İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

given name   (isim)

Yvon (given name) Yvon is a masculine given name.

Vigor (name) Vigor is a given name and a surname.

name given   (isim verildi)

'Brogpa' is the name given by the Ladakhi to the people.

This was adopted from the name given by French colonists.

The name given on his gravestone is Willie Samuel McTier.

not given   (verilmemiş)

Ceawlin's campaigns are not given as near the coast.

From 2003 to 2013, the award was not given out.

They had not given their children a Western education.

given command   (verilen komut)

The next year he was given command of the "Warwick".

He was given command the 32nd Infantry Regiment.

There he was given command of the "Argonauta".

given up   (pes etmek)

Charlotte has given up nursing to be a housewife.

Tea soon took over, and coffee growing was given up.

His homer was one of only 12 given up by Lee in 2008.

given the name

The whole facility is given the name Object 2327S.

The aircraft was given the name "Lightning II" in 2006.

It was given the name "Île de la Passion" ().

given time   (verilen zaman)

Only one of the panels is active at a given time.

Only one device can talk on the bus at any given time.

About 100 to 200 species may live in them at any given time.

award given   (verilen ödül)

It is the most important annual award given by the ASC.

† indicates an award given posthumously.

given the title   (başlık verildi)

In 1836 he was given the title of "Oberstudienrath".

He was given the title Athanasius like his ancestor.

It was given the title of basilica on 26 August 1967.

given the opportunity   (fırsat verildi)

Just being here, being given the opportunity to be here.

Supplemental prey are readily taken given the opportunity.

In the early 1930s, he was given the opportunity to direct.

given names

Jurgis Jurgis () and Jurģis () are male given names.

As a rule, syllables in given names are not separated.

Clan names precede the patronymics and given names, e.g.

population is given

The historical population is given in the following table:

then given

He was then given a yellow card by the referee.

The character was then given the forename Emily in 1962.

The tune shift with amplitude is then given by formula_3.

masculine given   (eril verilen)

Yvon (given name) Yvon is a masculine given name.

Júlio Júlio is a Portuguese masculine given name.

Viktors Viktors is a Latvian masculine given name.

masculine given name   (eril isim)

Yvon (given name) Yvon is a masculine given name.

Júlio Júlio is a Portuguese masculine given name.

Viktors Viktors is a Latvian masculine given name.

given below

Some additional useful properties are given below.

Details of the lectures from 1984 are given below.

Summary of Transmission of DTL is as given below.

given annually   (yıllık olarak verilir)

The award has been given annually since 1945.

The awards are given annually since 1991.

The award is given annually by the City Assembly of Sarajevo.

given away   (verilmiş)

They are sold at cost or given away based on donations.

I think I have given away thousands since.

Four cards were given away each time.

given birth   (doğum verildi)

During this time she had also given birth to a baby.

Stunned that she had given birth, Keil asks: "With whom?"

She understood that she had given birth to a musical maestro.

given permission   (izin verildi)

Plus, she was given permission to drive the car.

Eventually he was given permission to build a permanent building.

He approached Stephen Sondheim with the idea and was given permission.

given the task   (görev verildi)

Berry was now given the task for replacing Blair, for the game.

Laura Roslof was given the task of creating interior art for this.

Yorke was given the task of introducing the soap's fourth weekly episode.

often given   (sık sık verilir)

Answers were not often given clearly or literally.

In fact this is often given as the definition of equality.

Women are often given credit for the start of the musical arts.

given rise   (yükseliş)

This has given rise to the phrase "Greek miracle".

The cones have given rise to about 60 lava flows.

Its appearance has given rise to the common name marine vomit.

given a new

It was a big hit and Kent was given a new contract.

She was given a new set of rigging and good second-hand sails.

The building was gutted, and given a new floor and insulated roof.

later given

It was later given as a Seamus Coleman own goal.

He was later given a full professorship at Yale.

Johnson was later given a retrospective ban by the FA.

feminine given   (kadınsı verilen)

Cathy (given name) Cathy is a feminine given name.

Éliane Éliane is a French feminine given name.

Urtė Urtė is a Lithuanian feminine given name.

feminine given name   (kadınsı verilen isim)

Cathy (given name) Cathy is a feminine given name.

Éliane Éliane is a French feminine given name.

Urtė Urtė is a Lithuanian feminine given name.

award is given

No MVP award is given for Division Series play.

The award is given by the Portuguese Football Federation.

given more   (daha fazla verildi)

Wenceslao has been given more presence.

Other Republican senators have given more measured statements.

Zoya is given more credit by the media than Nikhil and his team.

first given

The award was first given at the end of the season.

Participants were first given occipital nerve block.

Lifetime Achievement Award – South was first given in 1983.

name was given

The Yaminawá name was given to them by outsiders.

The original name was given based on where one lived.

The current name was given on 1 September 1973.

award was given

The award was given for services to Interior Design.

This award was given by Structured Products Magazine.

The first award was given to Brooklyn's Don Newcombe.

usually given

It is usually given during the New Year festival.

Change is usually given in Cayman Island dollars.

His official name is usually given as Yang Yansi (楊延嗣).

given the number   (numara verildi)

It was given the number 21, and was scrapped in 1959.

He was given the number 18 shirt, last worn by Pascal Cygan.

He signed a two-year contract and was given the number 11 shirt.

given the chance   (Verilen şans)

Viewers were also given the chance to interact in a poll by phone voting.

Week 7: The stars were given the chance to design the costumes for their dances.

The students in this program are given the chance to learn computer science hands-on.

given the nickname   (takma ad verildi)

While there he was given the nickname of "Mr. Pat".

She was given the nickname of "Sisi" at a young age.

He was given the nickname "The Franchise".

having given   (vermiş olmak)

Brucan later accused Apostol of having given in to pressures.

He is named as a traitor having given secrets to the alleged "Black Council."

She left in November 1946, having given great help to troops and medical units.

given above

(This generalizes the example of 5 given above.)

His derivation is given above, and is now the accepted explanation.

This is the intuition behind the definition given above of a subgame.

awards given

Below is a table of the awards given and the award winners for each year.

His name is also attached to several awards given to law students and lawyers.

The Filmfare Awards are some of the most prominent awards given to Hindi films in India.

given only   (sadece verilen)

Marking schemes were to be given only to markers.

The teams were given only 5 minutes to escape.

In conformity with British Army policy, credit was given only to "... a British airman."

given year

Each article deals with events in Luxembourg in a given year.

As many as 500 volunteers in a given year have volunteered with JVC.

At least some females may enter oestrus more than once in a given year.

given a chance

He is given a chance to say his last words.

Wessel was not given a chance to fight on the finale card.

Rolfe and his family are given a chance to travel to England.

when given   (verildiğinde)

when given a writing task in certain situations.

Ampicillin causes skin rashes more often when given with allopurinol.

They will often consume other smaller fish when given the opportunity.

male given

Shanmugam Shanmugam () is a Tamil male given name.

Ravindu Ravindu is a Sri Lankan male given name.

Cyrus Cyrus (Persian: کوروش) is a male given name.

given the option   (seçenek verildi)

The player is given the option to kill Blake or let him go.

The cutter is usually given the option of "knocking" instead of cutting.

The FED district bank was given the option to enforce or deny the provision.

given the right   (doğru verilen)

The female members are also given the right of share to the property in the HUF.

Afterwards, they were then also given the right to start the midweek lottery draws.

Contrary to all precedent a "Foreign Affairs", Maxwell was not given the right to reply.

male given name

Shanmugam Shanmugam () is a Tamil male given name.

Ravindu Ravindu is a Sri Lankan male given name.

Cyrus Cyrus (Persian: کوروش) is a male given name.

only given   (sadece verilen)

As a newcomer, he was only given minor roles.

Chen, however, was only given 7,000 men.

Prince Ōtomo was only given his posthumous title and name in 1870.

reason given   (sebep verildi)

The reason given was the $15,000 that the club lost in the 1947.

The reason given was to balance the United States federal budget.

The reason given was, 'That's the way the American political process works.'

given in parentheses   (parantez içinde verilmiştir)

International titles are given in parentheses.

"The length of each tributary is given in parentheses:"

English names, where available, are given in parentheses.

sometimes given

Its height is sometimes given as 8,507 feet (2,593 m).

His first name is also sometimes given as Dimko (Димко).

His name is sometimes given as Ted Fiorito or Ted FioRito.

given back   (geri verildi)

However, she was never given back her original position.

He was not given back his lands but was given a baronetcy.

Two of them were eventually given back to Poland in 1955 by the DR.

title given   (başlık verildi)

The title given by Tsukasue Tsuyuka, , became the established title.

Osheaga is a title given to the particular region of Canada now known as Montreal.

In fact the title given to the Materialist series (2001-2005) is not contradictory.

given the same

In fact, both were given the same subdesignation (299H) by Boeing.

Ayumu performed better than human adults who were given the same test.

When children were named, they were never given the same names as others.

within a given

The crowds within a given school are also perceived hierarchically.

Considerable variation occurs in dental formula even within a given species.

It generally describes a person with legal rights within a given political order.

never given

Polly was never given a last name in the series.

However, she was never given back her original position.

Hopkins was in fact never given an official mandate to hunt witches.

player is given   (oyuncu verilir)

The player is given the option to kill Blake or let him go.

Each player is given a starship to pilot.

When accessed, the player is given a menu of the available items.

given new   (yeni verilen)

As the conscripts age, their unit is given new, different tasks and materiel.

They are given new slave names each day to be reminded of their worthlessness.

The Police were given new powers to question people about their immigration status.

given point   (verilen nokta)

At any given point the parade took 13 to 15 minutes to pass.

A key constraint applies to the set of tuples in a table at any given point in time.

So the isometries that fix a given point form a group isomorphic to the orthogonal group.

not be given

Checks cannot be given except on the last move of the series.

An expert going beyond their ability should not be given any value.

Despite this, Halleck insisted that Milroy not be given any more commands.

awards were given

Those awards were given during the Great Turkish War.

Artisans-category awards were given on 29 May.

The awards were given at a ceremony held in February 2005.

given another   (başkasına verildi)

She will be given another hearing in seven years.

To prepare "Otsego" for her new role, the vessel was given another refit.

The film is so fictionalized that the character is given another surname.

given access   (erişim verildi)

He was not given access to a lawyer until late April 2002.

Both Europeans and Muslims were lodged and given access to electricity and water.

It seems that this walled up window had given access to one of the corridors of the sacristy.

given special   (özel verilen)

Luftwaffe pilots were soon given special instructions for engaging these aircraft.

Geylang was given special dispensation to pay Fandi thrice the S.League salary cap.

Safety is given special importance and safety training is imparted to line staff on regular basis.

given credit

He was also given credit for saving the city's airport.

Many people have been given credit for creating the idea.

All three men are given credit for the element's discovery.

originally given

"Celsus" was originally given to someone particularly tall.

The name originally given to DSU was Dongseo College of Technology.

It was purchased by the museum from Spartali & Co in 1882 and originally given the accession number 82-7-4, 38.

given responsibility

In 2013 he was given responsibility of State vice president of BJP UP.

Squadron Leader Read was subsequently given responsibility for raising No.

Samuel Axe and Workmaster Goodman were given responsibility for fortification.

given its name

The community was given its name by the railroad.

This might explain how St. François was given its name.

It was at this time that Cathedral Quarter was given its name.

given no

Accordingly, the proposal was given no further consideration.

At the time, nurses were given no rank in the military structure.

All other parties were given no chances to enter state parliament.

given first   (ilk verilen)

The number of changes is given first (e.g.

The original title is always given first.

In all results below, the score of the finalist is given first.

female given   (kadın verilen)

Heilwig Heilwig () is a German female given name.

Agafya Agafya () is a Russian female given name.

Tinne (name) Tinne is a Germanic female given name.

given to all

The PSSAs are given to all children in grades 3rd through 8th.

Pyridoxine 10 mg daily should be given to all epileptics taking INH.

given full

Tornel ensured that news of support for the plan by other garrisons was given full publicity.

He was given full U.S. military burial honors at the Congressional Cemetery in Washington, D.C.

These states were given full representation in the Confederate Congress throughout the Civil War.

given the choice   (seçim verildi)

The challenger is given the choice of going first or second.

Each participant is given the choice of "pick, pass, or play".

Jones was given the choice of punishment or immediate banishment ashore.

given his first

He was given his first call-up to the national team in 1992.

Joynes was given his first professional contract in September 2005.

Turrell was given his first solo show at the Pasadena Art Museum in 1967.

given area

The lower the value of the index in any given area, the drier the area is.

In contrast, modern plagues often recur in a given area yearly for an average of eight to forty years.

Nemecek writes that, "researchers found that the number of species within any given area dropped by 50%.

speech given

The name was borrowed from a Victory Loans speech given by Billy Bishop.

"The Origin of Love" is taken from the speech given by the playwright Aristophanes.

The work is based on a speech given at DEF CON 13 by Ian Clarke and Swedish mathematician Oskar Sandberg.

female given name   (kadın adı)

Heilwig Heilwig () is a German female given name.

Agafya Agafya () is a Russian female given name.

Tinne (name) Tinne is a Germanic female given name.

given the role   (rol verildi)

Jameson was given the role on 26 August 1976.

Lei Jia was given the role of lead singer in this event.

The precinct is given the role of hostages, which disappoints them.

nickname given   (takma ad verildi)

The title was taken from the nickname given to King Vidor's 1946 film "Duel in the Sun".

He was also called Antyllus, a nickname given to him by his father meaning "the Archer".

A humorous nickname given to the Soviet cluster bombs was "Molotov bread baskets" in Finland.

given its current

In 2003 the festival was given its current name.

The station was given its current name in 1871.

The company was given its current name in 2017.

film was given   (film verildi)

The film was given a "U" certificate by the Indian Censor Board.

given an opportunity

In 1962, at age 28, he was given an opportunity to try out for the Mets' opening season.

She was given an opportunity when it was decided she would play the Girl in "The Fantastiks".

Through education, meals and medical care, children in need are given an opportunity for a better life.

especially given

The mission was considered a complete success, especially given several previous failures of Venera probes.

There was some public unhappiness about the song's association with the campaign (especially given the team's subsequent loss).

The truth, especially given the freelance talent involved, is more likely to be that someone thought it a good idea at the time.

given the job

Xuxinha was given the job of protecting another small man, Guto.

She then confronts Patrick and is then given the job but only as a trial.

Shortly after, former Newry player-manager John McDonnell was given the job.

ever given

No reason was ever given for this second arrest and exile.

Hekker's deal is the largest contract ever given to a punter.

It's one of the most unguarded vocal performances he's ever given."

names given

The "alternate cubic" names given are based on this ordering.

Port Arthur plum and native plum are common names given to the species.

The individual honeycombs are listed with names given to them by Norman Johnson.

given each

Since 2006, this award has been given each year to a particular paper of highest standard.

Since 1997, two prizes have been given each year, divided into the categories of theory and experimentation.

In 1996, his team had received the John J. Johnson President's Trophy, given each year to the top minor league franchise.

given way   (verilen yol)

The Ksyrium has given way to the R-Sys.

The concept of crowdsourcing has given way to the trend of user-generated advertisements.

The flexibility of virtual server environment (VSE) has given way to its use more frequently in newer deployments.

name is given

Sometimes his name is given as "Freddie" Turner.

Its name is given to the Catholic titular see of Casius.

on the end of the line his name is given.

given set

Binomial coefficients count subsets of prescribed size from a given set.

It was basically an application of combinatorics on a given set of concepts.

Some sockets are designed to have the same outside diameter and shape within a given set size.

given the rank

He was given the rank of Honorary Squadron Leader.

By now he had been given the rank of lieutenant colonel.

He was given the rank of major and the command of one of the companies.

given here   (burada verildi)

The meaning of various operations are given here.

Some of his notable achievements are given here.

A map of its occurrence records is given here.

given the responsibility

She was given the responsibility of prisoners and would decide their fate.

Maria was given the responsibility of investigating the 26/11 Mumbai attacks.

He was later given the responsibility of monitoring the tax revenues from Jiangxi Circuit.

given free   (ücretsiz verildi)

He was given free access to it from the age of seven.

In addition, The company management were given free hands.

Bolivia and Paraguay have been given free ports at Santos.

numbers are given

Page numbers are given in parentheses.

Individual canto numbers are given in bold for ease of reference.

The values of the first 20 Bernoulli numbers are given in the adjacent table.

already given   (çoktan verildi)

However, the role was already given to Ted Danson.

The doctors had already given up on him.

He had already given Copenhagen to the Bishopric of Roskilde.

given the designation   (atama verildi)

It was given the designation USAAF Station 117.

They were also given the designation GP49H-3.

Under TOPS the steam locomotives were given the designation Class 98.

given to children

Writing exams were given to children in 5th and 8th grades.

Adapted examinations are given to children in the special education programs.

given number   (verilen sayı)

Ruth batted third and was given number 3.

Ahead of the 2012–13 season, Bedwell was given number 30 shirt.

If the result is divisible by 7 then the given number is divisible by 7.