meares had built, not knowing, or not caring that Meares had promised to give it to the natives.

Serbia refused to cede a part of the territories in Macedonia, which it occupied and promised to give to Bulgaria according to a secret agreement.

help give

McBrayer has said that he wrote "Beat The Drum" to "help give a voice to the voiceless.

During races and the game's Career mode, players can make use of Nitrous Boosts to help give them an edge against opponents.

give permission   (izin ver)

The natural parents must give permission.

Since 2014 the Swiss authorities give permission for the usage of psilocybin in some individual cases.

Mike Judge was not involved at all except to give permission for use of the character (created by Glenn Eichler and designed by Bill Peckmann).

run to give

Shortly after, Parker scored on a one-yard touchdown run to give the Steelers a 17–14 lead.

Early in the second quarter, Michael Smith broke a 25-yard touchdown run to give the Razorbacks a 13-0 edge.

Arkansas forced a three-and-out on the game's opening drive, and scored on a Broderick Green 2-yard run to give the Hogs an early 7-0 lead.

give voice   (ses ver)

SFCMP was founded to give voice to the burgeoning genre of contemporary chamber music in the Bay Area.

He also claimed to give voice to otherworldly spirits including a first-century Jew named Ephraim, and Mirabell (a ouija board guide).

John Nagl reviewed the book in the September 2012 issue of the Naval Institute's Proceedings Magazine, writing "All of these stories give voice to courage, sacrifice, and the nobility of living in the service of others."

t give   (vermek)

Someday they will make it if they don’t give up."

"I don’t give a damn about a lot of things.

We’ll pretend I didn’t give it to you and we’ll never mention it again".

give priority   (öncelik vermek)

They may tend to give priority to work over personal relationships.

They all give priority to the Qur'an and the Hadith (the practice of Muhammad).

Uruguay has a sanctioned law requiring that the state give priority to Free Software.

t give   (Verme)

Someday they will make it if they don’t give up."

"I don’t give a damn about a lot of things.

We’ll pretend I didn’t give it to you and we’ll never mention it again".

trying to give

We’re trying to give the homies a good look.

Easterbrook maintains that robber Tony Ash had been trying to give himself up when he was shot dead.

give at least

The board must give at least 10 days’ public notice of its intent to adopt the final budget according to Act 1 of 2006.