gives birth   (出産する)

Luisa gives birth to twins and dies in childbirth.

Jess gives birth to a boy and they name him Paris.

Five months later, Brenhilda gives birth to a son.

gives rise   (上昇する)

This curvature gives rise to the gravitational force.

The neural tube gives rise to both brain and spinal cord.

Repudiation will always gives rise to an action for damages.

gives up   (あきらめる)

Fitch gives up and wants Max to quickly kill him.

She gives up studying martial arts.

Sooraj, not quite the man he was, gives up every bad habit he has.

gives the film   (映画を与える)

Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a 32% approval rating.

Metacritic gives the film a score of 37/100 based on 19 reviews.

Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a score of 50% based on 74 reviews.

gives its name

It gives its name to one of the British Sea Areas.

The house gives its name to the sport of badminton.

The river gives its name to the Yonne "département".

then gives

The family then gives the child its first name.

She then gives VJ a full psychological work-up as well.

He then gives his daughter in marriage to the new king.

gives access   (アクセスを与える)

The park also gives access to the Downtown Trail.

The latter gives access to three entrances.

The King's Stairway gives access to the "Tower Hall" (Tårnsalen).

gives way

Any initial revulsion soon gives way to enchantment.

This mountain gives way to the landscape of La Mancha.

The support gives way, causing them to escape with the battery and ring.

table gives

The following table gives an overview.

The following table gives a comparison between 18000 and 18100.

The following table gives the election results (the results included some "servicemens votes"

gives the following

The New York Times in 1884 gives the following description of Rigault...

Completing the example given in RFC 2617 gives the following results for each step.

P. K. S. Raja gives the following factors for the end of feudalism in Travancore and Cochin:

following table gives

The following table gives an overview.

The following table gives a comparison between 18000 and 18100.

The following table gives the election results (the results included some "servicemens votes"

gives no

Homer gives no information about Aegisthus' back-story.

He makes no guarantees, and gives no refunds.

The text gives no apparent reason for the name in its literal meaning.

gives the player   (プレイヤーに与える)

Upon his defeat Louis gives the player an item allowing the player to use special attacks.

Both “dragon” and “clap-toss” gives the player twice the score; twice the number of stones.

The tuning gives the player more scope for an approximation of the modes (ragas) of Indian music.

gives the impression   (印象を与える)

Lamas gives the impression of being a sleepy, rural place.

The landscape there gives the impression of a small town in the mountains.

To the eye, he gives the impression of one of the "gentlemen-farmers in the last century ...

gives off

She is very eccentric and gives off a mystical vibe.

If handled it gives off an unpleasant scent.

Partial oxidation is an exothermic process (it gives off heat).

gives more

More air pressure gives more pre-load, and vice versa.

The article on the situation calculus gives more details.

Moreover, she envies as Raju gives more importance to Seeta.

gives an account

The main character, a sailor named Thompson, gives an account of his ocean voyage.

The Mackay historian gives an account that gives John "Ian" Mackay a clear victory.

Euripides in his Iphigenia in Aulis gives an account of his fight with Python and the events aftermath.

gives chase   (追いかける)

Philbert, a large, hungry tomcat, sees Woody and gives chase.

Triton regains consciousness and gives chase in the policemen's car.

Gunno puts on a guard's uniform, but Ash notices him and gives chase.

gives an overview   (概要を与える)

This article gives an overview of surnames around the world.

The following table gives an overview.

This article gives an overview of the many different applied arts of China.

gives information   (情報を与える)

"In the Light of Truth" also gives information about the Holy Grail.

The shape of a dune gives information about its formation environment.

A cab signalling system gives information directly to train drivers on a display.

gives the name

The left column gives the name of the problem.

This in turn gives the name of the suburb.

This gives the name of the village "Porno abbey's" meaning.

gives a population

- The census of that year gives a population of 1507 inhabitants.

later gives

Ben later gives his blessing for them to date.

He also has the Plamonsters which he later gives to Mayu and .

He becomes a mare who later gives birth to Odin's eight-legged horse Sleipnir.

gives each

The park also gives each visitor a wristband when they buy their ticket.

This gives each converted sub the capability to carry up to 154 Tomahawk missiles.

The Gambia gives each voter a single marble to cast, ensuring that no one can vote multiple times.

gives students

This location gives students a rural medical placement.

This laboratory gives students the chance to become acquainted with electronic and electrical technology.

The Kennecott Nature Center of Murray gives students the opportunity to enjoy observing and learning about nature up close and hands on.

gives away

Rudy gives away the bride to Steve, who eagerly skips straight to the "I do".

He eventually decides to reject them all and gives away his chance at a world title.

Mount Gay gives away distinctive red hats to top competitors at its sponsored regattas.

what gives

The weight of this barrel is what gives it the power.

Such a purpose is what gives meaning to people's lives.

These extra waves are what gives the clarinet its characteristic tone.

book gives

This book gives kids a different idea about monsters.

This book gives more details to help all levels of gamblers to lose less/win more.

The book gives a critical glimpse into the culture of NASA and the astronaut corps.

eventually gives

A blur of melodic hardcore eventually gives way near the end to some saxophone-led ska.

He eventually gives in to his daughter's wish and gets her married to the man she loves.

She initially refuses to talk, but eventually gives in and tells him about her background.

gives a detailed

Frederic Moore (1880) gives a detailed description:

George Hampson (1889) gives a detailed description as follows:

Josephus gives a detailed description of Caligula's assassination.

only gives   (与えるだけ)

It only gives stoppage at Dhaka Airport Station.

This formula only gives the ideal thermal efficiency.

Likewise, this method only gives the best yields for primary halides.

finally gives   (最後に与える)

Dinakaran finally gives up on falling in love and concentrates on his studies.

Cledus begs Bandit to stop at a safari reserve, where Charlotte finally gives birth.

A very reluctant Bobby initially refuses, but finally gives in and enters the casket.

gives all

Citi gives all employees one day off per year to volunteer.

Feathertop gives all the money to Polly, and the two confess their love for each other, and plan to marry the next morning.

Prosper of Aquitaine gives a short description of the historic meeting, but gives all the credit to Leo for the successful negotiation.

often gives   (しばしば与える)

Calvin often gives Susie Derkins vinegar valentines.

He often gives the most dangerous assignments to himself.

Thus he often gives the advantage to his Parliamentary opponents.

below gives

The list below gives limits by country.

The table below gives some examples.

The table below gives information related to the different coach types currently in the MBTA fleet.